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States without Nations

Research and commentary on state efforts to restrict the movement of people across borders, and on the alternatives.

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Historic Court Orders Allow State of Washington and Chao Chen to Sue GEO for Minimum Wage Violations


And listen below to November 15, 2017 oral argument before the 10th Circuit Appellate Court panel reviewing class certification in Menocal, et al. v. The GEO Group,  case no. 17-1125, before MATHESON, BACHARACH, and McHUGH, Circuit Judges.  New York Times Federal district court judge Robert Bryan in the Western District of Washington State on December 6, 2017 filed two orders denying

The Attorney General of Washington Is Suing GEO!!! And So Are the Workers...


Aurora, Colorado, where GEO warehouses immigrants and forces them to clean the stock rooms on threat of solitary confinement.  Is the lawsuit a death knell to GEO's business model, or a possible small glitch?  The answer depends...on whether they're talking to an Appellate Court or their stockholders. A district court judge in Colorado gave the green light in February for a class action

Eleventh Circuit Appellate Panel Hears Oral Argument on IJ Who Tossed Professor out of Building


Attorney Bruce Brown On Tuesday, June 27 I had the honor of observing my attorney Bruce Brown present an oral argument on Stevens v. the Attorney General before a panel of three Eleventh Circuit judges in the Atlanta Appellate Court building on Forsyth St., a million miles from the arc of the moral universe that bottoms out at 180 Spring St., SW, the home of Atlanta's immigration courts,

Federal Court Rejects Prison Firm Akima Global Services Intervenor Motion, Orders ICE Contracts Released


Last week Federal Judge Harry Leinenweber of the Northern District of Illinois smacked down a private prison firm's effort to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement from releasing documents that Akima Global Services, LLC claimed contained proprietary information. The order of April 19, 2017 is part of ongoing litigation to procure information about how the private prison firms

Tenth Circuit Orders Immigrant in Turlock, California Deported in Absentia, No Proof of Service


First Inn of Colorado, where ICE in 2007 sent Notice of Detainer for U.S. Citizen Peter Guzman, who was in the custody of the Los Angeles County Jail and had never been to the inn  I was just browsing through recent Tenth Circuit opinions this morning and bumped into an order of March 30, 2017 deporting a Mr. Prabhjot Singh because he could not meet his burden of proving that the Executive

ICE Data Released Today: ICE Almost Doubles Detainers Issued from Same Time in 2015


Only in AmericaVIDEO: While Trump is deporting people, US citizens are protecting them/us A journalist asked today about how the arrests under Trump compared with Obama.  It turns out that today Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a report indicating that between January 28 and February 3, 2017 the agency had issued 3,083 detainers throughout the United States, which is about 45

Federal Judge Certifies Class of Detained Immigrants Suing GEO for Violating Trafficking Victims Protection Act and for Unjust Enrichment!


Judge John Kane Order of February 27, 2017, on case brought against GEO for exploiting the people it has locked up and making illegal super profits from their labor: "I have not found and GEO has not provided any authority requiring that, for TVPA claims, causation must be proven by direct and not circumstantial evidence. Were a jury deciding the individual merits of Representatives claims

Back to the Future: Local Government Support for ICE before and after Trump, 287(g) and the Rest


“If you don’t have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he’s illegal, we can make him disappear.” Those chilling words were spoken by James Pendergraph, then executive director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Office of State and Local Coordination, at a conference of police and sheriffs in August 2008. - From Jacqueline Stevens, "America's Secret ICE

FOIA-ing the FOIA Manual! The Inside Scoop on USCIS and DHS Data Entry and Databases


From USCIS FOIA Search Training Manual       A couple months ago, fed up with the randomness of Freedom of Information Act rote rejection letters from certain agencies--the State Department is the worst and USCIS had just lost a remand responsive to my appeal--I got off the phone with the USCIS employee and FOIA-d their FOIA manuals.  (UPDATE 9/3/2016-link fixed!)      The response,

"PBZ" (aka J. Dan Pelletier?) Reveals Atlanta IJs WERE Using Boilerplate [And Incorrect] IRS Analyses


  From article on the Court of the Star Chamber. Atlanta IJs coordinating their rulings. Headquarters meddling in individual case orders. Atlanta IJs misquoting tax law Yesterday I bumped into an email from "PBZ"* to Assistant Chief Immigration Judge (ACIJ) Gary Smith.  It documents everything Atlanta practitioners knew but couldn't exactly prove: 1) The Atlanta IJs were coordinating

Ret. Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry Praises Rwandan Government and Military, Ignores Assassinations and Civil Rights Abuses


Karl Eikenberry, who may run Northwestern's Buffett Institute for Global Studies, center, January 29, 2015, source: Rwandan Ministry of Defence Universities might have formed an effective counterweight to the military industrial complex by strengthening their emphasis on the traditional values of our democracy, but many of the leading universities have instead joined the monolith, adding

Please Support Northwestern Faculty Trying to Stop NU Board from Appointing Ret. Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry to Run Global Studies Institute


Ret. Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, Former Ambassador to Afghanistan (2009-11), speaking to Rwandan soldiers.   See Edison Akugizibwe, "Rwanda, U.S. Strengthen Military Ties," Feb. 4, 2015 Please read, sign, and circulate this petition of NU President Morton Schapiro and Provost Daniel Linzer circulated today by Northwestern Faculty, Staff, Students, and Friends in Support of Academic

