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Comments on AVB: Barack Hussein Obama II vs The United States Of America.

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Obama is running against both the disliked stereot...


Obama is running against both the disliked stereotypes of black men and white privileged liberal guilt. Because while he's causing cognitive dissonance to everyone who can't fathom the idea of a black man being Commander in Chief, he's also the "I told you so" for all the white people who want to feel like the US really isn't that bad and LOOK! there can be a black president so "I told you so" racism is over and we're in a post race world.

But as I just posted on my blog last week - cultural ignorance and plain old bad manners abound...and then when I talk to my white friends about it, they share their stories of also being ignored in stores, etc. I think they think it makes me feel better - but no, it's just annoying and another example of why they don't get it.

Obama is running with and against all the Black st...


Obama is running with and against all the Black stereotypes that are out there about us. That is the burden that he has to carry as an American politician. While we all carry that burden, he will be on the biggest spotlight in the world. I agree that he is the better choice for the job but, I am more fearful than hopeful.

I am fearful that the agenda at play here is to dump all of the Republican bullsh*t in the lap of someone who will go down in flames. The war, the economy, unemployment, the mortgage industry, gas prices, etc will all fall on the next President. I also think McCain was positioned as the GOP candidate to be a viable but unelectable candidate. The GOP is showing face but not trying to win. They f*cked things up and are going to step out of the way for the Dems and Obama to take the blame. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.

I am fearful that as a result of this plan, Obama will be made to look like a total failure; thus hurting the chance of Blacks to gaining high level elected office. I think this is a GOP plan to help their newest partners, Hispanics, take over as their preferred minority partner. As Hispanics grow in population, economic and political power, the GOP will grab them and bring them into the fold. I bet we will see more Hispanics posted to high level positions and in the next 10-15 years, we will see Hispanics in higher level elected positions.

That’s why Lil’ Bush stood by the former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez so long. He and the GOP were showing their new amigos that we got your back…even if you are an idiot.

Finally I’m fearful that if this plan works, Obama, current and future Black politicians, and Black Americans in general will lose ground globally. As global markets emerge, they represent HUGE opportunities for Black people to live, work, and thrive abroad. If Obama bombs in office, the affect globally could be huge. The last thing we need is for more cultures to be negatively disposed to Black folks before they meet us. Rap music hasn’t helped but an Obama failure would be pushed as the failure of all Black folks by the Powers that be….”Black Americans: All Style, Polish, and Personality…and no Substance.”

Sorry y’all….I hate to be this pessimistic and believe me, I hope I am wrong. As for pressure, I cannot believe the pressure that Obama has to bear. He is a strong and great man for stepping up to this challenge.

It's hard to minimize the effect of bad stereotype...


It's hard to minimize the effect of bad stereotypes when you have a stupid electorate. We still have a large percentage of people who don't know who Dick Cheney is. Barack has to keep doing what he's doing. Set up offices in every state, let people get to know him, and remain the pleasant, intelligent guy he was during the primaries. He was unflappable (unlike Clinton). McCain will definitely blow in more than one sense of the word.

You know, somehow with the Justice department scan...


You know, somehow with the Justice department scandal, Sen. Stevens being charged with taking bribes from an oil company,A US military adviser calling the Iraq war stupid, rising foreclosures, tanking economy, and Mccain actually running ads whining about the media's love for Obama, and blaming Obama for high gas costs....I don't think in the end Obama is going to have to worry about anything. Hillary used the kitchen sink strategy, McCain's camp is remodeling the whole damn kitchen. He's changed positions more than Heather Hunter. He just looks desperate and silly and old.

There's nothing he or anyone can do to erase what ...


There's nothing he or anyone can do to erase what some people feel about black men/people. Him being up against everybody is the truth. I give no credit to J.J. (Jesse Jackson), but with him saying stuff like that about MY candidate, black folks are going to keep on losing.! That's just how I feel. How are we as a people going to make any headway (if there is any damn headway to be made... I'm sorry, I'm feeling a little hopeless about race relations at this moment) if we're hating ourselves and each other. Whew... rant. Please excuse me.

There's nothing Obama can do to change anyone's mind. I wonder what his private conversations are like with Michelle--I would love to know how they're feeling. I have an inkling, but as a wife and a mother, I'd be scared to death that someone would hurt him since he's in the position to be hurt by a whole bunch of crazies.

Honestly, either way it ends up, I'm going to be nervous as hell come November. If Obama wins, he'll have a long road ahead of him to try to right America. If McCain wins, we're still going to be in a recession, y'all, but I have a feeling it's going to get worse! And... hell, he scares me. *faints*

You forgot Tom Cruise. He's a Maverick, too.As fa...


You forgot Tom Cruise. He's a Maverick, too.

As far as naming conventions go, I think that particular rule of "you're Jr. until you have the III" is antiquated and somewhat illogical. I am biased since I am a "II", but if its good enough for kings, queens, and popes, why the hell not regular people?

Well AB, I agree with you for the most part on thi...


