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Marketing Shift Blog

A collection of original marketing thoughts. Most are rubbish but remind me of the saving power of Jesus.

Published: Fri, 09 Mar 2018 12:58:58 -0500

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Yo No Tocar La Guitarra, Yet

Tue, 28 Apr 2015 09:32:00 -0500

Musicians Friend pre-release Signature model guitars, available nowhere else.

Appbackr A Finalist in PaypalX Developer Challenge

Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:10:00 -0500

(image) iPhone App Funder, appbackr, Revolutionary Approach to Immediate Funding for Apple iPhone and iPad Developers Leads in PayPal Challenge by Bringing Immediate Funding to independant iPhone Developers via microfinancing.

PayPalX announced that appbackr was selected by community voting to become one of 11 finalists in the PayPalX Developer Challenge. Marketing Shift had helped appbackr get a last surge of support from the app developer community.

Appbackr provides a simple and revolutionary approach to Immediate Funding for Apple iPhone and iPad Developers selling apps in the iTunes store. Application developers sell wholesale units of their apps on appbackr. App developers get funds right away. Buyers profit when the apps sell on the iTunes store. appbackr is a wholesale digital marketplace for Apple iPhone and iPad developers. The PayPalX Developer challenge is intended to reward creativity, innovation and viability. This model supports iPhone developers by allowing them to pull value out of their idea, rather than having to go through the long mating process of trying to get the app in front of the right developer.

The finalists will now go on to be judged by a panel of distinguished judges including chairman of eBay Inc., Pierre Omidyar; PayPal president Scott Thompson; general partner of Andreessen/Horowitz, Marc Andreessen; Sequoia Capital's Roelof Botha, and Intuit’s Scott Cook, who will choose the top two prize winners. Winners will be announced at DEMO Spring 2010 in March.

New business models can take months and years to get off the ground. If appbackr wins the contest they will get a lot of exposure and have the chance to shake up how apps get funded. appbackr made it through the support of app developers around the world. Now they need people who support appbackr to tweet with #appbackr #paypalx and become a fan at the Appbackr facebook page. Developers are revolutionizing the manufacturing and distribution of the apps we rely on. appbackr provides a compelling way to bring Immediate Fund micro-financing to entrepreneurs, developers and creatives. Let's encourage PayPal to appreciate how big the demand is for Immediate Funding for app developers. appbackr is the next generation of micro-finance and opens up a whole new category of opportunity for PayPal. Developers benefit. Consumers benefit. Your support can help people to see the potential that appbackr represents. Remember that Appbackr is by invitation only until launch (ping me if you need an invite).

Vote Now! AppBackr Peer to Peer Developer Funding Program

Fri, 05 Mar 2010 16:18:00 -0500

Imagine an idea that you feel passionately about.  Turn away from your computer and imagine your idea coming to life.  Think first about how you would do it.  Who would you hire?  Where would your office be?  Think about the article about your idea in the newspaper or a magazine or this blog.  If your idea did maintain your passion, the rest of this post won't matter much to you.  But if you could imagine your idea taking life, think then about how to fund your idea.  For most of us this is where a long pause comes.  And it is usually the pause that moves the idea to hiatus to stall out.Ideas aren't a dime a dozen.  Ideas are powerful.  They change the world--and can certainly change yours.  What are a dime a dozen are ideas that never get started.  Why?  Because you either have to take a huge risk yourself--living off savings or credit cards and paying the costs of the people that you have to hire or you wait to find the person who will back your idea.Most people can afford to take the plunge but are always at risk of swimming out too far and then being unable to swim back to shore.  If you try to raise money from someone, get ready for a long wait.  Even if you know someone and they love your idea it will take 2 months.  Getting introduced to someone new will take time for the introduction--and the inevitable meeting of the (fill in the blank, son-in-law who knows your business, golfing buddy, out of work friend who could be a great marketing guy) who need to bless your idea before it will get funded.And you do all of this for ideas that often take less than a month's salary at a good paying job to get off the ground.What is the alternative?  Peer financing.  We have created a new way to fund creative works, like iPhone apps, by allowing developers to sell wholesale units of the application.  The buyers get paid when the units sell at the iTunes store.  Developers get money right away.  Our idea is called appbackr.Here's how it works:  when an iPhone app gets created, a developer gets $.69 for a $.99 app.  From the time an app is first considered to the time until it sells, it is typically about 6 months until the developer gets paid.  By selling wholesale units, you are getting a buyer to make a wholesale purchase of, say, 1000 apps.  Each unit generates $.25 for the developer, so $1000 units =$250.  When that unit sells, the wholesaler gets $.50.  The developer gets an additional $.15 (for a total of $.40).  A developer can pre-sell up to 50,000 units at $.25--that's $12,500, enough to code, build the UI and market a good app.The developer is "giving up" $.29 a unit as a profit to the wholesale buyer.  That is about 1/3 of the net retail value from a sale on iTunes.  What the developer is getting is immediate funds; a relationship that lasts only until that unit gets sold (each unit has a queue number, so if a purchaser buys units 1-100, when units 100 sells, if no other units are sold, the developer goes back to keeping 100% of the amount due to her for each app); and distribution channels--each buyer has an incentive to help you sell more apps.It is a new model and one that we will be beta testing at our launch which starts March 19.  In the meantime, the site is by invitation only.  We invite you to sign up at  We'll add more "verticals" as we go along and refine the process.If you like the idea, we could use your support because our app is entered in a competition sponsored by PayPalX, the developer site at PayPal.  Each vote for us means a lot.  Voting ends on Friday March 5.  It takes a few minutes to do but we have created a page which explains the process at  If you can support us with your vote, we'd be grateful.  If you do vote, drop us a note at so that we can let you kno[...]

