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Preview: Tangled Yoke Knit-Along

Tangled Yoke Knit-Along

Updated: 2018-01-07T07:29:42.044-08:00


Perfect Timing


It took me 10 months to finish (I couldn't knit from January until July due to a shoulder injury), but the timing is perfect. It is 50 degrees this morning - just right for this wonderful fall cardigan!
For all the details and more pictures, see this blog post


It only took 4.5 mos...


But it's finished and beautiful if I do say so myself.




This is my third completed sweater, my first cardigan, and the only one I've made that fit perfectly. I ended up making the 38" size and then blocking the chest all to heck to make it fit. The sleeves are a great length and I added a little length in the "work even" section to get the ribbing to hit a little lower on my hips.

It's not technically perfect-- there is a small mistake in the cables that I discovered relatively late and didn't bother fixing, knowing I'd likely be the only person to notice. Also, it was my first cable project and I got holes at the base of my cables on the widest "knot". I'm not sure why that happened, but a little yarn and thread to tighten that up after I blocked, etc., and all was well.

All-in-all I'm pleased as punch and just wish it were cold enough to wear here all the time. At least the A/C seems to be full blast everywhere I go these days, so it's nice having it on hand anyway. :)

Just starting my Tangled Yolk


Well I've finally casted on this wonderful sweater after eight months of toiling away on my Tilted Duster from this same issue. I promised myself that I would finish that one before I started this one. Now I can give this sweater my attention without feeling guilty about the other.

Sleeve length question


Hi all! I'm finally starting on my TYC after staring enviously at everyone's finished products here. I started with the sleeves and have a construction question pertaining to length-- since I've never done a yoke-style sweater before.

The length of the sleeve I have finished (unattached to the body) is at approx 18". Now, if I put that on my arm on it's own, how far up into my armpit should that reach? i.e., how much additional length will the sleeve gain once I start attaching it to the body? Because if I pull the sleeve up to my armpit or thereabouts, the sleeve is probably .75" above where I would like it to hit on my wrist.

Thanks in advance for the help!



I finished my Tangled Yoke in time to wear it out for New Year's Eve. I really like how it turned out and I love the buttons, which I found in a special box at a fabric store with 70 year old European glass buttons.



I finished my Tangled Yoke Cardi! Here are a few pics:

(image) (image)
The color of the yarn is closer to the first picture than the one with the buttons. You can read more about it on my blog here. I love it!

Another Tangled Yoke...


My Tangled Yoke Cardigan is finally finished:

  • Yarn: I used Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool instead of the Rowan Felted Tweed. I love the weight and feel of this yarn, and the gauge was spot on.

  • Modifications: I made the body a couple of inches longer than the pattern called for -- I prefer my sweaters to hit a bit lower than the waist. Other than that I pretty much knit as-is.

All in all I'm really happy with the end result.

Questin About Set-up Row


Happy New Year! I have a question about the set-up for for the tangled yoke. I'm right up to the point where I will be starting the set up row for the cable portion, but I'm confused about the 5-in-1 increases. Since this is on the purled side of the knit, would I still do the increases in a knit stitch? Or a purl stitch? I'm assuming that I would do them as the pattern says (knit) but that sounds kind of wrong to me.



It's done!

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 6 skeins of colour 10 woad
Needles: 3.5mm addi turbos for the body, 3.25mm dpns for the garter rib in the sleeve, 3.5mm and 3.75mm addi turbos for the upper sleeve, 3mm addi lace for the button/neck bands
Mods: Used smaller needles for narrower sleeve/cuff. Knit 4 fewer rows in the neckband. Knit 2 more rows in each front band. Made 4 st button holes to accomodate slightly larger buttons.
Notes: The sleeves are 3" longer than they should be. I hope my bf likes long sleeves! Lots of vm in the yarn which was annoying. Overall, I am very pleased. I ended up calling my bf and let her pick the buttons. She chose the antiqued silver.

almost finished


I am very close to being finished. I narrowed the sleeves by knitting the garter rib with 3.25mm dpns (for an 8" diameter), switched to 3.5mm circs at the stockinette, and then to 3.75mm circs to match gauge with the rest of the sweater. I occasionally had to knit a few extra rows to match the length of the sleeves to the diagram.

I think there is a slight error in the neckband instructions. The pictures in the magazine only show 4 garter ridges (8 rows of knitting) but when I knit the neckband according to the instructions, there were 7 garter ridges showing after folding it in half. I didn't like how tall it was so I ripped out 4 rows and now it looks like the picture in the magazine.

I am working on the front left band and I'm auditioning buttons. The ones shown above are just slightly larger than half an inch so I need to knit the button band slightly wider.

I have these buttons in 2 colours - antiqued silver on the left and antiqued bronze on the right. Which one do you think I should use? (click on the image for a larger one)


Phew! Finally Done


I'm so happy to be done with this sweater! I put off the finishing and blocking for a week after the knitting was complete, but finally took care of those last few details. Full notes on modifications etc are on my blog - - but I will say that I am very happy with how it turned out. I wore it to work yesterday and already got a compliment on it, which feels good after all that work!

Mine is done too!


Here it is, my Tangled Fields of Gold.

(image) I am just so happy and satisfied! The full details and more pictures are on my blog:

This was a great way to mark my first year as a knitter. I've noticed there are quite a few of us Freshmen on this knit-a-long, so rock on my compatriots! This sweater is totally doable!

She's nearly there


I'm really excited about finishing the knitting on this project. It was a great knit and I'm almost sad it's over. Almost.

