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Global.asax and Application_start don't seem to be firing and executing code


It doesn't seem to be working on IIS Express or local IIS. If it was firing, then I wouldn't have the Unity issue of the object not there when trying to do Dependency Injection for an object in the IoC, due to code execution for Unity not being executed by Application_Start().

How to judge who is operating


I have a doubt, I developed a web site. When users log in site and do some operations such as buying, selecting  or editing.

I need to fetch user name or password from cookie and then let them do above operations. so whether has any other ways that the site know who is operating.

such as A log in my site. and A need to edit his information, so I need to get users's unique key such as phone number to let him to operate. and if this people need to query some information about himself, whether has any other ways  do this.

such as I post this issue, then I re-edit my question, whether this site need to get my unique id and my thread unique id?

and this site display my all threads and how it implement, may be they implement as the following:

select * from thread(table) where useraccount= myaccount and password=mypassword?

how they to get myaccount and mypassword, cookie? or others?

Cryptographic Error when publishing same app to a new webapp in Azure


When I publish the same app to multiple nodes in Azure and use traffic manager to route the requests evenly, I get the following error in ApplicationInsights and I'm unable to determine the cause:

Microsoft.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.Internal.DefaultAntiforgeryTokenSerializer.Deserialize(String serializedToken)","outerId":"11388138","message":"The key {XXXXXXXXXXXXXX} was not found in the key ring.","type":"System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException","id":"9351281"}]

We have never seen this error before adding the new node.

Your assistance is appreciated.

AspNet Core ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback


Hello Guys, 

I'm trying using ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback at NET CORE for call webservice in soap to bypass invalid certificated.

How can I do it?

I'll try this but haven't work.

EWSV0005_SeguradoInterfaceClient client = new EWSV0005_SeguradoInterfaceClient(result, new EndpointAddress(adddress));
client.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "usr_soa_ns";
client.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "155465";
client.ClientCredentials.ServiceCertificate.SslCertificateAuthentication =
new X509ServiceCertificateAuthentication()
CertificateValidationMode = X509CertificateValidationMode.None,
RevocationMode = X509RevocationMode.NoCheck


Anyony can I help me?


ajax call to an asp page loses parameters


From an asp page called Search.asp an Ajax call is triggered with a URL parameter specified in the Data attribute, data: { 'ChkBoxYears': '2001,2012' } but no values are found in the called program Request("ChkBoxYears")

Can anyone shed any light on this behavior?

Pass c# array to javascript array in razor file ...


Hi everyone, I need someone to explain me how to pass the strings of an array, obtained in server-side c #, in a javascript array of strings inside a razor file. I am developing in ASP.NET core MVC. I'm crazy, it looks like a simple thing, following what I've tried to do:


 string[] fieldsList = ViewData["FieldsList"] as string[];



Get Id of Current User


Hi Devs, 

I´m trying to get the Current User Id so I can make a search in my Users object to find witch user is logged in. I try the following code:

public async Task login(Login login)
            if (ModelState.IsValid)

                var resultadoLogin = await login_Manager.PasswordSignInAsync(login.Username, login.Password, login.LembrarUsuario, false);
                if (resultadoLogin.Succeeded)
                    var current_User= user_Manager.GetUserAsync(HttpContext.User);
                    string current_User_Id = "" + current_User.Id;

                    User user= _context.Users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Id == current_User_Id );

                    return View("~/Areas/Module/Views/Home/Index.cshtml");
                    ViewBag.login_Error= "Incorrect username or password";
                    return View("~/Areas/Module/Views/Users/Login.cshtml", login);

            return View("~/Areas/Module/Views/Users/Login.cshtml", login);

I noticed that the value of currer_User_Id is always changing when I run the application and the user variable is always returning null because the id doesn´t match.

Best Regards

How to customize a report that exclude a certain value from a field?


Sorry, I'm new to Crystal Reporting....

I'm pulling a report that provides me employee names but I don't want to include any employee name containing the first value of the name starting with G. How can I customize the report that exclude that certain value from populating in the field?

Sorry I might have the wrong terminology please correct me if i'm wrong.


version: Crystal Report Version 2013

How to generate a pdf from a List<> and export it to excel



On my mvc application I want to implement a report button that would generate and display a pdf with data on it. The data is stored in a List<> which contains multiple columns, but I only want to display certain column on the report such as (subscriber id, payment date, amount, first and last name), then I would like to display the total of the amount at the bottom (which is not in the list).

I also would like to only display the report in a popup modal (if possible) and not automatically save or create the file to the user's local machine but give them option to either print it or export it to either pdf or excel.

I'm not really sure how to start on this, I've been looking into some tools like iTextSharp, but I couldn't find a good example or documentation the could help me accomplish what I'm trying to do.

NOTE: I'm not using entity framework on my application.

Clickable img in webgrid column only first row works


Hello, I have a webgrid that display an img if data exist. The img is clickable and when clicked it triggers an ajax call. My question is how come it only works on the first row and on the other rows it doesn't even trigger the ajax call var gridColumns = new List();     gridColumns.Add(PaymentGrid.Column(columnName: "WavFile", header: " ", format:@        @if (item.WavFile != null && item.WavFile != "")        { (image)  }        else        { @Html.Raw("(image) ") })); This is my ajax call: I know the data exist on each clickable button because I have the wave file directory displaying on hover. I'm not sure why it only works on the first row. Thank you [...]

Help with adding codes to service contract and controller


I have the following codes and would like to add it to my service contract interface and
add data value via controller. Can I put this code into the service contract interface and from the controller pass the record to the service contract interface.

Please share your expertise on this issue. Notice it has the viewmodel please be detailed with answers.

