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C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Automated Unit Testing, Middle Tier Development, and various topics!


Deploying .net Core 2.0 Azure Webjob results in Error MSB4057: The target "MSDeployPublish" does not exist in the project.

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 15:41:00 GMT

We recently ran into a blocking issue when deploying a custom .net core Azure WebJob:

Error MSB4057: The target "MSDeployPublish" does not exist in the project.

The project would build successfully, but the deployment would fail. 

  • I made sure that the solution was running as Administrator.
  • I made sure that Microsoft.Web.WebJobs.Publish.1.1.0 NuGet package was installed and applied correctly.
  • I even removed and re-applied the NuGet package. 

But the solution would not deploy. 


I found Rhizohm's blog post which recommends a manual edit to your webjob's CSPROJ file to resolve the issue.   it appears that this issue has been around since at least Visual Studio 2015.

I resolved my publish issue by manually adding the following to the bottom of your webjob's CSPROJ file:

Thanks Rhizohm!

Upon Further Review 

Earlier this month, we upgraded our solutions from .net core 1.1 to .net core 2.0, and ran into this annoying bug with machine.config & System.Tuple reference.  We ran into an reference error for System.Tuple when we tried to run EF database-update commands, but the solution could not build/publish with it in.  We weren' crazy about the idea of manually editing the machine.config during EF updates & build/deployments - so we decided to rebuild our solution as a brand new .net core 2.0 solution (not our existing one that was upgraded from .net core 1.0 beta, 1.0 RTM and 1.1 RTM). That resolved the strange System.Tuple error.... BUT that is when we lost the Import Project node for Microsoft.Web.WebJobs.Publish in our webjob's project file. 

Adding/Changing gitignore entries during development

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:33:00 GMT

We are knee deep into a .net core 1.0 RTM website project.  While trying to get automated builds to work (more on my "forced project.json for 4.6 DLL and .net core" frustration later), I discovered that GIT was including project.lock.json files in the commit. 

I realized that we never upgraded our .gitignore file to incldue the new DNX file omissions.   This is easier than I originally expected:

Step #1 Identify your desired changes

I found, helpful in that it produces template .gitignore files based on your desired development environment. 

To fast-forward, here is the latest for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, which includes DNX/.net core 1.0 omissions.

Step #2 Make the changes and apply to the repo branch 

Here you have 2 options, either: 

  1. Physically remove the .gitignore file from the repo, commit your change (removal), then add it back, make your desired changes from Step 1 and commit again.  
  2. Leave the .gitignore file , but remove it from the index using:
    git rm --cached project.lock.json

I completed option A and it worked perfectly.

June 4 2007 - Talk @ OKCPRO.NET Developer's Group

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 21:59:43 GMT


Thanks to the great team over at the Oklahoma City Developer's Group, for graciously inviting me to speak at their lunch and evening sessions on Monday, June 4, 2007. 

If you are located in or near Oklahoma City, please stop by!  I'm delivering one of my favorite talks, "Building Middle Tier Solutions using Microsoft .NET".   With this session, we will dive into how easy Visual Studio makes our lives by enabling the creation of Web Sites, Web Services, Serialization, MSMQ Integration, and WIndows Services.   I've streamlined the code samples and removed the PPT from the session.  :)  All code baby!

FREE Videos for WPF & Expression Blend

Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:21:33 GMT

(Courtesy of Caleb Jenkins via Twitter through TelliTwitter.  Thanks Caleb.)



For those of you interested in Silverlight (WPF) and Microsoft's new Expression Blend design software, check out's new suite of introductory videos through the link below:

Dallas Code Camp Talk Today (4/21/2007)

Sat, 21 Apr 2007 12:11:00 GMT


The Dallas/Ft. Worth community is holding the 2nd annual Dallas CodeCamp event today!

The event will take place on the 4th floor of the LC1 building located at Microsoft's Las Colinas office.  Registration starts at 8:30am.  

There are some great talks for this event, including C# 3.0, LINQ, Enterprise Library, Design Patterns, Client Development, Team System, SEO, Mono, Silverlight, and much more.  Check out the agenda here.

