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Swelling with Iowa Hawkeye pride since 2007

Updated: 2018-02-11T12:07:28-06:00


3 AND OUT ... (2/11)


"Our next defeat is scheduled for next Tuesday." - Announcer, Bring It On







Toon of the day?

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The Highest Paid State Employees


The Press-Citizen ran a front page article today on how the number of state employees paid over $500,000 has grown considerably over the last ten years.

A record 83 employees in Iowa’s state government are now paid $500,000 or more a year — roughly 12 times as many as a decade ago.

Along with the article is a list of the top ten from fiscal year 2017. A number of the names are ones we're familiar with here at BHGP. Names like Ferentz, McCaffery, Barta, and Jane Meyer.

From the article regarding Kirk's salary:

University of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz again topped the list, earning $5.075 million. That was an 83 percent increase compared with 10 years ago, when he held the same job and also topped the state’s payroll.

Barta made over a million dollars last year. If the UI hasn't fired him already, it probably never will. Think he's gotten a pay cut?

In condemnation of the iowa defensive scheme


Recently there's been a lot of bemoaning about why Iowa cannot find offense or offensive talent but if you go back to the critical moments last season it was defense as well that was a let down. There is one big reason and that is Iowa wastes the talent it does have and as such fails to attract what it needs. Iowa has even recently turned out more NFL talent than a lot of schools that it is loosing recruits to. You would think with the long list of players from the NFl that played for Iowa that there would be at least some recruiting power there especially on defense but if you look closely you can tell why Iowa has suffered.

For example take this years crop of seniors on the defense. Carl Davis and Louis Trinka Pasat. Now there's been a lot written about Carl Davis but as an avid Hawkeye fan I can tell that he suffered from the Iowa system that caters to LB and DBs but not so much on the interior of a defensive line. The Kirk Ferentz/ Phil Parker system causes bad tape for DT's this is not like FSU or Clemson or really anyone of the SEC schools that allows Defensive Linemen to play to their strengths. Essentially for those who aren't avid Iowa fans the somewhat simplified version is this. Iowas defensive scheme is not the orthodox 4-3 concept it features "big" DT who essentially two gaps and a smaller athletic one who provides all the play-making (Trinka-Pasat). Instead of creating pressure with the RDE the RDE gaps instead thus it slants to open to the right of the offense allowing the linebackers a free shot in the run game not the pass game, thus Iowa linebackers recently are poor pass-rush prospects. This was the position that Davis played because of the fact that he was 320 pounds not because it was what fit his skill set or potential. This is especially infuriating because it is similar in style to position selection techniques used by middle school coaches.

However prospects know coming in that the NFL values pass-rushing from linebackers and DL over any other specific skillset.

Note I found this lurking in my profile from a few years back and excuse the grammar but I still believe this to be true.

