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Comment on New Texas private prison map launched by Gina

Mon, 07 Apr 2014 17:17:27 +0000

great map!

Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by Jason

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 16:40:56 +0000

One more piece of info.... If your Shift Commander don't know what they are doing, why are they Shift commanders. Make assumptions of decitions of employees. Seending just a group of specific people over and over work and let others in the streets. Money problems, Hours missing, not current in acordance with promisse at hire. From $ 12.00 and hour to $ 28,000.00(salary). The portions ( rations) given to the deteinees. ( Meals) The news paper claims the average salary in this facility was $ 48,000.00, so how come detention officers $ 28,000.00 and Bilingual detention officers $ 35,000.00. We were hire as detention officers, and not temporary labor like in the last few checks in been posted. The non taxable checks thru out this time, while at last few checks deductions had been made but only for social security only. There's more of this but at this point we rather just deal with the higher grounds. Lighting_Strike_33

Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by Jason

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 16:16:33 +0000

Readers: I been part of this ICA, Farmville and i been watching every single thing that is been happening for the last 7 months. Is been lots of fake promisses. Lots of lies, and violations on several labor laws towars employees. Let me start with hiring process each and everyone of us got letters in then mail about been hire as detention officers, some of the others got e-mails.( Black and white proof) Un propper trainning. Pay problems, working conditions, miss inform of working procedures and favor it conditions for some employees. Sad is the Swytch... above is talking about loosing a house wich it means a $ 12.00 job not giving enought hours could not save a house, unless hit the lottery or been a fake.While they hire $ 40,000.00 a year assistant and his working in the facilitywith out no background check .. we are in the street waiting to return to work. By now lots of people who we start there, we are no longer there. Nurses, Detention Officers and even Supervisors. REALLY WHY IS THIS HAPPENING ? ANSWER : They really don't know what they are doing. Someone needs to look in to this, before the law really strike on this problem. Lighting_Strike_33

Comment on DETENTION by William Moore

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 05:18:25 +0000

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Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by jorje

Sat, 11 Sep 2010 20:07:26 +0000

No es justo que traten de despilfarrar todos esos miles de dolares pudiendolo husar en cosas mas veneficas porque la inmigracion nunca se va acabar no es justo que la jente que viene a buscar una mejor vida se le corten los suenos nada mas hasi jhon lakwis

Comment on About BD by (the Gulag, cont’d.) Politics,Policies,Prisons : The Business of Detention (Case study) « Let'sGetHonestBlog

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 00:10:17 +0000

[...] their ABOUT BD link — and I also added this link to my blogroll: Our desire was to create an innovative way [...]

Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by alex

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:41:43 +0000

I think alot of people that work here,have no idea what there doing. and the training is a set up for failure. One of us are going to get hurt for the simple reason that everyone here thinks there god and knows everything about,this line of work. They just pick who ever to do a job. The Shift commanders are unfair,and show favoritism in the workplace.I dont see thats its right.To be working here and tring to do what we do and having relationgship in the workplace. i dont see anything wrong with the married couple here.But commanders and asst.commanders having relationship or dating or favoritism is just wrong.The Officers are here to work and do there job.There not here to be starting high school all over.learn your jobs and stop messing around befor somebody gets hurt.And to val henderson i know the feeling about having a hard time making the bills i'm still fighting

Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by On ICE: Farmville’s New Immigrant Detainee Facility – Reforma Migratoria

Sat, 07 Aug 2010 15:00:29 +0000

[...] New Immigrant Detainee Facility, better known as the ICE Center, is being built in a desolate area near Farmville’s water treatment plant located at the far end [...]

