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Love Story: Jess & Russ


The most gorgeous graphics and the sweetest lli love story ever!

It's a must-read and a must save for a soft, mushy romantic such as myself!

Check it out!  You won't be disappointed!

Trash The Dress: Part 1


Sis T asked me yesterday to see some of my Trash The Dress pictures.I usually forget I even took these.  You see, I actually took my Trash The Dresspictures BEFORE we even got married.  There was a group of photographers thatgot together and organized this event.  Trash The Dress sessions (as well as Boudoir Sessions) were something COMPLETELY NEW in my wedding days.  If you Googled it, you wouldonly get maybe 3 pages of pics?  So all us brides and photographers got together to do a session for the benefit of all.  They would get portfolio pics.  We would get FREE pics! Win-win!Personally, I was in a rush.  Missed half the session because I got lost trying to find this dam in SoCal somewhere in the middle of nowhere.   I didn't have my hair done.  Slapped on some make-up in the car.And here's what you get.  So I forgot about them for the most part.  Until T asked to see them.I had about 5-6 CDs from different photographers and settings, but wouldn't you know I can't find most of my wedding related photo CDs now?  Eek... this has me cleaning like you wouldn't believefor these two days.So, PART 1 - these photos are from the same photographer who did our Engagement Pics.  That's how I actually got to do these pics (because he invited me afterwards...)More to come if I can ever find the CDs!xoxo,Vivian[...]

Monique Lhuillier: Katarina


Sis T's engagement and trek to the Monique Lhuillier Sample Sale today got me thinking about dresses and my own wedding dress.  After a bit of googling for the dress my sister fell in love with, I decided to search for some images of my dress, the Katarina, as well:The print ad photo.The runway photo.I was amused to find out (on Once Wed) that Ali Landry also worethe Katarina dress in her wedding to Jose Alejandro in Mexico.It was fun to see dress twins in a "Same Dress, Different Ways" kind of way.A few pics I found while browsing listings for selling the dress.This bride has an amazing figure and paired it with a covetedjeweled belt.  Love this combo!And a couple of me in my Katarina ... oh how I still love my dress.I love how you can see the ruffles kinda swirl in this pic...... and see the train in full effect here.Sometimes I think about selling my dress, but then I get sad at the thought ofnot having it anymore.  What about you?  If you're married, have yousold your dress or are you keeping it?[...]

Happiest Proposal On Earth!


LOVING this sweet marriage proposal, 
which happened recently at Downtown Disney, CA....
heart of the Happiest Place On Earth!

It's completely upbeat, happy, and sweet!
allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Hope this made you smile today!


I Wish...


 ... for a lifetime of love and friendship with my dear hubby...

... that we may always love and laugh together ...

... and always be thisclose...

Inspired by Mrs. Kutcher


Demi sure is inspiring!

Talk about keeping it HOT for your hubby!
Can you believe she's 47?

Feeling Married


I just wrote a behemoth of a comment in response to Rhi's rhetorical question about "feeling married":"...I completely understand where this post comes from and I truly think it IS a confusing thing. People don't really have good explanations for it, but always bombard you with these vague type of questions "How does it FEEL now that you're married?".  Ask ANYONE (mostly women) in the FIRST year of marriage, and MOST women I know will be a bit confused.  Like, "not much has changed".  They still feel the same, if not more love towards their husband.  But you already loved him SO much before you were married too right? Personally, I had a lot of weirdness with changing my last name, and hung on to it until probably the 1 1/2 yr mark.  Saying it was very awkward.  Using it, more so.  It felt like I was giving up myself to become a wife.  But, gradually, slowly, and unconsciously, BEING a wife became natural. Second nature.  I forgot about the I and the ME and corny as it sounds, everything became a WE and a thinking about us collectively and more selflessly about my husband.  Not to say I didn't before, but something was different inside of me.  And I think the only way that comes is over time.  You can't pinpoint a moment in which it happened.  But it does.  (Side note:  we've been married 3 yrs now).  And I notice it in my friends too.  You see a subtle change in everyone after about a year.  You can see the difference of "married love".  I think it's why they call it the "honeymoon stage".  Besides all the endorphins and adrenaline from getting married, when everything settles in a bit, that feeling comes from knowing that you have this partner that holds your heart.  And you realize that you hold his too.  From the other side, I think that many husbands feel the change much sooner after the actual marriage than the wives do.  I'm convinced it has to do with the fact that men often do put themselves first and foremost when they are single, pursuing their careers and their dreams.  Then, once they get married, they become less selfish and more comfortable about being responsible for someone else's well-being, support system, and emotions. Oy vay - just a generalization and I wrote such a book.  But it's just my very very humble opinion based on my observations."What do YOU think if you are married? I'd love to hear different viewpoints, opinions, and stories!xoxo,Vivian[...]

