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Comments on AVB: Is It Ever Okay To Hit A Girl?!?

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I can tell you one thing. My grandmother taught me...


I can tell you one thing. My grandmother taught me never to hit a lady; but I'll slap a bitch in a minute if she presents herself to me that way. You can't hide behind your vagina.

brotha in the beginning sure had a nice bod. Whew!...


brotha in the beginning sure had a nice bod. Whew!

Umm...yeah he is! LOL I haven't seen it in a while either.

well, i'm a bit late...In a nutshell, I think the ...


well, i'm a bit late...

In a nutshell, I think the Obama-Palin dichotomy is not the same as you and Hammond (I keep thinking of the Hammond organs which are just big as all get out!).

For you and homegirl, that fight was in fact the war; Obama realises that he doesn't even need to fight her because she's self destructing. Obama and Biden may be on the ropes, but it's really because they're chillin out and relaxin watchin' Palin beat up herself and watching a few jabs come from the senior advisers in the McCain campaign.

While she's busy trying to pick a fight, he's winning the election, which is what it's really about.

She can kiss being the new face of the party goodbye. If they loose, she will have tarnished Alaska's image by the rest of the country and if she can't get reelected in 2010 for her gubernatorial seat, she will fade into the gleaming white snow of the north, hopefully never to be heard of again.

Meanwhile, Obama will have secured his place in history. I mean, still there's nothing that damn historic about her candidacy seeing as how we've already had a female VP candidate before in this country.

@ AnonymousThe "barry bonds" reference is all abou...


@ Anonymous

The "barry bonds" reference is all about being anti-media and being shocked that they favor your unfavorably.

The photo above ties to the title of the post. Everyone else seemed to get the universal point. If you want to make it some race thing, go right ahead. Just don't take me with you.

Ummm what the HELL does this have to do with Barry...


Ummm what the HELL does this have to do with Barry Bonds?!! And just as equally obnoxious is the picture you used I'm all for calling black men out even on a website like this but there are WHITE MALE celebrities who are just as guilty of domestic violence. And not only are they NOT vilified but glorified as for hitting a woman in the case of Sarah Palin if you want to play with the big boys you have to take your damn lumps! And don't cry 'they hit me cause I'm a GIRL!' that isn't exactly helping the woman's movement when you want to jump in the pen but cry when you get hurt. That's how politics work and if Palin can't handle it then she shouldn't be there which might be truer than we realize.

SpoolDo you need to erode your low credibility any...



Do you need to erode your low credibility any further? Nothing in that article substantiated your claim. Even the article noted that not even MCCAIN has given access to his travelling press corps.

Man, I am really worried about your mental state come November 5th.

Ask and ye shall receive


Ask and ye shall receive

@ blk diasporaGood points. Obama's reluctance to "...


@ blk diaspora

Good points. Obama's reluctance to "attack" Palin could just as easily be a universal tactic he would have used, whether McCain chose a man or woman Veep. I've obviously disagreed with this approach periodically, but it just goes to show why Obama is about to become the President, and I'm merely a blogger.

@ Ciara

I was PhotoShop challenged, I took the easiest bait. Sorry.

@ ShadyGrady

I do agree that Palin's getting a pass because she's marginally more attractive than Clinton. Very true, the same folks crying sexism now wouldn't be saying jack had she looked more like Claire McCaskill. Then again, considering her qualifications, she wouldn't have been chosen if she looked like Clair McCaskill either.

@ EG

The thing that really pisses me off is that she keeps crying sexism, but none of it's coming from the Obama campaign. If anything, it's the media, and even then, she brings it on herself with the way she's so flighty and obnoxious. She seems to not realize that getting the media, any media, on your bad side is never a good career move. Especially given her skeletons. They could have been an ally had she not insulted them.

@ Missy

Hammond's family moved away not long after she started liking me. I'm not 100% convinced that she isn't actually The Lady Of Rage in real life.

@ Spool32

The media did indeed do his job for him. But c'mon, what did you expect? Has any candidate ever been so downright hostile and publicly distrustful of the media? She started pulling this 'elitist liberal media' crap after 2 weeks on the stump.

Seriously, if Obama came out last January and started calling the media a bunch of Redneck, racist bastards, how long do you think his campaign would have lasted? She did herself no favors dodging the media, then playing the victim role when she FAILED EPICALLY!

Seriously, show me another scenario where talking down to the people whose job it is to cover you has actually worked out? This chick must think she's Barry Bonds. And you see how that worked out for him.


I don't know if I'd call it "sexist" to lump Palin and Clinton, but I will agree they are different candidates. Clinton is by comparison far more experienced and seasoned. I still don't like or trust her, but I don't doubt she'd do a better job than McCain. Palin is just stoopid.

@ Spool (2)

ezra, that's demonstrably false... Palin has given more interviews and more access to the press in the last two months than Obama and Biden combined.

