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restnrileks : )

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Selamat Tahun Baru 2014

Wed, 01 Jan 2014 01:39:00 PST

Assalammualaikum wbt.Selamat Tahun Baru 2014Setahun lebih tak kemaskan restnrileks ni. WOooooo. Koh koh. Tidur lama betui. Lama pulak tak conteng-conteng ipad paper apps untuk buat entri. Hari ni dok gagahkan diri. Aura tahun baru kot? Ntah-ntah nanti separuh jalan je, lepas tu tidur balik. Ngehee.Azam Tahun Baru 2014Tak da nak sembang panjang. Restnrileks masih mamai dari hibernasi yang panjang. Hehee. Cuma tahun ni ada beberapa azam. Azam yang lain tu, biarlah dipendamkan dahulu. Azam anda semua apa pulak yer?Selamat tahun baru 2014, dan semoga tahun 2014 menjadi tahun yang ohsem untuk anda semua. In Shaa Allah.Sekian :). Posted with Blogsy [...]

Ini Kisah Tentang Lukisan

Wed, 12 Sep 2012 05:50:00 PDT

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Made with Paper. Love IT.

Wed, 09 May 2012 22:15:00 PDT

I love Paper apps of for Ipad. I think it is awesome. How awesome is that? For starter, it has 1.5 million downloads and 7 million pages created so far. It is free. However, the free version comes only with a fountain-pen like tool which is good for drawing. The quality of line is controlled by how fast your stroke is. Paper is optimized for creative process to draw, sketch, write, outline and colour. The full potential will set you back for USD1.99 per tool, and if you are like me (like to draw), i say, buy all the tools. Whoaho!! :)Paper allows you to share your creative juice on twitter, facebook and tumblr. You can also email and save your work on the ipad itself. There is no pinch and zoom. I dont mind. I take that as how i would normally draw on my moleskine sketch book. One thing i like about Paper is the simplicity of it. I feel like i always have a small notebook in my pocket with me all the time. When the time comes, i can simply take out Paper and draw, be those of my quick rattan ideas, fun illos or simply jot down my ohsem thoughts. Paper is not intended to be an app like SketchBook Pro or ArtRage where you have sets of complete tools. Nevertheless, the works done "made with paper", show awesome quality. Check out "Made with Paper" to see how different artists and styles use Paper.Now, what is Paper without some "made with paper" fun? Enjoy :)Haha, Ini Saya (me) during my creative juice choo-choo thoughts flowing.Paper comes with three-set of ten page book. You can add page, a book, change the cover to your liking or name your your book accordingly. Lower right : a doodle made to experience the learning curve needed.A find it so satisfiying almost to the point of DRAWGASM. Oohhh. Lol. Paper comes handy for my rattan quick ideas.Fun Illos "Made with Paper".Okay, i am not sure why these pics are here. Owh, PicFrame is another handy app good for publishing all your photos.I see YOU!Another quick rattan sketch.Have a great day everyday ya.. Till next time. [...]

I Really Dont Have Anything to Write.

