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Is 3D the Kiss of Death?
Nintendo drops the price of its 3DS, proving once again that 3D is a blight on business and humanity.(image)

What Should Be Your First iPhone App?
Apple could release an iPhone 5 in the fall, but that's not stopping people from buying iPhones now and trying to figure out where to begin in the app world.(image)

This Is My Last BlackBerry
I've been a loyal RIM customer for years, but now, in a season of changes, I'm ready for one more big change.(image)

Google+ Real Names Policy Is About Brands, Not People
People gearing up for a Google versus freedom of speech fight, but I'd say this is really all about something else.(image)

Carrier Pigeons Set to Kick Broadband Butt
Tref Davies is pitting 10 carrier pigeons against a five minute video file upload from a rural farm in Yorkshire, England.(image)

TwitChange Launching First Online Celebrity Twitter Auction
Starting on September 15 you'll be able to bid for a chance to have your favorite celebrity follow you on Twitter, retweet one of your tweets or mention you in a tweet.

William Gibson: Google is Made of Us
Wiliam Gibson wrote a NYT essay in response to Google CEO Eric Schmidt's recent comments on the search engine giant's ability to tell us what to do next and the possible need for people to change their names to hide from all the nonsense they may have posted online in their youth.

NASA Unveils Free iPad App
NASA has added a free iPad app that takes advantage of the device's lovely large screen.

Google Doodle Remembers Frankenstein Monster's Mom
Today's Google Doodle in the UK , which honors Shelly on her 213th birthday, clearly pays homage to the overall creepiness of the Frankenstein story, without fixating on the tragic "monster" itself.(image)

E3 2010 Video: Yoostar2 Puts Leonard Nimoy—or You—Into the Movies
Yoostar2 may be the perfect antidote. The game from Yoostar Entertainment Group lets you act opposite some of your favorite stars in, perhaps, their most memorable movie scenes.