How Many DOJ Attorneys Does It Take to Deport a U.S. Citizen? Boston Hearing Today


photo from Robert's mother, provided to Cardozo Law School Immigrant Rights Justice Clinic for lawsuit exhibit Oral arguments on a Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment are scheduled for today at 2 p.m. in Boston.  Six federal attorneys are named on briefs claiming someone with copious documentation of birth in Lawrence, Massachusetts is not a U.S. citizen As reported here previously,

U.S. Citizen Released after 18 Months in Houston CCA ICE Jail


  U.S. Government STILL Capturing Its Own Citizens and Holding them as Aliens   Case Clogs Crowded Immigration Court DocketImmigration and Customs Enforcement Wastes Taxpayer Money,Ignores Immigration Judge Request to Investigate and Drop Case Based on Lack of Evidence  Deportation Research Clinic Intervention Helps

Colorado Judge Swats Down GEO's Motion to Reconsider Class Action Lawsuit Brought by Captive Labor Force, New Evidence of GEO Labor Violations


  GEO claims paying people fair wages "will result in manifest injustice," and claims that ordering a trial by jury, i.e., the rule of law, "should be corrected before litigation in this case and other cases grows in scale."  (Menocal et al. v. GEO, Doc. 29, Motion to Reconsider, 2, August 4, 2015). Federal District Court John Kane disagrees. (Doc. 31, Order, August 26, 2015). In the latest

NPR Airs Story on ICE Private Prison Labor


NPR reporter Alexandra Starr covers lawsuit and slaving wages to those in custody under immigration laws.  Listen here. Note that in response to my assertion that those in ICE custody are not exempt from the protections of federal labo laws, GEO notes the dollar/per day level in an appropriations Act, but fails to engage with the fact the appropriation level set expired in 1979.   Note as well

Colorado District Court Green Lights Historic Lawsuit: Private Prisons Using Forced Labor of ICE Residents Ruled Illegal


Related: Recently Released Documents Show California OSHA 2008 Final Decision Ruling ICE Resident in Employer-Employee Relation with ICE Jail In an historic decision, on July 6, 2015 Senior U.S. District Judge John Kane issued an order telling Defendant GEO Inc, that if people in their custody under deportation laws could prove they were forced to work, and that GEO was enriching

Probable U.S. Citizen Robinson Martinez Returns After Deportation, Locked Up as Alien


 Caution: For Wonks Only! This post reviews the statutory history of a portion of U.S. citizenship law that applies to children born of U.S. citizens out-of-wedlock after January 13, 1941; if interpreted by the statute's plain meaning, Robinson Martinez acquired U.S. citizenship at birth; if adjudicated based on ad hoc assertions about blanket effect dates for citizenship laws at odds

Deported U.S. Citizen Andres Robles Wins $350,000 Settlement, Records Corrected


     Deported U.S. Citizen Andres Robles Wins Record $350,000  False Records Corrected Analysis of EOIR Cases Adjourned with Claims of US Citizenship: ICE Still Detaining and Deporting U.S. Citizens as Aliens, and Still Lying about It Update covers (click to move directly to the section) *Deported U.S. Citizen Andres Robles Settles Lawsuit *U.S. Government Detaining and Deporting U.S.

ICE Locking Up Hundreds of US Citizens in Recent Years, Chicago Case Suggests ICE Obstruction of Justice


click to enlarge Data recently released by the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) responsive to my FOIA request shows ICE today still is holding US citizens from days to years prior to their cases being terminated or closed.  JUNE 1, 2015 UPDATE--Following more detailed screens for duplicates and analysis of outcomes other than terminations or removals, a final analysis has

Slate's Reihan Salam Engages States Without Nations' Feminist Analysis


Most public discussion of States Without Nations: Citizenship for Mortals centers on a practical discussion of the first of its four proposals: eliminating birthright citizenship and allowing free movement and citizenship based on residency, along the lines of requirements for state residency in the United States. The overarching historical and theoretical framework tends not to receive

GEO Sued for Minimum Wage and Forced Labor Law Violations, and Unjust Enrichment


Lawsuit seeks $5 million in minimum wage law damages and also compensatory and exemplary damages for Forced Labor (18 U.S.C. § 1589),  and Unjust Enrichment  American Friends Service Committee, May, 2010 vigil at GEO facility in Aurora, Colorado, sign reads, "We are not the NEW SLAVES" Yesterday, Alejandro Menoca, Marcos Brambila, Grisel Xahuentitla, Hugo Hernandez, Lourdes, Argueta,

EOIR Refuses to Investigate Lying Adjudicator William Cassidy: DOJ Needs to Re-read Edward Coke


1614 portrait by Gilbert Jackson Edward Coke is the genius behind independent judicial review and thus the rule of law.  Familiar with the king's courts, Coke would recognize the immigration courts as a poor excuse for the real thing. (More at bottom) New Filings in Lawsuit against EOIR for Bivens Remedy and Injunctive Relief October 14, 2014, Case 1:12-cv-01352-ODE:

More on the Government Illegals Running the Immigration Courts


Attorneys are filing complaints against the sadistic clowns showing up for work in black robes at the Atlanta and Dallas immigration courts.  Will the Executive Office of Immigration Review do something, or will MaryBeth Keller and her cronies in the Office of General Counsel continue with their typically fake investigations and cover-ups?   Analysis of misconduct complaint

US Justice Dept. Civil FOIA Office Rejecting All Digital Requests, No Email Option Provided


This morning I tried to file a request under the Freedom of Information Act of the Department of Justice Civil Division.   The site provides no email address but instead requires use of an interactive online form.  However, the site each time rejected  my submission without explanation. Most government agencies provide an e-mail address for FOIA requests.  But for the DOJ Civil Division,