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Updated: 2017-11-08T07:37:25.322-08:00


Pasadena Opts to Tax for Netflix

2016-11-25T12:07:47.272-08:00 A Netflix tax is coming soon, as streaming services will have an additional surcharge. The idea is simple, treating the internet like a utility means certain things, especially access and cost, and taxing them is not one of those things. We can expect a serious challenge to go to court as it seems to be a clear

4 Years of Trump


Well, maybe 3.5 years since he'll have to learn so much. In a completely unlikely victory, if you believed the pundits, and much to the dismay of blue States, Donald Trump pulled it out of the hat and not only won the Presidency, but Republicans also won the House and Senate. There's something to be said about the state of politics in this country. The running narratives? Trump somehow

Trump Arrives in California


California Republicans have been dwindling in numbers comprising out most one quarter of the electorate in the State. They may have a chance to pick the next presidential nominee as Donald Trump's growing juggernaut arrives. It wasn't very long ago that the Trump escapade looked just like that, a circus that included more snide remarks then competent policy. The fresh, no-nonsense attitude, and

Adult Use of Marijuana Act to hit Ballot


The nov 8th ballot might (seems likely now) to include the Adult Use of Marijuana Act . The measure would allow adults ages 21 and up to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes and grow as many as six plants. Enough signatures were collected to put the measure on the ballot. (Currently sitting at over 600,000.) The balance here is the lost 'war on drugs'

Could it be Trump?


The fracturing in the Republican Party over the past eight years as come to a head. Without any competent front runner, the party seems to be slated to pick, of all nominees, Donald Trump. What seemed impossible only months ago how seems destined for reality. The ones bankrupt Trump is more known for his lucrative business deals and B-celebrity status, then he is for any form of political acumen

Water shortage and legislation


With no end in sight with the ongoing water shortage crisis, and no end insight for rising demand for water, the apt question to ask is whether legislators doing about the growing problem? There're a number of discussion drafts for proposed legislation attempting to address short and long-term water needs for the State. The concern most people have is whether or not it's too little too late.

residential storm water capture program


There's no shortage of ways residents are trying to employ to reduce their water usage. With no conceivable end in sight, the changes are now shifting a culture of water usage, and it's going to be a permanent change. Some ways to get creative on capturing what rainfall does fall comes in the form of water capture for homes. Check it out.

Beverly HIlls Fined for Water Violations


It seems as though the rich can do wahtever they want. As everyone else tightens their belts, the city of Beverly Hills was fined for breaking water restriction regulations. And there's really no reason for them to stop either. The fine is a whopping 61K. Of course, is residential consumption really the problem? In the grand scheme of things yes, but not to the extent the likes of agriculture

California anti-vaxxers almost done


California’s anti-vaxxers will no longer be able send unvaccinated kids to school, if a bill passed by the State Assembly gets signed into law. The bill closes the loophole allowing parents to not vaccinate their child due to personal beliefs. Parents can still choose not to vaccinate their children, but those kids won’t be allowed to attend public schools or daycares, and will have to either be

Lawmakers Press for Mandatory Vaccination


I remember reading in National Geographic he's recently on the war on science. Popular opinion seems to be out weighing scientific evidence. There was a time when you couldn't get into a public school without showing your immunization records. Downtime has long since passed. Private schools have enabled parents to enrol their children without having up-to-date vaccinations. The anti-VAX movement

1 Million Californians Have No Access To Safe Potable Water


According to a recent news article there are over 1 million Californians without access to clean drinking water. This comes on the heels of what may be the worst drought California has ever experienced in modern times. Although people will have to reduce their consumption of water, particularly in the yard, it is in fact the agriculture sector that is the primary drain on our resource. About 80%

Worst Drought in 1000 years to come?


Some scientific publications are coming out with a preview of 2015 spring and summer. America may be on watch to have the worst drought conditions in its history. This doesn't bode well even if it comes close to happening for California. The slow change and water use culture, with the lack of rain and dwindling aquifers, may further exacerbate a very bad water problem. In the meantime keep those

Vintage Pasadena Police Pictures


I thought this was an interesting link. Always nostalgic for archives of days gone by.

Stunning Before and After Photos on California's Water Problem


Don't say I didn't warn you... Much like guns, the water usage problem in California could benefit from an overall culture shift. Without the shift in thinking that watering your lawn (or having a lawn) is a measurement of prestige, we're going to keep running out of water. Here's a link to some of the data at the  California Department of Water Resources. Some

It's raining!


annnnnndddd it's gone.

Facepalm: Christmas attack or history attack?


All for media and the variance in opinions it will offer. Albeit, media nowadays is heavily censored around the political middle. But sometimes they go too far, as in they hire people who are good at making noise but aren't so smart about the topics they discuss. THis is a Fox news fail.

Californians on Legalizing Marijuana


As expected California Republicans are not in favour of legalizing marijuana, about an even split half and half. That's slightly higher than Democrats. Of course, this is all the wrong question to be asking. The 'war on drugs' has all but failed. The issue I have with it? The COST IN DOLLARS. To incarcerate

Who's Next? San Bernardino Faces Bankruptcy


In August 2012, San Bernardin, just an hour away, filed for bankruptcy protection. That comes on the heels of other cities and counties faced with a similar predicament. Rising costs, lower tax revenues, and unsustainable pension funds. Let's take a step back. Gone are the days where you could work your job for 40 years and retire comfortable with the company pension. if you're luck to even get

Boot the Illegals! Growing Unpopularity with Republican Immigration Rhetoric


let's keep this simple. Current Latino population in California around 37%. Is that # growing or shrinking? it's growing. The next election, and the next one after that, and after that, the number of voting Latinos increases as well. OK, now let's think about current Republican rhetoric surrounding immigration. Very Tea-Party-esque, as in highly controversial and no room for dialogue. The

Obama the Moderate


Chomsky on Obama as the moderate Republican I found interesting: The fact is, moderate Republicans today need to re-emerge and assert themselves to take the reigns away from the far-right Tea Party-esque escapade that's crippled the legitimacy of the party. There's a slow voter shift happening and something needs to be

At least a conversation on guns?


Last month's horrific shooting should in the very least force people to rationally have a discussion on gun control. What's really necessary? What's actually infringement on our rights, and what's just fancy new assault weapon technology that didn't exist 50 years ago? In California, Republicans, who outnumber Democrats in the House 233-200, would need to jump on board, at least a couple, in

Obama Wins


Some lessons to be learned. On temporary hiatus as I process.

Obama Video on Same Sex


video platform video management video solutions video player

Obama's Public Stance on Gay Marriage

2012-05-09T19:46:40.070-07:00 It's a pretty big deal to not just affirm same-sex marriage thru policy or statements, but it's quite another to come out and say, which is precisely what President Obama did. The question is whether this is going to do him more harm than good. Conservative Americans will have a hay-day considering this as an attack on the

Have we learned anything?


Since Rodney King and the initial acquittal of the police officers involved? Do we get along any better now? Or are we still dealing with the same deep s race issues seen two decades ago? Two decades, California changed forever when the riots hit. Surely things are getting better?