1974 BMW 2002 For Sale & Care List

Fri, 19 Feb 2010 08:49:00 -0500

BMW 2002 List

My brother-in-law Sean is way too nice, today he's letting me drive his baby indefinitely while I transition out of my current vehicle. Sean has a 1974 BMW 2002 (image) that's in amazing condition. I currently have a 2008 bmw m3 but will turning it back in when the lease is up in April. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, Sean gave me a list of things I need to be mindful of while driving his 36 year old bimmer (ironic that the car and I are the same age). I thought this list was pretty awesome so I decided to share it with all of you, enjoy!

  • Lowering the driver's side window involves cranking it down half way and then popping it back on its track and then you can finish rolling it down.
  • Don't fill it all the way up and then park it on a really hot day. If so, we will have to pay a visit to Andy again. from jason: Andy is the body shop guy that repainted the section just below the gas cap when the gas leaked and pealed a nice section of paint off the rear quarter panel, we don't like going to see Andy unless its on our terms.
  • It wakes up slowly and complains for the first few minutes of driving. Just give it lots of gas and it will smooth out and get a much better attitude.
  • Every now and then when warm it will chatter in first or second. Don't know why, but more gas or less clutch makes it go away.
  • If you ever hit the gas and nothing happens, the gas pedal has popped out of its fitting. It is a good idea to check this from time to time. If this happens while you're driving, pull over to the side of the road and pop it back into place.
  • On a hot day, the temperature will get past halfway. I do have an electric fan that cuts on automatically. If it gets to say 80%, something is probably wrong and it should be shut down. That said, the gauge is jumpy, and if the reading seems wrong, tap the gauge and it will be more accurate.
  • I do not lock the gas cap. To remove it, just keep turning to the left until it comes off.
  • Feel free to enjoy the 5 yr old chewing tobacco in the glove compartment.
  • The windows tend to fall down over time, so make sure they are cranked up every so often.
  • The gas gauge doesn't work. For city driving, I would usually set the trip meter to 0 at a fill up and get gas when it got to around 200. No worries if you run out. It has been done many times. There is a gas can in the trunk. The low fuel indicator is hesitation followed by a stall about 40 seconds later.
  • The car has an electric choke so don't pump the pedal over and over in the morning when you're starting her up or she'll get flooded.
  • The driver side door of ye olde 74 2002 can only be locked from the outside. So put the key in the lock after exiting the vehicle and rotate it counter-clockwise to lock the door.

2002 Bimmer Update

So I have some good news for anyone in the market to buy a 1974 BMW 2002 or anyone wondering which BMW 2002 you should buy... This 2002 is for sale! Sean has not set is asking price but anyone interested should use the contact form on mshift and we'll forward your questions on to my brother-in-law Sean. After driving this particular 2002 for nearly a full week now, I can tell you that the car runs like a champ. The handling and acceleration are superb and I get more looks in this car than I do in my 2008 BMW M3, no joke.