Defensive Tackle Daviyon Nixon Scouting Report


So a bit about myself, I am a writer for another site (CBS based) and do a plethora of NFL Draft media-based scouting, writing, and host a podcast about it as it pertains to the Draft and Denver Broncos. I have been doing this for about two years now (combine and Senior Bowl credentialed as well), but nothing beats watching the tape and breaking down prospects. My main focuses and passions are along the offensive and defensive line. I don't normally do high school/JUCO players, as most of my time is spent looking at draft eligible prospects, but with the hype of Daviyon Nixon, I figured I would give it a look and put out my thoughts on the touted defensive tackle. After not qualifying for Iowa academically last year, Nixon spent this past fall playing defensive line at Iowa Western Junior College, arguably one of, if not the best JUCO team in the country this season. Nixon will look to make instant impact for the Hawkeyes next season following his 44 tackle, 9.5 tackle for loss, and QB pressure-filled 2017 JUCO season. On tape, Nixon looks so much bigger and more powerful than anyone next to him on the defensive line or lined up across from him on the opposing offensive line. Upon contact, Nixon engulfs opposing offensive lineman when engaging with raw power and often overmatching his opponent physically. Nixon also displays very good closing speed for his size, showing the ability to chase down an escaping quarterback or pursue a running back outside the hash marks, even chasing down and catching a ball carrier from behind on many plays. Going hand in hand with his ability to chase the football, Nixon displays a hot motor and relentless attitude, not often giving up on a play if his tank isn't empty. Nixon also displayed versatility across the line playing JUCO football, playing 5 tech down to 0 tech in odd defensive fronts and 3 or 1 in even defensive fronts. With his length and power, he can win in different ways if so asked or schemed. Nixon does a good job using his length to control opposing offensive linemen. Being listed at 6’5", he consistently uses his long arms to keep offensive lineman from achieving center hand control on his chest plate, and instead uses his length and power to control his blocker. This is more prevalent on the inside as against guards and centers as opposed to longer quick tackles on the outside. Nixon uses that length and power to keep offensive linemen from cleanly engaging with his body, and using that space to keep his eyes reading the backfield and easily disengaging and making a play on the ball carrier if they run at one towards one of his gaps. Nixon does not always win off of primary contact off the snap, but if and when he wins with his hands at the snap, he can shove off an offensive lineman with ease. This often leads to Nixon creating 'secondary' pressure, as he is able to rush the passer after engaging and dispensing of his blocker. Assuming coverage holds or edge pressure forces the opposing quarterback to step up in the pocket, Nixon will push a lot of pockets and notch a lot of coverage pressures given his ability to shed blocks after he engages with his hands. Nixon will need to keep adding block shedding moves (not surprising considering his age and position), but he constantly flashes VIOLENT hands to get clean and create a lane towards the ball carrier. I was somewhat disappointed in his get off at the snap. Nixon is not the most twitched up defensive tackle along the defensive line as it pertains to explosion out of his stance. That is okay considering his size, raw power, and length, but personally I really like defensive linemen with strong get offs at the snap. Even with Nixon going against JUCO level offensive linemen and lined up alongside JUCO defensive linemen, Nixon is often one of the slower ones to react to the snap. He looks athletic and agile (for his size) once he’s moving or has shedded a block, but his initial burst off the line of scrimmage was less than[...]

Iowa Bowl Possibilities.


Well, with the regular season for the Hawkeyes finishing up at an okay 7-5, the question becomes which bowl game will the Hawkeyes play in this postseason. Looking at the list of the Big Ten's bowl games I see three possibilities:

3.) New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Played in New York City against ACC.

Potential Opponent: Boston College.

This game would be a good old-fashioned slugfest. Two teams who love to run the ball down teams throat. I don't see this as very likely. I think Pinstripe bowl goes to Purdue (6-6).

2.) Franklin American Heritage Music City Bowl: Played in Nashville against SEC.

Potential Opponent: Missouri

This game would be an interesting clash of styles. Iowa's stingy defense vs Mizzou's high scoring offense. I would love for this to be Iowa's bowl. I don't think it happens though. I think Music City is most likely to take Northwestern. If that happens though, NU vs MIzzou would be a fun match-up.

1.) Foster Farms Bowl: PLayed in Santa Clara vs Pac-12.

Potential Opponents: Oregon/Utah/Colorado

I think this the most likely destination for the Hawkeyes. I think the opponent will either be Oregon or the Utah/Colorado winner. This a new destination for the Hawkeyes. While Oregon would not be the best match-up there roller coaster of a season could make this game a toss-up. More than likely I think it'd be the Colorado/Utah winner, as I think Oregon goes to the Cactus Bowl to play Texas. I think either the Utes or the Buffaloes would be a solid match-up for Iowa.

Well, these are just my opinions on the Hawkeyes bowl possibilities. I can't wait to hear yours in the comments below and GEAUX HAWKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!

China Blues


In case you missed it, REDACTED took his team over to China for some games. While there, three players, including one of the Ball brothers, were detained, interrogated, and then sent back to their hotel with instructions not to leave the property while Chinese authorities decided what they wanted to do. Luckily for the three, their excellent adventure with Chinese jurisprudence coincided with a presidential visit, with smoothed the way for a plane ride home. Today at 11PST there will be a presser and REDACTED is expected to announce what if any consequences there will be for his players.

