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Are You Ready to Cut the Cord on Your Gadgets?
Personally, I am looking forward to the day when I don't have to carry multiple corded charging devices.

How Delphi, Mobileye Are Fast-Tracking Driverless Car Tech
In addition to other sensors, the two companies are using cameras in cars to capture and crowdsource road data.

Sorry Cord Cutters, DirecTV Now Is a Trap
AT&T's new DirecTV Now plan transplants everything bad about cable into the cord-cutter world.

The False Promises of the Internet
The future of the Internet is grim. But this is what happens if you do not clamp down on the net.

Get Smart With Stacey: Which Home Automation Hub Should I Buy?
This week, Stacey shares her favorite home hub and explains the intricacies of smart lighting.

5 Inexpensive Car Tech Features I'm Thankful For
The 2017 Nissan Rogue SL is a great example of how tech features are becoming more prevalent and affordable.

To Reduce Piracy, Give the People What They Want
Legal streaming services help reduce piracy, a report finds, news that would have been helpful in the Napster era.

What Silicon Valley Can Learn From the 2016 Election
I really think Silicon Valley needs to get beyond its insular way of thinking.

Trump Won't Destroy Silicon Valley
While I too am very concerned, technology and its impact on the global economy is much bigger than any president.

Jaguar Concept VR Reveal Is the Future of Car Buying
VR could allow car shoppers to test out various aspects of a vehicle from the comfort of their own computer.

How Do You Get Middle School Girls Hooked on STEM? Ask TechGirlz
Philadelphia-based non-profit TechGirlz takes on the challenge of getting young girls to stick with STEM education.

Get Smart With Stacey: What to Consider When Building a Connected Home
This week, Stacey tackles what you should consider when building a new smart home and security cam options.

Social Media Is Ruining US Elections
Twitter and Facebook have to go or next time their power could cause serious damage to our society.

Why T-Mobile's CEO Could Beat Donald Trump in 2020
Trump created the template. All you need is an executive with a boisterous personality and social media know-how.

Next-Gen 'Hoverboards' Could Usher in Personal Transportation 2.0
Recent trips to New York City, Hong Kong, and London got me interested in second-gen transportation gadgets.

Don't Blame Facebook for Fake News
If you fall for nonsense articles in your Facebook feed, don't blame Facebook. It's your fault for not checking sources.

Facebook Is a Media Company, Treat It As One
Facebook has to stop pretending it didn't influence the 2016 presidential election.

With Driverless Cars, Trump Needs to Keep His Foot on the Gas
While he'll likely have more pressing priorities, the president-elect can't allow the US to lose momentum.

Why Trump's Cyber Is the Strongest
Don't expect a lot of hacks and leaks from the Trump White House. Here's why.

6 Tech Predictions for the Trump Years
Trump's administration will bring big changes to the tech world. Here's what you should look out for as a consumer.

How the Stylus Doomed Microsoft's Phone Business
History will show that the stylus was the one thing that kept Redmond from replicating the success of the iPhone.

What the New MacBook Pro Means for the Future of iOS
I see the transfer to an iOS-based mobile device over the next three to four years.

Why Toyota Was Smart to Snub Apple, Google
Developing its own connected car platform allows Toyota to control its dashboard destiny and driver's data.

How to Educate Yourself Before Election Day
These resources can help dissect local elections and figure out which national candidate aligns with your views.

The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar Solves a Nonexistent Problem
The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar is a pathetic stopgap to having a full touch screen, but fanboys will probably love it.

There Are Good Reasons to Let a Chatbot Ride Shotgun
OnStar Go markets things to car owners via machine learning and drivers' data. It's not as creepy as it sounds.

Sorry, But I'm Glad Vine Is Dead
Say 'hi' to Meerkat for me, you horrible platform.

How the Windows 10 Creators Update Could Revolutionize Business
Microsoft hopes to deliver VR tours, virtual gamification training sessions, and holographic e-commerce.

Microsoft Needs to Forget the Mac Faithful, Focus on the Kids
Microsoft lost a generation of creative professionals to Apple. But the next generation might choose Windows.

Could AR Be Apple's Next Big Thing?
Rumors suggest Apple will tackle AR/VR on the iPhone, perhaps via a special strip on the bottom of the screen,