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Comments on AVB: The Audacity Of Hatred.

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I'm not surprised at all. @EG for the above commen...


I'm not surprised at all. @EG for the above comment, that's effed up!

A little before Obama won I found out about a "closet" racists in our office. I say a little before because I really never paid her any attention when she started talking politics, since most people in our office voted for Obama. It make you sit back and wonder "damn, if you feel that way about Obama how the hell do you feel about me?" If you were to voice that to them they would probably turn red or say something to you about how you're "different" or "not like 'the others'" or stumble over their words after they let something like that slip out. The people you talk to everyday and they do nice things for you and vice versa, then you find out their true colors. That's what's so suprising.

My wife mentioned this to me today.My in-law in Ge...


My wife mentioned this to me today.

My in-law in Georgia was recently harassed by some white tweenagers while shopping last weekend. These dudes were going around the parking lot and kicking the cars which had an Obama bumper sticker on them.

While my in-law was loading her packages, this group approached her and saw her Obama sticker and said, (paraphrasing) "Get out of here, "n_____"! We're running things now!"

They kicked her car, and she proceeded to MACE them.

These people called the police and SHE gets a two citations for using the mace on THEM!

What a world. F'ing insanity!


"Those people" will have to eventually accept Obam...


"Those people" will have to eventually accept Obama's presidency. He won. It is what it is. But they are angry as hell. My boss is still sulking. I have noticed a marked difference in the way "those people" in my office interact with the few black folk at the office. It's still eerily silent, just as it was the day after the election. It's just pathetic.My take on it is if you want to be ignorant, go ahead it's a free country. But when you take to a physical place and inflict harm on others because of your stupid beliefs, then it's on.

You are dead wrong about Keith Olbermann and Chris...


You are dead wrong about Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. On multiple occasions they rightly slammed Pailn, McCain and Hillary on race baiting. I remember watching Chris get into it with Pat Buchanan after the WV primary about this very issue. The MSM is pretty worthless when reporting on issue relating to issue related to race and poverty. Funny thing is that most of reporting that I saw on racism in the campaign was done by Aljazeera .

aaron: Sorry you've experienced that. That's got...


aaron: Sorry you've experienced that. That's got to sting.

Honestly, I look at the people in these videos and it's like watching THINGS. I cannot fathom the way their minds are working.

And I know...I KNOW...that those 60-year-old men and women who are taunting "Communist!...Communist!.." and other assorted idiocies in that putrid sing-song voice could be found, fifty years ago, bullying quiet, geeky kids on the playground, sing-songing "Faggot....faggot..." until the victim would cry, and the tormentors would all laugh derisively and walk away with those same loathsome smiles we see on the faces of their adult selves.

I would bet thousands on it.

@averagebro:Your thinking is flawed on the gun iss...



Your thinking is flawed on the gun issue. If you want to throw the topic open, I'd be happy to explain... this is an issue where I've spent a number of years studying the law and the legal opinions from both sides of the debate (collective right vs. individual right... I don't count the Ban All Guns crowd as a side).

In the D.C. situation, yes they lost in court but the city has since defied the law and not allowed handgun sales through other means... they continue to obfuscate and illegally complicate the exercise of the 2nd Amendment within their jurisdictions.

More importantly, though: you raise the issue of whether the community wanted sales or not... that is entirely, completely irrelevant. A community's opinion has no bearing on whether an individual should be barred from exercising a Constitutional right.

lastly, your argument about criminals getting guns illegally holds no water... criminals get guns illegally all over the nation, but violent crime is much lower in other urban locations. Chicago and D.C. have the most restrictive handgun laws in the nation, and they have the most gun violence. The means by which criminals arm themselves is beside the point.

You can be sure that the Supreme Court deliberated considerably longer than the time it woudl take to read a wikipedia entry, and they determined very clearly and unambiguously that the 2nd Amendment provides for an individual right to keep and bear arms. The reasons a citizen might want to do so are immaterial to the question; the Court has clearly spoken.

I suggest that anyone who wants to truly understand the "real reason" for something as complex and fundamental as 2nd amendment would need to spend more time studying the question than 15 minutes reading wikipedia.

If anyone wants the real meaning and reasoning tow...


If anyone wants the real meaning and reasoning towards the 2nd Amendment, visit:

The information should speak for itself as to what the real reason for arms was intended for and not what it has become.

@cjames30082 & all
I can relate to cjames30082, but I'll go a step further. I have encountered whites that will not really flinch when a black or brown person does something great in the world, as long as there is a white (usually male) overlord. Many whites feel threatened when a black or brown person has reached the very top in a position that is usually reserved for a white overlord. When I witnessed this type of action from whites I went to school with and were/are still are friendly, it kind of took me aback. They apparently don't mind a black or brown athlete leading their favorite team to the promised land, Oprah being so successful, or a black or brown coach leading their team to the long as there is a white overlord keeping the status quo. Once the overlord becomes black or brown, apparently he's a communist, a socialist, unknown, a terrorist, and the list goes on. Now that really see and hear whites you went to school with, played college athletics with, and had fun times voice the same bullcrap smears that have been spoon-fed them by the right. It kind of makes you feel like: "so I'm good enough to compete as a superior athlete and win games for your enjoyment, but once I show I have a brain, want to own the team, and make some changes in the world, I become uppidy." That right there is unfortunately the reality of racist America, and I'm glad people like Barack Obama continue to beat the odds every day!

