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Over Your Shoulders

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It Has Been Called Anthropologie "Inspired"




I came across this cute shrug on the internet a few days ago and I knew that I needed to make it. It is a very classic, easy to wear shape and I just knew that it was the perfect cover up for a bride to wear with her gown. I have actually spent many, many hours trying to find the right styles to knit for my customers and it has proven to be more difficult than I imagined. Everything that I came across in my research seemed too fussy, too frilly, too plain, or the wrong shape. This is where designing your own pieces comes in handy! Off to the drawing board I go...

Using size 13 round knitting needles, I was able to knit this up in no time flat! It is knit from the top down and took me only one day to complete! The pattern uses a great raglan technique of [YO, sl marker, p1, YO] on each edge of both sleeves. The piece runs a bit small. Adjust for that next time.


The Particulars:

The yarn I chose is called Bernat Ping Pong. The color is Pop White, S100S, dye lot 1005 05. It is soft as can be and has a great clear sparkle incorporated in it that shows up beautifully under the lights.

The gauge is 3sts./inch.
This 50 g. skein is only 58 yards long and 4 skeins were used.
Please be sure to hand wash and lay flat to dry.
The yarn is a 73% acrylic and 27% nylon blend.
Size 13 round needles were used.


Blogging... A Work In Progress


Monday, September 15, 2008

Just in case anyone is wondering, I am just teaching myself about being creative with my blog design. It is a work in progress and I am planning on changing most of it. I am just testing the waters, so to speak! Right now, I am working on placing photos in the header. I haven't found a great picture yet. And I haven't been able to resize correctly. Can you tell?!! One step at a time!

I am searching for my next shrug / capelet / bolero design. I have a specific yarn and am having trouble matching a pattern. As soon as it comes together, I'll take pictures and get under way. I also have to create an Etsy shop for my knitting. Does anyone know how to open a second store? Of course you do! Any suggestions? I am off to visit my helpful friends at The Switchboards. If you are a small business owner and you haven't stopped by there, I highly recommend it. They are a group of wonderful people :)

A Smiley's Trip


Thursday, September 11, 2008

I just came back from a slightly disappointing "shopping spree" at Smiley's Yarns. Most of the yarns I have been using are from Smiley's and I was anxious to find some other colors in the yarns that I love working with. And there was a store clearance, to boot! Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the color choices that were available. White, which is what I expect most brides to order, is a fairly difficult color to find right now because vibrant colors are so in style. I wonder if you brides are interested in other colors when it comes to wraps?!? I want to put a poll out there, but, alas, This blog has no following yet... I am hoping that will change soon!

So, after shopping the aisles, I found my basket full of black yarn, a few white skeins, and more often than not, lots of off-white shades. There is one thing that I am sure of...I will have fun testing my new purchases.

The alpaca yarn that I love so much came home with me in shades of black, denim blue, and ivory. Yummmmm! I love working that yarn. And I found a few other interesting types and textures. Now I just need to finish up the short jacket that I am working on. It is taking entirely too long! I want to be knitting the new yarns yesterday!

Cocktail Capelet


Monday, September 1, 2008


Another day, another style! I have been knitting like a fiend lately! That is my style when I get something in my head. This piece has got to be my personal favorite at the moment. The pattern was so satisfying to knit and the yarn is scrumptious. This particular piece also holds special memories for me because I worked on it diligently through dropping my oldest son off for his first time at college. Let's just say that it was my therapist through this emotional time! My family, minus Josh :( , stayed for a few days in the mountains and I sat for hours at the stream and knit. It actually helped me to work it all out.

When I saw this piece in Interweave Magazine, issue , I knew I had to add it to my collection of offerings. Although it does not cover the shoulders, it is so soft and feminine. This style will wrap you in a warm, fuzzy hug and still leave your hands free for holding your bouquet. I chose to knit it with is this wonderful heathery cranberry color as the winter will be upon us before we know it. Of course, I can envision it in a beautiful, fluffy, white yarn as well! I am just trying to show you all that there are choices. And who knows?! Maybe your maids are wearing this color, too. Maids deserve a warm hug also!



I have been saving this yarn in my stash for just the perfect piece and when I decided to create Cocktail capelet, I immediately knew that this match would be perfect. Filatura Lanarota, Puno, is composed of 100% Alpaca and is amazingly soft. I used the color 1526, lot 436. And only three skeins were needed.

Just wait until you throw this over your shoulders. It is like butter! The pattern appears to yield a heavy piece. Instead, it is surprisingly lightweight and is very appropriate for any season. To keep your capelet clean and fresh,you must wash it by hand and lay flat to dry.


Pieces Without a Name


Saturday, August 30, 2008
I've yet to put names to my knitted pieces. This piece is special to me in that I chose to use a fairly intricate lace pattern. That is my favorite type of knitting.

