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Living in God's Zion

Updated: 2018-01-15T08:30:30.044-08:00


The Comeback- not just a Blogger but a Webmaster


It's been a while since I started again-- blogging. I almost forgot that I am a blogger. Well, in many months I haven't posted some posts here, I learned a lot about SEO, wordpress tweaking and all about affiliate marketing. I'll be posting some tips and guide on how to do all this things. But for now, just give me a warm welcome my friends. I will share a little bit of what I've learned.

God bless you and have a great day. Keep going.

I'm Back. Stronger and Bolder


I am back to the blogesphere. It's been a long time since the time I posted here in my blog. My life was in ups and downs a few months ago. We were flooded, I ran out of job, my faith to God was tested and everything seems to be in trouble. Only in God I found peace and regenerate my soul. My surrounding is in chaos,but I will find peace in His presence. True peace only comes from the Prince of Peace... Jesus Christ. 

Thank you God for restoring everything. This welcome note is for me. I am happy to see you. :)


There is HOPE



In times of need... in times of strong storms and typhoons... this is what we are holding on to. Trust and believe that God gives hope to the hopeless.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Welcome 2012


    I would like to greet everyone a happy... Happy New Year!After the tough year of 2011, I am looking forward for another prosperous years. Let us welcome this year with a thankful heart to our God. [...]

Geek Alerts: Gift Giving?


There are people who are somewhat afraid when Christmas season comes. Maybe because that it is been a tradition for us that we have to wrap and exchange gifts every Christmas. "God-parents" and parents usually got burdens in their heart when Christmas is approaching.

Do not put burdens in your heart, in fact, there are Geek Gadgets and Discount CouponsCoupons who are willing to help you. Remember, the value of the gift does really matter. Of course, we have to grab some opportunity when there are  Things Remembered coupon. You must consider what they like and want to receive during Christmas. Good thing about Geek Alerts, they are ll giving discounts and coupon in order to buy a good and worthy gifts. To the kind of economy that we have, you must be practical in buying those gifts.

You can clearly have the exact number of gifts that you want  because of the RedEnvelope promo codes. You can have your favorite gift items, because they are giving away mostly 50% discount. There are a lot geek gadgets of that we want to give. Right now I just can feel the warmth of gift giving. Actually, in giving gifts, it doesn't mean that it involves in material thing. Probably, it is mostly Spiritual. At that moment I realized that care, love and compassion. are the best gifts you can give to your love ones.Love like Jesus did on the croos- to show love for all..

Keep going everyone and God bless..

For the Ladies who Love Ladies Watches...


When I was young I used to save my extra allowance just to buy a piece of wristwatch. It is usually designed with different kinds of cartoon characters- and it is quite cheaper. One of my favorites, at that time, has a "Mickey Mouse". Actually there are many designs to choose from, but my favorite was the mickey mouse design.As I reminisce my past, my desire of having a wristwatch urges. Maybe having a watch, (designed with cartoon characters suppresses), but my love for the ladies watches did not pass away. I do not usually wear fine jewelries like necklace and bracelet, but you can always see me wearing my wristwatch- definitely I love wearing it. It is also a part of my mannerism- to look at my watch every now and then. That is why the sites that offers great quality watches seems to be so attractive to me. Actually internet today offers a great deal of well-designed watches. You can now choose thousands of designs by browsing the internet. This time you don't have to walk an extra mile just to have a great quality watch. Just a click of your mouse... you will find what you are looking for.I also like to thank my mom who remains so faithful in giving me new wristwatch. I also thank God for giving me a mom who can easily discern what I really need and desires.Keep going everyone and God bless. [...]

Google Logo: Happy 144th Birthday Marrie Currie


Google Updates:
Happy 144th Birthday Marie Curie!

