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Who Do You Trust More With Your Safety: Google or Ford?
A new survey from Inrix notes that carmakers have advantages—for now—in the race to win over consumers with autonomous technology.

Trump Budget Slashes NEH Funding: Why You Should Care
If you care about open access, online learning, or the digital humanities, you have a vested interest in sustaining the NEH. Here's how to help.

Amazon Books Should Open Where They're Most Needed
Manhattan is not hurting for bookstores, but Queens and the Bronx are. Amazon Books should look to the outer boroughs for its next outpost.

Quit Blaming North Korea for Everything
Kim Jong-Un doesn't do ransomware, but lazy headlines and even lazier law enforcement want you to think so.

Early Adopters Love Their Apple AirPods
According to a recent survey, 98 percent of AirPod owners are very satisfied or satisfied with Apple's headphones.

Does Android Wear Have a Future?
Long delayed and increasingly restricted, Android Wear has an uncertain future.

Scared of Driverless Cars? Here, Look at This Screen
Waymo will show messages to 'help ease passengers' concerns' when they're no longer in control.

At I/O, Android Takes Backseat to Machine Learning
As Google puts its machine learning at the forefront, Android is just another platform.

New Features Make Google Home a Worthy Echo Rival
Google raises the bar for its Home device by correcting some of its initial missteps.

The Return of Arcade Sports Titles Makes Video Games Great Again
Arcade-styled sports games were everywhere, but when the seventh console generation arrived, they were no more. Then came Rocket League.

After WannaCry, Should You Worry About Ransomware?
Modern encrypting ransomware mostly targets businesses, because of their deep pockets. How worried should you be about protecting your own computers?

Cookies Are the Original Ransomware
If we didn't let browsers track our every digital move, ransomware wouldn't exist.

Alexa Is Nice, But Silicon Valley Should Focus on AR, Not Voice
Although voice-activated platforms like Alexa will continue to grow and be important, it is my sense that AR is really the platform to watch.

Autonomous Vehicles: As Disruptive as the Internet?
A study predicting the impact of driverless cars reads like a replay of the advent of the internet.

How Marcel Proust Is Going Digital
The University of Illinois commemorates the centennial of the First World War by digitizing the work of Marcel Proust.

With Cortana Speaker, Microsoft Is Again Late to the Party
The Microsoft Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke has its benefits, but Amazon's Echo lineup might be too big to topple. Redmond has no one to blame but itself.

Self-Driving Cars: Revolutionary, But Too Polite
Driverless vehicles will likely be too cautious around humans, giving them the right of way in every circumstance, possibly creating new traffic problems.

High Fashion to Amazon: You Can't Sit With Us
With Cathy Beaudoin's departure, Amazon Fashion should embrace the fact that it doesn't have front-row status.

Augmented Reality Is Here, But Did You Notice?
Augmented reality has arrived thanks to some creative developers and your smartphone camera.

On Self-Driving Cars, Apple Has Some Catching Up to Do
Recent signs suggest the company is lagging in the self-driving car development race.

Surface Laptop: Is Microsoft Ready to Eat Apple's School Lunch?
Microsoft has gone all in on hardware. This approach worked for Apple, but can the Surface Laptop replace the MacBook Air in people's hearts and minds?

The IoT: This Generation's Island of Misfit Toys
Smart homes will only take off at outrageous prices because millennials didn't suffer enough as children. Yeah, you heard me.

In a Mobile-First World, Don't Forget the PC
Prioritize mobile, but don't forget that customers spend many hours per day in front of their PCs.

Our Rosy Outlook on Driverless Cars Needs a Reality Check
A utopian view of driverless cars eradicating traffic and accidents may miss the mark.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Finds a Perfect Home on PC
A game that heavily leans on community customization is destined for great things on the PC.

Fake News Is Just the Start of the Web's Attack on Reality
When you can create 'real' voices as easily as Photoshopping images, we're all in trouble.

Nintendo Switch Has My Gaming PC Covered in Dust
I'll return to my beast rig in the future, but Nintendo Switch is my go-to platform at the moment.

The Future of Assistive Tech Is Smart
From Braille smartwatches to GPS-enabled shoes, connected tech is changing the game for people with disabilities. Our May cover story explores the new world of smart assistive technology.

Apple's Diabetes Monitor Needs to Be Affordable, Non-Invasive
If Apple tackles this area, its solution needs to be affordable, non-invasive, and accurate.

Avoid the Nutballs (and Conflict) on Mastodon
On Mastodon, it's easy to avoid those with whom you disagree. But that's not such a bad thing, as it also auto-segregates nutballs who are incompatible with the general population