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Preview: SkyPieces Radio

SkyPieces Radio

Last Build Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2014 00:57:37 PDT

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Video: "Spotlight In the Sun" by The Sunpilots

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 07:20:46 PDT

Every so often a song comes along that grabs you fast and makes you hit REPEAT over and over and over. This is just such a song. Keep tuned here to SkyPieces Radio for more from these guys for sure!

"Spotlight In The Sun" by The Sunpilots (myspace)


Video: "Closer" by The Divine Madness

Fri, 09 Mar 2007 09:22:12 PST

Who says you have to be signed to a major label to have a pro-quality video? The Divine Madness pull back the curtain on that and many more myths about indie bands in one fell swoop with this video.

"Closer" by The Divine Madness (myspace)


Video: "Guilty" by Assassins

Mon, 05 Mar 2007 20:45:28 PST

These cats are indie, on Chemicals Kill Records. Very nicely-done video and a sweet catchy tune to hang it on. Thumbs up!

"Guilty" by Assassins (myspace)


Episode 16 - Rhymes With Orange

Sat, 06 May 2006 14:31:46 PDT

Step Right Up and Git Yer Episode 16, Daddy-O!

Specs: 13:31 and 15.5MB

Show Notes:

Blackboard Jungle - California
Lark Watts - Sixteenth Avenue
Last Falling - Buried In Bloom

Again, streamlining some of the processes here at SkyPieces Radio. Stats show that the far majority of listeners are getting their feed through other sources than directly from this page, so drop me a line if there's anything I can help you with out there.

Media Files:

Episode 15 - Leaner and Meaner

Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:58:24 PDT

Yah, I got your Episode 15 right here, baby!!

I know, I know. All I can say is, I have been mondo busy. But, I have missed this. I explain a bit about the hiatus in this episode, but I figure the best thing to do is get back in here and start cranking out the rock! A few changes in this episode, starting with the length/size.

The specs: 11:13 and 10.8 MB

In the interest of streamlining this baby so it has a prayer of getting done, the shownotes have been abridged. If those time-coded shownotes were a huge benefit to you, let me know. In the meantime, here is a simple track list.

The Radio Knives - Diggin' Out
John Keenan - When We Lay Down
Lark Watts and Rattleshake - Fourth of July

Please feel free to email me:

A special huge Thank You to Christopher Gabbitas. We got some good stuff here, buddy.

Media Files:

Episode 14 - MySpace II

Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:55:32 PDT

Episode 14 is lookin' sexy for the prom!!

Specs: 26:08 & 31.4MB

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:56 *Valeze - Search and Destroy
05:56 *The Amino Acids - Cycles Pin
07:06 *Circuit - Just Like Heaven
11:00 *Illiyun - Dr. Phil
16:31 *Last Falling - Get Away
20:43 *Last Falling - One-Point-Six-One-Eight

Media Files:

Episode 13 - MySpace!!

Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:06:24 PST

Episode 13 is cued up and ready to rock!!

This week we get down to the nitty-gritty with bands that are TCB on The specs:

29:03 & 27.9MB

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:51 *Pretty in Stereo - Goodnight
05:56 *Hand Honey - Ashamed
11:20 *Tourist - Everytime We Touch
15:20 *Patty Hurst Shifter - Shine
19:30 *The Travezty - Where I Want To Be
23:18 Podcast Pick of the Week (Weekly Throwdown and The Jersey Toddshow)
26:10 *The Silver Factory - Chapter 2
28:59 Piss On You!

As promised, HERE IS THE ITUNES SUBSCRIPTION LINK for SkyPieces Radio. Just click that link and iTunes pops up and allows you to easily subscribe to your favorite independent music podcast.

If you have a myspace page, whether you're a band or just a fan of great music and want to help spread the good word, drop by and add us as a friend. And, if you really want to help these bands out, we've provided a few links below that you can paste into a Bulletin or Message to YOUR friends network. These bands don't have the big bucks of the RIAA behind them. They have you. Just type up your own message and paste this in for good measure.