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:13:00 PDT

Seriously, if procrastination is a career, i would have climbed myself to a better spot right now. But, it is not. Attempting to finish this writing takes my whole energy that i have to constantly say to myself " You can do this Rizal." I have been struggling to write something beginning january this year, but, it seems that my weak will-power has gotten the best of me. RestNrilekS has been on MIA for a period of 8 months from my last post on Jun 29. A fact that i am not proud at all.So, what have happened? A lot, and i am just going to write two insignificant stories.STAY FOCUS AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THOUGH THERE ARE TIMES YOU YOURSELF DOUBT YOURSELF.Remember this post? Finally, on last year Ramadhan, just few days before Hari Raya, we received the jolly-golly good news. It was one of the sweetest moment of my life.  Truly then i understood the meaning of "Manisnya Kehidupan". It took almost 1 1/2 years from our last heart crushing result. During that time, we had to go thru people who didn't believe us, people who kept thrashing instead of helping us and people who thought they were way better than us. Fortunately, they were few people who really believed and told us to be patient and have a little faith.  Seriously, there were times when i, myself doubted everything what i was doing. At the end, the result just silenced all the nay-sayers. Results were excellent, in fact better (Awyeah, a way lot better) than the rest. I learn that, you have got to have friends and families when in doubt and feeling down. I learn that humility goes a long way. I learn that, you can only plan and hope for the best, and if things go sorrow, just keep trying. I learn that things are not going to be doomed forever.  I am truly glad and feel that such experience is indeed a blessing. I know now, if things are not going to be as expected, don't despair. There are always ways here and there for you to overcome.We celebrated Hari Raya that day with joy. I even met with my childhood friends at the mosque of whom we had not seen each other for almost 8 years. I went visiting a lot more people that year. I visited my adopted mother of whom i hadnt visited for 3 years. I felt happy and felt that people were nicer that year. Happy GurlIT WAS GREAT AND I THOUGHT THE HAPPINESS WOULD LAST FOREVER.Well, not forever, but at least a whole lot longer. Yes, you can plan, but you are not the administrator of your life.On October 2011, i received a call from my sister in law telling me my brother was hospitalized. I had not expected what to come after that. Later an emotional journey followed. On December 20, i lost my brother to a stage four cancer. Two months proved to be a grueling life experiences both financially and emotionally. My brother was in and out of hospital almost every week. Doctors couldn't decided what was wrong with him. He was getting weak and weaker. More than 10 x-rays were done during that time. CT scan was done. We went running here and there, hoping for cure. We tried all sorts of medicines, modern, traditional, islamic and alternatives. I kept what was happening to just a few of my closed friends. Somehow, during that moment, i knew that this was a losing battle but i didn't give up hope. Many times i had to comfort and slowtalk to my SIL. She had a hard time facing the truth. I said we needed to prepare if things didn't go as we hoped for. It was hard breaking the news to my nieces.We kept praying asking for ALLAH to ease and show us the ways. On december 7, the hospital did a biopsy and later, a group of experts consulted my late brother privately. One doctor hugged my brother and pat him. We later knew that it was a stage four cancer. Funny, at the end of the two month period could only the doctor detected the cancer. As much i didn't like to say, i told my SIL, be prepared in a week time. The signs of "time was up" were all there. What saddened me, was the fact that my brother knew his time was up too. He would smile and telling [...]

How I Use Ipad Thru Out The Day

Tue, 28 Jun 2011 23:29:00 PDT

I think i should give myself a pat on the back for succeding in writing an entry. Hehe.  Funny, previously, i had never imagined myself using an Ipad ( Read This), now, here i am, using an Ipad; though not the groovy and sassy Ipad 2.  If you ask Uncle Google, about Ipad 2, there will be tones and tones of info about it, its specs and people happily showing their new gadget.  Unfortunately, there arent many people blog about how they use their Ipad.  Restricting my search to only pages from Malaysia will only bear dissapointment.  Heck no! i dont need specs, i can simply surf Apple webpage to do that.  Anyway, this entry is about sharing few apps that i find useful.  There are hundreds thousands of apps in Apple store and browsing em can be a bit overwhelming.  There are few apps you should try free first before buying, and then,  there are few apps you have to buy to know if it is good.  "Trial and error" is the answer.  After much searching and trying, this is how i go thru out my day using Ipad.Okay, this is my home screen.  I set everything to only two home screens, one is for organizing my social life and one is for pleasure.  All together i have 6 games to kill some time. I really like Infinity Blade (500mb - the game that Apple advertises on its Ipad2), which brings Ipad gaming onto another level (though a bit repetitive). Still, games on Ipad come nothing close compared to the experience of playing games on Console or PC : ).For social media, i use Mypad (Facebook), Echofon (Twitter - i use TD for desktop and Gravity for N8 : which is still the best twitter client [IMHO]), and MobileRSSHD (Google Reader). All are free apps with push notifications. After trying twitter, twitterific, Hootsuite and TweetDeck, i find Echofon suits best to my liking.  Echofon allows you to see if a user has been following you back or not too.  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! notty notty twitterer. : )For Note Taking, I use PenUltimate (paid) and Bamboo Paper (Free until 30th Jun).  Pen Ultimate allows you to have different notebooks for different task, while Bamboo Paper is based on only one notebook which you write everything inside.  However, there is "Pinch+Zoom" and "Pan" for Bamboo Paper, giving you a better control when writing using your finger.  Remember, though your fingers are great for tapping screen, they arent so for writing.  Well it seems you win some here and loose some.  I have tried Moleskin and Duke, but i find these two are somewhat less responsive.For Info Collecting ala Note Taking, I use Evernote (Free).  I install Evernote on Ipad, home lappy and office desktop.  It is great for taking down ideas or task.  You can use web clipper (firefox 4.0 addon) which allows you save webpage (or selected).  You can tag all your notes for easy searching.  Sync to have up-to-date notes on all of your platforms  (currently on Ipad, Mac, Androids and Windows).For MindMapping, i use Idea Sketch (Free) which is good in organizing and structuring your thoughts or concept.  I draft my ideas using PenUltimate and later compose it nicely in Idea Sketch.  It will be easy should i would like to add some important points later.  You can create flow, add sub ideas using colours and different font saiz and shapes.  Works like PC FreeMind app.For Designing and Illustrating, I find SketchBookX (Free with Limited Brushes) really useful.  Great for illustrating and teaching during design class.For CloudService, I use SugarSync (Free).  I have Sugarsync app on my N8, home lappy and office desktop, which help me syncronizing important files.  Another cloudservice that you may want to look is Dropbox.For Quick Portfolio, i just use the Ipad Native App : Photo by creating different folders such as Sketch, Illustration, Rattan Products and Ideas.Then, there is Kobo (Book and PDF Reader), Wunder[...]

