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Random ramblings from just north of the border...

Updated: 2014-10-03T01:19:54.325-07:00


Sarah Sample concert


Sarah Sample ROCKS! We had a girls night out and went to her concert when she was in SLC for the Sundance festival. She was so amazing she brought tears to my eyes.

Afterwards me, Sarah, and Hez went to Avatar 3D! It was everything I expected and more. We were up until about 2:00am and poor Sarah had nursing school the next day. What a party animal!

Duo Princess Party


We had a princess party for the the girls! There birthdays are only 2 weeks apart so we just did a combo pack party. It was really fun but blindingly pink. After the party Johns announced he is officially ready for a boy. Aja turned 3 years old and Abby turned 1. I made a castle cake which I was amazed stayed together and we did games and a pinata. It was a fun party and made me realize how fast my little ladies are growing up.

(image) As you can see Abby was a huge fan of her birthday hat! This was not a one time reaction, she bawled every time we put it on her head.

(image) Castle pinata...which like any pinata eventually just broke off the hands and then we had to rip it open anyway.

Our Christmas...


No terrified, crying, traumatized kid this year during the Santa visit! It was actually quite shocking. They seemed pretty happy about seeing him.I had to get pictures of these snowflakes me and Johns cut out together. I don't think he has cut out a snowflake in like 20 years (that kind of makes us sound old). I begged him to help me do these, he was a good sport...kind of.Aja's first snowman! She has been talking about doing one since the first snowfall and finally Johns took her out and they built one together and she can't stop talking about it.Abby got a hair line fracture on her left leg (you can kind of see the cast coming out the bottom of her pants). But she has not let that stop her, she just crawls around like it has always been there. I am interested to see how long it takes her to crawl with two legs after the cast is taken off.We got a real Christmas tree this year. I love the smell! But Johns is swearing off real trees from now on. We brought the first one home and it was to big. So Johns got to put it back on the car and get a 2nd one. He says we are going to buy a fake one after Christmas for next year. But I think if I give him a year to get over it, maybe he will agree to do a real one again next year...crossing my fingers.[...]

Temple Square Christmas Lights-a classic Utah activity that I so missed in San Diego!


Now this is a MUST for me at Christmas time! There are certain traditions that truly capture the spirit of the holiday, and this is one of them for me. It was so breath-taking and refreshing to be out in the crisp, fresh air cuddled up in winter gear. I never thought I would be saying this being my first winter after living in San Diego. But I loved it! And then hot chocolate at my Dad's office does not get better than this for me. I felt like a little kid again, except for the parts when my own kids were screaming. My kids actually loved it. Aja seems to be immune to the cold, she is refusing to give up her Cali girl way. She is not into the coat thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our family and friends, we love you guys and are missing those of you we don't get to see over the holidays! God bless you!

Halloween, Halloween, lots of fun on Halloween!





Here are some pics of Kauai, there are a ton of them. By the end of the trip we had over 1000 pictures between the three couples that went. It is midnight and I have no time to finish up this it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will tell you this, it was a lot of fun![...]

I have become the worst blogger ever!!!


OK!  All these pictures look like crap and are grainy but I have no clue why, so that is just the way they are going to have to onto better things.  My little sister Rachie got married this last week on Aug 11th.  Congrats Rach and Tan!  And there has been a many of other things going on in my life. I decided to give you the most recent.The happy couple!  This is the day Rachel took out her endowments.  She did that and got married in the SLC temple.  It was a really neat day.Can't have a wedding without messing up a newly detailed FJ Cruiser!  I don't know how happy Tanner was about this, but it was sure fun doing it!Di and Jar came to the wedding in T-shirts, it was awesome!  Just kidding...I forgot to tell Diana the exact date and time of the wedding so she came at the last second when I called her and did a drive-thru congratulations!  Di-I knew you would love this pic, that is why I posted it!Rach and Tanner are a "mash the cake in the face" couple, those always turn out to be the best ones.  Much more fun!My parents and Rach at her wedding dinner.  It was at Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Because I used to work there it was really fun to go there for dinner.  So many memories in that building.Here we are at the wedding in our nifty little outfits.  Pay no attention to my scary bug eyes in the pic! We went four wheeling up at a Eric's uncles cabin, it was beautiful scenery.  It reminded me of why I am so excited to be back in Utah.Aja is finally sleeping in her "big girl bed" as she calls it!  I was very hesitant because she was still not crawling out of the crib.  And I thought, why fix it if its not broken...but she loves her new bed.  She is acutally better at going to bed now.  And she has yet to try and come out.  So far, so good!Aja and Abby a few months ago in the crib!  When Aja was still in the crib she would always want Abby to come lay with her for a few minutes before going to bed.  I hope they are always the best of friends.[...]