Bill Liao Setting a Philanthropic Example via The Hunger Project

Wed, 19 Aug 2009 21:22:00 -0500

A couple of days ago I was contacted by Bill Liao because he was interested in purchasing a domain name that I owned. After a couple back and forth emails negotiating the price he made an offer I couldn't refuse. He jokingly asked me if I'd be willing to donate the entire purchase price of the domain to The Hunger Project. I told him I'd be more than happy to donate 50% of the purchase price to and he replied with "Deal!". Not knowing whether or not we actually had a deal, since I had not seen any money in my bank account, I had some doubt that he would follow through with his verbal (email) commitment. Then later this afternoon I received a PayPal notice saying funds were in my account and shortly after that I received an email from him with the confirmation that he had donated the other half of the purchase price to The Hunger Project. Needless to say I was quite excited. Not only was I able to sell a valuable domain to a good home and reduce my domain portfolio by a name, but a well-deserving non-profit got a nice donation. I'm not at liberty, nor do I think it makes much sense, to disclose how much was donated but I can tell you that it was a nice $x,xxx donation. Bill impressed me with his willingness to trust someone he'd never met that lives on the other side of the world and that he wired money to my account without as much as a written contract. I've had my fair share of legal dealings, I've won some suits and lost some suits, but every attorney I've ever met says that the best contracts are the ones that sit in a desk droor collecting dust. However, I think the best contract is the one that exists verbally and is acted on by both parties. I'm sure I have over 100 pounds of contracts in filing cabinets that cost several hundred thousand dollars to put together but none of them has the spirit of the deal between Bill and I. Because of his willingness to risk losing some money to someone he'd never met, I was all the more eager to make sure he got the name as quickly as possible because someone that acts on faith inspires others to do the same. I guess its a little bit of a Pay It Forward mentality but it just makes sense. I wish all of you who have been burned in the past (we've all been on both sides of that regrettably) don't miss an opportunity to act on faith every once in a while, cause like Piper says... "You never know daddy!" And she's right. Don't get me wrong, handshakes can only go so far and are not appropriate in the majority of business deals, but when you can take a risk without it causing permanent damage then I highly recommend taking that chance. It's well worth it.

Apple iPhone Legal Notice and Privacy Policies

Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:05:00 -0500

I have always enjoyed reading through privacy policies, terms of service and general legal docs web sites use to tell you what they're going to do with your data. When the iPhone came out, one of the first things I did was go into settings > general > about > legal and read through all of the fine print. The information in there is quite amazing. I mean, they tell you who's software they're licensing for the iPhone, what companies they have partnered with, which fonts they are using (Helvetica anyone?), the terms offer us a plethora of insight that any reverse engineering biz dev guy would love. Today's terms of service and privacy policy docs read like a playbook for creating competing products and web sites. They tell you who to partner with, show you which partnerships have a stranglehold on your competitor and so much more. I wanted to post the entire contents of the Apple iPhone terms document back when they released the 1st iPhone but they didn't have a way to email or copy the entire agreement to get it off of my iPhone. Well, thanks to the new cut-n-paste feature in iPhone 3.x OS, we can now do just that. So for those of you who want to know who Apple went to bed with, here are the entire contents of the iPhone, enjoy. P.S. I have bolded all company names, registered trademarks (except for those owned by Apple) and copyrights so you can see who Apple partnered with and why. Legal Notices: Copyright � 1983-2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. For Apple and third party software license agreements presented at activation or included with the product and presented with any software updates, see ACELP is either registered trademark or trademark of VoiceAge Corporation in the United State and or other countries and used under license from VoiceAge Corporation. The ACELP�.net codec in this product is used under license from VoiceAge Corporation. Copyright � 2002-2005 VoiceAge Corporation. All rights reserved. The Audible software in this product is used under license from Audible. Copyright � 2002 by Audible, Inc. All rights reserved. This product contains the BLUEmagic software Bluetooth� protocol stack. BLUEmagic is a trademark of Open Interface North America, Inc. registered in the US. Bluetooth� is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. used under license. Portions of this Product are copyrighted by Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. "Hiragino" is a trademark of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. registered in Japan. Copyright � 1981 Linotype AG and/or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. This Record Material And The Data Recorded Thereon Are Licensed From and Are The Property Of Linotype Or Its Licensors And May Not Be Reproduced, Used, Displayed, Modified, Disclosed Or Transferred In Any Manner Without The Express Written Approval Of Linotype. Copyright � 1999-2002, Linotype Library GmbH & affiliates. All rights reserved. Linotype HelveticaNeue and Zapfino are Trademarks of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions, exclusively licensed through Linotype Library GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Marker Felt typeface designs created by Snyder Fonts. MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and THOMSON multimedia. Source of North American and Canadian area code data: and Features the QDesign Music Codec. Features the Sorensen Video Codec. Vantage Research (successor to Lernout & Hauspie) , et al. (ProofReader) IntelliWriter ProofReader text proofing software � 2002 by Vantage Research. All rights reserved. IntelliWriter ProofReader Catalan text proofing software � 2002 by Vantage Research. All rights reserved[...]