Although it takes quite a lot of patience and time to create, I can't help but appreciate its' look and feel. It reminds me of vintage knitting.

This lace shrug is made of Grace, a wonderfully soft 100% mercerized cotton by Patons. The color is a delightful light green color called Ginger, 60027, dye lot 275. It actually reminds me of the exact color of wasabi. The color in these pictures is slightly off.

I loved knitting this stitch, called with this particular yarn. They work so beautifully together. I found this stitch in



I made this pattern from a rectangle that measures 30"x 12.5". The long edges are finished with a bobble edge and the arm bands are finished in the round with 12 rows of 65 stitches in stockinette stitch.I like how the band gently rolls.

The shrug is simply worn by putting your arms in both ends.

Cropped Jacket


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My next piece is a cropped jacket from the winter '99/ '00 issue of Vogue Knitting.



The color is close to white, but has a definite slight gray tint. The stitch that I am using is very stretchy and works perfectly with this yarn, as it is also stretchy. This jacket is very stylish and has a very close fit.

I am using, Jaeger Roma, in the color called Cloud, shade 015, lot 0317.

I am using an aluminum size 8 needle. I find that the metal allows the yarn to slide on the needle, making for a more comfortable knit.


This sample is made in the larger of the two sizes.



1. When making the back, I continued to knit 10 stitches between each decrease row instead of bringing it down to 8.

2. If using this yarn on this piece, use a size 9 needle next time.


The Capelet


Saturday, August 16, 2008

While I think that it is important to offer both classic, as well as fashion forward pieces in my line of cover ups, I decided to start off on the more conservative side with a style called a capelet. The capelet is a wonderfully comfortable style for the bride who is looking to cover up and still have her hands free. It will sit gently over your shoulders with a graceful closure at the neck edge, leaving your hands free to hold both your bouquet and the hand or arm of that important man in your life. If comfort and free movement is of utmost importance, this is the style for you!


The instructions are found in the VogueKnitting magazine, spring/summer 2004 issue. This design is an easy to wear style and combined with the very light weight yarn that I chose to pair it with, will keep the chill in the air and not on your neck.

You won't believe how light this piece is. All too often, knitted garments can end up being too heavy and bulky. That is perfect for a cold winter's day, but this yarn is definitely perfect to ward off the chill from the air conditioning or a cool summer's night. The soft, silvery gray yarn that I chose, will allow you to wear this with a bridal gown, as well as a pair of jeans and your favorite shirt on your honeymoon. It is so important to take into consideration the wear ability after the big day!

This piece must be hand washed and laid flat to dry.


For my references:
needle size 10.5 metal, round


I am still deciding on the embellishments, but here is the completed "basic" piece. I will update the pictures when I have a finished product!


As always, the color, type, and weight of yarn, and embellishments can all be personalized according to your needs and desires. Just contact me to discuss options that you have in mind and I will be able to let you know if your ideas are possible. Please keep in mind that I am only limited by the type of yarn and it's available colors. The availability and variety of yarns is spectacular these days and I should be able to find the perfect match for most requests.

It Is A Go!


I've always dreamed of making knitting my career. Truthfully, I had no idea how to go about achieving that goal. Recently, a thought has been creeping into my head and it has gotten louder and louder! In doing the constant research for L. Stone Designs, my bridal jewelry business, I have come to the realization that brides-to-be are wanting to wear shrugs... boleros... caplets... wraps... and whatever other names you come up with! Brides want, and for various reasons, need, to cover their shoulders. My mind started to race from idea to idea and I soon found myself unable to sleep at night (one of the curses of being a driven, creative person). As the cutest commercial goes..."I'm too excited to sleep!".

So I did what I do best. I began pouring over blogs and articles and knitting magazines to find out how brides feel about this subject and what styles they are looking for. I scoured through every bit of information I could come up with and I started to make sketches. The ideas poured forth and my enthusiasm has grown even more!

Are brides going to wear bright colors? Or pastels? Or only white? Will they want an intricate pattern, such as lace? Or a very classic style? I do realize that the style of each bride, as well as her dress, will determine the answer to all of these questions.

I am happy to say that as I begin to put these ideas into reality, my business will specialize in meeting the needs of most any bride's wishes. After all, that is what I have been doing for years with my jewelry. It is my pleasure to meet with a customer and create a plan to design just what she desires. I always walk away from this experience with such a feeling of accomplishment. It is my sincerest hope that my customer will as well.

My plan is to document each piece that I am designing through this blog. I think it will be fun to see what styles, stitches and combinations of yarns I use to build each unique style. I also love the idea that you will better be able to connect with the process of building your piece! Each order will have a little "story" to illustrate the process of it's creation!

Let the knitting begin!
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