---------- snip------------

Main Site:


iTunes Shortcut:

MySpace page:

------------- end snip -------------

Next week: more MySpace bands! We've already gotten such a great response from bands on MySpace that we have to throw in another show to cover some of it. Get used to it.

Media Files:

Episode 12 - Callomaniac

Sat, 25 Feb 2006 07:51:03 PST

Episode 12 is cooling on the rack!!

Specs: 32:07 30.9MB

Episode 12
Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:24 *Uncrowned - Lying in Wait
05:59 *Lark Watts - Nowhere Girl
11:24 *Granian - Mark My Words
18:00 *Hand Honey - Paper or Plastic
25:12 *Without Malice - Strangers
32:05 Oh, Pickles!

Reverted back to the white shownote pic. That periwinkle-on-blackboard color was tough to look at with small print (as opposed to the header on the homepage).

A few extra links you might want after listening this week, including some fantastic podcast recommendations:

The PMC Top Ten
The Chewing Gum Volley
ABC Television's LOST Podcast

Drop us a line to the email address above! And, please go take a shot at the Podcast Pick(s) of the Week. Tell 'em you heard about 'em on SkyPieces Radio.

Media Files:

Episode 11 - Encopresis

Sun, 19 Feb 2006 09:22:41 PST

Episode 11 is fresh out of the 'still.

Specs: 31:45 & 30.5MB

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
02:17 *Lark Watts - Put Down the Gun
06:40 *Lark Watts - Girl You Used To Be
11:32 *Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire
16:45 *Hey Tiger - Elizabeth
21:38 *Patty Hurst Shifter - Acetylene
31:24 SkyPieces Bump

As always, tweaking and adding new stuff all the time. In this episode, the debut of the "SkyPieces Radio Dictionary of Depravity and Degradation", as well as the "SkyPieces Radio Bum's Rush". New graphic designs for blog header, iTunes artwork and album art/show notes.

After submissions to dozens of podcast directories this past week, there has been a spike in listenership. Plus, we are now officially listed in the iTunes Directory! All this activity, compared to an examination of the stats for this page, tell me that we are getting listeners from many places other than this page. So, for you folks, here are a few links you might find helpful:

The RSS Feed for SkyPieces Radio

The iTunes Shortcut for SkyPieces Radio

A direct link to (this) SkyPieces Radio Homepage

Drop me a line. Tell me where you are and how you found out about SkyPieces Radio. See y'all next week!

Media Files:

Episode 10 - Over My Shoulder

Wed, 08 Feb 2006 19:55:32 PST

Episode 10 is bottled up fresh right here!!

The specs: 30MB and 31:32

Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag and Theme
01:43 *The Genders - Mute Button
04:45 *Soular - Over You
08:14 *Texture - Surrender
11:58 *Planet of Women - Waking Up the Neighborhood
15:42 *Revolution - The Resin Rain
20:04 *Jammin, Inc. - RaggaPunk
24:42 *Lark Watts - Love
28:09 Promo - Rock and Roll Geek Show
28:30 *Tourist - Throwing Stones
31:22 SkyPieces Bump

As you can see, this is an "encore" episode of sorts. I've been getting a lot more traffic lately and I thought this would be a good way to bring the newcomers up to speed. I hate that they missed this much already. It isn't everything I've played for the first nine episodes, but it is the highlights. And... I shut up more this time.

Email me. Tell me where you are, what you listen to the show on (iTunes, WPM, etc) and what else you listen to. I love to get recommendations for other shows. Tell me what you think of the new theme music, etc. Also, sign up for the email list over there on the right column. Get these show notes in your inbox.

Go ahead. Rock'n'roll.

Media Files:

Episode 09 - Biting My Tongue

Wed, 01 Feb 2006 06:59:44 PST

Episode 09 is here (insert your own witticism).

After finishing everything off, I am noticing some slight distortion in the host vocal (that means when I talk). I was experimenting this week with a new compression plug-in to get a punchier sound on parts of the show. In early production, things sounded fine. After I finished up I heard the junk. Rather than tear everything back apart to fix it, I wanted to go ahead and get it out to you. This did not affect the music itself in anyway. Next week I'll go in and tweak the settings on that. In the meantime, I can recommend that you turn the volume on your media player or iTunes down a bit and turn up your speaker volume instead. Occasionally this little "gainstaging" trick will help.