When I opened the site (today) I haven't expect that there's another update that "Mr. Google" will tell me. I have known this great woman- Marie Curie- when I was a kid. This woman had great contribution in the world of science and technology. She us great Chemist and Physicist who pioneered radioactivity.
Well, I am not pretty familiar in her works and discoveries but I do believe you will be more interested in knowing her now. So, you better ask "Mr. Google" today. He will give you a bunch of information about her.

Keep going everyone and God bless.  

Where did my Letters Go?


I was wondering how are house looks like if we will put mailbox in front of the gate. It seems like it adds up the beauty of your home ate the same time I will be able to find my lost letters. Many ignores the beauty and importance of having mailboxes in their homes.

I realized its importance lately when I can't stand waiting for the delayed letters- I've been waiting on it for months now. I was waiting for the board exam results-particularly about the ratings. I am also wondering how much our internet bill costs. Sometimes, when we are not around, the mailman just handed all the letters to my aunties. My aunties just live next to our house. Yeah, that's why you have to wander around the neighbourhood just to find out where your letter goes. In our planned home renovations, I loved to put up this residential mailboxes to enhance our house's landscape designs- I will surely put up a garden where I can relax after all those busy days.

I love to put this Mayne White Signature Plus Mailbox in our front yard!

Here checkout these cute mail boxes today and enjoy the aura of your new home. Enjoy your home-sweet-home weekend. Keep going everyone and God bless you always.

Are you a "moody" writer? Ask an Online Help


It took me an hour before I started typing the keyboard. Sometimes, there are moments when you really want to express something, but you can't grasp any words to express your feelings. All you did is just browse and browse and do nothing. Well, I am moody writer. There are times when I exploded with thoughts in my mind and there are bounty words that I can express. Sometimes, I cannot think a single word to express what I really want to express.

Bad thing about being a moody writer is that I cannot work and write on something when I am under pressure. Particularly, writing an essay is somewhat really difficult for me. I have to express the best idea that I have- in order to get a high grade from my teacher- and I have to finish it in a short span of time (to meet the deadlines). Many call themselves as good writer- a poet- but only few can write great articles even when under pressure. In a situation like this, essay service is here to the rescue. It can help you to figure out some beautiful thoughts that can really change lives the readers. Even in the time of pressure, you depend and ask for help through the help of online agents. They can provide great articles just as you needed.

No need for you rush and end-up a bad essay. Instead, if you are not in the right pace to write an essay... then you can ask for help online. I hope that this article will sounds like "I'm in the mood" to you and

I hope I made a great article for you. Keep going everyone. God bless.

My Memory Box


Hi guys... Here we go, I will open my "Memory Box" for you. These are all the memories I had in my childhood. So enjoy! Everything in it are all treasured memories, for sure you'll give a two-thumbs-up in this post because you can surely relate in these memories...I will not forget my Sailor Moon paper dolls...You can't forget when you change its dress and play puppet talk together w/ other paper dolls (which you consider them as their friends)Are you obsessed in collecting stationery too? Don't worry you are one of us. Me and my sister used to do that you add some colorful sticky stickersWe also have cute and creatively made playhouse...Including all the games that we've played before., it is totally fun... I miss those days. Unlike now, kids' childhood game is all about computer stuffs...You'll add all the Disney Movies... You can't forget Mulan, Pocahontas, Lion King, etc. who made you emotionally moved and cry (no matter how many times you've watched it) I love Lion King, Pocahontas, Aladin, Mulan, Cinderella, Hercules, Tarzan, Beauty and the BeastHere's my all time favorite "The Land Before Time"How about your favorite boy bands and groups?WestlifeStepsOh. I love F4 TaiwanNobody knows I'm a TV addict before...except my dad, mom, sis and close friends.LOLStartla and the Jewel RidersCardcaptor SakuraAlice in Wonderland SeriesActually there are a lot of things and memories I love to put in my memory box. When I put all the memories in the box, it won't be enough.Reminiscing those things- as look back- I thank my God for giving me a wonderful childhood experience.  life thankful and blessed in my life. God is so good and everything that I enjoyed in my past to the present... I give back all the glory and thanks giving to my Lord who continually raise me up into a better person.[...]

