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Preview: Joel, Val, Sawyer, & London

Joel, Val, Sawyer, & London

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Family Life


I was able to see a glimpse these past couple weeks of what our family life could be and what it should be and it has been amazing. We just got back from a three week vacation in Idaho and we all came back refreshed. Well maybe just me. It made Joel very homesick for Idaho. I have never seen him get that way any other time we have left Idaho. But we all made an effort after we got to our new home here in Cali to be united as a family. The relationship between Joel and I has been very good--mostly because Joel refuses to let me fight with him. He has been a master diffuser and very appreciative of anything I do. He has been a peacemaker in our home--which really should be my job. One of my goals is to let Joel be the head of the home and try to be the heart of the home.
Peace was the topic of our family home evening tonight at dinner and we talked about what it meant to have peace in the home and why it was important. I feel like the kids really are getting some of what we are teaching them but more importantly I have realized that they are picking up what we are DOING more. Which makes it imperative that I shape up and act like an adult at all times. I can't expect my kids not to throw temper tantrums if I can't control my own.
My kids teach me so much and the situations I find myself in teach me about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. Being a mother to me truly is a refiners fire and if I make it through I might turn out pretty good.

My Family


I have a family here on earth
They are so Good to me
I want to share my life with them through all eternity


Family Night Hike


(image) This was at Stough Canyon Nature Center on their family night hike. We made it to the top! Which is only a 1 1/2 miles but with London it felt like 4. She is such a girly girl. But we will keep on trying! Sawyer seems to really enjoy hiking. Coen is just chill as usual. I don't think God makes them any more chill than Coen. He is the perfect third child.

Boy Robots


Sawyer requested a giant robot today while we were drawing on the sidewalk and after I drew the main frame of the robot they were adding stuff to it (like an antennae at the top, eyes, a belt, a heart, etc.) London drew something in between its legs and said "a wiener!" Totally made my day.



D- Decibels
A- Agency
T- Tone

A new strategy I am trying to implement when talking with my children. 5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges, Richard and Lynda Eyre



So I feel like I just go through the motions most days as a parent (feed, clean, yell, feed, clean, yell, hug, clean, yell, kiss, feed, clean, yell, hug, kiss, play, yell, feed, clean, bed) and I feel like I run into the same problems everyday. So I've decided to write them down to help me brainstorm about them and try to come up with solutions. I read a quote this morning that said "Challenge is cental to helping people think critically," (Developing Critical Thinkers, Stephen D Brookfield) So I am going to try to be proactive and become a critical thinker. One of my biggest dilemmas is discipline, how to do it positively. And when to do it. After thinking about what I have learned from parenting books and my religious background, I came up with three responsibilities that we have as parents-in no particular order of importance.
1. To keep them safe
2. To teach them right from wrong
3. To provide for opportunities for growth

I try to keep this in mind when I am choosing my battles for the day.

Joel's Home!


After a 6 month job on Transformers and crazy insane hours away from the family. Joel is back. And the kids are so happy to have their Daddy home. They are watching Blackbeard's Ghost (Soy picked it out). His favorite thing is watching a movie with his Dad. (I wonder why?)

Family Night Goal


So I am excited to start being consistent and hold family night once a week with our young but growing family....Tonight was very short and sweet. We talked about how important our family was and what we could do for one another to show love. When I asked what we could do for Coen, Sawyer said "Sing to him", their answers for everyone else was "hug and kiss them!" It was adorable and very true. Then we had toast and homemade pear and blackberry jam for our treat. Delicious.

I'm an Ogre! Arrgh!


So you know that scene from Shrek 2 where Shrek is yelling at Fiona and says "I am an ogre!" and then Donkey says "I'm an Ogre! Arrrghh!" mocking him.
Well that pretty much sums up my parenting skills lately. Thank goodness my kids are so cute!

Is London hurt?


So we were in the bathroom today and London and Sawyer were both trying to go (Soy on the big potty and London on her little potty) and London is pointing at Sawyer's wiener and saying "ewe" and so I told her what it was and then Sawyer bent over and looked in between London's legs and said "is London hurt?"
So I told him that girls don't have wieners they have vaginas. And he said "they have pajamas?" And then we all laughed.

The other day Sawyer was at the table and he said "Mom, do you know I love you? But I have a problem with you. When Coen was crying I was trying to tell you that he just wanted you to read him a book and you wouldn't listen. But I forgive you."
He then went on to say how sometimes I don't listen to Dad and London too. He's too observant sometimes.

Today he said "Mom, will you stop complaining about me!" I guess I was nagging him to much.

