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Preview: YBPGuide - Latest Comments in Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

YBPGuide - Latest Comments in Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

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Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Tue, 14 Apr 2009 09:12:22 -0000

Your best bet, regarding the snacking, is to:
1.) Set a rule to not eat anything after a certain time (9:30pm)
2.) Only have fruit available for snacking. Eliminate all candy, ice cream,
and sweets.

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Mon, 13 Apr 2009 19:54:13 -0000

My name is Karen and I just joined the challenge yesterday. I have tried all my adult life to lose weight. Right now I am as big as I've ever been. I really need the support this challenge offers. I need more self discipline and will power. One of my biggest fall backs is snacking after I go to bed and not eating breakfast. I am getting the exercise down. 30 minutes a day for right now. I also will use the journal this program offers. I am more likely to journal when it's on a computer instead of a book. If anyone has any advice or support for me that would be awesome. Sincherely, Yonlick

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Sun, 15 Feb 2009 23:46:48 -0000

i luv your blog :), you are on my rss reader now

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:55:53 -0000

Girl...Yes...I, too, am fighting off the pregnancy pounds. I gave birth to 2 beautiful baby boys this past June. Although, everyone says I look great, "for having twins." That's not good enough. I don't want to look great...for having twins. I want to look great! So, I signed up after feeling like I just couldn't do it alone. Luckily for me, my sister joined a week before me and didn't tell me until she lost 4 lbs.

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Sun, 11 Jan 2009 22:53:34 -0000

I am very overweight and I need all the help I can get. I am a diabetic and I have a three year old that I need to get in shape for also because my plans are to one day take my daughter to disney world and I would like to be able t o fit inside the rides. All of my family is overweight and I would like to break the barrier. About eight years ago I got sick and I lost a lot of weight and sometimes I look at my pictures and say I wish I was that size now and feel like I do now.,

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 19 Dec 2008 13:20:45 -0000

that was hilarious and heartfelf also very informative, just started the 50mil challenge on the 14th, but my husband and I had been walking mostly everyday for a month before

we both need to lose weight, he's 335 and i'm 160 at 5' tall

you said something interesting that i'd known about the "hard fat" verses the "loose fat", i'd assumed it was the opposite, can you tell me more my husband is a big farm guy from Arkansas, he's solid but definitely overweight, actually obese but solid... what's the skinny (no pun intended) on this.. he should weigh 185 although he has convinced himself (because someone told him this a long time ago) that he can only get down to around 250 or so, so even 225 would be pushing

we currently walked 3 miles 3 days a week, 5 miles 2 days a week and 7 miles 1 day and rest on Sunday (we must listen to the Lord)

i have been cuting back on portions substantially and watching what we eat

would love to hear from you my email is

I pray you have continued success w/you life changes

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 23:21:18 -0000

u betta do it!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:27:37 -0000

No more Wendy's. No more fast food period. I've lost 10 pounds since I originally wrote this post. The Biggest Loser workout DVDs are really good. Slowly but surely!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 09:23:59 -0000