The local SBNation affiliate has things covered.

Thankfully, REDACTED isn't our problem and hasn't been for a long time. But his sideshow continues and its national and now international exposure grows as it takes place on the stage of UCLA where John Wooden once tread those hallowed boards. It's like a wreck I just can't look away from.

I'ma just leave this right welcome


Disclaimer: The following is posted with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I'd love to get feedback on this topic. So here goes. The original post is here.

Originally posted at Hammer & Rails 11/14:

This week we play the most repulsive, ugly, soulless, vacant-eyed, evil team in the entire country. That Team Out West is located in a Godless town, full of ruffians and rabblerowsers! Plain and simple, Iowa sucks so much!! The worst for real.

Anyway, since they are our most hated rival, it strikes me that this isn't a trophy game. It should be, right? But since it isn't, what should the trophy be?

My initial suggestion was a Bronze Heifer. Someone else mentioned a Golden Soybean (because we all know Indiana's corn is far superior to Iowa's because, again, Iowa is the worst). I also mentioned a trophy having something to due with a bigass pickup truck, you know, because rednecks and all. But someone else came up with, and this is my personal favorite, a miniature statue of Jim Delaney. Leaders and Legends, baby, yeah!!

So, in the spirit of Iowa sucking and being so easy to hate (I mean, for real, Iowa is like that kid in middle school who never showered or brushed his teeth, but always wanted to sit right next to you) what should the trophy be for this rivalry game with OMHR?

(But seriously, I hate Iowa. So much. Like, how many vowels do you really need? The name of your state is 4 letters long, and 3 of them are vowels? Nah, bro. Miss me with all of that. And where is the school located? Let me help you out...It's Iowa City. Real creative, Iowa. Really went out on a limb with that city name. Although I guess it's better than Des Moines. Do you know what "Des Moines" means in French? It means "Iowa is seriously the f***** worst and no one in their right mind would ever want to live there, because the place is absolute garbage". Don't believe me? Look it up. Who knew the French could be so succinct, right?)

Fantasy Wrestling


Hey Hawkeyes! It's almost wrestling season, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in setting up a Division I fantasy wrestling league? I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm very open to suggestions, but basically, points would be determined by margin of victory (or loss), and probably quality of opponent. Team selection would be weekly, and restrictions would be made by conference, team ranking, and individual ranking. That's about all I've got, so is anyone up for it/willing to help?

Honorary Captain Named


IOWA CITY, Iowa – Arno van der Westhuizen, a former record setting University of Iowa track and field athlete and Minnesota goal post conqueror, will serve as honorary captain Saturday when Iowa hosts Minnesota at Kinnick Stadium (5:30 a.m., OWN). Westhuizen, a native of South Africa and studied at Stellenbosh Univerisity where he participated in track and the elephant riding club. Westu, as he was called, came to Iowa City as an accomplished weight thrower. During his time on the University of Iowa (1998 to 2002), Westhuizu was a dominant force in the Big ten in the weight throw (also known as the hammer throw). During the 2001 season, Westhuizen provisionally qualified for the NCAAs in the hammer throw in every meet of the season. Westhuizen finished his career as the record holder in the weight throw with a distance of 67 feet-7 ½ inches (20.61 meters for the socialist). That distance is currently the third best throw ever for the Hawkeyes. For football fans, Westu is best known is the man who finally tore the goal posts down at the Metrodome on November 16, 2002. After the Iowa defeated Minnesota 45-21, an estimated 100,000 Iowa fans entered the playing field. With the remaining Gopher fans (estimated at twelve) booing loudly, Iowa fans turned their attention towards the goal post in the south end zone. Kinnick Stadium’s goal posts became collapsable in the 1980s so fans never could take them down. However in Minneapolis, they were metal. The fans attacked it but the goal posts would not come down. Westhuizen would become the man of the hour when he approached the goal posts. With one mighty swing of his "Thor like" hammer, Westu bought down the goal posts. Westu and Iowa fans were far from done once they tore down the goal post. They carried it from one end of the Metrodome playing surface to the other as some fans surfed on top of it. Despite Westu’s efforts, the goal post could not fit through the revolving exit doors. "I have a good friend who I coached with at Maine actually who called right after that and he said he’s never seen anything like that," Coach Kirk Ferentz said. "He’s probably right. It’s probably never happened before. He also said your fans aren’t very smart. They tried to take it through a revolving door." Westhuizen will accompany the Iowa captains to the center of the field for Saturday's pregame coin toss. He will also be with the Hawkeyes in the locker room before and after the game. Tickets are available for Saturday's contest at, in person at the UI Athletics Ticket Office in Carver-Hawkeye Arena, or by calling 1-800-IAHAWKS. A promotion will be held during the game in recognition of starting quarterback Nathan Stanley’s heritage with fried cheese curds being 20% discounted whenever Iowa completes a pass over 20 yards on first down this Saturday. [...]

Too Much of a Good Thing


Yep, this is about "The Wave". I think it is a great thing. I want the Kinnick Stadium to keep doing that forever. I want everyone else in the world, to stop. Background and disclaimer: Despite the user name, I am an Iowa fan since I was old enough to even know what sports were. During the 80's and early 90's growing up, my fall/winters were spent watching football, going to bowl parties and then catching Dr. Tom leading the black and gold. My career choice (education) took me to UNI instead, and along life's journey I ended up with degrees from both ISU and UNI. Even still, Iowa is the team I would most want to see succeed. I am not a troll trying to bash The Wave. That being said, The Wave is bordering on overexposure in less than 2 months of existence. I attended a small town Iowa high school football game this evening, and after the first quarter, some random photographer came out to midfield, and the announcer had everyone wave at the camera guy (not a TV camera mind you) as it was for the Children's Hospital at the U of I cancer ward. I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of for several reasons, needless to say, I did not take part, and chose to go to the concession stand during the proceedings. I have heard that this was not the only Eastern Iowa high school to do something of this nature. My fear is that this desire to jump on the waving bandwagon will lead to pauses between the 1st and 2nd quarters of all things moving forward, from basketball games, to water polo matches. Organizers will put these things together because "Hey! It's for cancer stricken kids!"I honestly feel like these side gestures cheapen what is one of the coolest new traditions in college football to come along in decades. As a UNI Pather Marching Band member in 1997, I've been on Kinnick Stadium's field, feeling the cheers of 70,000 people [playing the national anthem], and then hearing it directed towards the game as the score quickly got to an out of hand 66-0 score. (To the point where our band director asked what song we hadn't played yet, to which I replied "Our fight song!") That feeling is amazing, and I can only imagine what it must be like for those people up in that hospital wing overlooking the stadium as all those people direct their energy up in their direction. Looking into someone's camera from 40 yards away in the visitor's stand is not the same. And I can't imagine when kids would actually want to spend time looking at these images. I guess it would make a nice photo montage somewhere in the hospital wing, but is that really helping those kids and giving them good feelings or joy? I don't think so. I suppose it is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves, that we can wave at a camera and hope some very ill child sees it, but if I really wanted to feel good about myself in that way, aren't there more real ways to do so? Why not get a bunch of greeting cards together and send them, giving the kids messages of hope or personal stories of a somewhat shared experience overcoming adversity. Send pictures that were drawn by kids, for kids as a way of brightening their day. Heck, if you really wanted to do something to help, and live close enough, become a volunteer there and REALLY do some good.When I would discuss this with other people, I got variations of either "But it's for SICK CHILDREN! How can you be against SICK CHILDREN!?!?!" I think this is what bothers me most. The children are being used as a tool for forced conformity to some tradition that isn't even really theirs. They stole it. It isn't cool and organic if you saw it on TV and said "Hey, we could do that". I'm not against sick children, I am against what I perceive to be people using the idea of sick children, to make themselves feel better by doing something e[...]

Visiting Boilermaker


I regularly view hammerandrails, the purdue sbnation blog and have seen people from other sites ask about game day advice and expierences. For our anniversary this year my wife, both of us are Purdue alums, got us tickets to Kinnick and a room at the Iowa House Hotel. Just curious what the can’t miss places to visit on campus are, from campus bars to best places to eat, and hidden gems (like at the campus bars at Purdue a food cart called Famous Franks comes out late and is to die for).

Lastly we are trying to debate whether we are going to tailgate or if the bars and surrounding campus area will keep us entertained before kickoff. Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to participate in the countries best new football tradition, waving to the children’s hospital from the stadium.

What Might Football Scheduling Look Like if the B1G Expanded to 16 Teams?


Ever since OU, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech almost bolted for the Pac-12, I've wanted the B1G to stop having a number of teams that makes scheduling a pain in the ass and expand to 16. Instead of having divisions, this conference would be split into 4 pods of 4 teams. The particular teams don't really matter, but I usually go with Notre Dame and Pitt to prevent Iowa from being stuck in a pod with Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This gives us these pods:

West North South East
Team 1: Iowa Michigan Indiana Penn State
Team 2: Nebraska MSU Purdue Pitt
Team 3: Wisconsin OSU Northwestern Maryland
Team 4: Minnesota Notre Dame Illinois Rutgers

The problem I've always had, though, is that I wasn't sure the scheduling would work out as well as I thought it would.

Turns out, it does!

Every team plays eleven conference games. Three games against their own pod, four games against another pod, and two games each against the remaining two pods.

Every team plays every conference opponent at least four times every six years, and each B1G player gets to play at every stadium at least once.

Your move, Jim.

Kirk Ferentz - Coolest Guy Ever


Thought I'd pass this along. I have a cousin who is a supremely talented athlete (and awesome kid) who recently played at the Perfect Game Showcase (baseball) in San Diego a few weeks back. The kid doubles as a pretty damn good WR as well. He suffered a brutal injury last Friday chasing down a would be score on a fumble, got his legs taken out by a teammate also trying to make the tackle. The end result was fractured fibula and tibula, just brutal.

Anyways Coach K sent the kid a hand written letter essentially sending his best and wishing him well in his recovery.

I don't even know how hard Iowa was looking at him (he has offers all over the place for both sports) but thought I'd share that with you guys. I don't know how many DI coaches out there are doing the same thing for local kids who catch a tough break.



Does anyone know where I can find a Tim Dwight jersey? Or one of the classics with the number 6? I have been searching for a while but can't find anything online at the Iowa shops, amazon or ebay (that is under $100). Not wanting an autographed one, looking to wear to bars and games.


I had the pleasure of opening for Chuck Long


Last spring I posted in a Hamsterdam that our local alumni chapter was doing a fundraising gala to endow our scholarship fund and that I had been asked to say a few things about my time at Iowa and what the Hawkeyes mean to me, and the keynote speaker was none other than Chuck Long. A few of you offered some good jokes to use, one of which I did include in my speech. Anyway, we had to reschedule the event so it got delayed, but we did finally have it and it was great.

Our chapter president spoke first about the scholarship fund and what we've been doing as a chapter, and then introduced me. I told her ahead of time I had prepared an "epic" speech and that's how she introduced me. After I finished, Chuck got up and said something like, "Wow, that was incredible," and I talked to him and his agent/manager for a bit afterwards. Super nice, super humble guy, every bit the "aw shucks" Midwesterner he seems like on TV. He asked me how much I do speeches and I said every month or two, usually for law things. He asked how much I charge and I said nothing. He told me to get an agent and start charging. Anyway, unbeknownst to me, my wife recorded the whole thing. The video is below, it's a little hard to understand in spots but I figured if anybody would appreciate it, you all would.

src="" height="315" width="560">