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That's a beautiful peace globe, Jack!


That's a beautiful peace globe, Jack!

Pray tell, what is your big news? And how does Br...


Pray tell, what is your big news? And how does Brandi already know?
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.


Merry Christmas, thanks for the Vishus Rain-deer r...


Merry Christmas, thanks for the Vishus Rain-deer report. I was so nervous until mommy read it to me...
I can't wait to hear the big news!!!!

we hope you had a furry Merry Christmas! (we alre...


we hope you had a furry Merry Christmas! (we alreddy no you hadded a grate Christmas Eve ::giggle::)

We're looking forward to your news Jack! Merry Ch...


We're looking forward to your news Jack! Merry Christmas.

o, Merry Christmas, Jack... hee-hee... o, 'n to P...


o, Merry Christmas, Jack... hee-hee...

o, 'n to Persephone, too....

Merry Christmas, Jack!


Merry Christmas, Jack!

Wonder what the news is? *As if we didn't already...


Wonder what the news is? *As if we didn't already snoop and find out*

Are you still spinning??

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!