GoDaddy Pushing Twitter & Small Business Reputation Management

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:13:00 -0500

Since most of you know I suffer from Compulsive Domainer Syndrome (rarely see a domain name I can't pass up) it will come as no surprise that I had to renew some domains via Godaddy recently. When I logged into my account and clicked on the domains I wanted to renew I was greeted with a popup message encouraging me to go to Twitter and register each of the domain names I already owned as user names on Twitter before someone else beats me to it.(image) When I saw the Twitter Username Popup I Immediately Thought...
  • My first reaction was, "I can't believe GoDaddy is actually recommending that I go to any site besides theirs since they are infamous for their horrible UI and love of making simple domain & website related tasks more complicated than necessary".
  • After the shock wore off I was impressed that Godaddy actually offered some advice, in their checkout process mind you, that was quite helpful for the masses. You know, those that have a domain name or two but that probably don't know anything about HTML or software but want to build a web site for their hobby or business.
I've been a Godaddy customer for several years now and I honestly can't think of a single time, even when they were a tiny little company, where they willingly sent their customers to another site and didn't get some form of compensation. Now I certaily could be misreading this seemingly altruistic move on Bob Parsons' part for something its not but then again, I haven't seen their name in the hacked Twitter docs as partners so I'm pretty sure Bob is looking out for his customers. Honestly I think this is pretty cool and something that will definitely get them more street cred with small businesses because its a move in the right direction. It is a sign that they're going to keep you in the loop on the important marketing technology advancements and make sure you're not left in the dark. I think the greatest marketing fear of the average small business owner today is that they're missing out on something online but they don't have time to figure out what that might be. With a marketing partner like Godaddy, they may not have to worry any more.

Shark Week 09 Fishing For Great White Viewers

Fri, 10 Jul 2009 08:56:00 -0500

What social media outlets are they using?Facebook Connect though I'm not sure whether or not it worked for me, not even sure how to tell quite honestly. I don't think the Facebook profile is getting much tractiont but haven't seen any other virus spreaders say anything about it so who knows.Twitter: They created a frenziedwaters profile on Twitter and a lot of tweeps seem to think it's pure genious but I dunno. I also noticed that the term "Discovery Channel" was in Twitter Trends yesterday but it was gone this am.YouTube: They have a user and channel set up with 4 well-produced videos that only lead to more mystery.Blog: As far as I can tell they're only using Twitter and not a full-fledged blog, which makes sense due to the short term nature of the event they're marketing.SEO: All of the bloggers are taking care of the seo for them with backlinks and tweets. I find it interesting that they are directing Google to not cache their homepage and that the homepage is all flash with no on-page seo value. One day an agency will step up that can do viral marketing with all the bells and whistles of streaming multimedia but also include on-page and on-site seo as part of their offerings but to date I have not seen any single firm do that yet, not even Camp Fire Media out of NYC (they did the campaign for Discovery Channel).The cluing into geocaching, are they clued in or clueless? I think the only reason I got one of the jars was because of my post on Monday about my recent geocaching experience. I think at the last minute the kind folks at Discovery Channel Shark Week thought it would be good to send me something since they put up all of those coordinates in their flash movie on The reason I am fairly certain this is the case is because I didn't get one of those fake obituaries like the other bloggers which leads me to believe this was a last minute type of deal but who knows. Regardless, the jar is at home with my daughters and Piper and I tried on the shark attack swim shorts this morning as a joke and surprised Shannon when she came downstairs, it was pretty funny. In fact, I think I might wear the shorts they sent us to the beach this weekend when I go surfing because they actually fit, go figure. Site construction for the viral campaign I felt like the "send to friend" link was not visible enough and blended in too easily into the background of the site. It was also bothersome that there was no way for you to cut and paste the coordinates into google maps or copy them to the clipboard to facilitate looking up the locations faster. Like I said before, the site has zero on page seo other than the Title and meta-descriptions being properly constructed. It's built entirely in flash and won't have any lasting value after this year's Shark Week is over. Which is no good for the Discovery Channel since they'll want the sites they constructed for the past years to show up on the first page of Google for the term Shark Week but I don't think that's going to happen with, oh well, live and learn I suppose. I guess it's wait and see time now so let's wait and see what kind of buzz this thing is going to generate. [...]