Maintaining the Abundance of Health and Wealth


Weekend is not yet over, but I am already burnout. My body feels so sick. I lack exercise and I don't understand what's going on inside my nerves. I feel so tired every now and then. Well, I pray that I won't be sick. Unhealthy body is a serious case because they say, health is wealth. You cannot work when you are sick. You cannot earn money when you have no work and you can't buy nutritious food when you don't have money. You see... it starts with a sickness and you end-up being sick.

So when you think that you are sick and you don't even find a cure for that sickness, surely you will end up sicker than your situation right now. Why people hesitate to buy medicine for cure? Because it is expensive. Right now, you have to find ways to lighten your burden. Checkout online canadian pharmacy see what I am talking about. Some medicines have been  expensive and others are not available in nearest pharmacy. There are also prescribed and generic drugs that are had to find, but through online pharmacies today, life is so easy. You can now easily buy plavix or buy actonel in your most convenient way. Whether it is prescribed or generic medicine, there is an assurance that you will not feel sick in waiting for delivery and online transactions and purchasing.

Enjoy reading my health blogs posts. Be healthy and wealthy. Enjoy life. Keep going everyone. God bless. 

Let's Celebrate the World Teachers' Day 2011


Let's go and let's celebrate the month of October. I think October is my month. On the 17th is my birthday, on the 15th is a teacher's day and the following days will be our church convention, youth intercessors activity and many more.

To start with the celebration, let's go and celebrate with me the World Teachers' Day that will happen on 5th month of October. Let's give honor to our teachers and make this day a special day for them. Time runs fast,  
I can't imagine that I will be celebrating this prestigious event not as a student to my teacher but a teacher with her student. Glory to God I am now a certified teacher.

For me teaching is not a job but it a calling...

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~Henry Brooks Adams


Happy Teacher's Day. God bless you. Keep going. :)

Daily Dose of Geek Alerts: "Cheek Geek" Kits at the Lowest Discounts


Happy weekend everyone. Last night we tended the Praise Festival. Wow, I am really amazed on how God granted His children the talent to play musical instruments and sing praises and worship to Him. It is really amazing because every churches were united in that prestigious event.I've also seen girls playing the drums. I wish I could learn to play drums too. I want to learn, but I did not have the opportunity to study it. I have been facing computer everyday.Good thing, Geek alerts just buzz us about Roll Up Drum Kit.  How to use it? You just take the Roll Up Drum Kit out of your drawer, plug it into the USB slot of your computer, and start a jam session Roll Up Drum KitI think everyone loves different geek gadgets. To give you a buzz about the cool geek gadgets and its great discounts, better checkout Discount Deal Codes and Geeky Gadgets today. You don't have to worry about saving because you will surely save bucks through their promo codes and  saver's coupons.'Oreal Perfecting Primer Base and Your Choice of Million Lashes Mascara Offer, Saving $3.97When you are used to avail coupons online to save, surely you will add Target coupons  as one of your favorite site. For the girls out there who wants to enhance their beauty, well you better checkout Walmart Coupons today. You can guarantee great discount deals for your beauty kits, fragrances and cosmetics.For "chick geeks" this post is for you. Keep going everyone. God bless. [...]

How to become a Practical Consumer?


I'm home and I'm back to the blogosphere. It is good to be back. I wish I could have all the time tonight because I love to tell you everything that happened to me these past few weeks, but my time has just been wasted because I went to the department store for a grocery. Oh, I can't believe it, the price of the goods and products are rising. We can't deny it, but in our time, today's prices are ruining our budget. It is somewhat annoying, but we have to accept the fact.We have to be more practical. We must know the different alternatives to lessen our expenses and save bucks in our budget quota. Why not try to explore Zappos coupons. It is great to save a lot of money for your expenses. In buying your favorite items in the internet, you have to avail Zappos coupon codes because it is a great help in dealing with price discounts- shoe clothing discounts, Men's Clothing on Sale, Men's Shoes on Sale, Women's Clothing on Sale and many more. To be a wise consumer, you must not buy immediately. You should know the products and learn about Zappos coupons to avail different discounts prices in different online stores. In this style of shopping you will no longer worry about your budget because you can buy many products and goods in its lowest price. Be a practical consumer today.Keep going everyone and God bless.                     [...]