I will be presenting a PPT-Free session, "Building Middle Tier Solutions with Visual Stuido 2005" at 4:40pm.  In this session, we will dive into approaches & technologies to building middle-tier & asynchronous middle-tier solutions, including WebServices, MSMQ, Windows Services, and Threading.  It appears that I received the toughest draw of the day, going against ADO.NET STUD Mr. William (Bill) R. Vaughn.  :p

Telligent & CodeSmith Tools are giving away free copies of Community Server 2007 and CodeSmith Professional 4.0 as door prizes for some lucky attendees! 

Scott Guthrie is coming to Dallas! Thu. 11/2/2006

Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:22:00 GMT

Rob Howard and Scott Guthrie beat me to the punch.  The North Dallas .NET User Group is proud to announce that Microsoft General Manager Scott Guthrie is our presenter for our November meeting.  We're looking forward to Scott's talk, as he's planning on spending 2 hours with us!  He's planning on delivering a brand new ASP.NET Tips & Tricks talk, as well as LINQ and other various goodies! 

When:  Thursday, November 2, 2006 - 6:00pm
Where: Intuit, Inc. Headquarters (Click Here for a Google Map)

As always, membership and attendance is FREE.  We'll have FREE food, drinks, snacks, and great giveaways.

A big thanks goes out to Microsoft, Intuit, Server Intellect, and Robert Half Technology for sponsoring this great event.

Interested in attending?  Please create an account on our website,, and click the RSVP button.

Scott Guthrie Posts Atlas Delivery Details

Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:37:00 GMT

For anyone who might have missed it...

Yesterday, Scott Guthrie unveiled the details for Atlas v1.0.  I'm very excited to see some of the details surrounding Orcas (rich debugging, Javascript intellisense, and designer support)

What Are They Thinking?

Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:41:00 GMT

(non technology post...)

From the category of "What in the world are the New York Islanders thinking..."

New York Islanders sign goalie to record 15-year deal!

New owner Charles Wang sure has made his mark in his short tenure with the team.  He's fired Neil Smith months after hiring him, and even considered hiring sumo reslers for his goalie.

Another good thread on Neil Smith's firing.   An even better perspective from SI.COM.

Great quote from SI.COM's Truth's & Rumors section:

Charles Wang once floated the idea of sticking a Sumo wrestler in net to play goalie and many around the NHL nearly busted a gut from laughter. Yesterday Wang stuck a goalie in the GM's office, and the owner who prides himself in thinking outside the box was thought to be outside his mind.
  -- New York Post

Middle Tier Solutions Presentation @ Dallas Code Camp - This Saturday

Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:30:00 GMT

Do you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and want to learn more about .NET development?  Then please join your fellow community members in the first Dallas Code Camp.   When:              June 24, 2006 at 9:00am Where:             Microsoft’s Las Colinas campus, LC1 Building  The Agenda will be announced soon, but here’s what I can tell you: There are 18 sessions total, 9 lecture talks and 9 chalk talks The event starts at 9am, with the first session kicking off at 9:30 Lunch will be served, compliments of Microsoft As always, the event is FREE and will include giveaways as Xbox 360, books, and anything else the group can get their hands on!  Rob Howard and I will be representing Telligent as speakers for the event.    Rob is delivering a session on “Building Sticky Communities using ASP.NET 2.0”. I will be delivering a PPT-lite, demo heavy session over “Building Middle Tier Solutions using .NET 2.0”  In this session, we’ll show how easy it is to implement asynchronous workflow into your existing applications with Serialization, Web Services, MSMQ, and Windows Services.   I wanted to send out a big thanks to Caleb, Omar, and the CodeCamp planning team for volunteering their time to make this happen!   Please Join us – it should be a fun developer geek day J     [...]

Recent Web Finds

Sat, 27 May 2006 05:13:00 GMT

Just wanted to share some interesting finds...

The Motorola Q Is Coming

Thu, 25 May 2006 17:04:00 GMT

Looks like we're that much closer to the RazrBerry (aka BlackBerry killer) - the Motorola Q...

Update:  The MotoQ is available NOW for VerizonWireless customers through the website.  They should show up in the stores by next Tuesday.

Presentation at the Microsoft Security Summit Event in Dallas

Mon, 24 Apr 2006 20:29:00 GMT

If you are attending the FREE Microsoft Security Summit Event in Dallas (@ Dallas Convention Center) tomorrow, please stop by the Developer Track at 2:15-3:05pm.  I am delivering a presentation about the Security enhancements built into Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005, titled:

Building Reliable and Robust Applciations with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 

The full agenda is listed here.