Nokia N8 : A Day in My Life

Sat, 09 Apr 2011 17:20:00 PDT

I bet you can figure it out what this post will be.  Hehe.  Yeah, you get that right. It is about the Nokia N8.  As Marzie said it "Ohhh i am so not over about the coolness of my IPhone4."  However this post is not about how special your smartphone is, or how this platform is better than those others, but more of a sharing what you do with it through out your day.  So, does having a smartphone actually ease your day, or finally turn you into an "online zombie." Tee Hee. Now come to think of it, out of 100+ people at my work place, i am among the few who is constantly connected.  Wow!! I am a Social Geek.  LoL!! Oh wait! I am a Social Media Inspired. That s better. Haha allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Free styler Max Vlassenko makes it look so easy and cool. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Now check out this cool video taken with Nokia N8 titled "Dot" using cellscope lense ,made possible by the creative people at Aardman (Shaun the Sheep and Curse of the Were - Rabbit). My hats goes off to them for such talent and patience.So, here a few things how i use my Nokia N8 thru out my usual day : 1. Email : I set my phone to "Every 30 minutes" for auto retrieval. That way i can read or sort them out into my folders, and not feeling dreadful having to read them all at one-go when coming back home.  It is nice since it opens in html format for those blogs i subscribe.  I only set one email on my N8 since i use the "Forward" function to gmail for my other 3 emails. I use email for sending out mobile blogging.  I also use Pixel Pipe for blogging which upload your content without flickr porting.  2. Maps and Navigation : I have never used Garmin.  I have been using OviMaps since my N82. Previously, i was using Google Maps but, one day, i decided to give its navigational feature a try ( Navigational Feature isnt free on N82). It was easy and pretty accurate in terms of speed, road signs and places.  Part of my decision of buying N8 has to do with OviMaps, since i have "favourite"d so many important places : for work and pleasure.  And i found marking em all over again would be tedious task.  With OviMaps, all i had to do was "sync" em with my account.One thing i like with the new version is you can check in, and post via Twitter, Facebook and 4square.  You can even take picture, however, it is only shared to your FB account.  Frankly, i am not into 4 square, but dont mind using it. Haha3. Google Reader : Some online readings i subscribe via email, but for those which do not offer "subscription by email", i have no choice but to go with Google Reader.  Personally, i love the email subscription better because it is quick and fast.  Now, i wish blogs do not only come with email subscription, but also offers full length content.  Please do not summarize.  Because, it means i have to do more steps (clicking and opening) to read your post.  Most of the time i ll just skip these ones and move to read my next email. I like google reader because i can see pictures which arent offered by readers.  I am waiting for "NewsFlow" which looks sleek and fast.Facebook News Feed on Gravity4. Social Network :  Once Apps to rule them all.  My Precious.  Gravity is the gem of symbian, kinda a flagship for Social Network Apps.  Price at rm20 at OviStore, this app packs Punch and Power, and believe me, worth every penny.  I even ditch Socially and Nokia Native Social App.  Gravity offers you FB, Google Reader, Twitter and 4Square.  You can share pictures[...]