A Daily Dose of the Latest Geek Gadgets


If you are going to ask me about my favorite site, which I often visit, probably you've already figured it out. Aside from Facebook and Christnotes (which I got my daily verses and weekly wisdom), I can't slip a day without checking some of the latest and Best Gadgets available in the World Wide Web. I love to visit this site because we can get an updates and alerts about the latest technology and stuff for the geeks and not so geek.LOL. Well, actually, this site is for all of us. Enjoy!If your favorite site is Facebook and you loved to play angry birds, well this cute stuff is for you.  Angry Birds Mini Plush with SoundIf you are a socialized geek, then this cool stuff is for you. You can talk and drink wine all night without hassle.  “Wine Yoke” Party Time Hand Free Wine Glass Holder NecklaceIf you are a wine lover, you can have this Magical Lasso Wine bottle Holder. It will hold your wine with style. Magical Lasso Wine Bottle HolderThis Faceless Watch is one of my favorite. Somewhat awkward to wear but it's somewhat unique and one of a kind watch so it is interesting to wear this one and show it to your friends.LOL. The Faceless WatchEveryday, there's new and latest updates about your favorite gadgets and stuff. I think everyone , who will visit this site can have their own bets and favorites. All you wish is to buy all of this and add it in your own collection. In collecting and purchasing your favorite gadgets, you will surely need Staples coupons. You can have your biggest discount in wanting and owning your own gadgets. Retailing and selling it to your friends, colleagues and relatives would build up a good business. Surely they will love your product. Then save as much as you can in creating your own business cards. Make sure that you know about Vistaprint coupon codes. This can give you big discounts in any printing services. Just visit your favorite website, our favorite website, "GeekAlerts"- the daily alerts of the latest gadgets for geeks.The geeks and the "not so geek", I hope you enjoy reading my post. Keep going everyone and God bless.[...]

Google Logo: Guess What is our Google Logo all About?


Hi friends, here's some interesting game for you. Guess this today's Google Logo? You are free to comment. LOL. Just explore the Mr. Google today to explore the answer.

Keep going and enjoy our game. God bless.

How to be a Good Steward of God's Blessings?


 It's raining. It seems like rainy seasons is approaching. I have to check my umbrella before I leave the house.  Lately, went to the mall and shop with my siblings. We really had a great time together. Thank God the rain poured out its full blast after we get home. Well, that is the disadvantage of not having a family car. I am really praying to God to grant my prayer- to have a family car. It is really useful. It will serve as our family service every time we go to church, shop and go on a vacation. One thing that we must see to it when we have our car- it is our family's safety.Make sure that your family is safe. During rainy season, car accidents are prone. Always see to it that your car and your family are secured. If you are having a hard time finding the best car insurance, try to checkout cheap auto insurance Houston today. It is not just the lowest price that they offer but also have the best rated insurance companies. When you find the best insurance company, you are free to drive anytime without worrying anything. You might think that your possessions will be stolen. Well this is the cheapest, best rated and instant insurance quotes available in the net. Learn more about insurance and find the best insurance quotes today. Secure your family's safety and secure your car's insurance. This is my dreams Family Car ^^,Little by little I am fulfilling all my dreams. With God's help, I know, we can have our own family car. It will be useful and a blessing to my family. I will make sure we have the best insurance ever. I will be a good steward of God's blessings.Enjoy and watch out us God pours out the rain of blessings. Keep going everyone and God bless. [...]