Okay, you opened your mouth again. Substantiate that comment. Count the examples of both combined. I won't allow you to make such silly statements here.

Palin has been on Fox News. That's about it. Still no official presser. Standing around on a tarmac after your campaign advised you not to doesn't count. When will she officially answer questions about Troopergate, without blaming "the media"?

She is a joke, and come next Tuesday, she will be the answer to a trivia question and little more. I will breathe a sigh of relief.

@ Serafina

They can't sicc Michelle on Palin. That's bad politricks, and the Angry Black Woman stereotype is even worse than the Angry Black Man.

This is what Clinton is supposed to do for Obama. If she wasn't so busy sticking the knife in his back and begging for money to pay off her debt, she'd be on the job.

@ Cinco

Exactly. The whole "lobster and caviar" thing was blatant sexism and classism.

I'm concerned that cries of sexism are ringing out...


I'm concerned that cries of sexism are ringing out. How is it different now that it's Palin on the chopping block for spending money? Let's not forget the outcries when fake info accused Michelle of fine hotel room dining.

A double standard will always exists. I'm still waiting for McCain to tout his family proudly like Palin...what's that? Fears of what people will say again about his adopted dark skinned daughter?

We're not making the rules. They've been determined long ago. Everyone who is able will attempt to defy them.

Damn the issues. Lets take more time every week to discuss things that only matter to a few...

@dok you have a great point. I was taught growing ...


@dok you have a great point. I was taught growing up that a boy was not supposed to hit a girl. But, I was also taught that if I was "man" enough to hit a boy then I needed to brace myself to get hit back.

My Father has always said that if a woman wants to...


My Father has always said that if a woman wants to act like a man, then treat her like one.

My Mother always said that if a woman wants to be treated like one, don't ball your fist up a swing at a man. Bigger or not, every man has the right to defend himself. How much is too much?

Women sometimes pick at men, daring them to fight back, because we know if he is a real man he most likely won't. But, we get shocked and cry foul when he reaches his boiling point.

Conclusion: Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

I'd have sicced Michelle on her. But, as someone pointed out, they don't need to, she's sticking her own head up her arse and screwing herself.

Palin is an idiot. Plain and simple. Hillary didn't get away with half of the crap that she is right now. And thats what bothers me about her.

However, I guess its sort of like, leave the retarded kid alone. She doesn't know what she's doing. So ignore her behavior.

I think McCain has to be suffering from dementia to have picked this "woman" for his VP.

While not quite the same, isn't this what we were ...


While not quite the same, isn't this what we were talking about in that "What would you do" post about that man hitting that girl?

Doesn't Miriam make the EXACT point that "the uppity negro" was making in that previous post?

so to the people that in last post who disagreed with uppity and said that it is NEVER right to hit a woman, and yet agree that Palin deserves to be hit for her saying things about Obama...why the sudden change of mind?

please ignore the fact that the previous post involved a 16-17 year old girl and Palin is a 40+ year old woman. I am more focused on the point uppity/miriam made about women hiding behind the very societal law that is there to "protect them".

ezra, that's demonstrably false... Palin has given...


ezra, that's demonstrably false... Palin has given more interviews and more access to the press in the last two months than Obama and Biden combined.

They also support FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights, and a socialist redistribution of wealth, but you're right: to the legacy media and to liberal supporters of Obama, this isn't news. To independent voters in swing states it sure would be... which is why it's not getting reported. The important point here is that the legacy media has judged for you and I what should be important, and they picked effing clothes over past political affiliations.

Let me remind you that when it was Palin's husband's past political affiliations, that was news. When it's Obama's, it's not interesting enough to even get researched. Again I say: Obama hasn't had to attack Palin, because the media has done it for him. Don't BS yourself into thinking he's some sort of honorable and high-minded individual because he hasn't hit back.

And, for the record... Obama was in fact friends with a couple of remorseless terrorists, a cop killer and her husband who firebombed a judge's house. The evidence is excellent, and Obama maintained contact with them up until 2005. You might not think that's bad, you might be willing to ignore it for various reasons, but denying the truth of it is dishonest.

It's sexist to just refer to Palin or Hillary Clin...


It's sexist to just refer to Palin or Hillary Clinton as representative of all female candidates. Different candidates require different attack tactics.

Palin is like the Alpha female in high school. She's volatile, her morals are questionable, and she's got a crew of like-minded "cheerleaders" to back her up. You don't attack her because she's not afraid to lie, passionately. She, like the alpha females, digs her own grave (the football captain knocks her up and she eventually goes to beauty school).

This isn't what "women" are like, it's what this type of woman is like.

The media can't interview her, she doesn't talk about issues, so they talk about her shoes and clothes. If she had substance- or was allowed to show it- the media would have something more to go on.

Still, male candidates are afraid to attack women on character it seems, but in a generation this will change.

@Spool: The New Party mainly supports a living wage and affordable housing. I don't think the liberal media or the liberal people watching the media find that particularly shocking compared to $150,000 for clothes or calling Obama a terrorist's pal.