Angry Soy


Sawyer is having a hard time with all the changes going on--Coen, Joel's new job, trip to Idaho, preschool starting, and soon me going back to work. He is so angry most of the time which is not like my happy outgoing Sawyer. He has been hitting, acting out, and mostly crying uncontrollably. It has been really hard to know how to deal with him in a positive way. But I had a good talk with my friend tonight and she gave me some encouragement and talked about similar phases with her kids. It's so great to have great friends. I can't imagine what I would do without them! Especially here in California.

Dark Spots of Christmas Vacation


*Chihuahua twins--all over me all time, licking, pawing, and shedding. Sorry mom. Not a fan yet. Maybe I'll understand when I older
*Icy roads, cold--really it's fun and okay for two weeks but for 5-6 of the year? Is it really worth it?
*Leaving family and having to say goodbyes
*Flat tire on the way home, no not flat, shredded
*Worst traffic imaginable and hour and a half away from home- 3 1/2 hours to go 20 miles.

Christmas Vacation


We spent two weeks in Idaho over Christmas and New Years. Some highlights-*Plane ride there with three kids by myself....but not really because an angel named Andrea came to my rescue and helped me entertain and herd the kids around during the whole ordeal. She lives in Burley and was from a small town outside of Idaho Falls. She was a mother too and she could see I was in dire need of some help. London at one point was throwing a fit and threw herself down in the isle of the plane as everyone was getting off and wouldn't get up. She proceeded to repeat the tantrum several times as we tried to get off the plane and to baggage claim. Thank goodness for double strollers and restraints.*Helping my mom in her candy shop. I got to make fudge (and eat fudge--making sure the customers didn't see me lick my fingers....I washed my hands!) I got to dip stuff in caramel and chocolate. And a huge bonus was that I only had to take Coen with me and my brothers watched the other two. It was a lot of fun. And I got rewarded with goodies from the store. And that iced hot chocolate! And the cupcakes! I am pretty sure I had at least one a good. I miss them....the cupcakes. No I really miss my family. It was so much fun being with them and working together as a family at the shop. My parents are so brilliant when it comes to retail.*Christmas Eve and Christmas. Prime Rib, shrimp cocktail, brie, risotto, strawberry spinach salad, french bread, Grandma's punch for Christmas Eve dinner. Can it get better? Grandma and Grandpa Schwendiman joined us for dinner at my parents house and we all got new PJ's. Soy and London looked so cute....And Soy was so much fun to watch this year. London had fun too but Soy was really starting to get the hang of it. After opening presents at my parents house we went over to Joel's parents house and his whole family was there besides Jeff and Heather. It's so nice to have Jared back! He is such a great guy. His whole family is just great.*Spending time with Madalyn and Dawson. Dawson and Coen are pretty much the same size except their heads-- Coen's is bigger. Dawson is so cute! He is such a perfect mix of Blake and Madie. She is such a sweet momma.*Van-hot red mama van with smoking hot wheels! Thanks Norm!*Coen's Blessing. We had it at Archer church on Wednesday, December 29. It was so nice. I loved having it with just the family there--it made it very intimate and sweet. Joel gave an amazing blessing as always. Coen was an angel and didn't make a fuss. He looked so cute in his sweater and hurley dress pants (Thanks Lori!)*Richards Reunion. All the Richards stayed in a hotel in Rexburg and hung out for the yearly bash after Christmas. We went out for Chinese at New Fongs --- old time favorite --- and had our gift exchange, the theme was scripture related gifts. They are so clever.*Schwendiman Party--Party at Melanies house.....really bad weather, bad roads, my mom was driving.....bad combo. But we made it and got to see everyone and it was great. Then we got together later in the week with just my cousins and their spouses at a pizza place. It was so much fun to see what everyone is doing with their lives.*New Years Progressive Dinner Party. I planned this party with Joel's family much to Joel and Norman's chagrin (fear of lack of participation). It turned out good despite it all and everyone had a good time except Heather who was quarantined in her room with the flu. It was fun to see all of Norman's brothers and sisters and of course Grampie.*Tangled. We always go to a movie together while we are there. And Tangled was it this year--loved it!*Monopoly with Lee. Got to have a game night with my favorite uncle Lee and his wif[...]



Joel was out with Sawyer and Joel had Soy sitting on the trunk of the car and they were eating some snacks and Joel had dropped a cracker on the ground.
Joel- "Isn't this fun Soy"
Soy- "Yeah Dad, you know what's not fun, littering right here."
Joel- "Littering?"
Soy- "Yeah, you dropped that cracker on the ground."
Joel- "Where did you learn that?"
Soy- "Teacher Nareh"

Joel was sitting down watching a football game and Soy came up to him and said- "May I sit by you?" and then he asked "Why do you watch this stuff Dad?"

