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Summer Stuff


Catherine loves to paint.  She would get it from head to toe if I would let her.  I on the other hand am like Jackson and prefer to use a brush or anything else just to keep it off my hands.  I am so glad this doesn't bother her!

I decided to plant a patio tomato plant this summer since we like tomatoes so much.  It is full of tomatoes right now and we can't wait for them to ripen.  I don't have a green thumb so I am very proud of my plant so far.  Catherine loves to help me water it, and Jackson & Catherine both love to help pick them when they are red.

Ryan & Krista's 10th Anniversary


Who knew dressing up could be so fun?
 I surprised Ryan with a trip to Whitwell to the Buttonwillow Civil War Dinner Theater for our 10th anniversary.  He knew mom was coming to stay with the kids and that we were going to be gone from about 3-11 that afternoon.  He drove and I gave him directions as he needed them.  I could tell the anticipation was getting to him as he began to ask more and more questions trying to convince me that it was important that he got answers.  I keep the secret until we pulled into the driveway at the Dinner Theater.  We had a dinner that was served from Rachel Davis' recipes used at the Confederate White House.  After dinner the owner and his wife put on a show set in the Civil War era to help the guests feel part of the time.  I learned so much and had fun too.  Ryan enjoyed it as well and ranked it high on the "good surprise" list.  We had a great night and purchased this soldier's hat and woman's bonnet for Jackson & Catherine as souvenirs.

JULY 4th


Kimberly, Casey, Andrew, and Hannah came over on the 4th to grill out hamburgers and shoot fireworks.  We had a great night! Ryan & Jackson admiring the fireworks Casey was our fireworks guy!  He did great & I think really enjoyed it too! Jackson throwing "poppers" in the road. Catherine & Hannah throwing poppers on the patio. SparklersThese are pictures of us watching the fireworks show in our yard.[...]



Jackson took swim lessons this summer. The last day of lessons was family day and everyone could stay and watch what the students had learned. Ryan and Catherine got to and watch Jackson, but I was at the funeral home because my great aunt passed away. They had a great time and Jackson passed Level 1. Way to go Jackson!Ryan took them to McDonald's for a celebratory dinner. When mom's away...[...]

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...


Mother's Day
(image) BEFORE(image)
April 2011: This picture has nothing to do with the kids, but I was very proud of my accomplishment. After sanding, scrubbing, cleaning, and painting, this is the finished product. Now I just have to wait for it to cool off before I do the rest of the doors. It got hot too quick!



These pictures are all posted in reverse order of how I meant for them to be, but I figure you all are just happy I have posted pictures. Enjoy! Jackson hiding behind the tree after throwing snowballs at Ryan.Catherine waiting to be pulled around the yard on her sled.Catherine loving the sled ride. She would say, "Me not go fast, not go fast."Jackson loving his sled ride, but wishing we had a bigger hill.Jackson's favorite part of the snow...snowballs!Jackson making a snow angel.Jackson cleared the snow off of the slide.Catherine swinging. Her favorite part of the snow was eating it. I can't believe I don't have a picture of it, but I do have great video. She was hilarious! [...]



These pictures are all out of order. I have had to start and restart and I have no idea what I am doing wrong, so just enjoy the pictures as they are! These were all taken during special events in the month of April. We took "Flat Caden" with us to the farm last week to have his picture made in all the places we like to go and have fun. I let Jackson get in one of the pictures because he was so excited about having "Flat Caden" with us that day. This was a project our friend Caden was doing with his kindergarten class after reading the book Flat Stanley.Jackson helping Gran and Pop plan rose bushes at Grandmothers.The kids love to get in the hayloft. They were just above "Wally" (Hollie's new bull) and loving it.Grandmother bought the kids a mini watermelon last week and you can tell from the pictures that Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his piece. He also insisted on eating it this must taste better like this and I know it is more fun.Big Brother and Little SisterDuring Jackson's birthday party, his room turned into a war zone.It was a huge mess but they all had a great time!I think Lucas and Landon enjoyed watching Jackson opening his presents as much as Jackson enjoyed opening them. They are all in motion! They are so fun to watch when they are all together.Jackson was getting ready to blow out his candles when he had a little help from Landon. We just lit them again and let Jackson have a turn too. It didn't bother him one bit. [...]



(image) You have a very small window when it is time to take pictures. You have to convince them to sit this close, be still, look at the camera, and smile. That's not asking too much...right? Ha! It actually turned out better than expected!
(image) "The Best Parents in the World"
This blog is all about the kids but I had to share this picture. My parents are such a great picture of what love, parents, and grandparents should look like. I am blessed!