Well, another week and I just came back from my doctor. Blood work is fantastic. hbp is excellent, as is pulse, no sign of diabetes. I weighed in at 191 lbs (i'm 190 now). I attribute my great blood work to years of low carbing. Since 2000, I had been doing some type of low carbing and had kept my weight and stats around 150 which for my height meant I wore a size 8. I had virtually no fat around my middle and all my numbers for cholesterol and hbp were wonderful. Then my mom died in 2004 and that sort of set me back. I continued to watch and work on my weight but my heart was not really in it. Then my dad unexpectedly? died in 2006. I stopped dieting, just ate anything and everything that came my way. Occassionally I tried to get back to the low carb lifestyle--but I was not really trying. Every day would start out with me doing the right thing, but by my magic hour (3 pm ) in the afternoon--I'd leave and go get some twizzlers of krispy kremes.I am not a person who eats when I am upset. I usually eat when I am happy. Any rationale for a celebration will do. Now couple that mindset with days of being upset at the death of my dad (and mom). I would stop eating for days--forgetting that I had not done so--maybe a day and a half would pass before I even drank anything besides a diet coke. I knew better--but there you have it.I come from a family where everyone has either hbp, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and of course most are obese (all my siblings, my mom--my dad was overweight). High cholesterol? Of course they all have had those things. But I did not. I believe it was those years of dieting. This is the first time that I put myself at risk, by that, I mean that now is the first time, I have accumulated fat around my middle. From 2006 until July of this year, I allowed myself to go from a high of 167 in Nov. 2006 to my all time high of 216. Because I am a proportional weight gainer, I just look way more curvy--but take the clothes off and there is no doubt that this is fat. But it does not shake--it is rock solid--I'm told that is the most dangerous kind of fat to have as once it is there, it is hard to get rid of.anyway--I'm back to a healthier way of eating and have pretty much (no guarantees here) put away my rice and pasta, as well as my sweet potatoes, cornbread and dressing. I WILL have dressing on Thanksgiving. I dread it, because any carb almost (except potatoes) is a trigger food to me. But if I don't make it, I will turn around and eat a lot of stuff before I give in and make it. If I do make it, I'm afraid once I eat a bit--I will just keep on going back for more.When you low carb a long time, it is actually hard to get back to carbs. Just a few fries make you feel stuffed and uncomfortable, real sugar or Pepsi, makes your mouth ache--but if you can weather the first few odd tries--you will be back to your old habits in no time. With a trigger food, there is no brief adjustment period--it is instant love, acceptance and desire for more--more--more. I used to not believe in this. I would deny there was anything out there that I could not control with just mental acuity. Then daddy died, I gained over 30 lbs and tried to diet. Took one bite of a trigger food (popcorn? rice? macaroni and cheese (why did I cook that anyway?) and there I was, trying to eat anything and everything in the house. For the first time in my life (since I became an adult) I ate a meal until I felt ill. All because I just took a bite of my trigger food and thought I could control it. It was Thanksgiving of 2006 and I ate a small bit of dressing. Went downstairs to watch TV--but then went into the fridge down there, got out the dressing, my special gravy chock full of turkey, some corn pudding (like fried corn but not made with fresh corn) full of bacon, some cranberry sauce. I pat [...]

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Sun, 14 Sep 2008 21:33:39 -0000

Kimberly: I am back to my favorite way of eating and being good on my own diet (low carb) This type of diet was important to me due to it being ketogenic and seeming to help stave off hbp, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. I am especially excited since the AMA has now acknowledged the efficacy of a low carb diet in reducing heart disease and associated risk as well as being faster and more productive in weight loss. I've tried the calorie counting diets and to be honest, no diet is easy--if you don't do one very important thing: Plan on living with your diet for life.Dieting is just a way of eating--so if you do Weight watchers or another portion control plan, plan on controlling those portions for the rest of your life--not just until you get back to the size you want to be. If you do low carb--plan on doing that plan (or some form of diet) for life. The reason people yo yo diet and tinker with their metabolism is that we diet to get small--then we think we are done and we go back to old and very unhealthy habits. Soon, that weight just creeps or rushes back on. This is because any type of diet (low carb, fruit, portion control, etc) affects your metabolism. Once that is effected, the body never forgets the tinkering and tries to compensate. When it does, it gets harder and harder to diet and get results.Your metabolism might slow down, or slow you down to conserve fat and energy. Your body may learn how to function on less, which then means you have to lower your portions even more (some people even starve themselves) just to lose. On the other hand, your body may learn the low carb trick and try to force you to eat carbs or sugar or else make you miserable.So no matter what, the best plan is not to go extreme on any diet. Make the modifications like Dr. Ian suggests or follow any other great program like Weight watchers or others a bit at a time--try to see yourself incorporating those kinds of meals and activity for life. If you fall, get back up and go back to trying to incorporate those meals--soon you will develop a taste for lightly grilled fish and fresh fruits and veggies!!! Please just don't do it for the few pounds you have now--because if you do--we can practically lay money down that you will have to diet again---and again--and again. And each time you will gain just a little bit more. It's a paradox--but a well known, one. I wish you the best and hope what ever changes you make, become a part of a lifestyle and not just a moment. I was a skinny person, who did not have to diet until after my 4th child. So I was in my 40s before I ever started--but I only dieted until I was a size 8 or 6, then I'd stop. A few years of that roulette and I, who was known as "bones" until I was in my late 30s--had a problem and it grew by 10 lbs every year after I turned 42. Please don't do that. A lot of reading has shown me why/how I ended up weighing over 200--but I surely wish not to see others go down my road.All the best. Note: Although I am a low carber when I'm good and am the healthiest person in my Type II diabetes, hbp/ heart diseased family (I'm healthy, no hbp, or diabetes), I still would like to see if I can find a better equilibrium. I have been on my diet again since Sept 04. and have lost 9 lbs. But after 11/11/08 I plan on trying Dr. Ian's menus. Even those of us, who think we have a good game plan should loosen up and seek more balance--I'd like to introduce whole grains and brown rice into my diet--though I worry about the rice since rice and pasta are my trigger foods. Still, 11/11/08--will be the date, I use to try Dr. Ian's plan. I will try it for at least 2 weeks, If I lose or at least do not gain, I will continue with his plan for a month--If I start gaining after the 2 weeks---I will go back to low carb. :)[...]