Wordless N8 Mama Pictures

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 06:31:00 PDT

Please Do Not Comment.  This is A Test Post.  Sorry Ya : ) Till next time. [...]

Wordless N8 Pictures

Wed, 23 Mar 2011 05:59:00 PDT

 Please Do Not Comment.  This is A Test Post.  : )


Till next time.
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Nokia N8 - It is Really Nothing to Some, But I still Like IT

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 08:48:00 PDT

 I have always been a nokia symbian user.  My first symbian was Nokia 3660 which attracted quite a number funny look from my friends.  That was the time that mobileirc made its days.  Then, i moved on to another bigger and better 3660 look-alike, the 6630.  Later, it was N80 and then, the N82, which i still keep.  Its 5mp xenon flash and Carl Zeiss Lense have served me well during the last 2 1/4 years.  However, in the late of 2010, i was craving for a large screen and qwerty keyboard to cater my blogging needs.    Seeing my online blogging buddies changed to a bigger touch screen phones and how happy they were, made me think that it was time for me to say "Selamat Tinggal Sayangku" to my Nokia N82.  In my mind, i was juggling back and forth :  Blackberry Torch, IPhone 4 and Any Android Phones.  But then, i postponed the idea, since my piggy bank was not enough for me. At the end, last month, for no apparent reason, suddenly i had one in my hand.  I guess you can figure it out which it is.Anyway, here are few things that that you should consider when buying a handphone. 1.  Budget :  This is most important thing because it will be a guideline for what you can have and what you cannot have.  I once asked my office mate, what kind of lappy did he want, and he answered, something like me.  And i told him "Nope!" coz that would be out of his budget.  ANother office mate of mine said that she wanted a Green Lappy.  I laughed and scolded her at the same time.  LOL!!2.  Things to do : What do you want to do with your phone apart from the typical call and sms?  You want to have a bling bling experience?  Take picture or shoot great pictures? Are you a social media person? Do you want a phone that sides more to your social lifestyle or business lifestyle.3.  Do you intend to have an internet data plan with your mobile carrier?  Why? because this will trully unlock your handphone full potentials.4.  Phone Operating System.  Currently we have WP, Bada Os, IOS, Android , RIM (Blackberry) and Symbian.  I am not going to tell which operating system is the best, because they are lots of reviews about them. But generally : a.  WP is made by the Microsoft which announced partnership with Nokia last month.  The announcement stirred up such a commotion among symbian and Nokia lovers all over the world.  The future of symbian looks bleaked, light a dying star.  But there may be a faint hope, for only time will tell. Haha.b.  Bada is an OS made by Samsung for its own phones.c.  RIM = Research In Motion is associated with Blackberry Phones.d.  IOS = Apple Mobile Operating system which runs on Ipad, IPod Touch and IPhones.e.  Android = Operating system owned by Google based upon a modified version of Linux.  With Android, the system is positively hailed as great, making mobile phone manufactures getting benefit of it but not much on strengthening their own brand.  Generally speaking,  it is Android that makes the experience great.f.  Symbian = Was originally created and merged by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Symbian Ltd and NTT DoCoMo.  Later, Nokia bought Symbian Ltd.  Some people said, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and others left the symbian platform due to Nokia trying to monopolize the symbian Market.  Sony Ericcson came up with symbian UIQ (touch Screen), which then put death by Nokia.Basically, with android and symbian, it goes like this " I love Nokia but not symbian, i love Androids, but not HTC, " : D On a general level, all these OSes allow you to do awesome things.  Basically, if you migrate from a propreitory handphone to a smartphone, all you get is great experiences.  However, if you were p[...]

Apple IPad 2 : What I think About You.