The stats: 26:34 and 30 MB

Show Notes:

00:00 Episode Tag (09)
00:03 SkyPieces Theme
01:39 *Dusty Hughes - Drowning In You
05:29 *Texture - Wilmington
10:37 *Rotoscope - Drive
17:42 *Corporate Whore - Runaway
21:28 *Lark Watts - Lucy's Song
26:20 SkyPieces Bump - Adda

Note on past episodes: I am working on switching a few things around server-wise. If you are trying to access a past episode and can't get the download to work on past shows, write me at the email address above and I'll get you through it 'til everything gets put together. - Thx

Media Files:

Episode 08 - Erin Says I Cuss Too Much

Mon, 20 Mar 2006 13:34:56 PST

Episode 08 is waiting in the drawing room. Better late than never?

This episode... 27MB... 28:03

SkyPieces Radio Episode 08
Show Notes

00:00 Episode Tag (08)
00:03 SkyPieces Theme
01:58 *Lark Watts - Next Big Thing
04:59 *Revolution - Urban Child
10:46 *Blame Amy - Sum of One
16:12 *Noblesse - Map Your Face
19:13 *Lark Watts - Whore
23:23 *Glasshouse - One Night in Your Skin
27:54 SkyPieces Bump - 4 Friends

Went back to the thinner show notes. Just the facts. Drop me an email and let me know how things are sounding on your end. I try different things from time to time to see if I can get the overall audio quality up. Let me know where you listen to the show (at computer, in car, earbuds, etc). Anything stick out as difficult? I had a lady contact me about another podcast I work on who told me the background music during the commentary made it difficult for her to hear since she wore a hearing aid. So, we fixed that on that show (and I made an adjustment here, just in case.)

Your feedback sure helps.

Media Files:

Episode 07 - Erin Picks 'Em

Tue, 17 Jan 2006 06:40:12 PST

Episode 07 is served up here! Put down that fork. This is finger-food, baby!This weeks episode info: 25MB, 26:23Show Notes:SkyPieces Radio Episode 07Show Notes00:00 Episode Tag00:03 SkyPieces Theme01:08 Erin Leland commandeers the show01:25 *Planet of Women - Waking Up the Neighborhood05:39 *Jammin, Inc - Plant a Seed09:48 Comments - Mike and Erin11:41 *Lark Watts - Love15:08 Comments on White Line Radio16:06 *Udora - Liberty Square19:50 PROMO - Rock and Roll Geek Show20:13 Comments on Michael Butler's Int'view w/ Vicki Blue22:52 *The Subways - I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say26:14 SkyPieces Bump - Ryan mentioned in the show notes above, the lovely Erin Leland makes an appearance in this episode and helped pick half the music.I've been getting emails from the bands that appear on SkyPieces Radio. It's always nice to get a shout-out from people half a world away who appreciate being played. Anyone should feel free to drop me a line: Suggestions? Comments? Snide remarks?Big howdys this week to Lark Watts, Billy Bryan (from Texture), Michael Butler (from the Rock and Roll Geek Show), Ed Ovett (from Ed's Mixed Bag), Tim White (from White Line Radio), Tim X--Ryan S--Scott G--Natalie C--Stephanie S (I'm gettin' some serious mileage out of those little recordings we did, gang!), and always the lovely Erin Leland."Hell, there are no rules here -- we're trying to accomplish something!" - Thomas Edison [...]

