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A Wedding Coordinator for the budget conscience bride.

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Kate and Piet - Featured!!


One of our favorite weddings from last summer, Kate and Piet Beyer, was featured by Shore Bride Magazine online. Thanks to Steven F. Fox Photography for submitting it!!

(image) (image) Check the links here and here out to see more about this awesome wedding!

Trends I Love - Non-Traditional Tables


Looking for a unique way to seat your guests? Sick of the traditional round banquet tables? Brides these days are getting creative in EVERY aspect of their planning and this includes the type of tables they use. Depending on the size of your guest list and the layout of your venue you can do a couple of different things. For smaller weddings, one long table utilizing both sides would make the dinner feel very intimate and personal.If you either don't have the space in your venue or just want to break it up a little, consider doing several rectangular guests tables.Or if you are looking for something very unique and you have ample space to use, check out these serpentine tables. Now wouldn't that get the guests talking! And very memorable as well.But of course, there is nothing to say you can use a little of everything! I love this look...Are there other set ups that you have seen and really liked? Are you planning something different for your guests? I'd love to hear about them.This post wraps up my series on "Trends I Love", I hope you enjoyed following along! If you missed any of the previous posts you can find them listed below:Coordinating Bridesmaids DressesAmazing AccessoriesGuys With StyleCreative Ring ShotsLovely Linens[...]

Trends I Love - Lovely Linens


I've already said that one thing I would change about my wedding was the photography. If I had to pick something else I would change it would be that we didn't use anything but standard linens, chocolate floor length linens would have looked AMAZING under my centerpieces. If you want your tables to make a statement but don't want to go over board with your centerpieces, use linens. Gorgeous linens make all the difference, they can help add depth and texture to your overall look.

(image) There are so many great ways to incorporate color using different linens. Full table linens, runners, overlays, and of course selecting a coordinating look for the napkins or chair ties.

Love this idea too! This couple used maps to cover their tabletops, it helped to incorporate their theme of travel and flight. No one says that tables have to be covered with fabric!


Trends I Love - Creative Ring Shots


When we were married almost 7 years ago I didn't know much about photography and so I just went with someone that was more traditional, the same person my sister had used. Photography is the one major thing I would change about our wedding, I wish I would have hired someone more creative. One of my favorite things photographers are doing these days are the awesome and creative shots of the couples rings. It might not be a brand new trend but it's still a trend I love.This is the shot we have of our rings... Uh....yeah....pretty standard and traditional.Oh how I wish I had some awesome shots of our rings, like these from a few West Michigan photographers. (image courtesy of En Vida Studio)(image from Amy Carroll Photography)(Image courtesy of En Vida Studio)(image from Amy Carroll Photography)[...]

Trends I Love - Guys with Style


(image) Not every wedding is a good match with wearing the traditional black tux and not every guy wants to wear one quite frankly. Grooms these days (with a little help from their significant other, I'm sure) are finding their own style on their wedding day. Whether it be from a funky tie or vest, a colorful pair of socks or even a completely unique look head to toe, it is being done. One fun idea I've seen done was that the groom, best man, groomsmen and ushers all wore different striped neck ties in the wedding colors depending on their "title". And then there is the casual outdoors or beach wedding that a nice sweater or dress shirt and khakis may flow.

(image) (inspiration board from the wedding co)

Of course, I still love a man in a black tux when the occasion is appropriate, such as formal indoor or church ceremonies.


Hair Styles for Amazing Accessories


Since I talked about Amazing Accessories yesterday, I thought some of you might want to see some ideas on how to wear your hair using those accessories. Here are a few pictures using great hair clips, combs, broaches, and a bird cage veil.


(image) (all images from

And if you don't think you have enough hair to get the style you want, don't despair, talk to your hair stylist. What they can do these days with real and synthetic hair extensions and pieces is fantastic!

Trends I Love - Amazing Accessories


Brides are beginning to get creative with their accessories for the big day. They are going from veils to head pieces and white shoes to bold colored shoes. Brides are even wearing traditional veils and shoes for the ceremony and then changing it up for the reception, how fun is that? Wearing unique accessories on your big day is a great way to show your style even more, plus...they make for some amazing detail photographs!I desperately want these pink shoes!!!Here are a few great vendors/locations where you can pick up some fun and unique pieces for your big day.September's Bride - veils (traditional/non-traditional) jewelry, wraps, boleros, etc.Pixel and Hank - Handmade accessories, hair clips, head bands, shoes clipsKate DeKoster Handmade - Hair pieces, jewelry[...]

Trends I Love - Coordinating Bridesmaid Dresses


One of my favorite current trends is the bride having her maids wear coordinating dresses in a similar color palette. I think it gives so much depth and interest to the wedding party. It's nice for the girls themselves to be given the flexibility to choose a dress that fits their body type and style as well. Along with different colors they also are having the maids pick from dresses in the same color but different styles, lengths and necklines. Another plus of this trend is the "wear again" philosophy, most of these dresses can be worn again on a different occasion and if the bridesmaids had a hand in picking their dress they are more likely to wear it again.

