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How I learned to stop waiting...


A couple nights ago GH sent me, in numerous mediums, a message about The Bigger Lovers getting back together. It's true, and we couldn't be happier. They've already played a reunion show in March and released the 10 year anniversary remastered version of "How I Learned to Stop Worrying" and a "Maxi Single," which kind of sounds like a travel sized feminine product. We'll be going to the

Field Music - Rock and Roll Hotel - 9/25/2010 - Setlist


Give It Lose It Take It A House As Not A Home Rockist Part 4 (School of Language) Shorter Shorter Each Time Is A New Time Let's Write A Book Keep Right See You Later > Something Familiar A Gap Has Appeared If Only The Moon Were Up Them That Do Nothing Measure Effortlessly Share The Words Tell me It's Not The Only Way To Feel Happy 

The New Pornographers - 9:30 Club - June 23, 2010 - Setlist


The New Pornographers rode into their favorite city this week to play 2 sold-out shows at the 9:30 Club.  I was only able to see the second, whose setlist was dictated by a kid in the front row.  I'm serious, some dude handed Carl a setlist, and they played it. The show included some songs they claim haven't been played in years (To Wild Homes and The End of Medicine) and Pitchfork jabs (Neko

The Pernice Brothers Do Rock?


I received a link via email to one of the new tracks off of the upcoming album, Goodbye, Killer.  It stated that "It’s a rock band record," which peaked my interest. When I think Pernice rock, I think of Yours, Mine & Ours.  "Sometimes I Remember" Here's the new one: Jacqueline Suzann Let me know what you think.

New Pernice Brothers Album Cover Art


After Joe's solo book tour, it looks like the band is coming out with a new album, goodbye, killer. The cover art was put online today.  Their website says it will be dropping June 15.  I know this Rockist can't wait.  Let's hope a tour with the complete band in in the works.

Field Music - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA - March 26, 2010


What a coincidence: I happen to be in the Bay area for work and Field Music just so happens to be playing. The place was actually kind of crowded, which surprised me.  I had no idea anyone else knew of this band.  Apparently they do on the west coast. The sound was great, unlike School of Language's show at DC9 a while back.  They played a medley of old and new stuff, and even dipped into

New Field Music


It turns out Field Music's hiatus hasn't lasted indefinitely.  After stints with School of Language and The Week That Was, it seems as if the Brewis brothers are back at it.  They have announced the track list to a 20 song album to be released in February. It also seems that they are coming back to the States after a disappointing (for us DC folks) tour a few years ago.  They have dates in

Holy Shit


Yep, posting again. Sorry for the hiatus. First off, sorry. And second, thanks to those who stuck on for a few months, checking it twice a day because you still don't know how to use Google Reader. You are real Americans.Of course you know Wilco is coming out with a new album in June. You can stream it here if you would like a preview (actually, it's a full view). Warning: it will

Drive-by Truckers @ 9:30 Club Setlist


Truckers front man, co-founder, and co-lead singer Patterson Hood was sick last night and couldn't make the show.  Instead of cancelling, the band offered your money back if you wanted it but said they'd go on without him and do their best for those who still wanted to come. Cooley and Shonna picked up the slack and it was, all things considered, a pretty damn good show.  Patterson's mic --

I'm Not Gonna Get Caught


Quick question regarding Wilco's "Pot Kettle Black."Is it just me, or is that beginning little bit of feedback supposed to mimic the sound of a tea kettle whistle?This just occurred to me yesterday. At first I thought it was really clever, but now I'm wondering if I might just be a few years late to the (tea) party.Wilco - "Pot Kettle Black" (live at Lollapalooza 2008) *Not sure if you can really

A Wedding Band covers Mazarin's "Another One Goes By"


So I saw this and I think you'll agree -- it had to be shared. It's a great tune by the now-defunct Mazarin -- currently reincarnated as Black Stoltzfus after the band's lead dude Quentin Stoltzfus. You may recognize it from the Walkmen's A Hundred Miles Off album... a good cover. This one? Well, you decide.

You Got Me Running


Saw this on Myspace. Yeah, remember that? It's where all your friends who didn't go to college went before 2008...Dead Man's Bones - "In The Room Where You Sleep"I don't know why, but I keep expecting the Count to come out at any moment.