Sun, 06 Mar 2011 07:59:00 PST

I was merrily hoping along the Kraftangan Booth during Hari Kraf Kebangsaan, when suddenly, my handphone rang its BeSpoke tone, "Ting Ka Ting Ka Ting Ka Ting..." A new email notification.  I tapped my screen to see from whom it was.  Ahhh.. a news from Apple informing me the much anticipated Apple IPad 2 launching date.  Then, i went oooOOOOOH!  aaaaaAAAAhhh!!Celebrating this event too is Denaihati. There is a Denaihati contest known IPad 2 contest.  Denaihati, as far as i can remember, has been organizing contests with great prizes (money, netbook).  The contest is opened to all bloggers around the world.  Prizes are 1x Ipad 2, 4 x Rayban Sunglasses and Cash for top refferals.  But of course, since there is an IPad 2 to be given away, rules and regulations are a bit tighter. 1]-PR3 and above. 2]-Active blog with 3 posts in a week. 3]-make an entry with sponsors links, then leave backlink on his blog and FB wall. Winner of IPad2 will be chosen based on top link referal with 6000 traffic and below 50% Bounce Rate.  Thanks to  SmartBiz and Ray Ban Malaysia for sponsoring the contest.  Hop on to Incik Denaihati to read more and hurry up, contest  ends on 31/5/2011.Anyway, back to Apple IPad 2.  Here are some features of the new IPad 2 : Two cameras come in handy for video calling.  The big screen is sure nice since the other party can have clear view of you, or what is going on around you, pretty much useful when viewing birthday party or showing off your cool social event. Hehe.Then, there are these three more features. Apple says that it can last up to 10 hours, but with its new thinness, only time will tell. The smart cover, which is something, is really nice.  The magnetic feature gives IPad 2 a sleek look too.  I like the fact that you can do-stand everything with it and IPad 2 turns on and off instantly as you open or close the Smart Cover.  There are ten colours to choose to suit your personality.  How fast?  Two-time fast that is. Cool!! Nevertheless,  I am not sure how gaming users will experience the multi-touch feature on hard core graphics intensive games.  But the video gives a glimpse of what the future will be.  Steam does offer more and more games on Apple platform, but i dont think, gamers would pick IPad 2 as their choice of gaming rig that soon.  Right now, i will stick playing my Left 4 Dead 2 on my nvidia lappy. All pictures are from Apple site.Would i get Apple IPad 2 if i have the money now? The answer is no.  I would probably wait for IPad 3 (rumors on Fall) hoping for usb ports and SD card slot.  The good thing is, by the time IPad 2 is in Malaysia, IPad price will go down (right now, IPad price has already dropped).  I ve tried typing on IPad , but i guess i ll need some time to get used to it.  And, in spite of IPad 2 new features, it wont get tech bloggers typing on it. Personally, i think it is a nice compliment device to my gadgets, but not a must-have-device right now.  I already have gadgets that can do what IPad 2 can do, if not more.  Though, it is great to have it with you on your couch while watching TVs, or on your desk while having your breakfast, i find that the ideas are really a distraction to simply enjoy the offline world.  But that s just me. On the other hand, IPad 2 is a great device for some people :1.  IPad 2 is a great concept, for people who are not tech / comp savy.  It brings these people to the online world without much fuse.  Connect and be done with.  Bringing close families together as a device that strengthen friend and family ties.2.  IPad 2 is a great complimentary device for tech / comp / social media savy. too  You have your lappy,[...]