Finding The One


Wedding Pics: The First Look


For a long time, it has been tradition, that the groom must not see the bride before the wedding.In modern times, I hardly know a single bride that DIDN'T see the groom before."The First Look" is touted as a time that the couple can share alone before the wedding begins.Often, a sentimental and sweet photo session takes place if you opt for "the first look".In our case, I was very happy we did these shots since our families HIJACKED, and YES, I do mean hijacked in all caps, our "after ceremony" photo time.More on that later.... . .In Hawaiian tradition, the bride always gives the groom the first lei.It's said that giving the groom the maile lei showed him and everyonethat this wahine (girl) wanted his hand in marriage...* I left out "The Kiss" here... there are still somethings a little private ;)This alone time, before the ceremony started, was really the only time we had to ourselves until much past midnight...and some of the only portraits we got together...This is one of my favorite photos...but knowing what I know about photography now (which isn't much), I would have expected the photographer to fix a few obvious blunders in the scene.... . .Overall, my advice is to go ahead and do "the first look" if your time and photographer allows.Without it, we may have never gotten any photos of just the two of us.  IMHO.[...]

Wedding Pics: Getting Ready


Geez... practically 3 years later and I will finally post some pics for Rachel! ;)I'm such a slacker - I still have my final wedding album layout sitting on our counter for over 7 months. I didn't realize I never got around to posting any wedding pics.  So here goes Part I!(mind you, most of these pics qualities have been resized for lower memory) My cousin was thoughtful enough to snap a shot of the day's newspaper and wedding related story.Getting my veil pinned on.I wish the photographer had hung the dress over the window.We had an amazing view of the valley with floor to ceiling windows. ***BRIDE TIP:  Despite everything I read about NOT giving photogs a "must take list", I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do.  If I hadn't instructed for a few detail shots, I would not have got them.  This dress shot was just one of a few disappointments from lack of a list and trying not to be controlling. I had read that a signature wedding perfume scent would be a great reminderfor the hubby.  The idea is that when you wear it, he will always relate the scent to our wedding day.  I think it worked (though Chloe became my daily perfume). I couldn't afford Louboutins in the budget, but I did score thesesparkly Manolos for a good discount!  Again, I was disappointed bythe lack of creativity with my shoe shot.   Surprisingly enough, we had to ask the photographer to take ring shots as well.At least these came out nice.In case you're wondering: Hubby's Band is a Tungsten Carbide comfort fit ring. I originally wanted to get him THIS RING, but he ultimately fell in love with the one he chose (similar to THIS). My wedding band is the Cartier Platinum, 3 Diamonds style B4058300.My e-ring is a 4-prong solitaire based on the Cartier 1895 Solitaire setting*.* Cartier didn't sell Asscher stones, nor would they sell just the setting.  So we had to go to a jeweler who did have the stone I wanted and could make the same setting. As some of you may know, I want to change my setting at some point.  The band and setting are eternally classic, but they are much more of my hubby's style than my own.  Though, there are days when I love that the simplicity and elegance are timeless and go with anything.  Getting ready with my girls!Me and my MOH checking out the reception room as it's getting set up.We didn't know the photog was behind us at first, and these 2 were some of my fave shots.That's it for today...More pics and posts to come![...]