Media Files:

Episode 06 - which Mike comes up for air

Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:30:22 PST

Episode 06 is hot off the grill here!!After a bit of a delay (technical problems, as well as my work on another podcast), the latest installment just got smacked on the bottom. Here's the skinny:File size: 26MB Length: 27:24Show Notes02:51 Lark Watts - Russians05:50 Grumpy Old Men - Wish in One Hand05:59 Adrina Thorpe - Round the Bend09:39 Promo - Rock'n'Roll Geek Show11:48 Keith Varon - Intoxicated18:37 Texture - What You Get22:08 Promo - Piss On You -plus- Wilhelm23:27 Lark Watts - Angelina27:14 Promo - SkyPieces BumpMost songs above are from the Podsafe Music Network, with the exception of the Lark Watts material, both of which are from his newest CD, "This Town", available for purchase on his website. Many thanks to Lark for sending me "This Town", as well as "The Gravel Sessions", both of which are awesome. More from both of them to come on SkyPieces Radio, guaranteed. In the meantime, check out some samples (and an awesome video) from "This Town" at new podcast I'm working on is a very different flavor. It is set up by White Line Screen Printing in Harrodsburg, KY and is called White Line Radio. It will focus on the Danville/Harrodsburg arts scene, including drama, music and visual arts. We will post every two weeks, including features, interviews, events calendar, local interest segments and music from local bands.White Line Radio is apparently the first business podcast in this area, but hopefully not the last. (If your business is interested in learning what a podcast can do for you, email me at We were interviewed by the Danville Advocate-Messenger for a business feature that is slated to appear in this Sunday's edition (called the Kentucky Advocate, I believe). If any of that content makes it online, we'll get you links.In the meantime, Episode 07 of SkyPieces Radio is already marinating. Drop me an email about anything at all, let me know you're out there and where you are.Adios! [...]

Media Files:

Episode 05 - Preach It, Baby!

Sun, 01 Jan 2006 13:04:26 PST

Episode #05 is here! (28 MB ; Clocks in at 30:03)In this week's installment, true believers, we have:01:24 The Genders - Horatio06:30 Revolution - The Resin Rain10:19 George Carlin on Radio That Sucks13:05 Lark Watts & RattleShake - Painless19:49 Beavis & Butthead on Michael Bolton20:22 Tourist - Throwing Stones23:14 Ed's Mixed Bag Promo26:05 State of Being - Haywire29:46 Tim X - Hank Hill PromoNew this week: In addition to the show notes embedded in the lyrics section of the mp3, I've added "album cover art" that is actually show notes. So, if you listen in i-Tunes, you'll see a picture pop up in your i-Tunes player. Click on that and get a blow-up of the show notes. Voila! Plus, the show notes themselves are more expanded.You will note the email sign-up module in the sidebar of this page now. Sign up quick and easy and I'll be sending you an email when the new episode is up that includes show notes. Even if you are subscribed (like all the cool kids) you might like to have those notes and links. Basically, I'll send you everything that ends up here on the blog. Thus, no need to have to remember to visit the blog!You know me... always thinkin'!For those of you who are wondering who listens to SkyPieces Radio besides you, here's a quick peek into what my site tracking tells me...* I actually get the far majority of my hits from my entry on Podshow.Com, not Scott Glascock's site, though that does come in (a distant) second place.* A quick sampling of where listeners come from -Foster City, CAEugene, ORHendersonville, TNWilmington, NCJupiter, FLBurlington, VTRio Grande Do Sul, BrazilWoodbridge, VAWaynesboro, MSLaurel, MDAntioch, TNHamerkaz, IsraelSpotsylvania, VAHenderson, NVFrohna, MOUnited KingdomBoise, IDBoonton, NJLouisville, KYNew York, NYKyle, TXMadrid, SpainUruguayAlsace, FranceMandeville, LAThat's just a few of the list that I have. Plus, my freebie stat counter drops off the end at 100 views, so anything back further than that I don't have access to anymore (and I just started that counter last week). Pretty cool, huh? And you all thought that this was just something my few closest friends were listening to out of curiosity and pity... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!P.S. Many thanks to those who made my birthday super-special yesterday. Y'all rock! [...]

Media Files:

Episode 04 - Magic Week

Mon, 26 Dec 2005 07:07:53 PST

Episode 04 is in the can!