I am a freakin' house owner!


We are finally in our house!  Yipee-yo-ki-ya!  We have looked forward to this day for a long time.  I am loving the amount of space I have to live in, but am also a little overwhelmed with the amount of space that needs cleaning.  I guess you have to take one with the other.  We have been in for 2 weeks and still have boxes in every corner and stuff filling our third car garage space.  Our goal is to be unpacked sometime in 2010!  I have high hopes that we can get it done.  Johnson's favorite thing is that I cannot find him half the time.  He finds a man project to do (such as putting up the surround sound downstairs) and that is the last I see of him for the day.  I have to admit it is nice to have a little breathing room.  In Cali we were crowding each other!  Here are some pics...

(image) Here are all our moving helpers!  Thanks to all the buff peops who helped out.

(image) We moved a couple days after my birthday.  I cannot think of a better present than a house.  Hmmm...maybe a trip around Europe.  That will have to wait for next time!

Johns is 30, OUCH!


Johns recently had his big 3-0 birthday!  This is the first time I have seen him bummed about turning a year older.  I have that breakdown every birthday!  I don't enjoy getting older.  I know I am only getting a year further from my prime.  But it was fun to have actually have his birthday in Utah with family around. He has not celebrated a birthday in Utah for 4 years.  My family had a combined Rach and Johns birthday.Aja was really excited about the cake, can you tell?This is Aja's first haircut, which was actually done in San Diego the day before we moved.  I have just been a slacker about blogging so I thought I would throw it in.  I tried to get her to read books and not pay attention to the scissors cutting her hair.  I don't want her to associate scissors with cutting hair (every mothers hope).  But I am sure that joyous day will come when I find her with a pair of scissors in her hand and bangs on the back of her head.  She was really cute about the whole thing.  Every time a piece of hair would fall into the sink she would say "Oh no" in such a concerned way!  We cut about 2 inches.The whole fam celebrating Easter the day after we got home.  Aja loved the Easter egg hunt!Aja LOVES dress-ups, I hope that does not mean that she will be a girly girl.  But she cannot get enough of them as you can see.  She had about 5 pounds of bling around her neck!Beth just went to her Senior Prom. graduating????  This is my baby sister!  That is when I realized how long we have been gone.  This is Tanner (Rachel's fiancee) taking over the father position for my Dad who couldn't be there.  Her date doesn't seem to concerned, I think Tanner has to much of a baby face.[...]

Living in UTAH!


I thought I should give a quick update on what we have been up to.  I do not have any access yet to my own computer so I don't have any pictures...sorry!  We are now living in Utah and things are going great.  We moved a week ago and we drove both cars and a mega penske moving truck across 4 states.  PARTAY!  Johns's Dad, Marvin, flew down and drove the moving truck for us.  Then Johns and I each drove one of the cars, but somehow I ended up with both kids in my car... I do not know how I got tricked into that!  The kids were really good up until the last hour of the drive and then they pretty much lost it.  I had a starving 2 month old and a 2-year old screaming "Mipunks" at me which means she wants to watch the Chipmunk Adventure.  But over all everything went quit smoothly considering the Johnson organization skills. 
We are living at my parents house until we can find our own.  We actually found a house that we love and are going to look at it again tomorrow.  It is kind of nerve racking buying a house.  It is one thing to look at houses. but its a whole other thing to actually buy a house.  I can't imagine spending that much money!  I thought the rent in Cali was bad.  The house we found is located in Kaysville in a neighborhood across the street from Cherry Hill.  It is a nice neighborhood with a few churches (only in Utah), an elementary school, and a couple parks located in it.  There are also a lot of kids in the area, so that will be fun.  I will let you know if we end up buying the house.
Johns begins working out at Salt Lake tower on Thursday.  He got a couple weeks off for the move.  He took a dude trip down to Moab this last weekend to go mountain biking.  They did 4 trails within 2 days.  They all came back pretty beat up, but there were no broken bones or missing teeth, so I was quite happy with the end results.  I hold my breath whenever Johns goes mountain biking.  He had a blast!