Complete your Wishlists through Coupons and Discounts


It is really hard to work especially when your work is inline to teaching. You have to wear your patience everyday. You have to do all your lessons everyday. You have to unleash your tired and stressful body every now and then. After the long and busy day, you badly seek the time where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Oh, this is one of my favorites!

Definitely, most of my salary will be invested in buying some stuff that can entertain and pamper my tired body.  Geek Toys will be included in the “wish list”. Actually, there’s a lot of stuff that will probably adds-up to my favorites. If you are outgoing geek, probably we will need some of the stuff like cooler bag, flashlights, fishing tools, sleeping bags, women’s shoes (that won’t hurt your toe). If I will name it all, probably the whole page will is not enough. To include everything in your budget you must try and checkout Sierra Trading Post Couponsto help you save bucks and find great discounts in clothing, gadgets- including everything in your lists.

In addition, there is Carbonite offer code for the super geeks out there who loose there computer hard drive. Everything stored in the computer is precious and important so it deserves to be retrieved.
The things that we cared and hoped for tells our personality- it tells who we are.  


Social Networking Sites: How can it help you?


I never thought that connecting with friends online can be this easy. Well, I chatted with my friend online to discuss some matter. The need to connect with her without spending too much penny for mobile prepaid is made possible through internet social networking sites. When I decided to search her name in the chatbox, I can easily find her and then we started chatting. See how internet and social network can works.There are many social networking sites today that are starting to upgrade and improve its quality. Some of those are Chatroulette and omegle. These are just some of the existing sites who became popular and trending worldwide because of its given features and services. Just as social networking sites are evolving and improving, some tried to make changes but it end up deteriorating its quality- well it is just a matter of survival.Truly social networking sites are evolving. You can even share pictures throughout the net. It can also help you communicate and connect with your old friends- way back in your elementary years- by chatting or video chat. Recently my elementary “batch mate” just tagged me in one of the precious photograph we had during our Christmas party. Wow I really loved it. We also talked some of my closest friend in elementary. Oh, that is the reason why social networking sites are created- to connect people.Keep going everyone and keep in touch always. God bless. [...]

Free from Sickness


I just can’t believe that my sickness lasts only for two days and it’s totally gone. I am very glad and thankful to the Lord because He completely healed me. I thank him because nothing happen to me after all. This time, I have to take a deep rest to prepare myself tomorrow for other bundles of paper works. I also wish to have a chance to read another book that talk about love and purity- in God’s eyes. The title of the book is “Love and Purity” by Elisabeth Elliot.

I am FREE. Thank You Lord.

Enjoy your weekend and have a nice day. Keep going and God bless. 

A Site for Converting Youtube to Mp3


I was absent in my work for two days. I can’t help it but to stay all day in the house to take some rest. The reason for my absences is too much stress in my work. I am sick and I still worrying for my class. I am working as a teacher and I don’t know what is going on with my students from the time that I was absent. Though I feel so helpless at this moment, but still I have to get going. Even though I stayed all day in the house, still I have to work. I am so thankful to because I found the website where I can convert youtube to mp3. I will be using videos and sounds for my class presentation for the Nutrition Month celebration and “Directress Week” presentation. I am glad because it is easier for me to download videos from the internet. I never thought that there could be an easiest way to convert youtube videos and music to mp3, so thankful to this website.Well I hope that everything will be okay. I will be back- hopefully tomorrow- in my class. Right now, they are all missing me.LOL. They are all excited for our presentations as well as they are excited to see me back again. One thing I learned about my experience, we don’t have be overstressed in work. We can always find work as an enjoyable thing as long as you know how to handle your time wisely and set some time for rest. Keep going everyone and God bless. [...]