List dataVM = new List( );

var dataRecord = (from x in conn.datatable
Order (fieldID)
Select new TableNameViewModel

Field1 = dataRecord.Field1,
Field2 = dataRecord.Field2,
Field3 = dataRecord.Field3,


dataVM.AddRange( dataRecord );

Membership provider issue after deployment



Just deployed my mvc app to a server, I have 4 services running on the server with a Connection to the DB - works fine. when I try to login ( using the Membership.ValidateUser I always get false, same goes for trying to register a user ( Does not work). In the DB I have ApplicationName ="/". My relevant configs are:

applicationName="/" />

applicationName="/" />

type="System.Web.Security.SqlRoleProvider" />
type="System.Web.Security.WindowsTokenRoleProvider" />

I tried practically everything, nothing works, Can anyone help? Im desprerate. 

SQL Select from textbox and dropdown


Hi guys I have the following situation: I have a form with two textboxes and two dropdownlist. The textboxes are start date and the other end date. The dropdowns are list of clients and the other list of employees. What I need is to click the button it searches the database for the date results between TbxStartDate and TbxEndDate of the CbxClient client registered by the CbxEmployee employee. For this I did the following: '---------------------- Advanced search ----------------------------- Sub AdvancedSearch() Con = New OleDbConnection(StrCon) Cmd = New OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM TabServices WHERE (TabServices.ServiceDate>=#" + TbxStartDate.Value + "# And TabServices.ServiceDate<=#" + TbxEndDate.Value + "#) AND ClientCod=" + CbxClient.SelectedValue() + " AND EmployeeCod=" + CbxEmployee.SelectedValue(), Con) Con.Open() Dtr = Cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) RptServices.DataSource = Dtr RptServices.DataBind() Con.Close() End Sub '---------------------- Bind Dropdowns ----------------------------- Sub BindClients() Con = New OleDbConnection(StrCon) Cmd = New OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM TabClients WHERE ClientActive = True ORDER BY ClientName ASC", Con) Con.Open() Dtr = Cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) CbxClient.DataSource = Dtr CbxClient.DataTextField = "ClientName" CbxClient.DataValueField = "ClientCod" CbxClient.DataBind() CbxClient.Items.Insert(0, "Select client...") Con.Close() End Sub Sub BindEmployees() Con = New OleDbConnection(StrCon) Cmd = New OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM TabEmployees ORDER BY EmployeeName ASC", Con) Con.Open() Dtr = Cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) CbxEmployee.DataSource = Dtr CbxEmployee.DataTextField = "EmployeeName " CbxEmployee.DataValueField = "EmployeeCod" CbxEmployee.DataBind() CbxEmployee.Items.Insert(0, "Select employee...") Con.Close() End Sub
<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ServiceCod") %> | &l[...]

ASP.Net Web Site Administration Tool Issue


Greetings all. I hope I am posting this issue to the correct forum.  I had a tough time determining where it belonged, but this seemed reasonable. I am absolutely stuck with a strange issue concerning the ASP.Net Web Site Administration Tool.  First let me detail the provider installation. I created a provider data store via aspnet_regsql.  I then editted web.config for my test web application to reference that database. Next, under IIS, I have created a web application for the tool (.Net 4.0 version) so that I can access via a URL: http://localhost/webadmin/default.aspx?applicationPhysicalPath=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Test&applicationUrl=/Test When I browse to the URL, the admistration tool does indeed load.  I can then navigate to all tabs EXCEPT the Security tab.  When I click on that tab, I am meet with an error: There is a problem with your selected data store...  Value cannot be null.  Parameter name: Path If I go to the Provider tab, I can sucessfully test the membership and role providers.  If I run my test application, I can sucessfully register a new user and see that user in the data store.  It just baffles me that I cannot open the Security tab to assign roles.  The really weird thing is that I can configure/run this app on my dev laptop (Windows 7, SQL Server 2008), and the Security tab is not an issue.  But on the web server... Here are a few details about server.  The server is running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.  ASP.NET version 4.0.30319.0 is installed.  The database server is SQL Server 2005. The provider related sections of the web.config are as follows:               The event log entry for the issue is as follows: Event Type: Error Event Source: ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0 Event Category: None Event ID: 1325 Date: &nbs[...]

Help with updating a record using controller and service.contracrs


Please help with me updating a record by passing data directly to the service contract interface.

Current code in controller
Using ( DatabaseConn _dbase = new DatabaseConn())
DatabaseTableName _update = DatabaseConn.TableName.Find(recordId);

_dbase.field1 = model.field1;
_dbase.fiels2 = model.field2;
_dbase.field3 = model.field3;
DatabaseConn.SaveChanges( );


I would like to add the above code to a service.contract where My controller passes a row of data to be
updated it the service contract which is a interface class. I will need the steps for the service interface and controller.

Thanks much

Which one to choose Web Service / WCF / WebAPI


Hi All,

Am working on a web application(normal and SQL server) where each user action need to be captured. Like search, edit , delete, login and logout. To reduce the load on the current DB and application, am planning to write down a separate web service/WCF/WebAPI which will take all necessary parameters and writes into separate DB table to log all these data.

Can any one suggest which one is best approach or design architecture?

Construct a Tree Node with dapper



Can any one help me how to create a Tree structure using dapper in webforms.

If Not IsPostBack with query string


Ispostback is still confused me.

For example, I use query string to pass values from A.aspx to B.aspx like below code.

In B.aspx page load event, do I need add code "If Not IsPostBack Then...End If" ?

Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

If Not IsPostBack Then
Dim sCAMPUS As String = Request.QueryString("OrderName")
Dim sDATE1 As String = Request.QueryString("OrderDate")

End If

End Sub

Menu Color


Hello Im using this code