1. No.2. First (a), then (b). Slowly.3. No.*sigh*


1. No.

2. First (a), then (b). Slowly.

3. No.


I'm skipping the gun law debate and going back to ...


I'm skipping the gun law debate and going back to the original question:

I'm disgusted by the racism. I'm not shocked that it exists, but I am surprised that people will say this kind of stuff out loud and/or in front of a camera. I would have hoped that people would have enough sense to feel at least a bit of shame. But I guess that's naive and overly optimistic of me.

And speaking of having (or NOT having) sense, I think that I am most shocked by the ignorance here, and how easily these people were snookered. Clearly, they don't know what communism is; clearly they don't know what socialism is. And they're willing to make assumptions about a man's background, birthplace, religion, etc. based only on his name... Oh, and on what the palin/mccain people told them.

I've heard some conservatives get mad and say, "I hate how when I say that I'm a conservative, that people think I'm stupid." Well, this is why. A little humility, a little willingness to examine your own beliefs and question them, a bit more thinking for yourself would be nice to see.

@spool32My thing about the 2nd amendment isn't abo...



My thing about the 2nd amendment isn't about the (supposed)Obaman restriction of gun sales, it's the reactive mentality behind it.

Did you see the ABC nightline report on this from 2 weeks ago?

Here's the video:

I used to sell firearms and ammo, though I don't own one. While I don't agree with using fear as a motive to stock up on guns, the irony is that same fear is helping the economy.

I don't have a problem with self defense, I just have an issue with that "back to the wall" mentality that is reasoning for stocking up.


@ Spool...attempt to make as much of the nation's ...


@ Spool

...attempt to make as much of the nation's gun laws look like Washington DC or Chicago as they can.

Uh, not sure if you missed this while you were digesting GOP Talking Points, but DC's gun ban was reversed awhile ago.

I surely don't want to turn this post into some referendum on gun ownership, but I should note that DC residents have long since been overwhelmingly in favor of the ban. The mayor, Rep. Norton, and DC city council were all against the repeal.

The d-bag who pushed this to the Supreme Court is some lawyer who actually lives fulltime in Florida. He only did this to prove a point, and if I understand correctly, hasn't even purchased a gun yet.

Either way, since most gun crimes are comitted with illegal firearms, the effect on crime in DC has been nominal.

Point being, folks (black or otherwise) will kill someone if/when they want. Waiting 5 days for a gun permit isn't changing that.

I really wish Conservatives would drop this nonsense from their argument, as if they really care about the safety and wellbeing of inner-city kids. They have no concept of urban issues, and shouldn't use this as their justification for needing an AK-47 to hunt squirrels.

Have any of these folks ever been to Barry Farms?!? I think not.

Regarding the explosion of assault weapon sales, C...


Regarding the explosion of assault weapon sales, Congress is already talking about reinstating the "assault weapons" ban... which isn't really a ban on assault weapons anyway - it's a ban on weapons that look scary to gun-ignorant people.

It's not some impending race war... just a sensible assumption that a Democrat-controlled Congress and a Democrat President will do things the Democrats have been saying they'd do for ages: restrict the sale of firearms, abandon the principle of and individual right to bear arms, and attempt to make as much of the nation's gun laws look like Washington DC or Chicago as they can.

What reason would any gun owner have to believe otherwise?


Legal gun ownership is such a huge discussion, I don't want to dive into it here... but it's worth pointing out that extremely restrictive gun laws correlate very strongly with high minority murder rates. Black folks are not doing themselves any favors by supporting politicians who think D.C is the way to be on gun laws.

This speaks volumes about our education system.


This speaks volumes about our education system.

@AB:Maybe so, but I'm not betting against "stoopid...



Maybe so, but I'm not betting against "stoopid" thinking folks. :)


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

@ EGI honestly believe the explosion of gun sales ...


@ EG

I honestly believe the explosion of gun sales is little more than these idiots having been somehow convinced (likely by gun store owners) that Obama is going to ban sales of guns. Never mind the fact that he's never said anything of the sort. I don't think any of these ingrates plan on doing anything stoopid.

@ Antonio

I agree, Olbermann at least addressed it, but only when such things directly occurred against Obama from a McCain/Hillary supporter. Even then, Keith's message was undermined by his extreme Obama stannery. He can't really be looked at objectively, especially when he lied about not even voting.

@ Grady


@ CJamesThere's nothing "simply rallying around th...


@ CJames

There's nothing "simply rallying around their team" about watching a child mimic a black man by making ape sounds. Seriously, where else does a child learn such nonsense other than at home?