Aja loves being in Utah with all our family and friends.  She has never seen so many kids in her life.  There are endless options of kids to play with.  She cannot get enough.  And she gets constant attention from someone in my parents house.  She might be getting a little spoiled. But I guess she has been deprived of the family spoiling her for the last 2 years, so they are just making up for it!
Abby is doing good.  We are planning on blessing her within the next couple weeks.  She is getting to be a little bit of a chunk, I love those little arm and leg rolls!  Just like Aja as a baby. She was 11.5 pounds at her 2 month old appt.  She is still colicky in the evening but other than that is a really calm, sweet baby.
All is well here in Bount.  I hope all of you are doing great, and I will be checking all your blogs to get caught up with what is going on. 

Bye San Diego, you will be missed!


It has been way to long!  Between moving and getting sucked in to the whole facebook thing, I have not had a chance to post on this.  Things are going good here in Cali.  Of course this week is perfect 75 degree weather and I am stuck in the house packing and cleaning.  And from what I hear I am moving home to snow next week.  Bummer! I just wanted to take the chance to say good bye and thanks to all our friends in San Diego...I will miss them a lot!  It is such a bitter-sweet event moving back home.  I am excited to be home with friends and family but sad to say goodbye to everyone here.  We have loved living here and I will miss it a lot.This is Aja's BF, Heleyna!  They spend a lot of time playing together and Aja asks to play with her daily.  Every time we leave the house she says "layna's"?  She will miss her.Ammo and Alison, thanks for making the attempt to see us one last time.  Hopefully we will be  making a trip to Santa Barbara soon.Girls movie night!  I could never get enough of these.Ms Heleyna and Aja hoping they could have a sleepover.  Heleyna just got a new bed!Josh and Ariel, thank you again for all the wonderful pics you took for us.  Aja is going to miss Kayla and all her kisses.  We will miss you guys!Bye Keddingtons!  You have such a cute family, good luck with the new baby.  Sorry we will miss seeing him.This is all I could get out of Brad in a picture, so this is what he gets!Dianna, it was fun being prego and baby shower buddies.  It is a blast having kids the same age! Thank you for letting me come hang out so much and for helping with Aja so often.  You and Brad are great parents, I learned a lot from you.  Good luck in New Jersey.Sue and Cameo, I love you guys!  You were amazing friends and above all, a blast to hang out with.  You were two of my very first friends in San Diego and you made it such a good experience for me.  You were my family away from home.  Thanks![...]

It's officially official!!!!!!


(image) We are officially going to be Utahns again and we are so freakin excited! Eric got a transfer to the SLC tower as an air traffic controller as of April if you Utahs are going to fly anywhere I would suggest doing it before than.  HA HA!  We are moving from San Diego on Aprill 11th and will hopefully be looking for a house once we get there.  Until we find that perfect house we will probably be crashing at one of our parents house. We hope they realize what is coming to them.  Having a toddler has brought on a whole new meaning of a clean house.  Aja is at that stage where it would be fabulous to have eyes on the back of my head.  She is a sneaky little tike!  We decided this is the perfect time to come back to Utah.  We will have a whole summer to prepare ourselves for the snow.  We couldn't be more excited to be moving back to our family and friends, we will see you all soon.

The Suke's came to visit!


Di and Jared came down to San Diego with there family and we got together one day with them on Point Loma.  It was fun to see them and made me extra excited to be moving home. Thanks for hanging with us you two weasels!  Di-your family is growing so fast and they are so much fun...thanks for letting us tag along with you.