A New Stylish Update on Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011

Sun, 27 Feb 2011 10:25:00 PST

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 yang begitu stylish datang lagi.  Jemput datang kawan-kawan ke Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay.  Bermula dari 23 Feb - 7 Mac dari jam 10pagi hingga 10 malam.  Dah dapat gaji ni, boleh la beli barang kraf sambil-sambil sokong industri Kraftangan ni ye.  Yang ni entri ke 2 tentang Hari Kraf Kebangsaan, boleh lihat sini, nak tahu yang pertama : )------Wow!! i feel so stylish.  Within these 10 days, i ve been awarded  with another sylish blogger award again.  This time, awarded by the sweet, sassy, independent, hardworking and creative writer, none other than the stylish Marzie that is.  Thank you very much.  Deep down inside, i feel uber stylish.  Whoaho!!. Words cant describe how i feel now.  Just look at the picture below to feel me.  Haha.  You feel me? you feel me?Original Picture is from  from movie "Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah" Photo touch up on lipstick and cheek powder, plus typos. : ) As promised earlier, this is my 2nd update on Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011.  You can read my first post here.  I am not going to write my usual style post.  This is going to be a stylish entry aka caption style (mind you there are more than 10 pictures, please bear with me, but i have reduced the sizes.  Hope that helps.)  Without further ado, enjoy :If you have extra time, you may want to visit the interactive section and try yourself one of these four interactive crafts ; wood carving, ceramics making : throwing technique, rattan weaving and the Orang Asli origami.  There are three sessions per day running simultaneously.Pictures of forced volunteers happily waiting for you people to try the interactive.Another variety of rattan bag with leather.  I dont like the small one. Haha.Wooden Frame with decorative rattan crafts.  Few of many different designs that we do.  Owh you can read about these in my previous post :  here.This is the incoming buying mission area.  All Malaysian products (crafts) are displayed here for the invited International Trade Buyers, located on the first floor of the Lobby Area. The buyers (from UK, US, Russian etc..) were here from 24 to 26 Feb. Livan Craft of Sarawak, specialized in bead works.  Love the feel of that small pouch.  The bead work makes it feel nice to simply rub your hand over it.A jewellery, err too bad i cant remember what it is. A Sabah craft entrepreneur if i am not mistaken.  I should have taken notes imagining myself like one awesome reporter.  Owh, i am a reporter of RestNrilekS.  Darn you Rizal.. be prepare next time.Another up close picture of jewelleries.  Pearls?  Beads?  Could someone help me?Okay personally, i think this is so wrong.  I dont think displaying batiks on black mannequins brings out the best of Batik.  Nampak macam orang Africa yang slim melim peragakan batik. kui kui kuiRoyal Terengganu Songket, for those who dare.  Expensive.  for a reason.  Normal songket would take up 2-3 months to finish depending on patterns and materials.  These Royal Terengganu Songket helps the Terengganu weavers (community) to sustain the meticulous handiworks.  A small pouch of coin pouch cost around rm50 -rm80Modern Malaysia - a craft shop by Felda located in Kraftangan Craft Complex.  I like the idea of how Felda brings a new image of crafts to people.  Pssttt, i hear that their craft consultants are brought over from Asia Pacific..A bamboo house.  Looking at this makes me wonder how far we have come in terms of being comfy with our lives.  I think this bamboo house should be located in place where most people can see.  A bit secluded if you ask me by putting[...]

Calling Crafts and Handmade Lovers. Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 is here.

Wed, 23 Feb 2011 16:15:00 PST

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 kini muncul kembali bermula dari 23Feb - 7 Mac 2011.  Terbuka kepada orang ramai dari 10.00pg - 10.00malam setiap hari, di Jalan Conlay, HKK2011 menghimpunkan hampir beratus pengusaha dari seluruh Malaysia. :)Good news to Handmade and Crafts Lovers!! Kraftangan Malaysia Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 or National Craft Day is finally on.  It will be from 23 Feb - 7 Mac 2011, from 10am - 10pm.  And, Today, 24 February is the official launching day.  So, come and join the festival.  Indulge yourself with traditional food testing (The Kueh Lapis Sarawak looks awesome, and i bought the kuih baulu for rm3/10pieces).  Try out craft interactive on Rattan, Seramics and Wood Carvings ( i will hide if i see any of you there.. haha).  Check out the performers.  Or simply come and experience the Craft Experiences.  Hey, it doesnt get any better when there are hundreds of crafts entrepreneurs all over Malaysia in one place.  Now, that is convenient.  This will be my first post on Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 and i hope i ll be able to do another two or more less posts in conjunction of HKK.I am going to find that bamboo, ribu-ribu coin box again which i missed last year.  Ahh! i didnt see the one that i wanted yesterday.Dont mind my first few sentences are in Bahasa Malaysia. I am sure you figure it out. Pssttt! Whisper.. Because of Uncle Google.  : )  Hehe.  I am not going to write any further.  Let the pictures do the talking.  Hope you enjoy.This section is mostly on weaving crafts : mengkuang, rattan, bemban, pandan and etc.  There are couples selling and demonstrating traditional cookies.  They give free samples too, so you can taste before buying.  I like the kuih baulu dan Kek Lapis Sarawak.  Kek Lapis Sarawak come in many colors and patterns, interesting!!I think she is cool.  She changed her pose when i said that i liked to take her picture.  What is uncool right now is that my hand shook while taking her picture, alamak Rizal! I better put on the Mega OIS feature next time.Mah Meri is an aborigine tribe in Malaysia.  They ve got great skills in carvings specializing in sculptures.  Sculptures are based on their guardian spirits or Roh.I cant remember this uncle name.  My hat goes to him for his passion in continuing making water container made of wood.  Wow, a barel of water!! How often do we see that these days.  He have clippings of newspapers in chinese, which i reckon must be interviews about him.  I did a simple photo manipulation on this picture.Enjoying myself listening to her.  She looks like Adibah Noor at a first glimpse.A section on wood craft. I ll reserve my comment on what i think this section feels this year.  HeheA glimpse of many more rattan handbag with leather that we will develop.  This will be a starting point.  More to come in future RestNrilekS blog.  Whoaho!!I think she has been with us for so many HKKs and there are a lot of people waiting, wanting to have their palms tatooed with inais.  Auntie, i want inais in the form of RestNrilekS wording boleh?They have great selections on jewelleries.  Luckily i was walking alone, or else i would stuck with my friends oooohhhing and ahhhhhhhhing but no buying.  LoLsThat is it for now.  Do come to Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay, and i hope you ll enjoy the Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 experience.If you like RestNrileks, please subscribe me.  Just fill in your e-mail in the box provided on the top right page.  Congrats to these first three for stylizing my last stylish entri Mon, Bella and Lady Gaga Lj.  Thank you too to the rest for your comments. T[...]