I still have the finishing details to worry with, weaving in the ends, sewing on buttons, and the like. And I'm hoping the tangled bits don't look quite as puckered after I block it. But all in all I can't wait to wear it.

img hosted at flikr

img hosted at flikr

One Long Row at a Time


I finally made it to the cabled yoke, after what felt like miles of stockinette. I'm about halfway through the cable chart, although I would be a few rows further along if I didn't have to rip out and re-do every other cable row due to my own stupidity when it comes to reading the chart. I don't usually have trouble reading charts, but these rows are really long and perhaps I don't check the chart as often as I should to see what happens next. Regardless, I really enjoy watching the cable grow as I make my way through row after row. Here's how it looks so far (although the colour isn't very accurate):


I'm starting to get excited about getting this finished and wearing it, so after a brief loss of momentum this project is zooming along again. Given the change in the weather, I can't get it done soon enough!



I'm very happy with it. Yarn was Mr. Joe Blanket from and was less than $30.

Sleeve Ribbing?



I was wondering if anyone had experimented with the length of the ribbing on the sleeve. I was using the magic loop method that was outlined so well on this KAL for the sleeves and have been happy so far but I was looking at the pictures of the sweater in the mag and I was considering modifying the amount of inches of ribbing on the sleeves to be a few inches less so it was around 5 inches like the body is. Has anyone already done this so that they have pictures or does anyone have any advice?

sleeve ho



Wow - this is a fast knit! I have reached the underarms. So the next step is to cast on a sleeve. I agree that a 9.5" cuff is too baggy for a 6" wrist. So I will be casting on with 3.25mm dpns which should give me a 7.5-8" cuff. Part way up the garter ribbing, I'll switch to 3.5mm needles.

waisting away



I'm at the waist now. I just finished the first ball of yarn and I need to go wind the second one. I like the look of the yarn (Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool) but I don't like all the vm in it. I'm picking out the big burrs as I come across them. Ick! Overall, I like the drape and I think the yarn was a good substitute. I am knitting the smallest size but since my bf is soooo skinny, I went down a needle size (3.5mm - stitch gauge is off but row gauge is spot on) so that there will be some negative ease.

Tangling, Untangling, Moving forward


I'm finally in the groove with this took me a while! I started knitting a year ago and this is my most difficult project thus far. I tried the cable pattern first on some scrap yarn to make sure I could get through it...I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed in cranberry; it's actually more of a plum/brown. I am knitting the second size with a somewhat tighter gauge. Here's a look at her.

Grateful for the information and learning! Stunning knitting out there.

Advice Needed!


I posted this on my blog but what better place to ask then here!

Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve been working on the sleeves for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan for a few weeks and here’s what’s happening:

(image) Here’s a closer look:


Waaaay to big for my liking. So here’s where I need my fellow knitters advice…

Should I frog the sleeves and start all over, and cast on fewer stitches? Or should I keep the sleeves I’ve knitted so far, but make them three-quarter sleeves instead? Here’s what they would look like on moi three-quarter length:


I know its a preference thing, but I’m a bit undecided…so persuade me!

Cable help!


I'm finding the cables to be VERY slow going. This is my first cable project and I'm trying very hard to make no mistakes. Last night, I got near the end of row 7, and realized that I somehow lost 2 of the stitches off of one of the 1-into-5 increases from the previous row. Does that make sense? One of my sets of 5 has only 3 stitches.

Is there a way to recover the 2 stitches without ripping back almost 2 whole rows? I was way too tired to think this through late last night, so maybe this is an easy fix. I plan to play with a swatch tonight to see if I can do it. I'm using felted tweed in a dark color -- it is so hard to see stitches clearly sometimes.

Thank you!!

just starting


Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am using Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Woad (a really nice denim blue). I will be making the smallest size. It will be a Christmas present for my best friend (the lucky girl!).

I am already planning some mods - narrower sleeve cuffs and extra decreases/increases because she's got a tiny waist.

My circ needles arrived today so I should be swatching soon. I can't wait to start knitting!

The Adminstratrix Speaks


Wow! I've been looking at all of the progress and FO pictures, and all I can say is, you guys are rock stars! It's amazing how even though we're all working on the same pattern, the results are all so varied and so beautiful. To those of you who are finished, I say congratulations, and to those of you who are still truckin', I say keep on keepin' on!

I apologize wholeheartedly to those of you who have had to wait for invitations lately. This isn't Ravelry, and I should take far less time to get those invites out. It turns out that even at the undergraduate level, a senior thesis takes, like, time. In that spirit, if any of you feel like signing on and making us administratrices (plural) rather than administratrix (singular), tell Gmail to let me know. The responsibilities are pretty minimal, but my computer has lately proven that it has an unfaithful heart and the day of reckoning (thesis deadline) approaches, so if anyone feels like joining forces, that would be awesome.

Tangle onward! Yoke like you mean it! Cable without mercy!



It's done! I wouldn't say it was quick, but it was definitely pretty easy aside from the cable. The individual stitches on the cable weren't any more difficult than most vertical cables, but it was still difficult because of the really long rows. It was easy to lose track or get a little off (and a huge pain to go back and undo it). Also, you don't have the visual cues of being able to see how it should fit together as you do on a vertical cable. But I think that I could design horizontal cables to use in other places now, so it was definitely good to learn. This was also my first project that used short rows and button bands. Yay! More new skills.

(image) Yarn: Knitpicks Palette in Garnet Heather
Needles: US 3 circs for body/yoke, US 4 dpn's for sleeves
(however, my gauge was off and it ended up smaller than it was supposed to)

For more, stop by my blog

Wide sleeves?


Anyone else finding the sleeve instructions make for a much wider sleeve, especially at the cuff, than the pattern photo shows? I've had to redo mine 3 times to get a good fit. I just have one sleeve and the button band to go!