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Why CES Is Now the Greatest Car Tech Show on Earth
The Vegas gadget extravaganza is the place to see the future of car tech and transportation.

What to Watch Out for at CES 2018
Here's what I expect to see as I roam the show floor, all 2.5 million net square feet of it.

We Are Already Living in the Future
The future is here, and our responsibility is clear.

Microsoft Phone: Bend, Fold, and Wear
The "cuff phone" could Be Microsoft's re-entry into the smartphone and wearables market all at once.

Facebook's Messenger Kids Is a Bad Bargain
Why would a company that has built an empire on digital ads offer a free app that displays no ads?

5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2018
Here's what I see on the horizon for tech in 2018.

Why Football, Baseball Are Behind the Tech Curve
Sports leagues will never truly embrace tech that improves the games for players or fans; unless it

The Real Reason Voice Assistants Are Female (and Why it Matters)
Our interactions with AI teach and train it, but we are also shaped by these experiences.

Technology Is Killing Me (And Probably You, Too)
There are a million reasons I'd like to destroy my smartphone, and a million reasons why I can't.

Hide Your Wallets: The 2018 Gamepocalypse Is Soon Upon Us
The new year will continue 2017's relentless onslaught of excellent video game releases.

Can CryptoKitties Teach the World About Blockchain?
The game lets you collect, raise, and breed unique digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain. No, that's not a joke.

A New OS War Is About to Begin
We are about to move into what I call the mini operating systems wars for edge devices, or those that sit at the edge of a cloud-based solution. Think smart thermostats and smart lights.

For T-Mobile to Disrupt TV, It Must Disrupt Home Internet
T-Mobile's new pay-TV service isn't going to disrupt anything, unless T-Mobile offers an internet service to go with it.

Why I'm Passing on iPhone X and Face ID—for Now
The facial recognition on Apple's new flagship iPhone X smartphone is cutting-edge tech, but it's just not reliable enough for me.

How I Keep Tabs on My Heart Health While on the Go
While the $99 KardiaMobile helps me monitor my heart activity, it is another thing I have to carry around. So I was intrigued to hear that AliveCor had an Apple Watch band.

Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac
Let history—and advertising—be your guide into seeing just how iOS is being poised to utterly replac

Why More and More Android Users Want an iPhone
Our research suggests there are three main reasons for Android users to seriously consider moving to iPhone.

2017's Top Tested Tech
Welcome to the December issue of our Digital Edition, featuring 2017's best tech products.

Fund Compelling Products, Not Charismatic Men
Android creator and Essential founder Andy Rubin's downfall should take a long hatpin to the cozy VC culture of funding charismatic men rather than compelling products.

Apple iPhone X Kicks Off Face-Recognition Mania
Entire countries are going to try and replace IDs with face scans, and it's going to be bad.

The Tech World Needs to Get Serious About the Wage Gap
When Americans see bankers, tech leaders, and some politicians making billions or millions of dollars, sometimes at their expense, it's hard not to question the system.

Tech 'Improvements' That Actually Makes Things Worse
Intel killing BIOS in favore of UEFI is another turn that will open computers up the malicious progr

Fake News Is a Real Problem
Facebook, Google, and Twitter will probably flush out false political ads over time, but I am less convinced they will ever be able to stop fake news.

Gamers, Please STFU and Enjoy Your Hobby
This has been one of the greatest years in video game history, yet some gamers can't stop flapping their yaps about all the wrong things.

Will AR Glasses Ever Really Take Off?
Thus far, consumers have shunned AR glasses like Google Glass; getting people familiar with the tech via mobile apps might be the better approach.

AT&T Should Drop DirecTV, Not CNN
Stories about a Trump CNN vendetta miss the real danger of the AT&T/Time Warner deal.

Robots Won't Kill You, But They Will Take Your Job
That's not true. Worrying about scifi Terminators and RoboCops means you're ignoring the real danger

This Sprint Deal Is Much Smarter Than a T-Mobile Merger
Cable companies could help Sprint fill out its network. Everybody would win.

Broadcom Will Kill Qualcomm
Turning an engineering-driven business into a numbers-driven one would strangle innovation.

Apple Needs a Touch-Screen MacBook
While I've warmed to the idea of the Touch Bar, many road warriors and students might not be as enthusiastic. Apple should reconsider its aversion to touch-screen laptops.