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Media Watch

Keeps a watch on all those who work in, own or control the media.

Published: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +1000

Last Build Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +1000

Copyright: Copyright 2017, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Paparazzi, privacy and the Press Council

27/03/2017 22:07:39

Radio star Chrissie Swan’s day out with her kids shows how intrusive the media can be.

Great Barrier grief missing from The Australian

27/03/2017 22:07:38

The Australian offers scant coverage about the latest bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.

Two cities, one prize on Nova stations

27/03/2017 22:07:37

Radio presenters aren’t the only things syndicated on the Nova FM radio network in Sydney and Melbourne. The competition winners are, too.

Exclusive: Darren Davidson predictions.

27/03/2017 22:07:36

The Australian’s media editor Darren Davidson wins naught from four in our media prediction competition.

Media Bites Episode 8

23/03/2017 20:38:03

Media wars continue with Ray’s spray and Latham’s lashing:
Ray Hadley has a big spray at Media Watch after Monday’s show. Mark Latham flames the internal war at Sky News. And National Enquirer provides us with this week’s alternative fact.

Weatherill v Frydenberg showdown

20/03/2017 21:19:08

Jay Weatherill versus Josh Frydenberg, the contentious energy debate helped along by the media.

Clean and green or toxic and deadly?

20/03/2017 21:19:10

Think wind turbines are good for the environment? Think again, says Today Tonight. But have they just cherry picked facts to fit their story?

Singo making Gosford great again, with a little help from his friends

20/03/2017 21:19:13

John Singleton enlists his star presenters to sell his Gosford property development.

Sky News civil war

20/03/2017 21:19:16

Mark Latham likes to call himself an outsider. But an inside job on one of his colleagues has sparked internal tension.

Media Bites Episode 7

16/03/2017 19:44:56

Perth News mix-up their graphics. Jennifer Aniston pregnant again? And this week’s alternative fact: eavesdropping microwaves.

Exclusive interview or airport ambush?

13/03/2017 21:54:58

A Current Affair claimed to have an exclusive interview with Grant Hackett, but it looked more like an airport ambush.

Controversial claims get the soft treatment

13/03/2017 21:54:54

The Arrowsmith program is a controversial method that claims to help people overcome learning problems. But the founder was given the soft treatment on a recent speaking trip to Australia.

Punchbowl story missing in action

13/03/2017 21:54:50

While most media networks considered last week’s Punchbowl Boys High controversy a headline story, it was conspicuously absent in Fairfax papers and ABC talkback.

Satirical protest taken seriously

16/03/2017 11:17:00

It seems large parts of the media have missed the joke, or perhaps missing the joke made for a better story when covering the satirical group The Million Flag Patriots.

BBC interview interrupted

13/03/2017 22:34:00

The hilarious BBC interview that was hijacked by a Professor’s family went viral for all the right reasons

Media Bites Episode 6

09/03/2017 20:10:37

Nine recycles an old story about Space Shuttle Endeavour, the media's careless whispers about George Michael's death, and Google's alternative facts.

Italy’s ‘new’ Astronaut

06/03/2017 22:07:21

Worldwide media has wrongly credited Italian twitter user Ignazio Magnani with photos from the International Space Station.

Travel tales too good to be true?

07/03/2017 11:00:00

Media agencies are promoting website Miss Travel but are some of the case studies too good to be true?

Peter Dutton – next Liberal leader?

08/03/2017 09:19:00

With conservative commentators backing Peter Dutton as the next Liberal leader, the media went looking for a leadership plot.

Karl coverage overload

08/03/2017 09:06:20

From footwear to lollies, nothing is too trivial when it comes to coverage of the Today show host, Karl Stefanovic and his new girlfriend.

Media Bites Episode 5

02/03/2017 19:24:42

The big Oscars blunder: Who is behind the 'Best Picture' stuff-up? The accountants, the Academy, Matt Damon? Or someone more sinister? The Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan are on the case.

Coke Fizzer

27/02/2017 21:47:00

Are SA power woes the reason behind Coca-Cola’s exit? It seems some commentators reckon it is.

ACA's life changing ADHD treatment that doesn't work

27/02/2017 21:49:00

ACA is spruiking a ‘breakthrough’ in the treatment of ADHD but the study’s author says he never called it a ‘breakthrough’ and the program ‘misrepresented’ him.

Keysar Trad flies under the ABC radar

27/02/2017 21:48:38

Keysar Trad’s comments on domestic violence goes uncovered across Fairfax, The Guardian and ABC.

A new front in Trump’s media war

27/02/2017 21:43:00

Trump ups the ante in his war with the media banning several outlets from a White House briefing.

Media Bites Episode 4

23/02/2017 19:50:14

Border Mail mistakes a fictional TV show for reality. Does the new ten dollar note feature lyrics by Rick Astley? And Brangelina is this week’s alternative fact.

Not just fake news but no news

21/02/2017 00:18:06

Nick Xenophon's Medicare price hike hoopla that never existed.

Sex, lies and injunctions

20/02/2017 21:56:00

Seven West Media gags CEO's ex-mistress

Court copy cats caught out

21/02/2017 11:46:10

Daily Mail copies the story then copies the court reporting.

James Hird and the 'female friend'

21/02/2017 00:12:21

The Daily Mail caught James and a 'female friend' out and about, but this was no friend.

Media Bites Episode 3

17/02/2017 10:50:28

Woman's Day's bad case of mistaken identity and last Monday's Media Watch just got R-Rated. Brand-new Media Bites.

Melania Trump v Daily Mail

13/02/2017 23:36:01

Melania Trump has taken the unprecedented step as a First Lady in suing the Daily Mail for calling her an escort.

The Daily Mail and gang misappropriation

13/02/2017 23:36:03

The Daily Mail is at it again, this time branding the survivor of a horrific attack, Nelly Yoa, a gang member of Apex.

The Phantom of the Internet rebooted

13/02/2017 23:45:49

David Richards' plagiarism has earned himself an unfortunate reputation. Even worse, he doesn't seem to think he's doing anything wrong.

How Good Game ran out of lives

13/02/2017 23:36:07

The axing of one of the ABC's most popular youth-skewing shows has saddened many of its fans. Why did the ABC give it up?

Another inappropriate rant by Ross

13/02/2017 23:45:02

Last year we asked how on earth is Ross Cameron still on air. The star of a very popular Sky News show has had another inappropriate rant.

Media Bites Episode 2

15/02/2017 12:41:00

The PM adviser’s sexist tweets get deleted. And Trump’s robe rage. Brand new Media Bites.

Fake news and alternative facts

06/02/2017 22:41:33

In the Alice in Wonderland world of fake news and alternative facts, what can the media do in search for the truth?

Media Bites Episode 1

15/02/2017 12:41:10

Media Bites