Comment on DETENTION by Lina

Sat, 31 Jul 2010 23:44:37 +0000

That is the SICKEST most DISGUSTING ABUSE OF HUMANITY! I have "seen" these private PRISONS, they are meant for CRIMINALS NOT LEGAL or "undocumented" immigrants, meaning they are TRYING TO DESTROY THE MIND IF NOT THE BODY as documented with photos and visitation and PROOF being held by a LV Attorney for further investigation into the inhumane treatment of the FEW immigrants scattered enough NOT to raise eyebrows or incite a riot which peaceful it would be, would I an original U.S. citizen by generation and birth ALSO be "silenced" and sent somewhere as foreign to me as a 40 year old whose entire life since the age of 3 had been OUTSIDE his birthplace and country of origin and NEVER knew or has KNOWN any person from HIS country except his immediate family ALL U.S. born or naturalized for a crime yes, a crime of being an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT during his Junior year of H.S. A model citizen, school, church, BOY SCOUTS, at the wrong place at the wrong time and in SHOCK. These UNMARKED vans with men WITHOUT ANY IDENTIFICATION except blue jackets and hats pulled down low burst into a home WITHOUT WARNING OR PERMISSION WITH NO WARRANT and REFUSE to say what office or division of ANY LEGAL LAW ENFORCEMENT THEY ARE WITH drag a father supporting an ailing wife and two teenage children out of his home BEFORE his "warrant" is signed which is NOT in fact a warrant but a LETTER to be delivered stating a REVIEW for his status is under investigation due to a REVISED and OPEN TO BE AMENDED revision statute??? Then MOVED from his OWN city, large enough and having had it's own detention for immigration issues and at WORST sent to "camp snoopy" the immigration facility in Arizona. Yet NO, his name WAS changed in the system DESPITE PROOF FROM HOMELAND SECURITY---all intentional to ensure NO ONE was able to track this LAW ABIDING, TAX PAYING and SOCIAL SECURITY PAYING individual,making hundreds of thousands off of ONE PERSON and their family's fall into destitution and near death of the wife after moving him to North Las Vegas to a PRIVATE FEDERAL PRISON---where he was locked down 21--TWENTY ONE HOURS A DAY with day old baloney sandwiches for DINNER with THREE OTHER PEOPLE IN ONE ROOM DESIGNED FOR TWO, this is a 6'4 300 lb individual with a Bachelors or higher who is a contributing member of society and labelled as a "risk to others" having lived next door to even his H.S. coach since his incident in 89 for over 20 years with NEVER another ANY TYPE OF PROBLEM, INCLUDING the replacement of an alien card that was stolen with his wallet and given instead of his unexpired card a ten year, that was renewed and then ANOTHER ten year and went for the third and NOTHING in the MAIL--BE WARNED the BIOMETRICS is a GIMMICK TO GET YOU---BE VERY AFRAID--contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT EVER CONTACT THEM OR GO TO THE OFFICES. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR WORK, YOUR WIFE'S NAME, YOUR CHILDREN'S NAMES, OR YOUR HOME ADDRESS. His grandmother and uncle died while in there, his wife nearly x2. Visitation consisted of monitors not even glass or phone visits probably to disguise the wasted form of what once was a vibrant young professional, losing 60 + lbs the first month there. The children after over 10 months of deprivation of their father caved and begged to go to whatever country, even unsafe after a tremendous burning down of the main town and siege upon the island they could not and would not wait for even with an attorney, a top attorney they refused to even move him yet made him a trustee, entrusted with keys that would release violent criminals yet the reason they would not release him and give him the letter that was never sent and the reason they used for the warrant to detain him until his "court date" that was randomly set the followi[...]

Comment on Farmville, VA detention center to become largest immigration detention facility in the mid-Atlantic region by Val Henderson

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:23:10 +0000

My son was training at the facility in Farmville sporadically; awaiting the opening when Dept.of Homeland Security stepped in and now he is laid off until he hears back. ICA has been very poor at communication thus far and he truly has no clue when/if he will still have a job with them. Wondering how Swytch (above comment) is faring with keeping her house? I know my son is having trouble meeting just a car payment!