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Wed, 10 Sep 2008 16:24:53 -0000

Hey guys, I just discovered Exercise TV On Demand. It's great! And I'm still I take the baby and stroller with me :)

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 10:56:30 -0000

Congratulations on your new baby and setting your weight loss goal! Please give us an update on your progress.

I currently do WW, but I have also joined the challenge. I'm hoping that by being a team leader and having my results posted, I will be motivated to show some results. WW worked in the past for me (lost 47 lbs 30 of which I regained over 3 years), but I haven't been motivated lately.

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Mon, 11 Aug 2008 14:39:42 -0000

Congrats. I lost 103 lbs on Medifast-25 year researched meal replacement guaranteed weight program. I sell the products on line and will be your personal health coach. Looking for reasonably priced program for nutrition (protein and carbohydrate balanced) also products for diebetics and those with arthritis. Portable, easy to use and you eat 6 meals a day every 2-3 hours so you're never hungry and your metabolism is always burning.

Be my

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Thu, 07 Aug 2008 16:24:33 -0000

Hello to all! I just want to say congrats to all of you who have lost the weight and I wish you luck with the continuation. I also want to say congrats to the newcomers. I just signed up today and I have to be honest that I am a bit skeptical. Not so much in the plan but in myself. I never had a problem losing weight before, but I guess it is true what they say that as you get older your body holds the weight more and you get lazy. So that is my problem. I always think I have the resolution but I dont and I just continue to get bigger. I am hoping that I continue to stay focused and motivated so that I can lose the weight. I am at 190 and this is my biggest ever. Again, good luck to all.

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 07:12:12 -0000

Charmen, how did you get 117 pounds off in less than a year. Exactly, what are you doing (exactly, break it down for me). I've done well also (25 lbs in 3 months), but I've been dieting for about 15 months now and I've just reached 100 pounds total and I still have 46 pounds to go. I really would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Sat, 02 Aug 2008 23:17:19 -0000

I have been a part of the challenge for almost a year now. It has helped keep me focused and motivated. Eating is 70% of weight loss and exercise is the rest. The work awesome together. I've lost 117 in less than a year so trust me, it works. Stay focused and take each day as it comes. Be Blessed!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 21:51:39 -0000

Thanks everyone for the tips, support, and motivation. I've already incorporated walking around my neighborhood everyday. We'll see about the ww points... that new orange fanta frosty at Wendy's is my new weakness...

