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6 Products That Got My Attention at CES
Some amazing new gadgets will hit the market in 2017; these picks were particularly intriguing.

Will Google Get Schooled By Detroit (Again)?
As a supplier of self-driving technology, Google's Waymo is up against a century of the expertise and experience by veteran automotive suppliers.

Digital Humanities: The Most Exciting Field You've Never Heard Of
Its presence at the Modern Language Association convention showed just how prevalent the field is becoming.

Is the Smartphone Already Obsolete?
Modern smartphones have had a good run, but the next big technological paradigm might already be here.

The Feds Need to Embrace Encryption
Recent political headaches could have been avoided if people learned to encrypt a file once and a while.

CES 2017 Provides a Glimpse of Our Self-Driving Future
Self-driving cars were big at CES 2017, but when will they arrive? I talked to Ford about making driverless cars a reality.

CES: The Greatest Auto Show on Earth?
The Vegas gadget gathering is the place to see the future of car tech, and it's stealing the spotlight from auto shows.

Why LinkedIn Under Microsoft Is Doomed
There are two things Microsoft can do with LinkedIn. One is leave it alone. The other comes more naturally.

How Broken Is College, and Can We Fix it?
Addressing the challenges facing colleges is about safeguarding the social mobility and economic vitality they enable.

Cars Won't Drive Themselves Until They Become (Artificially) Intelligent
With large companies investing in AI and startups, expect the technology to supercharge self-driving next year.

Get Smart With Stacey: Prepping the Connected Home for New Owners
This week, Stacey covers what you should do with your smart home gadgets when you move.

The Top Trends I Expect From CES 2017
Even after dozens of CESes, I still find value in roaming the halls of the LVCC. Here's what I expect to see in 2017.

Watch Out, Chromebooks: These Windows PCs Might Eat Your Lunch
Laptops with Qualcomm's 835 processor could be a promising alternative for thrifty shoppers who want a powerful PC.

My Big Tech Predictions for 2017
Time to pick the trends that will make the industry interesting—or not—next year.

Uber Is Just Setting Itself Up for Failure in San Francisco
The arrogance of the Uber executives, who do not seem to understand the situation, might ruin it for everyone.

Can Tech Execs Influence Trump?
Trump could actually become a friend of Silicon Valley. If not, it is going to be a long four years.

Why California Could Lose Big on Autonomous Cars
California's regressive approach to autonomous cars could stifle innovation and send companies to the Midwest.

How to Hack an Election
You don't need to manipulate a vote to hack an election.

Amazon Go? I'll Stick With Real Stores
Amazon Go, which lets you grab groceries and walk out, is a terrible template for the future of stores.

How to Undo Send in Outlook
Gmail makes it easy to stop an email from being delivered even after you hit Send. Outlook has similar options, but they're confusing. Here's how to set up this lifesaver in Microsoft's email client.

What Should Concern You in 2017? AI and Uber
For all the wonderful advancements on the horizon in 2017, there are things that have me worried, too.

Taking Audi's Red Light Countdown System for a Spin
Audi's Traffic Light Information system includes a red-light countdown timer; we took a test drive in Las Vegas.

You Don't Have to Be in D.C. to Enjoy the Library of Congress
A new partnership isn't just a boon to map lovers, but the beginning of a conceptual shift at the US library.

Why I Left MacOS for a Surface Book
Windows has a chance to steal creative types away from the Mac platform. Here's why I switched.

Softbank-Trump Meeting Means Sprint/T-Mobile Is a Done Deal
Softbank president Masayoshi Son says he'll create 50,000 new jobs, but they may just be the jobs T-Mobile already has.

The Future of the Chatbots: Sales
There is only one reason a big company like Microsoft would try (again!) to launch an AI bot: to sell you stuff.

Are You Ready to Cut the Cord on Your Gadgets?
Personally, I am looking forward to the day when I don't have to carry multiple corded charging devices.

How Delphi, Mobileye Are Fast-Tracking Driverless Car Tech
In addition to other sensors, the two companies are using cameras in cars to capture and crowdsource road data.

Sorry Cord Cutters, DirecTV Now Is a Trap
AT&T's new DirecTV Now plan transplants everything bad about cable into the cord-cutter world.

The False Promises of the Internet
The future of the Internet is grim. But this is what happens if you do not clamp down on the net.