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Get your arse out of Australia asap. Try to pay as little tax as possible to turnbull - he will just waste it, while the big companies and their lawyers screw OZ out of LOADS of tax. Here in the PRC: Electricity, Wed 18th Oct - today = 100 rmb, = 92 days. for 1 year = 500 rmb max Heating, central un...

Re: Re the discarded gene


You come across as being a typical "tradcon" male whom a real MGTOW despises. I will post something on here soon proving that your type are dead wrong....



I should clarify, yes, for young MGTOW there is sacrifice and pain. They must work hard ( for themselves ) They may also have to sacrifice a lot of pussy also. They will still get laid, but less frequently than "normal men". Those normal guys will get fucked over mentally and financially later thoug...

Re: Re the discarded gene


Never had a "plan one". I have an open mind. Having no plan in life apart from marriage is dumb don't you think? Sure, marry if you want to get "divorce raped" later on and lose most of your money and even your sanity. Also, don't think the spoilt millennial generation, the Facebook blue pill beta f...

Re: Re the discarded gene


Quite a stupid response. You also have selective reading skills. I said I have thought about keeping a dog in Pattaya, not a cat. I have thought about the dangers, did you even read what I said? I don't want it to get run over and I don't want bar girls to stop me every two minutes ( I can imagine w...

Re glass houses


I do not think that grammar or spelling is important on forums. I only edit the comments of contributors that criticize the writing of others, as T. Hogo did. That seems reasonable to me, thanks for the reply....

Re: Re the discarded gene


You really think the approaching Russian army would have had any sympathy for Hitler's animals in a bunker? Exactly right, when you have loved ones and valued animals you have to make provisions, you certainly want to keep them out of harms way. Hitler was a typical selfish pet owner, they were his ...



I wouldn't say it's paradise, as to be truly successful in a way that defies society's expectations, you have to be willing to suffer an unusual amount of pain; those who just want to work in a 9-5 job, get married etc can get away with being fairly lazy. Those who want to be winners have to be will...



I am not really trying to convert others, but all men, please consider the MGTOW way of life. It's about self-improvement and not seeking validation from others. You can be a success on your own terms, not living by others expectations. It is a paradise life....

glass houses


Very good PRC, you can correct me any time you like. I don't like to be 'corrected' by posters who haven't a clue but it's clear you know your English Grammar. Please note, I did not say English Literature. I do not think that grammar or spelling is important on forums. I only edit the comments of c...