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Our Rosy Outlook on Driverless Cars Needs a Reality Check
A utopian view of driverless cars eradicating traffic and accidents may miss the mark.

Fake News Is Just the Start of the Web's Attack on Reality
When you can create 'real' voices as easily as Photoshopping images, we're all in trouble.

Nintendo Switch Has My Gaming PC Covered in Dust
I'll return to my beast rig in the future, but Nintendo Switch is my go-to platform at the moment.

The Future of Assistive Tech Is Smart
From Braille smartwatches to GPS-enabled shoes, connected tech is changing the game for people with disabilities. Our May cover story explores the new world of smart assistive technology.

Apple's Diabetes Monitor Needs to Be Affordable, Non-Invasive
If Apple tackles this area, its solution needs to be affordable, non-invasive, and accurate.

Avoid the Nutballs (and Conflict) on Mastodon
On Mastodon, it's easy to avoid those with whom you disagree. But that's not such a bad thing, as it also auto-segregates nutballs who are incompatible with the general population

Farewell, IDF: Is This the Demise of the Big Trade Show?
Big conferences and shows like IDF and WinHEC attracted tens, if not hundreds of thousands of attendees, and were a great way to get a deep dive on the latest tech. Now they're gone.

No CarPlay or Android Auto? Navdy to the Rescue
My car doesn't support CarPlay or Android Auto, but Navdy adds smart features for just $499.

NY's Tuition-Free College: Early Days But Much to Celebrate
The plan has its limitations, but it represents a milestone in the push for universal higher education, which we should welcome whether we're students, alumni, or autodidacts

Streaming vs. Broadcasting: Is There a Difference?
German regulators want to treat streaming providers like traditional broadcasters; they see them as little more than tiny TV stations operating without a license. I know what they're up to.

3 Millennial Tech Myths Busted
A recent study examining how millennials use technology had some surprising results.

Silicon Valley Trumps Detroit at Autonomous Cars? Think Again
Automakers are way ahead of tech companies and will rule an autonomous ridesharing future.

Oath? Are You Kidding Me?
In Oath, there's definitely a secret handshake and a weird hat.

Don't Believe the Self-Driving Car Crash Hype
The media frenzy following accidents involving autonomous technology is reminiscent of the fear that greeted the first horseless carriages.

Forget the S8, Samsung's DeX Is the Real Showstopper
Samsung's DeX is one of the best mobile PC solutions I have seen to date.

Windows 10: It's a Miracle (That It Works)
When I use any of my Windows 10 machines, it's a miracle they work at all, especially when I consider what is going on under the buggy surface.

With Galaxy S8, Samsung Tries to Break the Spec Sheet
The Samsung Galaxy S8 may perform much better than its specs suggest. If that's the case, are specs really the most important thing to consider when buying a phone?

Knock-Off GoPros: Worth the Gamble?
Who knows? Those behind these cheap-as-dirt 4K action cameras don't have robust US PR machines, so it's tough to know if the devices are legit or a total waste of money.

What 'Hidden Figures' Can Teach Us About AI
AI will drive consumers to look for traits in brands that have been more traditionally associated with humans: honesty, empathy, loyalty, and service.

Pedestrians: Self-Driving Cars' Biggest Foes?
A researcher uses game theory to analyze the 'crosswalk chicken' that could occur between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles.

Not in Our Image
Roboticists are exploring the possibilities of using animals as models instead of humans.

2 Years to Get a Humanities Essay Published? Not Anymore
Online journal Hybrid Pedagogy boasts stratospheric acceptance rates, a collaborative open-peer-review process, and readership unfathomable at a traditional journal.

Your Favorite Free Product Is Now Paid? Tough
False promises abound in Silicon Valley, especially when it comes to free products going paid. But what can you do? Nothing really, and that's a problem.

Airline Electronics Ban Is Protectionism, Not Security
The US has banned carrying laptops on board flights from several countries to the US, and I'm convinced it's about an ongoing battle between US and Middle Eastern airlines.

Regulators Can't Craft Self-Driving Car Rules Alone
Tech companies and auto makers need to join forces and educate regulators on self-driving cars, or rules of the road will never get off the ground.

Trump's Fuel Economy Standard Cuts Could Cripple Innovation
Without tough standards, automakers may not have incentive to develop technologies to wring even more miles per gallon out of conventional gas-powered engines.

3 Things the Tech Industry Can't Ignore
In the tech industry, it's easy to get caught up in the minutiae. But we should all step back and witness an industry in transition. Here's what I believe will shape the next few years.

After International Women's Day, What's Next?
Creating spaces and events for women benefits the tech industry, which should be focusing its resources on innovation rather than harassment lawsuits. Here's how to get started.

The SEcret iPhone Is More Fun for Less Money
The iPhone SE is terrific, and more people should buy it. But Apple plays it down. Here's why.

Why Can't the CIA Eradicate Ransomware?
Based on new leaks you'd think we live in truly Orwellian times, but the authorities building the surveillance state still can't do anything to stop actual crimes.