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Hi, my name is Andy, 36, from Slovakia, Europe. I would like to warn everybody against YEATS ENGLISH EDUCATION. In September 2016 I started working for an agent based in Beijing, in December he made a one year working visa for me. After 4 months of teaching at an International primary school in the ...

Re Tampering with the internet


Yes, clean your cookies in the cache folder regularly. Adware cooikies are annoying. A good tool, also free to use, is "superantispyware". Perhaps you should get rid of Chinese Windows. It may have spyware and other harmful software components putting your privacy at risk.Try to get English Windows ...

Re Tampering with the internet


I also have 7 zip installed on my Windows 10 system. Good and easy to use, no spyware in it. "I have uninstalled 'winrar' and replaced it with '7 zip'. Reason: the former is trial software, while the latter is free software."...

Re Tampering with the internet


Hi Sboy can you tell me more about this please? I no longer have access to my old email due to not logging on for a long time. I am providing my new email for you. If you see this post, please shoot me a message....

Re Tampering with the internet


Is "Typical PC wumao garbage from you" the best shot from an allegedly educated individual? Come on, you little piece of sh*t! Trump, whom you have advertised so much on the board, has changed or attempted to change, just about everything Obama has done. Moreover, the current US president has instig...

Re Tampering with the internet


Typical PC wumao garbage from you. China has a lot to learn from the USA, making a move toward democracy is one idea....

Re Tampering with the internet


I have uninstalled 'winrar' and replaced it with '7 zip'. Reason: the former is trial software, while the latter is free software. I have also downloaded Sumatra pdf. This is free to use and extremely lightweight, while doing the same job as other more popular pdf...

Re Tampering with the internet


I am using Chinese Windows 7 with Chinese '360' browsers, green 'e' and 360 chrome, with 360 'protector' downloaded too, see picture, on my new desktop computer. I have 2 Chinese browsers so that I can browse on one with an adblock app, and the other without any adblock software installed. I never b...

A free software to learn Chinese - Review


Smart Chinese Reader 3.3 currently is free software (for Windows). It allows you to “translate” Chinese text into English and have this Chinese text being read aloud to you if you wish. It is owned and actively developed by Mr. Yu Yifeng, a researcher at a Chinese university, and can be freely d...

Re AEUA AIA Meihua International High School in Kunming, Yunnan, China


No, the real issue is pay. I had a contract with them, they made up a fake reason to cancel it because they couldn't pay. They didn't pay my last 2 months salary. If anyone else had this problem please PM me and maybe we can take them to court....