Le Tour de California


This was sick! The Tour of California finally made its way to San Diego this year so we were able to drive up into them there hills and check it out. This years was cool cause it brought all the best riders in the world. it was cool to see some of my favorite racers so close. And Lance Armstrong was there so it was cool to see him. They rode past pretty quick so we couldn't get too many pics, but i was able to get one of Levi Leipheimer who ended up winning the race. I'm sure no one that reads this blog could give a rats butt about a bunch of guys in spandex riding around, but too bad- i have control of this blog and You Will Read Every Last Word I Have To Say! HA!! 

New Bro-in-law!!!


My little sis Rachie recently got engaged!  They have a tentative date of August 11th.  Rach will be finishing up nursing school at that time and me and Johns will hopefully have moved back to Utah.  Perfect timing!  Tanner Leishman is the new soon to be brother-in-law and is a great fit for Rachel.  I am so excited for them, CONGRATS you two love birds!


"Gma" Rupp came to visit...


My mom came into town for a week to help me out.  It was really fun!  And now that she is gone I realized how nice it is to have help.  Thanks mom!

(image) Johns and I went on a date on Valentine's Day and my mom watched the chillins for us.  The Vicks really got into her movie (Sisterhood of the traveling pants) and turned around to find Aja painting herself with waterproof mascara.  It took a couple of days to get it completely out of her eyebrows and eyelashes.  Luckily she still has both eyes!
Wendy sent a booklet of stickers to Aja for Valentine's Day and she plastered herself with them.  Her and my mom had fun sticking these all over her for a couple hours.  Thanks Wendy!

(image) My mom and I snuck out one day to go walk along the beach!  It was a nice to get out of our little condo and get some fresh beach air.  Johns was a sweetheart and stayed home with both kids while trying to fix our clogged kitchen sink.

The classic 1st week of a newborn!



The classic blue steel!  We laugh every time she pulls this Zoolander pose.  
Abby is pulling her own hair.  This must either be a thing all newborns do or just a thing Johnson babies do, because Aja did this to.  They scream out in pain and you go to check on them and they are ripping their own hair out!  And then they sadly look at you like "what are you doing to me?"
Loving the first bath...

(image) Aja being all cute and soft...for about 5 mins and then the true sisterhood starts.  Then the fun of shoving the binky in their mouth...smothering hugs...trying to pick them up...and jumping on the bed while they are on it... begins.  All 2nd time moms know what I am talking about.  If you don't, consider yourself very lucky!  In all truth Aja is a really great sister and she really tries to be so soft and sweet with Abby!

(image) Aja and her best friend in the ward decided the baby would love to play with their pez despensers.  And as you can tell she is lovin it.

Aja's 2nd Birthday!


Aja had a birthday this last week and is 2 years old!  My kids are only going to be 2 years and a week apart.  Not very good planning on my part.  I have Christmas and then 3 weeks later I have 2 birthdays. Maybe I can combine their birthday parties.  Because kids are really cool about sharing stuff like that, right!  The highlight of the night was when Aja started her hair on fire!  It took her a minute to figure out the candle blowing thing. Once she figured it out we had to do it 10 times, she loved it.She actually had more fun painting her face with the frosting than actually eating the cake.  She is more of an ice cream kind of girl.  We made her a bear cake because she has a thing for bears. She probably has 8 stuffed animal bears, and we have to take them everywhere with us.  Here is the shocked look on her face when mom starting freaking because her hair was on fire. Luckily she didn't get hurt, it was really funny.  It is kind of hard to tell in this picture but the bottom middle part of her bangs are a melted black blob.  We took her to the Wild Animal Park for her birthday!I just had to add this picture.  Aja put my long white socks on, she thought she looked  pretty cool.  And this is her little guilty face because she knows she is not supposed to be playing on our computer.  Which means that is exactly what she spends half the day trying to do![...]

Update on the new baby!