Wish I would have thought to do this when we got married!

(image) (all images from

Trends I Love


Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a series called "Trends I Love". I will be talking about unique and different ideas that couples are doing to make their big days more specific to their tastes.

Hope to have you follow along!

Guest Blogging at September's Bride - Part II


Once again, today I will be featured as a guest blogger for September's Bride. Hop on over there and check it out!

September's Bride is an upscale bridal boutique located in the beautiful downtown of Holland, why drive all the way to the big cities for an experience you can have right here in West Michigan? They offer a wide selection of designer bridal gown collections such as Lila Couture, Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero and Casablanca. They also have gowns for your maids, mothers, flower girls and even tuxedos for the guys. Plus, their customer service is second to none! If you are shopping for a dress for your big day, a stop at September's Bride is a must.

I'm excited to work more with September's Bride in the future!

Guest Blogging at September's Bride


Today and Friday I will be featured as a guest blogger for September's Bride. Hop on over there and check it out!

September's Bride is an upscale bridal boutique located in the beautiful downtown of Holland. They offer a wide selection of designer bridal gowns as well as gowns for your maids, mothers, flower girls and even tuxedos for the guys. Plus, their customer service is second to none! If you are shopping for a dress for your big day, a stop at September's Bride is a must.

Convertible Dresses


Have a lot of weddings to attend this year but don't want to wear the same look to each one? Check out this article about convertible dresses on Yahoo's Shine. Great way to extend your wardrobe but not empty your wallet.

Let It Rain!!


With rain in the forecast for the upcoming week I thought I might as well use it as inspiration, right? Everyone hopes and prays for good weather on their wedding day but don't let a few rain drops take away the excitement. Check out these AMAZING shots these couples got on their big day, shots they would never have had if the weather was perfect.(google images)(LifeImages via Polka Dot Bride)(Braedon Weddings via A Cup of Joe Blog)(Wed by Kez via google images)(google images)(google images)There are other fun things you can use to embrace the or rent colorful umbrellas or wear fun rain boots. I LOVE this idea that was featured on Earth Friendly Weddings. The bride's great aunt and uncle saved some rain from the wedding day and bottled it as a gift for the couple, engraved with the wedding date. Awesome.[...]

Happy Easter


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, I hope you are all able to spend this day with family and friends reflecting on it's true meaning.

Getting Along with the M-I-L


Worried about having a good relationship with your mother-in-law? Reader's Digest gives you a leg up on understanding her view point with their 13 Things Your Mother-in-Law Won't Tell You.

1. I spent a couple of decades being the leading lady; now I have a character role. It hurts to be downsized.

2. I know he's your husband now, but he's still my son.

3. You don't seem very confident about yourself. The littlest comment from me is taken as a criticism, so I'm very careful what I say around you.

4. Every year, I send you a birthday present, but you never even pick up the phone to thank me. This year, I said, "That's it. No more." Yet look at me: I'm about to send another present. I guess that's how I am.

5. We mothers say to our children, "I want you to be happy." And we mean that. What we don't say is, "But I would like to be happy too."

6. I've bought and sold 13 houses in my life. Why won't you ask for my advice?

7. When I visit you, I'm not coming for a white-glove inspection. I'm just coming to see the family.

8. When I really want to talk to my son privately, I don't call your house. I call his cell phone.

9. I'm so happy that you allow my son—your husband—to visit me on Mother's Day. It's a long trip and a big expense. I'm truly appreciative.

10. My dirty little secret: I'm afraid that if I don't get this right, you'll cut me off.

11. I'm in competition with your mother. She takes you on vacations every year and buys things I can't afford. All I can do is love you and babysit for you. I hope that's enough and that it's appreciated.

12. Whenever I stay at your house, you always have my room ready, my towels, everything. You do all the right things. I'm lucky to have you!

13. I cherish the refrigerator magnet you gave me: "Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill."

10 Ways to Use Clear Nail Polish


Every girl knows to use clear nail polish as a great top coat and to stop runs in nylons and tights but what other ways can you use it? According to Yahoo's Shine, here are 10 ways that you might not have thought of...

Making jewelry last. To extend the life of costume jewelry and to keep it looking bright and glossy, give beads a thin layer of polish. It helps prevent fading and tarnishing.

Sealing envelopes. In lieu of licking the envelope flaps to seal them (not only can this be ineffective, but does anyone find that taste as gross as I do?) dab on a little polish to keep them glued nice and tight.

Threading needles. Rather than get frustrated when attempting to thread a needle, run the cut side of the thread through the polish brush. Roll the thread between your fingers a couple times; the polish will dry pretty much immediately and the thread becomes stiffer (and much more easy to get through the eye of the needle).