(image) While the rest of the kids were counting their eggs, candy, and money. Jackson was brushing Grandmother's hourse, Cupcake. That was the highlight of his day.



We had been in our hotel room for about 5 minutes and Jackson already had his bed picked out. Catherine thought she was big stuff and needed to get on the bed too.The one place Ryan wanted to go while we were in Atlanta was "The Varsity". We had hot dogs, fries, and coke. It was extremely healthy! Ha!"Penquin Plunge"This huge fish swam right up behind Ryan's head while we were trying to get a picture of Jackson with all of the sharks swimming by.The fish, sharks, rays, etc. in the shark tank were unbelievable. We went through this part of the exhibit twice and could have stayed all day.Catherine loved being able to get up close to the fish. She is standing in line with a class of Kindergarten children. She would look up at them and just laugh. That was her way of saying, "Are you seeing all of these cool fish?"Jackson was very excited about the jellyfish. Catherine had the shark tank all to herself this time.This was Wednesday before we left our hotel. Everyone was trying to get in just one more show on cable before we came back home. Jackson got to watch Diego and he acted like he was a long lost friend that he hadn't seen in years. It was a treat! We got home late Wednesday afternoon and it was so nice that we played outside. We heard the ice cream truck coming and ran to get a special treat to end our vacation. We have never gotten anything from an ice cream truck so it was really special. Jackson picked out the biggest popsicle I have ever seen. You can tell they definitely enjoyed them![...]



(image) Desperate times call for desperate measures! Jackson and Catherine stayed at Gran and Pop's house last night. The only other time they have stayed away from us was when Ryan and I went on the choir retreat last November. I got lots of things accomplished while being at home alone yesterday and this morning. They had a great time and Jackson called this afternoon before leaving to see if he could stay "maybe 10 more days". Gran made me answer that! I had enough sense to know I would need a little bribe to get them to willingly come home. Who doesn't want to stay at Gran and Pop's? I went by the Shell station and picked up some "Bug Juice". It is a special drink that Jackson has had a couple of times and Catherine has never had. They were a little sad when they got home and realized Pop was leaving. I pulled out the juice and smiles appeared. Sometimes a mothers gotta do what a mothers gotta do!



(image) The kids looked really cute on Sunday, so I thought I would try to get a good picture of them. To make a long story short, this is what I got. When the camera comes out, so do the faces!
(image) Catherine loves shoes! We were cleaning up after supper and Catherine was trying to get every shoe in the basket on her feet. She has on a pair of her shoes under my shoes and was extremely proud of herself. Jackson was trying to help her tie them.



(image) This is one of those morning where you have to go in Catherine's room and make a bunch of noise to wake her up. She will not leave her socks on and she rearranges everything in bed to her satisfaction before going to sleep. But I won't complain because she "sleeps like a baby".
(image) Catherine thinks that it is very important to feed herself with NO assistance. We had macaroni and cheese with this meal...can you tell? I love independence, but does it have to be so messy? Ha!

(image) It was actually warm enough today to let the kids play outside for a little bit. They are really enjoying the new Gator that Grandmother bought Jackson for Christmas.



These are pictures from our first day in the snow. It was still snowing but not as hard as it had been. We had to go out just before it got dark. Jackson's first item of business was to get rid of the snow on the slide. Fun!Enjoying snow cream after a good time playing in the snow. There is nothing like it!Catherine played hard. These are pictures from day two in the snow. After the ice came, it made sledding fun. Ryan could get us started and we could sled down our driveway and into the road. It's not like being at home on "the hill" but it worked!Catherine's face had a huge smile on it the entire time we were sledding.Jackson had to have his bat to try and break up the snow/ice. Jackson was thrilled it snowed so much that he had to slide down to get all the snow off again![...]



