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Upgrading to Apple Watch Series 3 Is a No-Brainer
Apple takes its wearable game up a big notch by adding an LTE modem to Apple Watch.

Should You Believe the Rumors About Kaspersky Lab?
Is Russian software company Kaspersky Lab colluding with the FSB? Stealing private information? Rumors abound, without any hard evidence to back them up.

iPhone X Has One Small Problem
The 'notch' at the top of the iPhone X's display appears to be hiding video and game content. Luckily, developers have a few weeks to fix their apps.

'Bodega' Shows Silicon Valley Hates Human Communities
A buzzy new startup aims to eliminate corner stores, which is fine if you also want to kill off city life. Let's hope it fails.

Who Needs Apple's $1,000 iPhone X? Not Me
Apple's bid to be a brand people will spend any amount for will be put to the test this week, and li

A $1,000 iPhone? Not as Crazy as it Seems
While people may flinch at higher price points, we need to start looking at premium smartphones in a different light than models from the early days of the smartphone.

Equifax Must Pay
If Equifax doesn't pay big for losing the personal information of millions of Americans, we just need to get used to our identities being stolen.

The Cloud Is Big Business, But for How Long?
One of these days, an aggressive Chinese company will wipe out existing cloud operations with a chea

Don't Let Your Guard Down When Using Social Media
Scammers are creating fake profiles on services like LinkedIn in an effort to get people to download malware-laden documents onto company networks.

Galaxy Note: The World's Most-Loved Phone
Short of another catastrophic battery bug, Samsung's phone seems poised to make a complete comeback.

Stop Trying to Make Smartwatches Happen
As long as smartphones are around, forget the rise of the smartwatch.

Cars as We Know Them Might Be Unrecognizable by 2025
Everyone assumes the future autonomous vehicles and commuter transportation systems will look similar to the cars we know today. I'm not so sure.

The Case for Taxing Self-Driving Cars
Gas tax revenue could dip even further as autonomous cars come online. So some policymakers are zeroing in on taxing those self-driving vehicles.

Sonic Mania Proves Sega's Future Lies in its Past
In the media world, everything old is new again. Sega needs to follow this trend.

It's Time to Outlaw Texting While in Motion
Texting and walking or driving is dangerous. Laws need to be passed to stop it. Merely telling peopl

Why I Hope iPhone 8 Includes Facial Recognition
Rumors suggest Apple is adding facial recognition to iPhone 8. I hope this is true; I consider it to be the easiest and best way to authenticate a person on mobile.

Amazon Embraces the Long Tail With Secret Branding
You may be buying Amazon's own stealth brands without even knowing it, because Amazon knows it can w

Diversity in Tech Is About More Than Just Stats
I try to make sure my daughter has role models for her gender and ethnic background, but that's not easy in Silicon Valley.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Renewed My Faith in Online Gaming
Many online gaming communities are snake pits, but Fire Pro Wrestling World's fan base has proven friendly and helpful.

Ready or Not, You're Getting Microchipped
Why anyone would want to be microchipped at work is beyond me, but it's happening.

AI, Machine Learning Are Just Getting Started
When used properly, AI and machine learning will be transformational.

Stop With the Fancy Names for Self-Driving Car Tech
Marketing teams might disagree, but convoluted names for autonomous vehicle tech is just an accident waiting to happen; experts agree.

Huawei's Irrelevant Success
Just because a company is successful 'globally' doesn't mean it will be successful in the US.

Technology and Voting Don't Mix
As the hacks at Defcon demonstrated, the best approach for voting is still paper ballots that are hand-counted and stored as evidence.

We Need a New Space Treaty
With so many players and so much money involved, space is getting too complex for the current Outer Space Treaty.

Here's Why an OLED iPhone Will Be So Expensive
An OLED iPhone could be more than $1,000; while this might seem excessive, it's really just basic supply and demand.

What's the Point of Banishing Microsoft Paint?
Sure, downloading the app from the Windows Store isn't that difficult, but how many MS Paint enthusiasts will miss that memo?

Why North Korea Should Worry the Tech World
A crisis in North Korea could spell disaster for the tech industry giants in the region.

Are Autonomous Vehicle Tests a Public Hazard?
Unlike other technologies, testing of self-driving cars on public roads could cause safety concerns and have an immediate negative impact on society.