The Rockist Revisits: Help!


In part inspired -- yet again -- by Noel Murray's Popless column on the AV Club (wherein he refuses to listen to new music for a year and instead revisits the back pages of his personal collection, reassessing as he goes), I thought it could be cool to listen to some of the less discussed Beatles' albums over and over and see how I felt about them a couple decades after hearing them for the first

Music as Torture


Hey there faithful readers! Breaking news - the United States military is using rock and roll as torture. Check it out here or here. The good fellas at DC Rock Club covered it too. It seems they basically blast Pantera, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails. Probably Motorhead too. Maybe Ween's debut, GodWeenSatan: The Oneness? We at The Rockist Society don't like to be explicitly political, nor are we

One more thing to be thankful for


Portland, OR "Glam Parsons" quintet Cabinessence have a free ep for download.  Particularly thankful for this one right here. Cabinessence - "One Day (Or Another)"

The Giving of Thanks


We here at the Rockist Society have much to be thankful for.  Among those things -- the end of Megan McCain's "music" blog, a Ray Davies show at the 9:30 Club in December (will he play Father Christmas?); friends; smoked poultry; Rob's latest craze, the bacon-infused Old Fashioned; the long-awaited release of the Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars (though the soundtrack somehow does not include one

Fake Bandnames


We've done some stuff on this before, but the AV Club just posted a fairly funny article on fake bandnames.I've been privy to a number of brainstorming bandname sessions, and somewhere have a spiral notebook filled with aborted song lyrics and potential monikers for the never-existent groups I briefly dallied around with.Some of them included:The Motorsouls - a name stolen from something I read

Hypothetical future Centro-matic song titles


I can't go see Centro-matic Wednesday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel because I have to study. But you really ought to go. An all around good lineup of Will Johnson and co. side projects and full band stuff, and nary a Rockist has seen them and not been impressed. Johnson is also an affable sort, quite funny on stage when he opens his mouth.In honor of them though, and in hopes that you will

Mitch Mitchell Rest in Peace


Sad news today. Legendary drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience Mitch Mitchell has passed away in his Portland hotel room, apparently of natural causes. He had just wrapped up a Hendrix tribute tour at the end of last week.Mitchell had a number of other bona fide Rockist credentials -- playing with Lennon's impromptu band for the Stones Rock and Roll circus, playing with the Pretty Things --

If there's a Walrus in your Headrow...


They are trying to break my heart.


I can't remember if we've blogged about it, but we sure have dreamed about it.Yes, it's been a couple of years since we first said that the Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers should tour together.  And then they did.  And not just a couple shows together, a whole freakin' tour.  That somehow, someway, appears to be hitting every major and minor city in the eastern half of the United States --

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming...


The election's over, liberalism reigns, and let's honor it with some feedback-laced guitar jams from the Pacific Northwest.About twice a year, I revisit the deep catalog of Doug Martsch and Built to Spill and remind myself that they would at least have one -- if not two -- entries in my list of ten deserted-island discs.  For three albums, Martscould simply not miss.  I am the sort of person that

And the Moment You've All Been Waiting For... UPDATE


The Rockist Society formally endorses Neil Young for President.Yeah, we know he's Canadian.Neil Young / Bruce Springsteen - "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World"Don't forget to vote (although I think it's impossible to not remember).UPDATE:Friends sent these to me and they were too good to pass up.Coco Tea - "Barack Obama""Obama Is Beautiful World!"Dance Off

Le Cinema Rockiste: Rachel Getting Married


My fiancee and I went to the movies for the first time in a while this weekend. The selection? Rachel Getting Married, a Jonathan Demme indie flick starring Anne Hathaway who already has the Oscar buzzards circling.Decent movie -- dark, with disorienting camera work, with good but not great performances -- but normally not something I'd write about. I didn't do a lot of background research before

Broken Social Scene @ The State Theatre in Falls Church


Rob and I braved the wilds of I-66 to catch the Broken Social Scene at the State Theatre in Falls Church on Wednesday.  We got there right as music was supposed to begin (8:30) but were faced with a line that literally stretched around the block.  And this being the suburbs, blocks are long.  I suppose the front desk folks weren't used to current hipsters, just ageing ones?  So we went in to Don