Keeping belt buckles pristine. To ensure belt buckles stay bright and shiny, shellac them with a coat of polish to prevent oxidation.

Securing buttons. Brush on a dollop of polish in the center of your buttons to keep the threads from coming undone. If you have a sweater or dress with delicate pearly buttons, give the whole thing a coat of polish to keep them luminous.

Fixing window screens or shades. If you have a tear in a window shade or screen, paint on some polish to keep it from worsening.

Waterproofing matches. As any camper can attest, there are few bigger drags than a box of soggy matches. To waterproof them, paint the flammable tips with polish.

Wood floor repairs. A bit of clear polish is fantastic to touch-up minor dents and little scuffs on wood floors.

Avoiding rust stains. You know those rust rings that form on your tub if you leave shaving cream in the shower? Just varnish the underside of the can with a little polish to keep the metal from staining.

Shoelace protector. To stop shoelaces from unraveling and fraying, dip the ends in clear polish.

Michigan's Best - Winter


This post took me a little longer to write because well frankly, I just wasn't looking forward to Winter! It is a beautiful season in Michigan, we have some of the most gorgeous snowfall and when those large flakes settle on the trees, it is a literal winter wonderland.Larissa Gartner of Larissa Christine Photography shared a couple of pictures from a fantastic winter wedding she shot. I love the snow falling in the last two shots!Two of my favorite winter color palettes are icy blues and whites/ivories. When you are trying to showcase a winter wonderland theme, I believe the "colder" the colors the more you will be able to pull off that theme. Crisp whites and ivories are beautiful together, the simplicity makes it elegant and classic.(images from theknot, google)Blues in multiple shades are perfect for winter as well. I think of ice when I see them together, especially with fantastic lighting.(images from theknot, google images)Great ideas for favors could be small snow globes or even personalized ornaments for each couple. I also love the idea of your bridesmaids carrying hand muffs or bouquets made of branches of crystals, all fabulous.[...]

Michigan's Best - Fall


This post may be a little biased, I am a LOVER of fall! In my opinion, it is the best season in Michigan by far. Not many states get to enjoy this season like we do with the leaves changing, that magical smell in the air and well, we have U of M football ;) When my hubby and I picked our wedding date there was no question it was going to be a fall wedding, September 26 ended up being perfect.One great inspiration from fall are all the farmer's markets, we are blessed with such an array of amazing produce that is available locally. Lynell Shooks from Lizzie Photo shared this gorgeous fall wedding with me. This couple decorated using local produce as centerpieces, including gourds, pumpkins and apples. They decided to stay local with everything which I think is fantastic. All the fallen leaves are incredible in these gorgeous photos, thanks Lynell for sharing!!There are so many amazing color combinations that can be used with a fall event. Oranges, golds, browns, even shades of burgundy reminiscent of wine. Michigan has multiple areas that are known for their wineries. In the northern Lower Peninsula such as Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula and in the southern part of the state in towns such as Fennville and South Haven. Wineries and vineyards make gorgeous backdrops for events. But of course if you hold your event at one it's a must to send your guests home with a bottle of the vineyards best, perhaps with a personalized label of your choosing.(images from google images, jcrew, theknot)[...]

Michigan's Best - Late Summer/Early Fall


Okay I'm straying from the "four" seasons a little bit here but I couldn't resist. One of my husband and I's favorite hobbies is camping and just plain being outdoors. I didn't feel like it really fit with summer but wasn't completely fall either.

Here in Michigan we have 100 state parks located throughout both the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. If you are outdoorsy like we are why not plan a rustic, natural event? It can be very creative and very classy and at the same time why not make it relaxed and casual? Many of these state parks even have locations available for more intimate weddings and receptions.

(image) (images from theknot, google images)

I love the look of using a log slice as a cake stand, birch bark covered vases for your centerpieces and twigs tucked into your bouquet. The little birds on the cake pictured above are just too cute. In 2008 I had a groom who was a logger and they used a lot of log pieces, both under the cakes and even hollowed out as votive holders. Check out more photos from their big day here. The perfect favor for your guests would be the Arbor Day seedlings I posted about here.

