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Published: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +1000

Last Build Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +1000

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Children forgotten again

24/10/2016 21:29:00

'The Forgotten Children'on Nauru are forgotten again as Four Corners comes under attack for alleged bias.

The Oz defends right to offend

24/10/2016 21:28:39

News that notorious Bill Leak cartoon will be investigated by the Human Rights Commission has led to a volley of outrage.

StalkerSpace not a serious source

24/10/2016 21:28:00

When the Daily Mail sourced a post from UQ StalkerSpace for a serious story, it was left looking a bit silly.


17/10/2016 21:50:00

According to a Daily Telegraph front page exclusive, the NSW Government is considering ranking schools by obesity in a NAPLAN overhaul.

Unreliable translation predicts world war

17/10/2016 21:49:00

Relying on google translate as a research tool can lead to dire predictions of impending doom.

Rise of the copyclowns

17/10/2016 21:49:08

There is a spreading panic in the media about 'Creepy Clowns' but is the craze real or just stunts for attention?

Trump feeling the media heat

10/10/2016 21:22:46

Donald Trump is facing more pressure after new revelations released in the media over his treatment of women.

Thrill of the spill

10/10/2016 21:27:00

Fairfax claims a Tony Abbott comeback could be on the cards, but without much detail

TV's gambling addiction

10/10/2016 21:21:48

Is TV's addiction to sports betting ads grooming kids to gamble?

Return of the budgie smugglers

10/10/2016 21:46:00

After spending four nights behind bars in Malaysia, the "Aussie larrikins" are back. But has media support started to turn?

Can the media trump Trump?

10/10/2016 08:36:00

Donald Trump: Did the media make him? And can they now break him? He’s challenged journalism and now the media is fighting back.

The day love died

26/09/2016 21:41:00

Mass media despair over the break up of 'Brangelina'

NEET or not?

26/09/2016 21:48:50

A Daily Telegraph attack on young 'bludgers' backfired as more details emerged.

Mounting pressure on Mike Baird's ban

26/09/2016 21:40:10

Media pressure mounts on Premier Mike Baird's greyhound ban. Will the powerful broadcasters succeed in getting him to back down?

A great moment in history that wasn't

26/09/2016 21:39:52

A photo in The Sunday Age captured a great moment in political history. But a closer look revealed all was not as it seemed.

Fringe conversation goes mainstream

19/09/2016 21:45:00

Theories about Hillary Clinton's health have gone from fringe to mainstream after her recent collapse. And the media is giving it credence.

Nine News can't heal your pain

19/09/2016 21:44:52

Bad news for arthritis sufferers, despite promises, Channel Nine News cannot heal your pain.

O'Brien v The ABC

19/09/2016 21:44:16

Media Watch has successfully defended a defamation action taken by journalist Natalie O’Brien with a judgment passed down last week, more than three years since the program was aired.

60 Mins story is a ratings winner ... for Seven

12/09/2016 21:01:08

Finally the Beirut child snatch story delivers a ratings win, but not for Nine.

Journos plugging products on Instagram

12/09/2016 21:00:00

Journalists are plugging products on Instagram, so is it time we're told who gets what for free?

Drinks 'study' gets a boost

13/09/2016 17:32:11

A story on Ten News told of the health benefits of Boost Juice, but was light on some important facts.

Purple puff

05/09/2016 21:42:23

A Channel Seven news puff piece on Purple Bricks left some viewers seeing red.

From commercial radio to just commercials

05/09/2016 21:42:14

Sydney radio station 2UE is set to transform to a new format it calls 'Talking Lifestyle'.

Snapping Senate snoozers

05/09/2016 21:42:04

Derryn Hinch was caught napping in Parliament last week, but that hasn't stopped his push to overturn restrictions on photography in the Senate.

Buzz is back

05/09/2016 21:41:54

After a five week absence, Phil 'Buzz' Rothfield is back at the Sunday Telegraph, having been cleared by News Corp’s investigation into his relationship with Eddie Hayson.

Syria image tugs heartstrings

29/08/2016 21:25:37

The image of little Omran tugged on heartstrings around the world, but in the end, did it make any difference?

Rip, reproduce and regret

29/08/2016 21:14:00

A young Sydney journalist learns the perils of court reporting when her mistake aborts a trial

Daily Tele Sports Editor awaits investigation report

31/08/2016 09:51:00

Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the Tele's ‘Sports Editor-at-large’ Phil “Buzz” Rothfield, after a Sydney Morning Herald article revealed his links to controversial gambler, Eddie Hayson.

Free publicity for Party for Freedom

22/08/2016 21:48:00

A stunt carried out by anti-Muslim group 'Party for Freedom' gained plenty of mainstream media coverage, despite most of it being critical. And that was precisely what the group wanted.

4 Corners bias allegations

22/08/2016 21:58:02

A leaked letter from a 4 Corners reporter to the then NT Corrections Minister has lead to allegations of bias levelled against the program and its report on youth detention in the Northern Territory.

Sex sells in Rio

22/08/2016 21:46:00

Sport wasn't the only story the media was focussed on in Rio.

Mack caused hack attack?

17/08/2016 09:45:33

Did gold medal winning swimmer, Mack Horton's comments really contribute to the ABS website meltdown on census night?

Turning a blind eye

15/08/2016 22:25:49

Why did so many media outlets turn a blind eye to last weeks's release of the Nauru report?

Gerard's Grandstand gold

15/08/2016 22:24:41

This call by Gerard Whateley was our (allowable) Olympic moment of the week.

Beach bum bonanza on Sunrise

08/08/2016 21:58:00

It's party time on Sunrise in Rio, with bikinis, bums and bare chests galore.

Fear, loathing and the right to offend

08/08/2016 21:58:00

A cartoon by Bill Leak, published in The Australian, has caused heated debate over whether it is racist.

Catching Pokemon stories

08/08/2016 21:57:00

The media is jumping on the Pokemon go bandwagon, finding tenuous links to the game to sell stories.

Awkward alert

08/08/2016 21:56:47

An awkward moment between Channel Nine's Rebecca Judd and Tony Jones left viewers cringing, and it wasn't the first encounter.