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Opinions on local, state and national matters that concern citizens of York County, Pennsylvania.

Updated: 2018-03-07T13:36:43.487-05:00


Water, water, water everywhere...


Those of us old enough to remember back when, in 1973, Hurricane Agnes, actually the remnants of Agnes, raced up over us in the York and Central Pa. area and hung here for three days, dropping 13 inches of rain. We remember the flooding that occurred in York City and County.     The Codorus Creek, despite the Indian Rock Dam gates being closed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, overflowed and

Single-payer system for health care?


I am beginning to wonder why everyone calls it "socialism" when single-payer health care is discussed as a possible solution to our health care insurance crisis. I happen to agree with opinions made recently by Mark Cuban on a cable network news show. Cuban basically says that the insurance companies should not be involved in the health care business. IF, the efficiencies of the federal

Is Congress in first grade?


I find it funnier every day when I tune in or read news for the day on how politicians are acting. Right up to the United States Congress. Neither "side" of the debate is entirely right.  But I must admit that the Democratic machine has taken things to a whole new level --- lower.  If I didn't hear what was happening myself, I would have thought we were talking about first-graders who lost a

Coming back to life


It's been nearly a year since we last posted.  Been on a hiatus because time was not available to devote to this blog. But that is changing. Look for new posts very soon.  

Is the GOP falling apart?


It appears that the Republican Party, which first laughed when Donald J. Trump announced he would run to be its candidate for President of the United States, is now in a "panic," as the media calls it, because it looks like he will win. The efforts to turn people against Trump as his campaign strengthens even farther is so loud and so brazen that it is almost guaranteed to split the party not

May be the strangest presidential election ever


The race for the presidential nominee for both parties is shaping up to be the strangest presidential election in my lifetime, which is over 70 years now. On the Democratic side, you have Hillary Clinton who, in my opinion, cannot be trusted and blame her in her involvement in the Benghazi incident, and I just cannot see voting for or seeing her as President of the United State.  Then you have

With "13 Hours..." film, should Hillary even be running??


I finally got to see "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" and, judging by the fact it is a true story, I wonder why Hillary Clinton would expect to win  the Democratic Party nomination or the Presidency itself. Some critics panned the film saying it was typical war story, or it was so complicated and it blurred the viewer's clarity of the conflict, and so on. Hate to tell everyone, but

Pope talks to U.S. Congress


If I were a television commentator, I would have to fill a specified number of minutes about my opinion, which would mean a little base information and a bunch of garbley-gook. But since I am not, I won't take up all your time. Here it is in a nutshell. When the TV cameras showed the back of Pope Francis and the members of Congress in the background, I got this sudden chilling feeling of seeing

York County Judge Kelley to leave bench


What a beautiful thought.  York County Judge Thomas H. Kelley VI, who was retained for another 10-year term in 2013, has announced he is leaving the bench at the end of this year to enter private practice. He shouldn't have been on the bench in the first place. But thankfully he is delusional enough to think he can better serve the York County community as a private lawyer instead of a judge. At

The Kathleen Kane case is a lose-lose adventure


I believe it is the law that tells us an accused is innocent until proven guilty. In the case of Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane, it can be said that Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf was premature suggesting that the AG resign after being charged on several counts about about leaking information and lying to a grand jury in Montgomery County, Pa. She has her right so stand up and fight the charges in court.

About time we get speed enforcement cameras


It's about time Pennsylvania begins using speed enforcement cameras in work zones. I don't know what it is about the average driver -- you and me -- that, when we get behind the wheel, it becomes a race to get where we want to go, and every other driver is a competitor.   And that spells danger and death. Especially for road construction crews. There is absolutely no question that using the

To Pa.legislators: Cut the crap and get to work


Both primary parties in the Pennsylvania Legislature are touting their stands on the now-real Pa. budget problem. The Pa. House Democratic Caucus (I should pronounce it "caustic")  is happy Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the GOP-sponsored budget.  In doing so, the Caucus promoted the following in a very short Email publicity campaign Thursday: (1) Fund schools with a commonsense severance tax; (2)

Gay marriage? How far does this SCOTUS ruling go?