Shark Week Viral Marketing Frenzy Decrypted

Wed, 08 Jul 2009 16:01:00 -0500

As I was pulling out of the driveway this morning I nearly hit the FedEx delivery guy because I didn't see him as I was backing up. He certainly saw me and waved me on and pointed to my house, because he had a delivery to make. I thought it was odd since I know we haven't purchased anything online lately since we have started our new budget but I headed down the road anyway. About 2 minutes later I get a call from Shannon telling me that I got a next day air delivery from FedEx. I asked her if it was a book, I get a lot of books sent to me, but she said it wasn't and that it was in a large box. So I told her I'd turn around and be there in two minutes. I arrived at the house and picked up the box and was surprised at how large it was, 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide. I assumed it was a viral marketing pitch by this agency named "Campfire Media" but I had no idea what it was. The from address on the shipping label was: Campfire Media 62 White Street, 3E New York, NY 10013 This certainly wasn't an address (physical or website) that I recognized so I was even more intrigued. I was especially intrigued since the package said "fragile, handle with care" which is not the norm for most viral marketing deliveries. What was in the box? Interestingly enough there was a note (printed but with a handwriting font) and a sea glass jar (complete with faux rusted lid and glass that had been frosted by months at sea and it contained different items. Unlike some other people, the kind folks at the Discovery Channel responsible for Shark Week, did not send me an obituary like they did JoBlo. But he and I did get all of the other items. Here's an inventory of what the rusted sea glass bottle contained:1 rusted boat key with a keychain for Discovery Marina SW09 (get it? as in Discovery Channel Shark Week 2009?)One pair of baggies (swim trunks for the non surfers out there) with the left leg tattered and torn and bloodstained (obviously from a shark attack)A faux Great White shark tooth attached to a copper keychain with the url stamped into it (I'm not sure where they had these made but this keychain is top notch, the copper is even oxidized (good job folks)A paper warning sign that reads "BEACH CLOSED SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK, FOR DETAILED CLOSURE INFO, CALL: (386) 675-0342 (the 386 area code includes the location in Florida where we see the largest number of shark attacks in the world, so the use of a 386 area code on this sign was quite nice. If you call this number you'll get a well produced recording about shark attacks, I highly recommend calling 1 (386) 675-0342 and hearing the message.A note on stationery in a hand written font. I included the note on the stationery below. Hand Written (not really) Note From SW09This jar holds a story -, the story of a single tragic accident, the details of which need to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence, and uncover what lies beneath the surface at, part of an online experience leading into Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Now that we've gotten through all of the tedium of Shark Week 09's viral marketing campaign, I'll put up a follow up entry in an hour or so that breaks down the campaign and what works and doesn't work and how well we should expect this to perform over the next 7 days. [...]

Geocaching For Beginners: Tips, Terminology and Personal Examples

Mon, 06 Jul 2009 11:11:00 -0500

Shannon and I have recently implemented a Dave Ramsey-esque budget in our household in an effort to decrease our expenses and get control of our spending. So far it's worked incredibly well, thanks to my amazingly organized and brilliant wife. However, there has been one drawback to the new budget, there simply isn't enough money for us to have our usual date night activities which include going to the movies, dinner and paying a babysitter. So we've been looking for some decent activities that we can do together that won't break our budget. A couple of weeks ago we talked about trying out Geocaching. Geocaching is basically a worldwide scavenger hunt where members of plant "caches" in different locations and supply hints and GPS coordinates to the location where the loot is hidden. It costs nothing to join the site or to play and there are nearly 1,000,000 geocaches hidden worldwide so chances are there is some cache to be found in your area. The only trick is that you need a GPS device, or a phone with GPS or Google Maps on it in order to find the cache. Since Shannon bought me a Garmin etrex Venture HC GPSr (that's GPS Receiver in geocache-ese) for Father's day, I was all set. So yesterday, the Dowdells went out on a geocache mission as a family to try the activity out. Yes, the entire family came along. Here's the breakdown in case you're curious. PlayersJason aka Dad (age 35)Shannon aka Mama (age: younger than Jason)Piper: Age 6Finley: Age 4Jonas: Age 14 mos.EquipmentVehicle: Land Rover LR3GPS Device: Garmin eTrex Venture HCWriting Instrument: Ink PenPhone: iPhone 3G (not the 3Gs)Results of our 1st Geocaching Low Cost Family ActivityImmediately Shannon and I felt like we should've gone on our first geocaching adventure alone (without children) because we felt dumb. The first two places we went just didn't work out, either the cache was no longer there or we just couldn't find it because we'd never done this before. We found that for the best results of a specific hunt we really needed to look up the specific Geocache before we went to the site so we could read the comments by other cachers and see when the cache was last found. On our first mission the cache had just been replaced by the cache creator that morning but we still couldn't find it. It was supposedly hidden on, near or around a swingset that we frequent often because the park is at the end of our neighborhood but still, no luck. Even though we didn't find the first or second geocaches our family was still in high spirits and having a great time. The kids thought it was awesome that we were going on a real live treasure hunt and the only cost was the price of gas. For our next trek we decided to go to a cache we found on the site that was at a cemetary. The title was "Cache in Peace" and the natural allure of a cemetary and our children meant this was a must do cache. Plus the cache creator said you didn't have to go on private property to get the cache and that meant that we really didn't need to go inside the cemetary (but the kids couldn't resist). So we went to the coordinates and didn't find it but then I thought, hmm, I bet these bricks move... (there was a brick wall that lined the cemetary) and sure enough, there was a tiny little duct tape package with a log (paper with all those that found the cache's signature on it) as well as a folded up crisp $1 bill. We decided to SL TN (sign the log and took nothing) since the cache we had would not fit inside the small container. That was when things really got exciting, we had found our first "treasure" and now the kids were excited. We made a couple of other treks, one that required the unnecessary use of the 4 wheel drive and height adjustable suspension on our Land Rover and was a great find. I'm sure that I[...]