Boost Website Traffic- Web Hosting and Web Blogging


My whole weekend is over. My time was wasted. I haven’t done anything. I was sick the whole weekend. Plus last Saturday, we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday and there’s a power interruption lately. I do not know how to finish it all- paper works, blog updates, etc. I have not started doing the job because I am really sick right now. My cough and colds get worse. Even my fever worsens. I was really stressed in my work. I don’t even know what to prioritize- either my teaching career or my blogging job. Well then, I have to find ways on how to do it without sacrificing the other.One of the tasks that should be done is updating my blog. I have to make sure that my blog is always updated and always on the high page rank. The secret of having a high page rank is choosing the best web host. The web hosting team will help you reach the top and make your site visible to the World Wide Web. Choose the right one, the web hosting site and a good web posts or articles can help you make it through. It can help boost-up your site’s PR so don’t take it for granted. Plus, web host providers provide essential services like domain hosting and web site design and e-mail services.Through blog hosting, it will still keep my blog on the top. Through hard work and webhosting it can open up many opportunities and advertisers for my website.Though my business in school and paper works consumes all my time in updating and improving my blog, I assured, web hosting will be able to put your site on the top in search engines and even in the World Wide Web.Definitely you can have all you want as long as you have the determination, you can achieve your dreams and desires in life. Well then, happy blogging everyone. Keep going and God bless. Enjoy the whole week. [...]

Are You a Tech Lover? Online Bidding and Auction Awaits You


 Well if you are a tech lover, probably you will love this post.When we say technology it is inline with the latest trends that the teens as well as the youth are hooked-up. That is why there are many sites that offer auction sales and biddings to attract their customers. One of those is my cousin.My cousin just won a free mobile load and a mobile phone in an online auction. Well, I don’t know how he did it, but he is really blessed to win many prizes for a lowest price. Right now, he's been addicted to online bidding in the internet.  It is really cool because a lot of Cool Gadgets that are available for bidding. An active bidder can win greatest prices.Online auction is trending today. That is why cool gadgets can be yours if you will be the last bidder. There are man discounts you can experience online. Even the Office Depot coupon code code can save you from paying a great amount of shopping bills. Checkout there websites today and shop and save as much as you want.If you’re not in love in the techno-gadgets, I’m sure you will still be interested because you can have the Musicians Friend coupon. You can have greater discounts and great deals to if you avail the latest coupon and promo deals.Here are some of my favorite gadgets and stuffs: Tabisso Typographic Lounge Furniture Plushtography Camera Lens Pillows Panda USB Flash DriveWell, I have to sleep now. See you tomorrow for another bidding and auction deals. I hope you enjoyed the post. Keep going and God bless you.[...]

Teaching My Students to be an Effective Entrepreneur


Happy weekend everyone. My whole weekend is bombarded with so much paper works. I have to start working as early as possible so that I can finish the entire task, but half of my day is over and I have not yet started anything. I don’t know what to do and how to start. I worked as a teacher and I have to create my lesson plans for the whole week. Honestly, I had a hard time in making good and creative lesson plans. Can somebody help me in making my “Entrepreneurship” subject lesson plans?

I am handling subject in Technology and Livelihood Education- Entrepreneurship. In line with this subject, I want to create a lesson and classroom activities using internet and computer technology. I need to equip myself about effective marketing strategies. This will help my students learn different strategies in boosting up the business and to become an effective entrepreneur.

The use of internet marketing and networking solutions is the best and effective way to promote business. As a teacher, I want to impart to my students a lesson that will make them a competitive individual in dealing with business. Using websites you can sell your products using the internet sales promotion and email marketing solution. Through these strategies, it can help you reach out and keep in touch with your customers and target market. Checkout la marketing expert and learn different marketing plans and strategies in getting to know your customers's needs and demands.

Thanks to these helpful websites. I hope I can now write an effective lesson plan today.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

A Thankful Heart


Wow, I thank my God for giving me all the favor. I just got my license and lately I attended the “oath taking ceremony” for professional teacher. God is so good. He is so faithful and an ever dearest loving father to me. I could not do all these things without Him- without his grace and His faithfulness.

In everything I do, in everything I say and every moment I live… I live it for the glory of God. God is able to help me and give me a victorious life. I thank and praise my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for His greatness and for His grace given to me.

Keep going everyone and God bless