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Need Insert Query Based on My Inputs



I want to save this below data


 In table Field1 as per my requirment remove last double quotes and insert single quotes


Need Insert Query

Need to Sort column



Thanks in advance, I am having a task where I want to sort data using LINQ. The datatype of this column is VARCHAR in Database

The data in this column contains following value

WokingDays [ColName] = '5 - 7', '5 - 6', '12 - 15', '25 - 30', '20 - 25' and so on

When User sort col in ASC order the output should be '5 - 6', '5 - 7', '12 - 15', '20 - 25', '25 - 30' like this and in DESC order the output should be '25 - 30', '20 - 25', '12 - 15', '5 - 7', '5 - 6'

Can anyone help me to achieve this.

Web api is removed in core


i heard that now we can do http service based apps using mvc so from now on we do not need web api template in core. is it true?

if it is true.....web api was service and has no UI but mvc app is UI architecture. so how one can develop service which will have no UI with mvc core.

please some one discuss this issue. thanks

How To Get Total In Gridview



My Gridview Look Like This


I want to show like this below 


Need Query

javascript slideshow



im doing a slide show from here

the thing i need to mix the auto carsual slider with the circle indicator

basicalley these two functionality

how can this be done im not that good in javascript :(

Jquery call server side code



I have 2 checkboxes as html field like below. I need to call server C# code class file event, how to do  it