I will also add that not only do you not hit a girl but maintaining that it is okay for men to hit men is also sexist and perpetuates violence that leads to violence against women and children.

It's not sexist to say that if a man or woman physically attacks you in close quarters you have the right to defend yourself- but in most cases people (men) are just defending their egos.

As I drove to work, a local radio station addresse...


As I drove to work, a local radio station addressed the issue of domestic violence, and how women get a pass when abusing the men, but men get the cuffs QUICK.

Obama didn't do what was fair, because he deserves to take a few hits at Palin... but he did what was smart by ignoring her per the unspoken rules of engagement.

Speaking of smart: Obama gave McCain and Palin all the rope in the world. Apparently the wise brotha knew they'd hang themselves with it. Umph um um.

= = = = = =
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There's no need for Obama to address the things th...


There's no need for Obama to address the things that McCain?Palin feel are 'issues'. He's proving that ignoring most things and staying focused on his plans is working. No need to encourage the 'angry Black man' sterotype that exists. I think there are plenty of people that would love to put him in that box. Obama needs to keep doing what he is doing, barring any hidden skeletons hopefully he'll be our next President.

The media's done his job for him. It's a false que...


The media's done his job for him. It's a false question... why should he even bother with needing to attack her when the undercard has been 100% nonstop brutality?

You don't get to claim the high road if you're looking the other way while your weedcarrier is curb-stomping somebody.

Let's see... documented, published evidence that Obama was a member of the socialist fusion "New Party" when he ran for State Senate, or photos of Palin's shoes? Let's go with shoes.

Reporter admitting in a published article that the LA Times is sitting on a video of Obama at a dinner, giving a toast praising a supporter of the PLO? Or Palin's wardrobe expenditures? Run the clothes money front page.

Please, people. It's not that they can't attack... it's that they don't have to.

...let me add that you have to factor in the fact ...


...let me add that you have to factor in the fact that Obama is a black man and she is a white woman. I think she's intentionally try to bait him so that she can have her pity party and shed crocodile tears while crying "Look at what he did to me!"
It's all kinds of unfair but...such is life.

First let me say this has to be one of the best po...


First let me say this has to be one of the best posts I've read all day. I was really into the story about Hammond. It was like I was there...
Second, you pose a very good question. I think the Obama is doing the best her the (side-eye) and iggin' her. That's like saying I hear you but you don't even merit a response...which she doesn't.
He'll whoop her in the polls Enough said.
Now...when did you face Big Hammond again?

Once again, I present my answer in the form of a q...


Once again, I present my answer in the form of a quote from Sanford & Son:

Lamont Sanford: "Pop, I can't believe you would put your hands on a woman!"

Fred Sanford: "I wouldn't put my hands on a woman. But I'd hit 'HER'!"

(This is in reference to Fred's sister-in-law Aunt Esther who maintains a family feud.)

In short: Palin's no lady. Act like one and get treated like one.


You said it best, AB - Sarah takes herself out eve...


You said it best, AB - Sarah takes herself out every time she opens her mouth. No one has less sympathy for a woman than another woman, and most of us (with the exception of women who look like SP) have decided that she is a conniving airhead. Barack doesn't have to do much. Maybe we'll see SP aiming that famous wink (facial tick) his way in a few weeks. Than Michelle can take her azz out.

Couldn't find where to email you but have you hear...


Couldn't find where to email you but have you heard Tavis's latest slam on the black blogs?

its not that at all. Really, if Obama or Biden sa...


its not that at all. Really, if Obama or Biden say anything, they would be deemed sexist and lose political points. simple as that.

Anybody that hits me is going to get hit back. Gen...


Anybody that hits me is going to get hit back. Gender doesn't really enter into that equation.

That being said Obama has done a magnificent job of staying focused on his message and not getting down into the mud with the pigs. I didn't think it would work for him. I was wrong. It remains to be seen if that approach will work as President.

As far as not being able to really attack Palin politically , yeah it's not fair but that's life. Palin has gotten an easier ride than Hillary Clinton, probably because she is younger and marginally more attractive. If Palin looked like Rosie O'Donnell, I think political opponents would feel more free to attack.

Also Palin's own vacuousness has done Obama's work for him. Anyone who thinks the questions of "What newspapers do you read" or "What Supreme Court decisions do you disagree with" are somehow GOTCHA questions is obviously not ready to play in the big leagues.

Didn't watch the whole video, but the brotha in th...


Didn't watch the whole video, but the brotha in the beginning sure had a nice bod. Whew! And those Mickey Mouse afro puffs on the girl brought back memories and made me laugh.

I think it's best for little boys to be taught to not hit girls at a young age (and vice versa), b/c for some it's a hard mentality and habit to break once they get old enough to do some real physical damage.

Otherwise political attacks don't seem to be working well in this election. We'll see on Nov 4th.