Watch the first few seconds of the first video. It is sickening.

Her dumb ass called him "the monkey from Tarzan". How else would a 10 year old even know who Tarzan is?

Some parents should have their children taken back.

The greatest affliction of the human condition is ...


The greatest affliction of the human condition is racism.

I had a great lament while watching this year's election. I kept asking myself, what would John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King say if they were alive today? I truly hated that this generation was robbed of that experience by the racism fueled assassins of the past.

The actions of today's domestic terrorists do not surprise me. It's ironic to me that after hearing for years about terrorism "over there," that no one has addressed American grown terrorism.

Gun sales have exploded since Obama was elected, especially among white Americans. Not just hunting rifles, but ASSAULT rifles and pistols.

Last I checked, you can't legally hunt deer with an AK-47. I fear that minorities will be hunted for sport under the right conditions.

Hopefully, that portion of people still living in the 19th century will come and join the rest of us in the 21st. If not, time will hopefully see that dying generation come to extinction.

It's old, tired and satanic, in my mind.


The incidents of racism do not surprise me, and I ...


The incidents of racism do not surprise me, and I don't think they'll decrease by much if at all. The thing that concerns me more in this day and age is that which ever side is victimized by these acts of hatred, seems to set out to get revenge somehow.

Alot of the country has proven that they're not ready to accept Obama or any progress on the racial front. McCain still gathered a high percentage of votes inspite of Palin, the economy, unemployment,the wars, W. Bush or any other pressing issue.

If McCain/Palin had won I think the acts of violence and pure mayhem may have been worse.

@allsome the videos seen here are simply rallying ...


some the videos seen here are simply rallying around their team. The guy(director, orator) in this piece is trying to provoke people. If you took the same attitude of the orator and moved it down to DC or SouthWest Atlanta with a McCain/Palin sign trying to provoke people you would get the same amount of ignorant sh*t stated.

To me, there's two types of racism. There the I-hate-you-nigger brand of racism which was somewhat displayed here. But the racism that HURTS is the I-want-my-kids-to-go-to-a-better-school racism. I live in a section of the Atlanta Metro that I like to call bordertown; where it goes from 90% black to about 80% white within about 5 - 7 miles. My neighborhood is about 70%W - 30%B. THere are a lot of kids in the neighborhood and most of the kids attend private school. Of the remaining kids that do attend public school, they are all black. No white kids that I know of go to public school. Not one. Being that I have young children, I decided to rent an inflatable and invite all the toddlers and pre-school kids to play on it. There were 22 families represented and I made it a point to weave in schools into the conversations with the adults. 19 families were definitely sending their kids to private school(17 white/2 Black) and 2 black families were sending their kids to public school. The reasons that white families gave for private school was that the public schools were bad. Those schools are actually pretty good so while they made their arguments all I heard was "Those schools have black people in them!" It's not overt racism but more a racism of exclusion.

On top of that it's about to get real in the field. With unemployment going towards double digits it will be every man for himself. Guess what groups will lose when that happens?

Keith Olbermann railed against Hillary's race-bait...


Keith Olbermann railed against Hillary's race-baiting pretty hard in several of his "special comments". I don't know if he did the same for McCain, but I don't see how he'd let him off the hook.

During all the bullshit during the general election I thought "Be prepared for four years of this if Obama gets elected".

this doesn't surprise me at all, but it still does...


this doesn't surprise me at all, but it still doesn't hurt any less.

No this stuff doesn't surprise me. McCain and Pali...


No this stuff doesn't surprise me. McCain and Palin deliberately invoked and pandered to some very ugly feelings.

I think that over time the open animosity will be reduced but it will still simmer under the radar.

If McCain had won, you'd see anger but of course it would not be racial nor would it contain the sort of eliminationist vitriol that Obama's win has brought forth.

It's hard for me to believe that anyone could be s...


It's hard for me to believe that anyone could be surprised by this. The entire fabric of this nation is built upon race and white supremacy. This election of a Black man with as eclectic a background as this man as the figurehead of the most powerful nation on Earth does have the potential to be a game changer beyond our imaginations. It's not a given, of course. But, if nothing else, if Black folk use this as inspiration to get our own mess in order, that by itself can shift the course of the history we're creating right now.

I think the hatred we're seeing will continue and will become more and more blatant and violent before it's all over. Change isn't easy, especially if you aren't open to it. The good thing is, though, it don't give a damn about you. It's going to come anyway. So, yes, they will resist. They will deface property, they will spit on our children, they will kill people. That's real. (Um...I should mention that I watched Rosewood last night...) But, like everything else, that will pass, and things will eventually get better and our children will move us forward from this place into a new age. That's my belief and my hope.

It's crazy how awful people are. It breaks my hear...


It's crazy how awful people are. It breaks my heart to know that people can be so hateful and so stupid! Maybe I'm naive but it is hard for me to imagine people wanting to hurt someone, don't they think about his family when they say stupid things like that? This is a man with children and a wife, he has family to live for, how can people threaten that?