Funniest Jobs on Craigslist

Thu, 02 Jul 2009 16:48:00 -0500

Over the past few weeks Shannon has been perusing the jobs section of Space Coast Craigslist in an effort to help out a family member in need of a full time gig. During the process of finding local jobs she's uncovered some real unique positions. Since it's a holiday weekend I thought I might share some of them to help you get the weekend kicked off right. Note: The following jobs are actual jobs that were posted on the Space Coast Craigslist jobs board, no joke. From the "TV Video Radio Jobs" Section Position: Film Personalities for Social Art Movie Job Description: and women to participate in a filmed interview regarding pornography and the state of today's society. This is not a porn, there will be absolutely no nudity or otherwise offensive content or behavior. Applicants should watch pornography... Pay: $150/session Hmmm, it's not a porno but you're required to watch pornos, interesting. From the "TV Video Radio Jobs" Section Position: Female Model Job Description: Internationally awarded photographer still needs some female models for artistic nudes. Experience is not necessary but helpful. Nice body and face is an asset. Great body and face is better, but not necessary.Sounds like a Hooters lawsuit just waiting to happen ;) From the "Web / Info Design" Section Position: WEB DEVELOPMENT, DYNAMIC CONTENT, Partnership needed! Job Description: ...looking for a young, talented, dedicated web programers with big goals...Serious college students and recent grads welcome to apply, but you must have a website displaying your work and skill-sets... Compensation: Partnership, with goals of becoming a corporation No joke, this guy (Leo Cortes) is looking for web designers and developers to work for free and maybe he'll incorporate the entity and then he might pay these developers. Where do I sign up? From the "Web / Info Design" Section Position: Jr. Web designers Job Description: Posted in response to a job posting for junior web designers. What is it with people who think Photoshop MASTERY and HTML/CSS MASTERY equals low pay?. If you're looking for a student hire or really a junior web designer, which really isn't even a position, then don't ask for mastery of photoshop and html/css. Do you know how long it has taken me and other pros to become photoshop masters? 40-45K isn't bad for a student hire or beginning web person full time, but it doesn't pay for a master. C'mon, stop trying to pay nothing for something, this isn't ebay. I thought this was a job board, not a job reply board. Best Craigslist Job Titles Here are some of the best job titles I came across, seriously, I can't believe people post this stuff. LOW BUDGET, LARGE PROJECT (I'll pay you less than anyone else, guaranteed!)Low Budget Adult websites needed (as opposed to high class adult web sites)Web Log "Blog" - Wordpress Design Project (not to be confused with we blog)Part Time (Seriously this is the title, just Part Time, nothing more.)respond to responds (respond now)Handyman Technician SCAM (scam is an acronym, and a bad one at that)E-Cig Account Executives (virtual non-smokers need not apply)Young, aggressive salespeople needed (the meaner the better)Self-Generating Sales Pro Needed (translation: if you don't make any sales then be your own customer)new company (but same old job)NAIL TECH For a day (as opposed to Doctor for a day) And the list goes on. No wonder is still in business. Have a happy 4th of July everyone. [...]