The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.  That has brought out a lot of jubilation across the country. It has also brought out a lot of controversies. My opinion is that, for legal purposes, gay marriage is a right. But it will be important how far this ruling extends. Thus the theory of separation between church and state is going to play a

Media to use tragedy to promote agenda


Here we go again. The news media immediately tries to turn a tragedy of a mass murder in a church in Charleston, S.C. into a wide-spread movement that must be addressed and averted. You know what I mean.  New fodder for gun control. Once again, and it will be repeated over and over again and the news media will not grasp it: Guns do not kill people ... people kill people. People have the right

Great Britain is making their bankers accountable


It was wonderful to hear the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Great Britain speak today, June 10, in Great Britain, announcing not only the government's plan to begin selling its gigantic amount of shares in the Bank of Scotland which were part of the great bailout of the banking crises -- of which U.S. banks played a big part of -- several years ago. It wasn't the plan to sell off the

The Gyrocopter is the story????


Here is a real good example of just how shallow our news media organizations are, from "top" network news right down to the local stations and newspapers. Douglas Hughes was the pilot of a gyrocopter who flew the aircraft from Gettysburg Regional Airport onto the U.S. Capitol's west lawn yesterday (4/15/15) and has been charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and violating restricted

Accused has $20-million bail reduced to $2


Today, 3/17/15, the $20-million-dollar bail for Gregory Hess, accused of trying to put together murder-for-hire plots three times, has been reduced to just $2.  Doesn't that sound absurd? The absurdity is that Hess has been behind bars awaiting trial for almost double the 180-day trial limit. It's all been a series of legal maneuvers for the defense that has delayed trials.  And the final straw

And the politicianskeep on spreading crap


I am getting a kick out of the big hoopla over how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used private Email accounts to conduct her business. It is so non-newsworthy. The very basis of this "problem" is that there was no requirement for her to use government Email accounts.  That rule was made AFTER she left the office. But, of course, the Republican Party powers figure they can cloud this

Pa. Gov. Wolf swings the higher tax hammer


Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf has already reneged on his earlier campaign promises about raising taxes (remember Pres. George H.W. Bush's "read my lips" so-called promise?). Now Wolf wants to raise the sales tax from 6 percent to 6.6 percent, and the individual earned income tax from 3.07 percent to 3.7 percent.  He also wants to add $1 in taxes on each pack of cigarettes sold in the state.  Oh yes, when

Joe Paterno deserved more


The NCAA on Jan. 16, 2015, has agreed to restore Penn State's wins to the records books, once again making Paterno the winningest coach in college football. Paterno wasn't the bad guy in this mess. It was the fault of, you know (I don't even want to mention his name). Paterno was paid to coach football. He lived it. He loved it. He was passionate about it. And the team members had to keep their

Happy New Year


It's too bad that as we celebrate the start of a new year we can't literally "turn over a new leaf" and start from scratch. It's almost been a full decade that things in general have been heading in a downward spiral.  2014 was more of the same, and may have accelerated.  The violence throughout our communities, the hatred between factions of the races -- and the exploitation of that by some. 

York SPCA, or ASPCA?


It's that time of year again. The sad photos of abused and neglected pets are shown on your TV set, with sweet songs like "Silent Night," all sponsored by the ASPCA in an emotional effort to get you to donate at least $18 each month to the cause of saving abused and neglected animals nationwide. Granted, it is a good cause, but I hope that here you, as a York County citizen and resident,

Seriously, Sony, Regal and Obama????


All in the same depressing day. Seriously, Obama, you easing sanctions against Cuba?  Let me see. I think we had problems with the type of oppressive government Cuba has, among many other things. What a cowardly move. Seriously, Sony motion picture producers, Regal and other motion picture distributors? Caving in to a cyber attack from government that spews more hot air than action and is also

Hurray to York police & change for the schools


My hat's off to the York City Police union for negotiating concessions that saved approx. 30 police jobs.  The union obviously understood the seriousness of the situation. This move is not heard of in many circles, and the citizens of York City should understand the act of the members of the police union should be praised and the members should be embraced for their help and cooperation. It was

It comes back to bite you


Tuesday, Nov. 18, York Mayor Kim Bracey a storm of controversy and heartbreak when she announced he proposed 2015 budget for the city.  It calls for the layoff of over 70 workers, including nearly half the city's police force and a couple of firefighters. Don't play dumb.  We all saw this coming for a couple of years.  It all has to do with the ridiculous pensions given government workers ...