Well AB, I agree with you for the most part on this one. Obama has a VERY thin line to walk on this one, and one misstep and McCain's people are going to pounce no questions. So far so good for the O man.

I think the messed up thing is that he's in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position. Somehow McCain's people have not done the best job of attacking him. As a result of McCain's own inadequacies, they've not been able to capitalize--but I think that's more a result of them being Republicans and running against a "movement."

I'm SOOOOO glad I was at church on Sunday morning because if I had heard a comparison to Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler and the last times someone in Germany had crownds like that, I officially woulda went postal, I'da started cussing and everything. Black Snob was right, MSM like that lives and breathes off of hyperbole.

Also, I'd like to add that as much as Barack Obama is running AGAINST the United States, he's running FOR those of us in Black America who never thought we'd see the day of a black man running for president.


@Omi: If this election is a referendum on Obama, h...



If this election is a referendum on Obama, he brought it on himself. It's a part of his campaign game plan.


I'm reading a 2nd and a 3rd time... a lot to think about, but on 1st impression, damn good post today.

I will say that I hope the level of conservative discourse you see around here doesn't look like simply preventing Obama from getting elected. There's more out there than Talk Radio and Fox.

Perhaps more comments later... digesting now. :)

McCain is such a non-candidate. Obama certainly ha...


McCain is such a non-candidate. Obama certainly has nobody to run against - except the historical stereotypes of Black men as you highlight here.

And if Obama wasn't running against The-Candidate-Known-As-Stereotypes, McCain wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell's fireplace.

I haven't seen much of Hillary on the Obama campaign trail. Is she too busy advising McCain on ways to incite stereotypical fears???

Sure he's running against everybody's worst Scary ...


Sure he's running against everybody's worst Scary Black Man fear. It doesn't help that terrorism and the economy already have the fear level jacked up. Even the MSM has said this: "If the election is about McCain, he loses. If he can make the election about Obama, he has a chance."

Don't need to tell anybody what that means. And I think we all know what we can expect in the next 100 days, too.

@ the ink agreed.@ jazzy/bro omiditto. no way Obam...


@ the ink


@ jazzy/bro omi

ditto. no way Obama being prez automatically "fixes" the racial issues that plague our country. It's a small step maybe, but it surely is no magic cure.

@ brown man

I've seen those shirts too, but primarily worn by suburban Caucasian girls, which I guess gives it a whole nother' connotation altogether. Hmmmmm.


C'mon now, of course I'm not "just now" figuring this out. But when he was running vs Clinton, the subtext was muted a bit because he was also running against a woman. Now, he is purely running vs himself.

And yeah, he also gets a lion's share of the negative media. I'm surprised McCain supporters can't somehow admit this.

Ummm...AB? You're just now getting to the fact tha...


Ummm...AB? You're just now getting to the fact that Obama is running against every Black man in America who was ever disliked even a little bit - EVER?!

Well, he knew that all along :-)

Anyway, heard some interesting stats on Countdown the other day. Yes, Barack is getting more coverage, but he's also getting more negative coverage. Something like 70% of his coverage is negative as opposed to 50% for McCain. There was a university study done on it. It was on Friday's show which is online if you want to check it out.

BTW - I completely agree with you on the cultural ignorance, but I think it breeds fear and then action.

I've heard the word "racist" so much lately I had ...


I've heard the word "racist" so much lately I had to think - "when was the last time I used the word myself?

Its been a long time.

From where we are now, we will never dominate teh country numerically. And I don't have enough energy to hate over half the population - or even the small sliver of bigots who still can't stand the sight of me.

Buddy of mine was in a suburban Atlanta grocery store near his house last week - called me in from the car while he was heading home.

"Man, I'm in the grocery store. This brother comes in - with dreadlocks, baggy shorts, dayglo sneakers, and a black t-shirt on that was four sizes too big.

You know what the t-shirt had on it, in big block letters? WHITE HOUSE INTERN!"

The visual got me in the gut. I laughed so hard I could barely hear him continue.

"Man, the white folks in there were looking down at the floor, or just staring at him. You see this shit? This is the kind of shit they have in the back of their minds when they think about voting for Obama."

He was right. You're right.

Question # 1 is, can the image of the black american male in America evolve from where it is today, or is it stuck forever at this juncture?

Question # 2 is, are we black men willing to let it evolve?

I agree, this is more a referendum on Obama then a...


I agree, this is more a referendum on Obama then an election.

i will say that many people believe, black and white, that if they vote for Obama, all of the racial stigma this country has will be forgotten. that is a wet dream at best.

WOW! AB, you are on point. The one thing I worry a...


WOW! AB, you are on point. The one thing I worry about if Obama is elected President is that America will believe that the problems of this country are somehow resolved. Also, any time we as black people step out into the working world don’t think for one minute that we are not fighting a preconceived stereotype. We have to do it everyday to checking our retorts when other’s can comment freely.

I agree that this country is not full of racists.T...


I agree that this country is not full of racists.

This country is full of people who at any given moment are capable of slipping into a default white supremacist setting, prompting them to use race as a bludgeon to beat their own brains out.