Downsizing, The Economy and 4ft x 8ft Whiteboards

Wed, 01 Jul 2009 10:32:00 -0500

(image) From the title you've probably already figured out how downsizing is related to the economy but are unable to tie 4ft x 8ft whiteboards into the picture. It's quote simple really but first I need to give you a bit of background. During the past two years I have gone from two f/t employees, to 15 employees and now down to one employee. People keep saying that the economy is to blame and that good people are being hurt by the economy and they point the finger everywhere except for where it deserves to be pointed... righ at me. Yes, I'm the one to blame for the demise of Labitat as an seo consulting company and I take full responsibility for that. Over the next couple of months I'll share some insight with you about how I broke business 101 rules left and right and how I'm paying the price for it now so you can avoid those same pitfalls. Now getting back to the title, first off I've downsized Labitat drastically. Like I said earlier, it has gone from 15 employees to just me and even I'm not really a full time employee (since I haven't received a paycheck in close to 9 months). Secondly, the economy has nothing to do with an seo consultancy failing. SEO is the boom business in every down economy. I started my last seo firm (Global Promoter) back in 2002 when the economy was still in the dot-Bomb slump and it went gangbusters. Everyone is looking for the most cost-effective way to get new customers through their doors and seo is the cheapest, most-effective way of doing so behind word of mouth referrals. Now the 4 foot by 8 foot whiteboards. That's where the real story of the economy comes into play. 4ft x 8ft Whiteboards Represent Real World Businesses This week I have been liquidating all of the crap that's been lying around the office. From ethernet cables to mice and from desks to adding machines, I'm getting rid of all of it. During the process I've tried to get rid of the 4 ceramic whiteboards I have in the conference room since I'll be moving out of the office at the end of July. Everyone loves the whiteboards but they all answer me with the same response... The whiteboards are great and we'd love to buy one but we don't have room. We're working from our home and the room we're working in doesn't have enough room for a full size whiteboard. Did you see that or did you miss the connection. Small business owners today are far more likely to start or run their business out of their house than ever before. Even me, my company has been around for nearly 4 years and I'm headed home to work from the sewing slash spare bedroom slash office at my house. I'm cutting costs left and right and don't want to go bankrupt because I owe people money and I'm going to make good on my debts and that means getting rid of absolutely everything that doesn't help me generate revenue. The only reason I got an office in the first place was to accomodate all of the out of towners and employees that I had to hire to keep up with the workload that we no longer have. So if you want a stock tip, don't buy stock in any company who's primary business is whiteboards. There are far more small businesses than there are large businesses in the world and right now they don't have the room for 4ft by 8ft whiteboards.

For My Final Entry: My Top 10 Favorite Stories for

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 23:12:00 -0500

For the past year, I've had the privlidge of writing and editing content for this blog, but  career opportunities have led me down a new path. Before I click the "publish" button one final time, the nostalgic part of my personality compells me to list my top 10 favorite stories for MarketingShift, starting with No. 10.10. Federal Government vs. Google Expansion EffortsGoogle's growth and dominance could lead them down a path similar to the one Microsoft took before it faced the wrath of the U.S. Department of Justice.9.Wall Street Journal Economic Map compared to Thomas P.M. Barnett's Map.Amazing parallels were found between the global economic recession and a map created by Thomas P.M. Barnett, Barnett's map illustrates his viewpoint on globalization, which claims the world is divided by the functioning core and the “non-integrated gap". The "core" consists of economically advanced or growing countries that are linked to the global economy and bound to the rule-sets of international trade.which outlines the a New York Times best selling author and military strategist.8.Bulletproof Clothing Becomes Mexico's New FashionThis clothing trend turned out to be a virtual neccesity during the drug wars in early 2009.7. GM Segway Puma vs. Dark Knight's Batpod.The unveiling of the GM Segway Puma was just begging for a satire piece, and I couldn't resist the urge to mock the dorkiest looking vehicle I've ever seen.6.McDonalds CMO Mary Dillon: We're Still Learning Social NetworksMcDonalds CMO and Global Promotions Officer, Mary Dillon, was courteous enough to designate an hour for a bloggers-only press conference at Mplanet2009. Dillon was very honest and open about McDonalds approach to social networking.5.Facebook and Myspace Ads: Do you click them?71% of readers responded "Never", the next-highest vote was "Rarely", at 17%, and no readers responded "daily."4.Gatorade: What is G? Commercial.Gatorade's ambigous and mysterious commercial during the BCS series drove viewers to Google "What is G? As a result, Gatorade created a remarkable online buzz for the new logo and new line of flavors.3.iTunes Gift Card Prize Giveaway - Show Us Your GriswoldsI was blown away by some of the submissions we received from around the nation, but the best house was in our own county. Jenna Crawford discovered this Shrine to Christmas decorations in Viera, Florida.2.Pepsi 8 Pack OutrageThe incredible amount of reader mail inspired the creation of  Six months later, the wish was granted.1.Joe Babiasz, Boycott vs. Richard Shelby No story stirred up more controversy than my post describing Joe Babiasz's site against the state known as the "Heart of Dixie."To my loyal readers, I appreciate you tagging along. It's been a great ride, full of twists, turns and other surprises along the way. In the words of one of my favorite humor columnists- Lewis Grizzard, "It wasn't always easy, but I sure had fun."So long, everybody!-Matt [...]

