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HP Omen X Compact Desktop and VR Backpack
The HP Omen X Compact Desktop and backpack delivers PC-based VR gaming away from your desk. A neat-sounding idea, but ultimately, it's a pricey solution to a niche problem.

Readers' Choice Awards 2018: Laptops and Desktops
Even in a smartphone world, you can't live without your personal computer. These brands are the righ

iMac Pro: Worth the Upgrade for Photo and Video Editing?
We pit Apple's new workstation against its older and less powerful siblings to see how much more juice it packs for creative tasks.

HP EliteOne 1000 All-in-One
The HP EliteOne 1000 is not only stylish, but it has a trait found in few all-in-one PCs: the ability to easily upgrade the internal components.

The Best Windows Micro Desktops of 2018
Some are bare-bones kits. Others are ready to go out of the box. But all of these Micro PCs deliver surprising features (and pep) for their size.

Falcon Northwest Talon (2018)
The 2018 Falcon Northwest Talon is a straightforward, configurable, and well-built high-end gaming PC. As configured, it delivers best-in-class performance at a price few will be able to afford.