Michigan's Best - Summer


If someone was to ask me my favorite color combination I would definitely answer red and Tiffany blue. I even used the combo for my 30th party bash and it's what we wore for our family pictures. I love the contrast of the bold red against the soft shade of blue. When I think of summer I think of the holidays, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. All of these holidays have one thing in, white and blue.A fun Michigan twist on these summer colors would be using one of the state's top crops as your inspiration, cherries. There are so many fun ways you could incorporate cherries into your event without going overboard. Cherry blossoms are gorgeous and could be used as lovely centerpieces, chocolate covered cherries or locally made cherry preserves would be a great favor for your guests. And even ending the evening with ice cream sundaes with a cherry on top would be very memorable!(images from theknot, style me pretty, jonathan canlas photography)One of the first things people think of when they think of Michigan are the lakes. Using a nautical theme for your big day would be a wonderful way to showcase our Great Lakes. Collect postcards from around the state's lakeshore to use for your Save The Dates. Along with numbering your tables, give them all names of Michigan's lighthouses (Detour Reef Lighthouse, Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, etc.) or lake shore cities and towns (Grand Haven, Ludington, Isle Royale, etc.). Send your guests off with a personalized compass or refridgerator magnets you've collected with the postcards. This would be an especially fun theme if you were using Michigan as a destination for your wedding. What a fun way for your guests to get to know the state!(images from theknot, google images)There is so much inspiration from Michigan that could be utilized for your summer event. One great way to find a starting point would be to go to Michigan Festivals and Events Association website for a list of all of Michigan's festivals. Festivals such as Blossomtime Festival, Tulip Time Festival and even the Storytellers Festival would all be great jumping points for ideas.[...]

Michigan's Best - Spring


This is a hard weekend to write about spring inspiration, especially after waking up Saturday to snow. Some people may consider winter as the first season of a year but I think that a year starts with the season that signals new beginnings.For me a lot of the inspiration for spring comes from the nature that is coming to life around Michigan during this early season.One of the most notorious Michigan blossoms, which also happens to be the state flower, is the apple blossom. It is a delicate blossom that smells amazing! Apple blossoms bloom early May and are a definite sign of spring. The site of the trees covered in these gorgeous flowers is a site to behold. Who wouldn't want to be married in the midst of them?Apple blossoms provide a gorgeous color palette if you are looking for your spring wedding inspiration, they range from white to pale pink. Michigan is home to hundreds of apple orchards, if you love the blossoms as much as the bride above did, look into having your ceremony at one. Just beware, these delicate blossoms are VERY temperamental, especially to the weather.Another sign of spring in Michigan are the Robins, who are also the state bird. When the Robins first arrive back from their winter migration you know that good weather is about to follow. One of my all time favorite colors in Robin's egg blue. It is a perfect spring shade of blue, it's happy and romantic.Some people may shy away from pastel shades during the spring to avoid an Eastery look, but check out these photos from a post by Elizabeth Anne Designs. This combination of Robin's Egg blue and lavender is absolutely lovely and has a certain vintage appeal.If you like the purple from the lavender above, early spring is the perfect chance to use lilacs as well.(inspiration board found here)[...]

Seasonal Inspiration - Michigan's Best


(image) So far this year I have posted on multiple occasions (here, here and here) how excited I am that it is spring. The new blooms sprouting, the amazing colors to showcase the season, spring is wonderful. Honestly, when you live in the Midwest, all the seasons are amazing in their own way.

Each season has it's own way of inspiring. The colors that nature gives us, the flowers which are in season and even our hobbies are all ways of gaining inspiration for your event through a season.

Next week I will begin featuring Michigan's best inspiration season by season. Stay tuned!

Plantable Favors


These days everyone is trying to be a little more green and eco-friendly on their big day. A fun way to incorporate this and to get your guests involved is to send them home with plantable favors. Over the last few years I have seen a few different ideas that I adore.For a more rustic themed wedding, the evergreen seedling. The Arbor Day Society sells individual seedlings for $3. They come in an adorable tube with a customizable label. And even better, the tube converts into a bird-feeder after the tree is planted! You can choose from Redwoods, Pines or Spruces.For a spring or vintage themed wedding, there are the Plantable Butterfly Papers from Swallow Tail Farms. These papers come in different colors and shapes. Each paper is made of 100% cotton and has a least three different varieties of seeds embedded in them. The small size which is 3x2 inches sell for $19.95 per 25 standard favors, but you can also customize them by adding personalized labels or even ribbons.And for the DIY bride with a super green thumb, pre-potted plants doing double duty as table centerpieces. Downside with this idea is that they will need to be planted and cared for before the wedding day. Also, if many of your guests are traveling they would be hard to take along, especially on a plane. I do love the idea of a double duty favor though, if you are looking for something to cut costs a bit this would work.[...]

Brighten Your Day


I love these candlesticks from CB2, I can totally seem them down the center of a rectangle banquet table with floral pieces scattered amongst them. Plus, I love the yellow chairs! Anything with a bright splash of color brightens my day :)

Dress Inspired Cakes


When looking for inspiration for their wedding cake design some brides turn to their bridal gown. It's a great way to tie everything together and show off your style in one more place.

Some brides go straight for the literal interpretation...which can be ummm...very interesting and unique...

(image) (google images)

Others are inspired by the gowns fabric, which in my opinion is the more classic approach. Take a look at these beauties from Martha Stewart Weddings.

(image) (image) (image)