Why Does My Dunkin Donuts Flatbread Sandwhich Looks Like Origami?

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 11:08:00 -0500

This morning, I headed to Dunkin Donuts and decided to try something new for a change. Tired of the same old bagels and donuts, I opted for one of the eggwhite flatbreads that are featured in many of the recent "America Runs on Dunkin" ads.


As I arranged my breakfast, I put the coffee down and proceeded to unwrap the sandwich that smelled so good, only to discover a flatbread sandwhich with flatbread but a funny shape. Take a look at this pic I snapped with my iPhone.If America's running on Dunkin, we're in trouble! Do you have any pics of a terribly shaped meal from a fast food joint? If so, please share it with us.

I.T. Garage Sale - Monitors, Firewalls, Phones & Furniture

Mon, 29 Jun 2009 13:12:00 -0500

I'm selling everything that's in my office so I can work from home again. Everything I have I've purchased new or have had made custom for my company (Labitat)Here is a partial list of items I'm selling. I'll have the doors open all week from 8am - 5pm so feel free to stop by and look over what I have because I'm selling all of it. Everyone that comes into my office falls in love with it. I designed the office for efficiency and with minimilastic style that reflects my love for surfing, especially vintage longboards. I designed every surface from the desks to the kitchen area to mimic the look of an old balsa wood longboard with mahogany inlay. The floors are light bamboo with sand colored walls and white square trim.IT Equipment / Computer Stuff1 - Viewsonic 22" Monitor2 - Viewsonic 19" Widescreen Monitors6 - Packet 8 Phones with modems1 - 2nd Generation iPod (80 gig)2 - Netgear VPN firewall routers2 - Power Tower 16 outlet 30 amp server cabinet distribution units (metered surge protection and power distribution units).3 - APC 14 outlet 25 amp switched PDU's3 - 8 outlet 20 amp PDU's3 - Shelves for a standard server rack/cabinetTons of computer and server power cables (both single and y-cords) Y-Cords are for servers with two power supplies.Box of ethernet cableBunches of premade ethernet cablesFiber optic cablesEthernet cable testerCisco 1700 series DSN routerSeveral keyboard/mice combosFurniture and Fixtures1 - Mahogany Table with 1" maple inlay 66" x 66" (hand built by local Master Craftsman Josh Rosenburg)4 - 4ft x 8ft Ceramic Whiteboards (can't be ruined by cleaning solutions)3 - Partner's desks with mahogany inlay (also custom built by local Master Craftsman Josh Rosenburg)1 - L-Shaped receptionist desk2 - Wood dining room tables (we pile stuff on them) ;)1 - Chocolate upholstered chair from West Elm (this chair)1 - Chocolate upholstered couch from West Elm (here's a pic)4 - Rick Piper Pieces of art including 2 framed 62" pieces. The frames alone were $400+.8 - executive office chairsExtra Credit My surfboards, Herman Miller Embody Chair and my Motorized DeskSo if you've read this far then you probably know I'm a geek that loves to surf and that my office is a direct reflection of me. That being the case, here are a couple of my prize possessions that I'd also be willing to sell, but only to those of you that tell me the secret word. The secret word is "labitant".1 - Brand new, never ridden, milk-white resin tinted, Robert August Dodger Kremel Model longboard signed by Robert August. 9'4" tri-fin. One main fin with 2 stabilizers. I bought this new from Cape Surf about 2 years ago.1 - Mayo 9'0" singlefin longboard (bought off of my pal Andrew a few months back)1 - 6'4" Hobie tri fin with polished glass finish. Bought this board new at Ron Jons back in the early 90's. Has never had a major ding.1 - 5'11" March 21 old school twin fin with green resin tint finish (bought new from Roy at Watersports World in Cocoa Beach)1 - 6'5" Lightwave stingfish. I call it the fat boy board cause it floats me pretty well (bought it used from lightwave a few years back)1 - 6'3" Rusty thruster. Bought this new from Cape Surf a couple years ago and took it to Nicaragua and Costa Rica last December. Great board but I'm too fat, lazy and broke to try to ride her any more.1 - custom made bamboo surfboard rack that currently holds my quiver in my office. I also had this made specifically for me and my office and it too must go.1 - Herman Miller Embody chair (this is the latest chair by Herman Miller and is suppose to replace the Aeron in popularity).1 - Height Adjustable desk (20" - 46&[...]