The talk includes lots of enhancements to manged code (App Domains, Code Access Security, PermView, and FxCop), unmanaged code (/GS flag, buffer overflow protection) as well as a few SQL enhancements (schemas, user management, and permissions/roles).  I'd love to add some cool ASP.NET security enhancements, but not sure if I have time to fit those in.  If not, then come grab me afterwards and we can chat.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

UPDATE:  Updated slide deck and Demo Code Located Here

Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets for NUnit Developers!

Mon, 06 Mar 2006 12:51:00 GMT

Oh this rocks - wanted to share with everyone else.

Scott Bellware, TDD stud, Microsoft C# MVP, and active community member, created some awesome code snippets for developers interested in writing NUnit test classes.

C# Code Snippet Library for Visual Studio 2005

Fri, 17 Feb 2006 15:27:00 GMT

After some poking around on the Visual Studio area on MSDN, I discovered a nice little gem worth mentioning...

Ever notice how VB 2005 has a huge amount of code snippets as compared with C#?  Well, not anymore J   Here are all the code snippets that should have been released with C#/VS 2005.

Off to the Visual Studio 2005/SQLServer 2005/BizTalk 2006 Launch Event in Dallas

Wed, 30 Nov 2005 06:32:00 GMT

If you are attending the VS 2005/SQL 2005/BizTalk 2006 launch event in Dallas (and I know a large number of you - 3,850 - are registered) today (11/30/2005), please stop by the ATE booth and say hello.  Stephen Swienton and I will be manning the ATE Developer area from 1-5pm tomorrow, and will be seen wandering around the event in the morning.   Come by and don't forget to pickup your FREE copy of the Standard editions of Visual Studio 2005 and SQLServer 2005 !!!!!

MSDN Article Published - Team System Automated Unit Testing & Code Generation

Sat, 19 Nov 2005 22:15:00 GMT

Yes, I have been a blog-slacker for quite some time now - and I apologize.  We're closing down on a huge project at work, and I should pickup my activities in the coming weeks. 


Shameless plug alert…


Thanks to Rob Caron, who pointed out that a number of Team System-related articles were published to MSDN Online, including one of mine titled:

Unit Testing and Generating Source Code for Unit Test Frameworks Using Visual Studio 2005 Team System

This article covers an introduction to automated unit testing, and provides an insight into setting up a new Unit Test project, and what code is automatically generated for you. 

Now There's An Idea

Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:16:00 GMT

Here's my cynical thought for today... "What a visionary! "  Check out Larry Ellison's latest epiphany

Sorry - Ellison just drives me crazy! 

PDC Here We Come!

Fri, 09 Sep 2005 12:39:00 GMT

WOW!  Microsoft's PDC is almost here!  Developer geekdom evolved!  I'm looking forward to attending many of the talks, BOF sessions, and meeting thousands of fellow .net techologists at the Pavillion booths!

As Eric pointed out earlier, we'll be at the CodeSmith Tools booth (#122 in your handy dandy Pavillion map) for much of the week.  So, if you would like to learn more about CodeSmith, and/or talk about >>telligent happenings/openings, football, hockey, or anything else on your mind please stop by.  Also, if you have some free time, please checkout the CommunityServer BOF Session (Date, Time, Location TBD).  Check the monitors!

Some goodies from Eric (FREE STUFF!!!!!!)

(image) CodeSmith Tools will have a booth at PDC this year!  Be sure to stop by and say "Hi" next week at booth #122.  If you are a current CodeSmith customer, we have CodeSmith t-shirts for you (first come, first serve) and if you aren't a current CodeSmith customer, we will be giving away some CodeSmith Professional licenses ($399 value) for those that stop by and scan their badge.

machineKey Setting for ASP.NET 2.0

Mon, 29 Aug 2005 03:36:00 GMT

Currently working with web clusters, non-sticky IPs, where you need a unified key for ViewState encryption and thought I would share these resources...

Death by Caffeine

Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:01:00 GMT

Oh this ROCKS!

How much caffeine can you drink before dying?  Check this out to find out....