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 19:55:22 -0000

Hello everyone and congrats on taking this very big step. I listened to Dr. Smith many times on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Every time I listened to him I told myself that I am going to visit his website to see what it is about. Of course, there was always an excuse why I did not do it on any given day. Today I did it. Yea!!! I am glad that I did because what I see is a lot of support; if I were to do a visual I could see a lot of people just like the people on the verizon commercial.

I gainned a lot of weight because I had a bad hip and would do as little movement as possible. I recently had a total hip replacement and the pain is gone. I have already started a doctor's approved excercise program and am really looking forward to eatting healthier. My current goal is to loose 40 pounds.
Thank you all for your support.
Tracy in the ATL

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 16:20:45 -0000

congrats again, and i completely support you on the weight loss effort, mainly because you aren't doing some wacky diet but trying to make lifestyle changes. (don't scowl at me) but I promise i am a weak of bad meals away from swinging back into bad habits. one of my favorite articles about weight loss was "think like a thin person" and thin people think like weight watchers (though i've never done it myself). sure i can have this birthday cake at work, but that means less dinner or cutting out my afternoon snack. so when latonya wrote "no dinner tonight" i totally related because i've done it.

also, walking is apparently the hot new "ish," particularly with helping get rid of the belly, which is very difficult, and especially lower abdomen!! so even on days i don't work out, i try to get a 30 min. walk around the neighborhood. it's good for my inner peace, too!

so ROCK ON, babe!!!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 13:34:53 -0000

Weight Watchers also has those yummy caramel cakes that are 1 point and they work to fight that sweet tooth. Lean Cuisines are great for lunch as well (love the sesame chicken!). You're right, take the same flavors and foods and find it with less calories!

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 10:25:21 -0000

To go along with the weight watchers plug, it also is about taking the same flavors and substances you crave and looking for healthier versions. For instance, weight watchers makes this cookies and cream chocolate ice cream bar that is to die for, and is only two points. Healthy Cow ice cream sandwiches aren't bad either. Also, I finally jumped on the soy milk bandwagon, and a tall glass of chocolate or vanilla soy milk is almost as good as ice cream, plus it has all the nutrients and added benefits that are good for junebug. What's summer without (light) ice cream? ;)

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 19:40:06 -0000

Congrat on your new babay, Stick to your plan now while its fresh to you. I had my baby 5 years ago and lost 45lbs after he was born, but when I went back to work I feel off my plan now I weigh more than I did when I was carrying him. So stick to it stick to it stick to it.
God Bless

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 15:41:30 -0000

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Make sure you are getting enough to sustain you both--Healthy mommies make for healthy babies.

I just signed up today. I have been thinking about getting healthier for a while now and feel like with signing up, it is set in stone and staring me in the face. I am doing it for me, my hubby and my four children (three of whom I gave birth to.)

One book that I have listened to on audio as well as read is the Four Day Win by Martha Beck. It is about getting your mind right, getting it to communicate with your body about what it's eating and how it is feeling. Diet and excercise are physical piece of it, but we also need the mental aspect of it to take it off and keep it off. The author is really funny too which also helps. I like the audio books because i can do other things while listening. Check it out!

Peace and good luck.

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:16:41 -0000

U go girl!!!! Exercise is great for ur health, it helps ur physcial and mental state. I say have fun doing it. Try different things expectionally foods. Great self esteem builder

Re: Jumping on the 50 Million Pound Bandwagon

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:51:55 -0000

You go lil sis! Work it out! I signed up for the challenge but haven't went back to update any losses. The key to weight loss is portion control and exercise. Both must exist to keep it off. For the portion control piece, I recommend Weight Watchers. Sign up online for one month and print all the food points. I am using the same data I have from 5 years ago. It takes a lack of 3000 to 3500 calories to lose one pound and WW does all the math. I wasn't dropping (just toning) with exercise alone, but WW made the weight peel off. Of course this left over Cheesecake Factory Choco Cheesecake is not helping, but I just ran and did some weight training. No dinner tonight!!! I'm proud of you!