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2 Years to Get a Humanities Essay Published? Not Anymore
Online journal Hybrid Pedagogy boasts stratospheric acceptance rates, a collaborative open-peer-review process, and readership unfathomable at a traditional journal.

Your Favorite Free Product Is Now Paid? Tough
False promises abound in Silicon Valley, especially when it comes to free products going paid. But what can you do? Nothing really, and that's a problem.

Airline Electronics Ban Is Protectionism, Not Security
The US has banned carrying laptops on board flights from several countries to the US, and I'm convinced it's about an ongoing battle between US and Middle Eastern airlines.

Regulators Can't Craft Self-Driving Car Rules Alone
Tech companies and auto makers need to join forces and educate regulators on self-driving cars, or rules of the road will never get off the ground.

Trump's Fuel Economy Standard Cuts Could Cripple Innovation
Without tough standards, automakers may not have incentive to develop technologies to wring even more miles per gallon out of conventional gas-powered engines.

3 Things the Tech Industry Can't Ignore
In the tech industry, it's easy to get caught up in the minutiae. But we should all step back and witness an industry in transition. Here's what I believe will shape the next few years.

After International Women's Day, What's Next?
Creating spaces and events for women benefits the tech industry, which should be focusing its resources on innovation rather than harassment lawsuits. Here's how to get started.

The SEcret iPhone Is More Fun for Less Money
The iPhone SE is terrific, and more people should buy it. But Apple plays it down. Here's why.

Why Can't the CIA Eradicate Ransomware?
Based on new leaks you'd think we live in truly Orwellian times, but the authorities building the surveillance state still can't do anything to stop actual crimes.

Americans Don't Care About Nokia
Nokia and Huawei grabbed a lot of attention at Mobile World Congress, but neither will be a major player in the US any time soon. Here's why.

Is Facebook Too Powerful?
I am uncomfortable putting too much power into the hands of just a few, even if their intentions are good. Here's what Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg should do.

Human Drivers Could Go the Way of Elevator Operators
As with self-driving cars today, the public was initially afraid of automated elevators a century ago—until technology took over.

Stop Trying to Make Me Use Facebook
Facebook Pages replacing real websites screws over those who don't use social networks.

Pitfalls of the IoT
In this month's cover story, Max Eddy tells us how silly—and scary— the Internet of Things can get.

Apple's TV Plans Are Still Alive, But Not How You Think
Apple is a software and UI company first and a hardware company second.

Why I Preordered a Nintendo Switch
Preordering is dumb, but I must experience the Nintendo Switch on day one. Here's why.

Stop Complaining About Traffic: Use Technology to Fix it
A recovering economy and lower gas prices lead to more congestion; tech could help unclog roads.

Living With a Huawei Honor 6X
For the past few weeks, I've been travelling with a Huawei Honor 6X smartphone, and I'm quite impressed.

Oh God, They're Already Talking About 6G
5G is on its way, but 6G has already come up. No, nobody really knows what it means yet.

There Is No Right to Repair
Do you have the right to fix products you purchased and own? Yes and no.

Get Smart With Stacey: Geo-Fencing Your Garage Door
This week, Stacey tackles smart switches for the SmartThings Hub and geo-fenced garage doors.

We Need to Prepare for the 5G Jobs Apocalypse
5G will create millions of jobs but destroy millions more. We need a plan.

Want to Get Rich in Silicon Valley? Try Self-Driving Cars
Auto makers and others are spending huge sums to acquire autonomous tech startups and talent.

The Met Makes Public-Domain Artifacts Free to Use
The move is significant for artists, art lovers, and entrepreneurs.

Telecommuters Are Not Slackers
IBM and Yahoo are not fans of telecommuting, an odd, retrograde approach.

IBM Can't Ignore Trump's Racist Policies or Its Own Past
IBM is pretending to remain neutral when it comes to Donald Trump's immigration policy.

Why Facebook Needs to Buy Netflix
Netflix has the kind of content deals Facebook needs to truly make its mark in video.

Watch Out, Bambi: Self-Driving Car Coming Through
Self-driving car engineers have done amazing things, but Mother Nature poses a special challenge.

Twitter Needs More Than a Hate Slider
Twitter this week again tweaked the visibility of abuse. How about just getting rid of it?

Facebook: A Tool for Evil?
I knew it years ago, and the craziness of today's users confirms it: social media is the root of some very bad things.