We didn't take many pictures over Christmas with our own camera. I guess we were too busy just watching, but Gran took some good ones to share. These pictures are all from our travels and adventures in the month of December.ENJOY!! Catherine is cutting teeth everywhere and this new vibrating teether has been great!Catherine and Jackson went to spend the night and day with Gran and Pop when Ryan was sick. The boys always love to play in the dress up chest, but I think Gran needs some "girl" clothes.Jackson doesn't nap anymore, but they must have worn him out! Catherine and my cousin's little boy, ChristianChristian is 2 1/2 weeks older than CatherineGrandmother and Jackson are checking out a toy catalog before lunch. These pictures are from when the whole family was together to go out on the farm and cut down the Christmas tree. It is amazing we can still find a time when everyone can be there. We also had our Christmas with Rodney's family that day. Landon and Jackson were checking out the new CARS book that Jackson got. It is like an "I Spy..." book but with CARS stuff.Catherine loves shoes, but she always has to try on boots when she can. Gran's boots just happened to be where Catherine could get to them.Catherine squealed every single time she opened a present at Christmas. She even squealed when she started tearing off the wrapping paper. Cheap thrills!Grandmother knew exactly what Jackson wanted. I can't decide who will have more fun, but I know Jackson is ready for warm weather to be here and stay! [...]



(image) Catherine has decided that she wants to go potty, so we have been actively potty training her for about a week. She likes to go in the big potty, but she is so little sometimes it is hard. This is the first time she used the potty chair and she brought her own reading material. Last year, I remember taking a picture of Jackson doing this same thing. They definitely take after their father!
(image) This was the day I actually let Ryan come out of the bedroom after having the flu. The kids were so happy to see him. Catherine couldn't get close enough.



On December 6th, I put Catherine down for the first time without her pacifier. She did much better than I thought just because this wasn't a pleasant experience with Jackson. She never really acted like she missed it too much but this picture shows otherwise! Jackson stopped taking naps the first week in December. One day he was taking a two hour nap and the next day he says "I just can't do it!" This is one of those days that he was really tired but he only needed to "rest" in the living room.Jackson and Catherine love to play together most of the time. She is remembering all those times he tortured her!MAKING A GINGERBREAD HOUSE BEFORE CHRISTMAS These are our new smiles. Catherine's is crazy and Jackson's is sweet. One day they will both get the sweet face at the same time...what a picture!Jackson got this in his stocking at the Denton's house. They both love it!This is the only decent picture we got of the kids in front of the tree.Waiting for Santa's arrival at Grandmother'sMy cousin, Hollie, has been dressing up like Santa and "dropping by" to visit the kids at Grandmother's on Christmas Eve for the last 12 years. It is so much fun to see the kids each year and how they respond to Santa.Jackson helped Grandmother down the stairs to see his present from her. It was a toss up to see who was more excited. I haven't seen her move down the steps that good in years. Something tells me Jackson and Catherine are going to have endless hours of fun on this gator.Catherine just chillin' in her new ride from Melissa (Aunt Lalas). Doing what most girls do on the phone! [...]



(image) The kids usually attack Ryan every afternoon when he gets home from school. It is like they haven't seen him in a week. You should see the excitement and hear them squeal when they hear the garage door go up. It is too sweet!
(image) Catherine decided she needed a snack. She picked out a banana and went straight to the table and climbed up in the chair. She did have a little trouble with the peel so she did allow me to help her for just a second. Miss Independent!



NEW: Catherine is over sitting in a highchair and drinking from a baby cup with a straw. She loves to sit in a booster seat at the table with everyone else. She also likes to drink out of Jackson's special cups with straws. She is only 15 months but sometimes she thinks she is older.

(image) OLD: Jackson still begs for you to take his picture and this is what it turns out like. He really doesn't want his picture made, but he wants to see if you will do it when he asks.
(image) (image)
NEW: Catherine got this little pajama set for her birthday. The little tutu is so cute on her. She doesn't really have to body of a ballerina, but I think the little belly hanging over the tutu is cute.
(image) Being cute and girly didn't last long. She pulled the tutu up over her head so it was just wrapped around her arms/shoulders. She was getting ready to doctor on somebody. Don't you just love that little belly?



Jackson thought he was being so clever by getting in the bin. Quickly, his "look at me" turned to "get her off of me". I have been telling him that he needs to be nicer to her because she is getting big enough to make him pay. She is obviously very proud of herself.Ryan took this picture one morning when Jackson and Catherine decided to get up at the crack of dawn. They really enjoyed watching cartoons laid up in our bed.I am afraid that my love for shoes has carried on to Catherine. These are some of her favorite things to play with. She wants a pair of shoes on as soon as she gets out of bed and loves to change her shoes throughout the day. She will just go to the basket and pick out the pair she wants, bring them to you, and say "shoes".Can you tell what she is saying? "Shoes"Our little "Pirate" and "Jack-o-lantern"These pictures are all out of order, but I am just leaving them because I figure you are all just glad I got any pictures posted at all. This is the pumpkin we picked out at the Pumpkin Patch the week before Halloween. Jackson has always enjoyed carving the pumpkin but he doesn't want to touch the insides. He kept saying "that is ooey gooey" and he wouldn't dare get close the the pumpkin while Ryan was cleaning it out. Catherine would have gotten inside if we let her.[...]