*Warning! Episode 04 is NOT work-safe!!*

This week's tasty morsels include:

01:36 The Genders - Mute Button
04:54 Amy Fox - Do It Again
11:30 Texture - Surrender
17:18 Revolution - Then I Was Alone
21:38 Blowing Adam Curry?
23:50 Cruisebox - On a Podcast

For All Songs Today Go To
The Podsafe Music Network

The show clocks in at 27:15
The MP3 file is 24.9 MB

The above shownotes are again included in the lyrics window (for those players that display that). You will note the links in the shownotes above to each artists page on the Podsafe Music Network. From there you can find out more about them, check more of their songs, get to their webpages, etc. Browse around the PMN more yourself. Hear something you think would rock SkyPieces Radio? Drop me an email at

Thanks to all the subscribers. Wanna be cool like they are? Grab that Feedburner button in the column on the right and drop it into your i-Tunes or other reader. If you use something besides i-Tunes, you probably know how to do that already.

Last-minute Announcement: From now on, point your Firefox browser to to get here! If you're still limping along with IE, do yourself a favor and hit that Firefox button over there on the right. It's free. You'll thank me for it.

Media Files:

Episode 03 - Christmas!

Tue, 20 Dec 2005 07:52:32 PST

Episode 03 is out the door here!! I was planning an episode before the Christmas installment, but after hours of work and finally looking at the calendar again, that just didn't make sense. So, this one is just a little late, but my stats tell me most people wait 'til the weekend to listen anyway.

Info for this weeks episode, incl. new-fangled time-coded notes (hey, we try to improve on something each week)

01min 47sec American Heartbreak - Greatest Christmas Song Ever Written

06min 17sec JamminInc - Raggapunk

11min 17 sec Ronnie - Christmas Time of Year

16min 42sec Texture - Your Fault

21min 12sec The High Balls - A Fistful of We Three Kings

Another little improvement this week- the time-coded notes have been included with the MP3 file in the "lyrics" section of the tags. This means that if you listen with Windows Media Player or a similar player with lyric-view enabled you will see the show notes as the episode plays. We aim to please.

I've been finding it more and more difficult to get good webpage listings for some bands. I do believe that everything in this week's episode can be found on the Podsafe Music Network. If you haven't checked that out, you should do so now. Thank you, Adam Curry (and to your team... I know good and well you aren't doing this yourself)!

I've been getting emails from almost all of the bands that are played on SkyPieces Radio. Thank you very much. I'm sure the cheese-headed DJs on ClearChannel never get email from Jessica Simpson. That's why I love this. Please do tell your friends and your band's mailing list about us. And, if you/they have i-tunes or any other multi-media aggregator for subscribing to RSS feeds, do grab our Feedburner button over there on the right and drop it in to subscribe to us effortlessly every week. (If you didn't understand a word of that, nevermind.)

Have a great Holiday. See you in Magic Week!!

Media Files:

Episode Two

Tue, 13 Dec 2005 07:11:35 PST

Episode Two is up here! Decided to kick out the jams a bit more this time. Plus... a new theme song!

Some other basic info...

* Worked out a few bugs in the i-Tunes subscription process.
* Clocks in at 25:44
* 23.5 MB

Songs included:

* Light In the Hole by UDORA
* Ain't No Use in Denying by THE COOL WATERS BAND
* Planet Me by CAGE NINE
* Cortez and Pizarro by SLIM
* Against the Grain by THE APHRODISIACS

Feedback welcome and encouraged, whether right here or via email. Here's the website link I mentioned in the episode for a music industry article Tim X hipped me to at

Right now I am focusing on getting the production values and process down to a science for this. After Episode Three I'll start focusing more on spreading the word. However, feel free to mention this to anyone. It isn't a secret.

Many thanks to those who gave me feedback on Episode One. Many of your observations were VERY helpful. I can listen to this thing over and over and will only catch so much. Eventually you have to throw it out there as it stands. How it downloads and plays and subscribes is tough to trace through all the different setups people may have. Thanks again.

Media Files:

Episode One

Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:02:08 PST

Episode One is up (in beta). This link is an mp3, it is 28.3 MB, and clocks in at 29:32.

Those of you I have sent a private email to about testing this, feel free to comment here, but anything very lengthy would be better served in an email. Once this is tested in a few places and the bugs worked out, I'll be rolling it out regularly.

Thanks for your help... and enjoy!

Media Files: