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Pak Lah Plays the Malays out.


The Council for Malay Solidarity said one thing actually. Pak Lah, you are not defending the Malays. Mahathirism has always beg the question of whether our weak PM is the President of Umno or Pakatan Rakyat? His focus in on non-Malay issues (which only gets to the point of mere sensational announcements anyway) at the expense of the poorer, less skilled and real second class citizens of this country -the Malays. If anything, the Chinese and to a lesser extent the Indians have better quality of lifes than the Malays.
PM wants to talk poverty? He is creating more poverty in a reduction of economic opportunitites and flip-flop policies.
Pak Lah has completely lost the political plot and Najib Razak will inherit a shell of Umno. Umno will be blasted into oblivion. Dont just take it from Mahathirism. Gapena President Tan Sri Ismail Hussein said the Council for Malay solidarity was necessary because Malay-based political parties were too busy running the country to concentrate exclusively on Malay issues.
The judgement is out on this one. Pak Lah has let down the Malays..

What Abdullah Badawi Doesnt Want You To See.


And so the live telecast of the Dewan Rakyat proceedings are on again but under threat to have the plug pulled by our weak PM through his custodian - Sabery Cheek. Its not because of big foot or big monkey that he wants to cancel the show, after all BN has been abusing opposition members as soon as Abdullah Badawi helmed Malaysia. The only reason is because , PM doesnt want you, the Rakyat to have any doubts about how weak his government really is. In fact, the opposition is so strong that they took the Speaker to task when he protected Abdullah Badawi from added questions. Fiery Karpal and Lim Kit Siang actually have no respect for this PM and cocked their guns to blow him away with loaded questions in Parliament. Abdullah Badawi knew it was coming..
Well Mr. PM. You still feel you have support? With your so-called marginally less than two-thirds majority?

The Ninth Malaysia plan was a non-starter to begin with. Best you can do is cling on to power and abuse Malaysia's Father of Modernisation.

Malaysia Implicitly Supports War In Iraq


So much for Islam Hadhari... Malaysia welcomes warmongers, ne0cons and US imperialism.. Who cares about the Iraqis, Palestinians and Iranians?

Halliburton involvement in Iskandar not an issue

Wednesday, 30 April 2008
KUWAIT: There is no ethical question (Mahathirism says- tell that to the Iraqis) involved in bringing Halliburton, the controversial US multinational, to invest in Malaysia, said the Iskandar Development Region Authority managing director Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim.
“Halliburton is investing in oil and gas and we have are happy to have them there (Were sure you are) (in Iskandar Malaysia),” he told local reporters here.
Asked on concerns about the ethics of having a company like Halliburton in Iskandar, Ikmal said: “Whose ethics are you referring to? Which value judgement are you using? (Ethics of peace loving people and you will be judged by your Muslim bretheren) .
"If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using.” (Lets just close an eye to the war in Iraq)
He said Malaysia should be open. ( Yes, lets have the US, Singapore and Israel)
“We should invite investment as long as it bring benefits to the country. It may not bring good taste to other countries - (Good taste? Try murder) I am not too sure. But I would not like to be involved in that area (good taste or not),” he added.
In late March, American oil and gas company Halliburton opened an RM200mil manufacturing centre in Iskandar Malaysia (formerly known as Iskandar Development Region).
The 20,000 sq m facility in Johor Technology Park performs procurement and customer service activities as well as engineering, machining and product assembly primarily for customers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe Eurasia regions.
Halliburton is a US-based multinational corporation with operations in more than 120 countries including Iraq. Its main business is providing technical products and services for the oil and gas exploration and production.
It has also been in the news for turning in huge profits as well as a number of political controversies involving its work for the US Government, its political ties, and its corporate ethics.
Halliburton has close ties with US Vice-President Dick Cheney who used to be with the company until he assumed his present political post. Halliburton benefited greatly from the war in Iraq and got the bulk of oil and gas contracts there after the US invasion. ( You said it!)
There have been a number of complaints about Halliburton including unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq and abuse of contract, fraud and overcharging.
Some of these cases are still under FBI and Pentagon investigations
. (Again)

Mukhriz Mahathir To Lead Malaysia


Malaysia is in crisis. Mukhriz Mahathir is the chosen leader to restore Malaysia's Vision 2020. Mukhriz is known as an approachable leader, level-headed politician with goals to reform UMNO and the Malaysian system.. However, Mukhriz's efforts of reform are based on in-depth study, progressive improvements and effective follow through. Unlike our weak PM who concocts so- called reforms overnight that serves to put Malaysia at a standstill. Turning Malaysia into a either a Corridor or a Commission. It's no surprise that the Rakyat have no confidence in Pak Lah.

Here's a chance to meet with our PM in waiting :-


All supporters of Dato Mukhriz, let's listen & give ideas to our leader. All of you are most welcome to see him during his talk organized by Sekretariat Melayu Muda. All the details, please browse our group announcement Sekretariat Melayu Muda in Facebook.

TOPIC:"Malaysia Baru: Senario Politik Masakini"
DATE:30th April 2008 (Wednesday)
VENUE:Wisma Sejarah, Aras 2, Anjung Wisma Sejarah
230, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur

Penang Follows Spore's Road to Secession


Abdullah Badawi's foreign policy is undoubtedly Pro-Singapore. Today Penang draws many parallels to Temasek leaving Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. For example Lim Guan Eng's sensational condemnation of the NEP. Then, Lee Kah Choon quits Gerakan without blinking an eye to take up high powered positions as Penang Development Corporation (PDC) Director and InvestPenang Executive Committee Chairman.He didn't have the time to entertain Abdullah Badawi's instructions. He blew our weak PM off.

On another note, Mahathirism received a comment as follows:-

Guan Eng's modus operandi in Penang is eaxactly like Lee Kuan Yew's strategy to win Malay support prior to the separation of Malaya. U could view this in a special documentary about Spore's road to independence- aired on ASTRO.

Bravo Pak Lah. U will always have a place in Spore!

Tun Dr M Answers Hard on Hard Talk


Dr. M demonstrated his sincerity and statesmanship on Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur. Despite being interrupted countless times and lambasted, Malaysia's elder leader gave crisp answers that the host couldnt get around of. Whatever you have to say about Dr. M, love him or hate him, you have to say that he is indeed a great thinker and gives logical answers.

Not bad for an 84 year old political strongman to voluntarily put himself through such a verbally abusing interview.

Question is does Abdullah Badawi have what it takes to do the same? Even the articulate Anwar Ibrahim didn't quite survive his first attempt on the show. If you think our beleageured PM shud give it a go, click here:-

Would you prefer a strong or weak leader?


Decide before its too late..Democracy and the problem of a weak stateSulfikar Amir , Singapore Fri, 04/18/2008 10:05 AM Opinion -Jakarta PostAfter ten years have passed since Indonesia started democratization process following the breakdown of the New Order authoritarianism, a feeling of disappointment, dissatisfaction, and disillusion is widely shared among many Indonesians pertaining to the role of democracy in improving the condition of the nation. Despite substantial changes in the political system that have allowed the people to voice their demands openly and expressively, the fact that multi socioeconomic problems such as poverty, lack of public security and safety, poor public services, and so forth are severely prevalent casts a conviction that the presence of democracy has not contributed to alleviating these vivid predicaments that have been around since the monetary crisis plunged the country into unending turmoil. Living in a despairing situation like this could evoke one to dismiss democracy.From a sociological view, however, what we see in Indonesia today is not so much the failure of democratic system as many would suggest but rather the failure of the state to perform its duty of serving the public interests and needs. The malfunctioning of the state elements to provide minimum level of public services in various sectors and structures indicates the condition of weak state characterized by deteriorating organizational and institutional capacities.Australian observer of Indonesia Harold Crouch argues that the weak condition of the post-Soeharto state is mostly caused by the abrupt disappearance of patrimonial structures that heavily underpinned Soeharto's power for three decades. Once the regime fell down, the state institution underwent unprecedented destabilization that consequently led to deformation of authority structures running from the central government in Jakarta all the way down to local bureaucracy.Adding to Crouch's observation is a set of structural changes which unintendedly disrupt the system of authority held by the central state since democratic principles were materialized.The first of these is the shift from one party to multiparty system in which the dominance of the ruling Golkar was challenged by the entry of other political parties previously suppressed during the New Order. This creates a fragmented politics marked by vigorous struggles over power of the state among different political groups bearing different ideologies and agendas.As the operation of the state is controlled by more than one politically driven entities each of which has different, often contradictory, interests, it is difficult for the state apparatus to deliver public goods under coherent planning. Within such strife, effectively coordinated policies are difficult to achieve since policies are drawn towards mere interests of those seizing government agencies.Producing similarly disruptive effects to the central state is the ongoing process of decentralization. Starting in 2002 with intention to empower provincial governments, decentralization appears only to reduce authority of the central government without significant development of capacity on the side of local governments.The results, as many observers have lamented, have been paradoxical in which more financial and political resources transferred from Jakarta to local governments are used by local elites to fulfill their own material interests sometimes with stark demonstration to their own constituents.The imposition of neoliberal agendas on a variety of development policies is another factor contributing to the downgrading process of the state's capacities. This has taken place ever since Indonesia was compelled to embrace a neoliberal paradigm brought in by international financial institutions, i.e. IMF and the World Bank.The intervention of these institutions in a number of strategic p[...]

Singapore Knows What's Best for Malaysia


Are we so ready to concede more land? Pulau Batu Putih has always been part of Malaysia. Even if you are pro-Spore you have to admit this fact. Unless you subscribe to the version of history that teaches that Chinese seafarers and traders were first in Spore even before the Malays.. So, if we loose, Spore extends her maritime boundary and control of the Johor Straits. Are they going to charge a toll? Send their new attack warships to patrol it? Incorporate this into their 'Forward Defence' strategy?

How come Singapore Straits Times always has the scoop first about what PM is planning?

Friday April 18, 2008
Malaysia, Singapore to accept ICJ’s ruling on island

SINGAPORE: Malaysia and Singapore will accept whatever decision of the International Court of Justice in the Hague on Pulau Batu Putih in the Johor Straits.
“Whatever is the decision, we will accept it,” Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo and his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday.
Warm welcome: Hsien Loong (right) welcoming Dr Rais at the Istana in Singapore on Thursday. — Bernama
“We both agreed that if Malaysia were to win, Singapore would congratulate Malaysia, and if Singapore were to win, Malaysia would congratulate Singapore,” Yeo told a media conference after Rais called on him at his office.
Rais, who is on an introductory visit to Singapore since his appointment as the new Foreign Minister, earlier met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Istana.
Yeo said the judgment on Pedra Banca (as Singaporeans call Pulau Batu Putih) would likely be made by the ICJ in the middle or end of next month and the outcome would not affect bilateral relations of the two countries.
“Nothing should change,” Yeo said, adding that this was the common position that both countries agreed to take and declare it to all Malaysians and Singaporeans.
He said the lighthouse to whoever it belonged to would continue to provide valuable facilities to all navigators.
Both countries have put their claims on the rocky outcrop which had been developed into a lighthouse for sea route navigation into the straits during the colonial era.
On his visit to Singapore, Rais said the visit was very important between the two friendly countries which needed to further step up their close ties.
Rais, who was accompanied by Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore Datuk N. Parameswaran on his one-day visit, later met Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the Istana and Deputy Prime Minister Prof S. Jayakumar at his office. – Bernama

The Arrogance of Karpal Singh.


The pro Badawi spin doctors published this piece. It shows the new found influence and self-importance of DAP politician Karpal Singh thanks to Abdullah Badawi who has done so much for Pakatan Rakyat. Abdullah Badawi might as well be President of the opposition parties..

Karpal threat to haul up judge to Parliament

Karpal Singh, offended by judge's commentsKUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Karpal Singh is threatening to haul a High Court judge before Parliament – unless he retracts certain comments made about the Opposition politician’s law firm.
At the core of the matter are some comments the judge allegedly made during a rape case hearing in March, several days before the election. Datuk Muhamed Apandi was reported in the press to have been irked by the late show by lawyers from Karpal & Co for an appeal for rape conviction. He also wanted to know why the firm had not provided written submissions by Jan 13 as agreed.
He allegedly said that this was not the first time counsel from the law firm had "acted at the last minute". "I am very disappointed with Karpal & Co. Please pass the message that no matter how senior you are, the court does not wait for the counsel."
These comments have fired up the MP for Bukit Gelugor. The Insider understands that he has demanded a retraction of the comments, pointing out that his firm had written to the court on Feb 19, seeking an adjournment on Feb 19.
The letter was received by the court two days later, and an adjournment was granted with the condition that the written submission for the appeal be filed before the next trial date. Karpal is scheduled to have a press conference today.
With 82 MPs in Parliament, the Opposition has the muscle now to haul the judge before Parliament for misconduct. It is unclear whether Karpal will go ahead and push for this outcome, knowing that it could be interpreted as the Opposition abusing its new found political power.

Why Karpal Loves Abdullah Badawi


Its no secret that Karpal is favorable for our weak PM. He has been attacking Tun Dr. M with such venom while defending Pak Lah.

There must be some chemistry between Karpal and Badawi. The question is why? Aren't they supposed to be on warring sides? I guess PM has given Karpal soo much more than he ever expected in his political career. Pak Lah has given DAP such power and influence they never thought was actually possible. Pak Lah has destroyed UMNO in ways never fantasized by the opposition.

Most of all, Pak Lah is the 'Man' to derail all of Mahathir's plans to thrust Malaysia forward into Vision 2020 and modernity. This present administration can turn its back on all that UMNO fights for and hand over the reins of power to the opposition. Pak Lah and his henchmen run down Malaysia's Father of Modernisation like no other opposition politican can.

Its definitely a match made in heaven.

That's why Karpal loves Pak Lah.

Leslie Lopez Demonstrates his Igonorance and Bias


This reporter has no idea.

He should instead apply himself to reforming Singapore and keeping up pressure on MM Lee Kuan Yew's autocratic- locked down city state. The fact is Leslie Lopez is emasculated when it comes to issues concerning Spore. He is just another digit that needs to condemn Malaysia's Father of Modernisation to gain some notoriety for his already end of the road career. . He attributes Badawi's dismal election loss to Mahathir's last stand. That is hardly fair. If anything Mahathir has been badly treated unbefitting his status by the present Government. Mahathir has had to fight tooth and nail to highlight the abuses of the present administration.

What's your stand on the assault on the Singapore Law Society-the Francis Seow debacle, or the attack on Spore's feisty bloggers-Mr Brown etc and how many Malay commanders do you have in SAF? The increasing poverty and income gap among Sporeans warrant your attention.

It's time for you to make your last stand to gain credibility and contribute to reform in Singapore.

Tun Dr. M Live in Kajang.



Kumpulan Prihatin Malaysia



Tun Dr M. Live in Manchester


Mahathirism received a request from En Zaini Abas ( to announce the following:-

Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam sejahtera. Dimaklumkan bahawa majlis bersama TDM yang pada asalnya dijadualkan pada hari jumaat 18/4/08, telah ditunda ke keesokan harinya seperti butiran berikut:

Tarikh : 19 April 2008 (Sabtu)Masa : 11.00am - 2.00pmTempat : MBS Conference Theatre MBS West, The Univ. of Manchester, Booth Street West, Manchester, M15 6PB. Yuran : £10 pp (Group of 10 -£80)* Utk keterangan lanjut serta tempahan sila hubungi atau 07727248661 / 07958017659.

***Tempat adalah terhad dan tempahan awal amat digalakkan. By reservation only*** Pihak penganjur memohon maaf diatas perubahan tarikh dan waktu yang tidak dapat dielakkan ini. *Perubahan ini juga membolehkan penganjur mengurangkan kadar yuran. Kepada yang telah menjelaskan bayaran, wang lebihan akan dikembalikan semasa majlis itu nanti. Sekian, terima kasih.

Tun Dr. M Must Not Apologise .


Former Lord President, Tun Salleh Abbas was found guilty by a tribunal consisting of four Malaysian judges and a judge each from Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tun Salleh was charged for displaying "bias and prejudice" against the government, and seeking "to undermine public confidence in the government's administration".-

He had never at any material time showed up to defend himslef despite being given every opportunity to do so.

Due process was accorded to him with two highly respected foreign judges sitting.

He was removed by a tribunal of his peers accordingly.

In fact, Tun Dr. M must be accorded the due respect and gratitude for saving UMNO and the nation in times of crisis.

If one argues in favor of judicial integrity then the sanctus lex or sacred law is that judges should not only be impartial but must also be seen to be impartial.

Tun Dr. M must not apologise.