We went to the Walden Farm Pumpkin Patch yesterday after Ryan got home from school. We had a good time and the weather was perfect. Jackson really enjoyed the hay maze. I can't count the number of times he ran through it one right after the other.Catherine was content to watch.Catherine was pointing at the calves. My comment was that she was puzzled because she hadn't ever seen any that weren't solid black.Jackson wanted to get some goat food as soon as he saw the goats. Then he got a little hesitant when that goat tried to get through the fence to eat it.After Ryan fed her once, Jackson decided it wasn't so bad. I wish I had the video camera because he giggled hysterically when that goat's tongue was tickling his hand.Then he decided he really needed to feed the goats upstairs. You just put the food in a little cup and turn the handle until the cup reaches the top and dumps out. Jackson was very serious while he was pumping water from the well. Catherine was a little overwhelmed by the pumkins and hedge apples. She wanted to carry them all around with her. She had the best time.Maybe next year she will actually be tall enough to do more than touch the handle.Jackson was totally amazed at how tall this guy was.Catherine thought this cabin was just her size. If she had a kitchen and some chairs, she would have stayed forever.Getting a good picture of both kids at the same time is almost impossible, but these will do.Catherine was totally exhausted when we left. She took off her shoes and hiked her leg over the side of her carseat. [...]



(image) Ryan saw this on the door step when I was coming home from running errands with Kimberly. Needless to say, I went through the garage!
(image) Last Sunday morning this is what I found when I went to get Catherine up for church. She is always undressing during the night, but it doesn't seem to affect her sleep.

(image) Hannah got a tea set for her birthday and she fed Catherine. Catherine was such a good "doll" because she played right along and pretended to eat and drink everything Hannah gave her.

(image) Rotating toys in and out is so much fun. This is the first time Catherine had ever seen the ball popper and Jackson acted like he had never seen it either. They had a blast!




It's that time of year again and this is what happens when you live so close to the school. Sooner or later some of the students are going to find out which house is yours.Catherine can make a purse out of anything.Jackson and his fort. Jackson has really enjoyed playing in the cabinets while they were being put in. He is sad now that the counter tops are on and the cabinets are full. I however am really happy about that! Kevin, our friend from college that was also in our wedding, was in town on business. We had dinner with him and he brought the kids some Elvis paraphernalia. He is the Director of Public Relations for Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, TN.Hannah and Jackson getting in one last playtime before the cabinets were totally filled up.Dr. CatherineJackson listening to Curious George on CD. He is loving this book and CD set that Brad, Amy, and Sarah gave him for Christmas.[...]



Jackson and Catherine had a great time playing outside yesterday. It was nice enough that we spent about 3 hours outside yesterday morning before it got too hot.
(image) (image)
(image) Catherine's hair is really growing and starting to curl in the back.



(image) This is the only thing besides a bag that Catherine has with her name on it. My sweet friend had this made for her birthday. Isn't it adorable?
(image) This is Catherine's first time to ride in a forward facing carseat.
Can you tell how she feels about it?
(image) This look says, "Do you see all that stuff, Mommy? Has all that been behind me this last year?"

(image) Catherine is going to be like Jackson when it comes to drinking. He had a serious aversion to a sippy cup when we transitioned from the bottle, so Ryan taught him to drink from a straw. Catherine has been the same way and I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I bought these cups with the straws for her and she sucks the milk out of the bottom. Bye-Bye bottles!



Getting ready for the party. Jackson and Catherine had a blast playing under the table when we moved it in preparation. It was their own special hideaway.The cake didn't turn out like I anticipated, but Catherine didn't care. She was much more concerned with why we gave her cake instead of what it looked like. I'll touch it and see what it is all about. Look! I can play in it. Slimey! A spoon always helps me dig deeper!This is good stuff! Got any ice cream to go with it? Catherine is ONE! Did I do good? Bath time means I must have done good!Catherine said "oooh" every time she opened a present. She did great! This was her all time favorite gift and when I tried to distract her with another present she cried. Needless to say, she got to hold Pooh while she opened the rest of her presents.Pop thought Catherine needed her birthday spanking like we used to get. She is such a good baby these may be the only spankings she ever sees.This was our happy baby girl after church on her actual birthday. She had a great morning and looked adorable. [...]