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Will AR Glasses Ever Really Take Off?
Thus far, consumers have shunned AR glasses like Google Glass; getting people familiar with the tech via mobile apps might be the better approach.

AT&T Should Drop DirecTV, Not CNN
Stories about a Trump CNN vendetta miss the real danger of the AT&T/Time Warner deal.

Robots Won't Kill You, But They Will Take Your Job
That's not true. Worrying about scifi Terminators and RoboCops means you're ignoring the real danger

This Sprint Deal Is Much Smarter Than a T-Mobile Merger
Cable companies could help Sprint fill out its network. Everybody would win.

Broadcom Will Kill Qualcomm
Turning an engineering-driven business into a numbers-driven one would strangle innovation.

Apple Needs a Touch-Screen MacBook
While I've warmed to the idea of the Touch Bar, many road warriors and students might not be as enthusiastic. Apple should reconsider its aversion to touch-screen laptops.

Is iPhone X Apple's Vista?
Apple is taking a different approach with review units for iPhone X. What does it all mean?

My First Impressions of iPhone X
Thus far, iPhone X is an impressive step up from the iPhone 7 Plus and even 8 Plus.

Standing on the Shoulders of Geeks
I rely on the PCMag staff to keep me on the cutting edge of the huge world of technology.

You Can Keep Your Useless IoT Gadgets
The recent developers conference didn’t reveal any products that practical users would ever want—or

Can Foldable OLED Displays Revive the PC Market?
What's most intriguing to me about the idea of a foldable OLED (FOLED) screen is that it gives laptop vendors a new way to innovate.

Your Tweets Are Not Your Own
Every company should have some guidelines for how its employees use social media.

Forget Politics: Why 'Fake News' Should Infuriate You
An outside force like Russia hijacking the democratic process should infuriate people. Yet many embrace 'fake' stories that back up preconceived notions.

Did PureVPN Cross a Line When It Disclosed User Information?
When a VPN hands over user data on a creep, there's a freak out.

RIP Windows Phones? Not Quite
The Surface Phone is dead? Nope. Microsoft needs mobile to survive.

25 Years of ThinkPad
In Yokohama, Japan, for the Lenovo ThinkPad 25th anniversary celebration, I look back and predict what's next for the iconic laptop.

The 30-Year AI Scare Cycle
We’re in the same mania over AI that has happened before and will probably happen again.

It's Time for the 'Smart Gun' Debate
As a technology journalist and father of a toddler, will you have this uncomfortable conversation with me?

Don't Let Innovation Widen Gap Between Haves, Have-Nots
Ray Kurzweil predicts that by 2045, we will multiply our intelligence a billionfold. But what competitive advantage does that give a person and at what cost?

2 Features I'd Add to the Audi A8
The 2019 Audi A8 is a tech tour de force, but there's room for improvement in seeing down the road and parking itself.

The Apple Watch Needs 5G
The Apple Watch Series 3's LTE frustrations are inherent to putting LTE into a tiny wearable. What the watch really needs is 5G.

AR You Going to Get to Work?
We look at the companies that are using AR today and explore how it will transform industries tomorrow.

With Echo, Amazon Builds a Wall Against Google
With its half-dozen new Echo devices, Amazon's building a big, beautiful wall around your house, one that Google will have trouble breaching.

What Microsoft Needs for 'Surface Phone' Success
What would it take for a Surface-branded phone to be a success? Make it a great PC.

Silicon Valley Has a Big Problem
Silicon Valley's troubling headlines put it on a path to regulatory scrutiny.

Don't Let the Sprint/T-Mobile Zombie Merger Rise Again
A combined Sprint and T-Mobile would make us more like Canada, and not in a good way.

Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Power of Presentation
Gameplay is king, of course, but presentation brings the hype.

Upgrading to Apple Watch Series 3 Is a No-Brainer
Apple takes its wearable game up a big notch by adding an LTE modem to Apple Watch.

Should You Believe the Rumors About Kaspersky Lab?
Is Russian software company Kaspersky Lab colluding with the FSB? Stealing private information? Rumors abound, without any hard evidence to back them up.

iPhone X Has One Small Problem
The 'notch' at the top of the iPhone X's display appears to be hiding video and game content. Luckily, developers have a few weeks to fix their apps.