Mindless Ramblings, Rattan Furniture Sketches & Doodlings

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 22:26:00 PST

Salam and i wish you all a very great day everyday. Great to be able to write something again, though that "something" may just be a rambling of some sort of mumbling. Aha.Thought of trying to do a rambling post after seeing one on Zul's Blog. I think a rambling post is a great way when you are out of ideas or time isnt on your side. Aha : D0. I have changed to Intense Debate commenting system after much frustration with Echo that keeps messing with my blogger-synchronization. ID gives you Comment-Luv, so comment away my friends. Yes!! Problem is, in order to comment, you have to click the entry title, otherwise, on homepage, it will show zero comment. Ouch!!0.5 I ve made changes to RestNrilekS Blogging Community. No more the Kontac form. From now on, i ll manually list the 7-list of my blogging friends. How long they will be up there? Cant be sure for now. 2 days will be the minimum. 1. I have been thinking about getting PR and Alexa Ranking out of my system (my mind actually) so that i can have a blogging conscious free feeling. Can i really? Ouch!! These few days i felt great when i didnt think much about blogging. I am trying to blog free of these 2, sort of being a smoke free person. Oooohhh!!2. I am going to watch POP tonite at 9.50 Kuala Lumpur time, Whoaho!! and currently i am listening to Avatar end-credit soundtrack.3. I am exhausted emotionally but at the same time feels rejuvenated physically. Office life isnt doing that great at the moment but offline life is somehow getting better. Yes!!4. My colleague came to me yesterday and poured her heart out about her marriage life. All i could do was just listen and comfort her.5. Lately, i have been staring at my board here (in my office room) aimlessly. Maybe i need to change the whole contents to new ones to feel inspired. Aha!! 6. My brother did this after watching "So you think you can dance" on Monday Night. I believe he has so much potential in drawing. Mind you, he does not take art as a subject in school, a self-thought person. Even, i cant draw such figure. Now, after seeing his and Kak Emila works, i believe that everyone can be what he or she wants to be as long you put your heart into it.7. Another doodle done by me during of of those office meetings. Aha.8. Here is another doodle done by me in one of those long-hour of meetings. My bosses are cool seeing me doodling as long i pay attention to all the details. No problem doing that, just turn my left and right brain simultaneously. Whoaho!!9. Rattan Class of 2010 is finally over. It is indeed a great pleasure to have them as my students. Hopefully, i ll be able to post more pictures of their products in the next entry. Meanwhile, i ll just post random pics of their rattan sketches and furniture in the making. I dont expect them to know everything in the design world, especially when Handmade Rattan Crafts is considered crafts not design, but i am just happy that design awareness does take place in learning. Teaching them has been a wonderful awesome experience since i ve learned much from them. Thank you all and i wish you all the best in your future-undertakings."Anyaman Perabot Produk Kraf Rotan Datang lagi dengan lakaran rekaannya" . Okay, dont ask me, why out of a sudden there is a BM sentence in this entry. Haha..Some of the rattan furniture sketches in random, not by progress.Handmade Rattan Furniture in the Making.10. There was a commotion among students while staying up late to finish their rattan projects. Some of them were going back as late as 4-5am in the morning trying to finish the last major projects. Do your eyes see what you mind wants you to see? Owh Nooo!! Boo Hoo ho...That is all for now. Thans for reading Rest[...]