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Wisdom the world doesn't need


All good things in Islam are said to come from Saudi Arabia. Eventually, the ultimate level of stupidity also infects other nations - like in the case explained below. Now, the army must really act in defense of the nation! Good

Re Degree notarized and background check


Well, if there is a shortage of foreign teachers needed in China, you could tell them: "Here is my degree document - take or leave it! Do you really think I will take all the trouble on me that the notarization process entails for me just for the few bucks you pay for my work? There are better place...

Re "Operation Repo", fake?


Thanks. BTW, can you send me some women in jeans to cause an earthquake in Saudi Arabia?

Re Degree notarized and background check


There is no need for that and for teaching in China at all. If you want to make a living without working too hard, take a piece of toilette paper and print "Greek state loan" on it and sell it on the stock market. Greece has gone bankrupt now and needs to be supported by other nations of the Euro zo...

Re Degree notarized and background check


Fake degree = fake notarisation. The real thing simply won't get through; most degrees also have to be authenticated by the university these days for it to happen. You'd better hope that the Chinese don't work out what has been going on; especially with those from a third world country that can just...

Re Degree notarized and background check


Just get a fake degree like the Chinese do. You will be fine. I've listened in on conversations and I can tell you that it's possible for a Chinese to buy a real degree in China. Obviously much cooperation is needed to achieve that. I've no idea how widespread this fiddling of the books happens. If ...

Re Degree notarized and background check


The perverse thing about this new regulation - if you are getting a fake degree, you'll also get fake notarisation done. That process will be quicker and cheaper than notarising the real thing. If you don't have the real thing and you're only going to teach English anyway, you probably have little t...

Re Degree notarized and background check


Yes, if you want to work legally with a work permit. Read the multiple postings on this topic which are posted all over the web....

Re Degree notarized and background check


Just get a fake degree like the Chinese do. You will be fine....

Re "Operation Repo", fake?


Ok, happy travels!...