I put London down early because she missed her nap and let Soy stay up. We played Spongebob memory and drank hot chocolate. We had to say "cheers" everytime we took a drink. It was so sweet. It's moments like that that make motherhood so much fun. I wish I had a perfect recall memory so I could play back moments like this later down the road.

Coen Matthew is here!


November 22, 2010 at 1434 Coen was born, 7 lb 10 oz, 20 inches. We are so happy to finally have him here!

Thanksgiving Turkeys


Our craft project for our weekly night in with the Cavanaughs.



(image) (image)
Sawyer did a nine week preschool program through the city. He had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends. His teachers said that his obedience and attention span improved during the program......if this is true he definitely needs to go back!

Baby Blues


(image) Sawyer wanted to play with the band, so he got two pencils and hit them together-- it was sooo cute!
(image) They weren't quite comfortable hugging Frosty. Frosty finally got a high five.
So these past couple weeks before big baby day have been rough (probably the roughest on Joel--but lets focus on me). I don't remember getting this emotional before the other babies were born. I'm hoping this replaces the postpartum emotional roller coaster and not just a sample of things to come!

But I got out with the kids tonight and we went to a Christmas event on Magnolia Blvd, downtown Burbank, and listened to carolers, saw Santa, ate too many treats, drank too much hot cocoa, and watched a pirate band (yeah I don't know --it's California) But it was fun and boosted my spirits. Yay for Christmas!
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Booger Gum


So I was trying to teach Sawyer today what the word "imagination" meant.
Sawyer- "Mom, sometimes I pretend that my boogers are gum"
Mom-"That is so gross Sawyer!"
Sawyer- "Mom! Just use your imagination!"

Sandwich Monster Forest


So in the middle of the night Sawyer informed me that he had a dream that he went behind a bush and got stung by a bee on his hand and he as quite upset about it.
Then this morning he woke me up and told me about how he had to run from the Sandwich monster in the Sandwich Monster Forest and that Megan, Mckenzie, Casey, and London had to run too and he had to become a pirate to save them and slice the monster in half. I asked him if he ate the monster but he said the bread was ruined.

Sawyers Dreams


Almost every morning Sawyer wakes up and tells me about a new dream he had. This morning he woke up and I asked him what he dreamed about and he said "Deep Sea Hunt" (A TV show from one of his books) and he said there were lots of sharks all around him and his friends shark came and got mad at the other sharks. He said a lot of other stuff but that was all I remembered. It's so different every morning. He had a phase where every morning he woke up with a story about Calliou (this TV character) like saving Calliou from the dragon. I need to keep track of them more.

London Alice Erickson


I can't believe it's already been two years with Miss London. London is sincerely sweet--she is sweet only when she means it which is fairly often. She pucker up her lips and gives me a hug every time I have to leave for work. She reminds us to say a prayer over the food by folding her arms and waiting for us to do the same. She helps tuck me in to bed when I come home from work and pats my head. She likes carrying around her "babies" right now which are a stuffed penguin and caterpillar. Her favorite blanket is a green fleece Christmas blanket that her uncles Spencer and Tony gave her for Christmas. She has the most adorable dimples. She loves shoes and hats. She loves to color and paint. She loves to just sit and look at books. She loves our cats and is very gentle with them. She loves playing with Sawyer and mimicking him. She doesn't love him taking her toys or hiding her babies. She loves to scream when provoked. She calls Sawyer "Londy". She doesn't like to hold my hand when we are walking. She wants to do things by herself. She likes sleeping in her new big girl bed. When she gets dirty or needs a diaper change she says "eww, guck!". Her favorite things at the playground are the swings and the slide. Her favorite fruit is probably grapes. She inhales them. Favorite veggie is corn on the cob or greeen beans. She loves candy just like Soy and probably gets more than Soy did at her age because he sneaks candy to her. If Soy sneaks candy he sneaks enough for both of them. He is usually a very considerate caring older brother. She is a big daddy's girl. She does not like it when Daddy is gone and will let you know by repeating his name over and over and over again. She isn't much of a cuddler but she will let you rock her a little before she goes to sleep. And she will let you know which lullabies to sing.We have really enjoyed London in our home, she has a very sweet and loving spirit and know that she will continue to be a joy in our home and family.

Happy Birthday London!



London turned two on October 28. We had a little party for her and some friends. Of course this is the day that I took her to the Dr to get her shots and the day she decided she wouldn't nap and the day that I got only a couple hours of sleep after I think the party went pretty well considering!