Sooo...update on the future Johnson baby!  What to say?  Well, right now we are planning on me being induced on January 30th.  I am not due until Feb 6th but there have been a few minor problems going on that have my OB feeling it would be safer to take the baby at 39 weeks instead of waiting for full term.  I just finished up work this last weekend (YAAAAA!) and am planning on having the baby by next Friday.  I have been going to the OB twice a week for the last few weeks and he is putting me on a fetal monitor and checking my amniotic fluid.  You all thought the once a week appts were bad, try going twice a week.  So far everything has been fine, and we are going for the 39 week mark.  But if there are any complications before my induction date they will induce me that day.  The OB concerns are that my stomach is measuring about 8 centimeters smaller than it should be, and I haven't gained weight for about 2 months.  And after doing an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago, he said that my placenta is wearing out early.  Yipee!  So just to be safe we are going to force little Abby out in about a week and a half.  So there is the low-down for you all.   Other than that things are great!  We will keep up updated.

THE FOUR CHRISTMASES- #1 The Rupp Christmas


We had four Christmases this year...I wouldn't say they were quite as chaotic as the four chrismases in the movie (especially because I haven't seen it yet) but they had to have been pretty darn close.  We had a lot of fun at the Rupps.  There were about 20 of us staying at my parents...meaning there was always something going on.  AdriAnne was in town with her family of 7 people.  It was fun to be able to spend so much time with them.  I haven't seen them for over a year.You can't have Christmas in Utah without seeing the classic temple square lights!  It was the first time this year I really felt like it was Christmas.Johns went snowboarding with the boys.  It was Johns, Jared Garner, and my brother Josh.  They had powder up to their waists.  Johns was in heaven!  I think they all spent a couple hours of the day digging themselves out of a tree well.This is AdriAnne, my oldest sister.  I don't think a lot of my friends have had the chance to meet her.  Her family lives in New Mexico.  And I never stop hoping that they will eventually move back to Utah.  It was fun to see them over the holidays. Jasorama and Hezaroo!This is my beautiful sis, Rachel, and her boyfriend, Tanner Leishman.  These little goofballs are getting pretty serious.  And I would not be surprised if we had a wedding this year in my family. They have a ton of fun together, and really adore each other.  Ooooh, the good ol' days of dating![...]

#2 The Farnsworth Christmas


We went to the Farnworth extended family Christmas party the first night we were home. Then we spent Christmas day over at the Farnsworths.  We had an amazing Christmas breakfast as always.  I overate as usual.  Even thinking about there carmel pull aparts makes my mouth water.  Or maybe I am just hungry and don't have any room in my torso for food right now. Probably a little of both.We went sledding which was a blast.  I have not been sledding in at least 2 years.  I will definitely need to get more of this in next winter.  I sandwiched Abby between Aja and Johns and it worked out just fine.  I don't quite know how Aja felt about it.  It was always a battle to get her on the sled, and then at the bottom she would be all smiles and say again.Aja hung out on this horse for like 3 hours one day.  And after discovering it, she would run out of her room every morning, run up to the horse saying "nay".  Too bad they don't make these things anymore.  She couldn't get enough![...]

#3 The Johnson Christmas


We had a big family Christmas party at the Johnsons, and then spent the rest of our time with them up at the cabin.  Which is always the best.  It wasn't the usual snowmobiling, snowboarding event for me due to pregnancy.  But Johns got to go rip up some snow!  It was a winter wonderland up there, it was beautiful.The boys went on an all day snowmobiling trip.  They were gone for about 7 hours.  I am sure they spent half of that digging each other out of the powder.  But they had a great time.  It shows on the after-event hairdo's 2 pictures down. OK- so Johns hair doesn't look any different, but does it ever?  I think it is permanently cemented into one position.  But his face shows his excitement-in a scary sort of way...Aja loved Penny (Elisa and Cody's dog).  Of course!  All my children are going to love animals and are going to gang up on me with Johnson.  They are going to beg and beg (which Johnson has already started doing) and I am going to end up with more animals than children.  I have got to hold strong.  Penny is a beautiful lab though.  And she is full of energy, which Aja loves.[...]

#4 Last, but not least Christmas


We had the chance to see most of our BF's over the holidays.  It was a partay as usual!  The boys didn't want to pose in the picture with us, so unfortunately not all of our hubbies are in the pics. Thanks again everybody for meeting up with us.  Seeing our friends made us even more excited to move back to Utah (whenever that day will come).  We will hopefully be making an announcement within the next few months.  I am 35 weeks along in these pictures.  So I am lovin them.  I can ever get enough of those prego pictures!