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Re: Center pivot irrigation


Hi Turnoi!...

Re: Re Parallel between Harvey Weinstein's methods and the catholic church's abuse of children


It's a control thing, it's a power thing. Not a sex thing. In your case, it's a sex thing. Not a power/control thing. Right?...

Re protect your assets:


The passage below is a good example of what is called "projection" of you as a loser in marriage life. A bitter old loser, yes! Marriage and family is not "success". It is a global scam for the benefit of women and lawyers and people like you are an easy mark....

Re: Re Parallel between Harvey Weinstein's methods and the catholic church's abuse of children


Reading an article is one thing. Agreeing with what is written is another. Sorry, I don't agree with it. Still, I don't have any sympathy for Weinstein. He brought this mess upon himself. I am surprised he did this. He could have had any woman he wants, not just because he has money either. He had a...

Re: Center pivot irrigation


Please show some pity for that guy. According to him, Africans once raided the British coast to enslave the good old Brits because they were after their tea and pies with flies...LOL...

Re Question for Silverboy


I can see and hear it, yes. it must be quite easy for you to see through his lie of having a degree in Applied Linguistics....

Re: Center pivot irrigation


No, unrelated to teaching. My offer was in construction although there were jobs for English teachers at the time also. Even those jobs were like 70,000 USD for only about 7 months work and I think some of the jobs were tax free....

Re testosterone ethnicity


As I'm sure you recognize, my post's reference to Western incidence of serial murder and paedophilia among Caucasian men as an argument for visa restrictions in China was Socratic in nature, contrasting the U.S. and British justifications for denying visas to Muslim men based on the incidence of rap...

Re testosterone ethnicity


First of all, figures from 2004 are out of date. I also do not know about areas outside of Pattaya. I've lived in Bangkok before but a long time ago. You need to make a distinction between pedophiles and sex tourists. I don't even like the term "sex tourist" as Westerners who live in Pattaya, even i...

Re: Re Question for Silverboy


That's a good joke....hahahahhahaha Heidegger, a German phenomenologist philosopher (and yes, a Nazi) posited, loosely quoted: A hammer is only a hammer while hammering. Perhaps he had Silverboy in mind....