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Angry Customer Smashes Devices in French Apple Store
The Frenchman was annoyed Apple refused to honor the EU requirement for two years of warranty coverage.

Zerodium Ups iOS Bug Bounty to $1.5M
The same firm made headlines last year when it offered $1 million for unknown iPhone and iPad flaws.

Roam Free in Europe, South America With T-Mobile Until Dec. 31
Get unlimited high-speed data in South America and select European countries until 2017, starting Oct. 1.

Stay Connected in Remote Areas With GoTenna Mesh
The GoTenna Mesh allows you to create a secure and long-range serval mesh using the UHF spectrum.

BlackBerry to Stop Making Phones
BlackBerry will outsource internal hardware development to partners.

Pour One Out for BlackBerry Phones With This BlackBerry Bold Cocktail
BlackBerry phones are dead; celebrate their legacy with a cocktail designed for the launch of the iconic BlackBerry Bold.

Automakers Cozy Up to Intel, Qualcomm for 5G Standards
A new 5G Automotive Association will develop "vehicle-to-everything" communication standards.

Google's Daydream VR Platform Opens to Developers
Daydream is a new protocol meant to usher in a more stable VR experience and make the technology mainstream.