Cranes of Luck and Love


Saw this beautiful wedding of Laura and Jonathan in Chicago, IL.What an incredible backdrop and a perfect way to add visual interest to an indoor wedding where you may have a plain background.The vibrant colors make her white dress pop that much more!Beautiful shot of the cake through the shower of cranes. I have a similar one with shower of orchids.In Japanese legend, making 1000 cranes can grant you a wish, such as long life, or a thousand years of good luck. The same can be said if it is given as a gift.Given to a couple for a wedding gift, it would hold a gift of wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple. Given for the welcoming of a baby would be wishing the baby a long life and lots of luck. In Asia, the crane is a mystical creature that is said to live one thousand years. I love this idea so much - it's great for any special occasion - a baby shower perhaps?And easily transitioned into a baby nursery! I'm definitely doing this at some point!Want to learn how to make some paper cranes of your own?Check HERE for a step-by-step photo tutorial.Or check HERE for a YouTube video tutorial.[...]

Martha Does It Best: Ring Porn


My ultimate ring looks exactly like one in the colorful boxes in the pic below. I squealed with delight when this issue came out. Can you guess which one?{All images above via From Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2008}[...]

What to Wear for E-Pics


Let me give some brides-to-be some sage advice.TIP 1: Do NOT procrastinate on choosing your e-pic outfits. I should have known. Brides are always stressing about what to wear for e-pics. Just check and forum or weddingboard. Did I worry? No.I thought that J and I had a ton of clothes to work with. well... it seems that I was wrong. I did not want to wear the typical Black or White Top + Jeans combo.Ideally, I would have done something "different", "colorful", or at least more flattering. Tip 2:Don't wear something baggy or "flowy" if there is possibility of wind or breeze,My tent-like top did nothing to flatter. Below are a few e-pics [outfit combos] I LOVE LOVE LOVE!{Sarah K. Chen}{Sarah K. Chen}I actually bought my parasols from Crystal (in the yellow dress).NOT SURE WHY EVERYTHING IS UNDERLINED NOW :({Via}{Via}{Via}{Via}*sigh*These beautiful, glammy, and vintage styled shots make me want to take "couple pics" again.I love our beachy e-pics (very casual and more "us") but I love these themes as well.Well, J DID win a free photo session at a concert.We might just have to redeem that prize soon![...]

E-pics: A Day at the Beach


Having our e-pics (engagement pictures) taken wasone of the BEST decisions during wedding planningand one of the most fun!(Images are poor quality due to me re-sizing)Below are a FEW of my faves...This "splash" photo is one of our faves!There's a series of these leading up toand after the big splash. Definitely a fun shot! This one [above] is framed in our home.J, being his silly self. ;)The one above was a *heart* in the sand, which got washed away.Photographer: Bryan D. Chan of Premier PhotographsBryan and his wife are an amazing team!He worked with my budget and producedpictures we'll cherish forever!In fact, I may think he was more preparedand gave us better pics than even our weddingphotographer! More on that topic to come.I've come to realize how important engagement pics are. After the wedding has come and gone, the e-picsare more natural to keep displayed in the home.With more than 1 or 2 wedding photos in[our tiny] home, I think people might think us to be self-centered or showy.Engagement pictures capture us as couple, simply, naturally, and in love. What do you think?Do you display more e-pics or wedding pics, or none of the above?[...]



I realized I never let this wedding blog come to full fruition. In all honesty, I was hoping it would be a launch-pad for another project and when that fell through I let Beach Bound Bride fall to the way side.
Well, it's been almost a year an a half since we've been married and I figured as one of my resolutions in 2010 that I would help finish along my little journal of our wedding planning and projects. As it is, we've already forgotten many of the little details and events that took so long to get to. I'd like to document some memories for ourselves while we still have them.

Another resolution for this slacker bride? I still haven't finished choosing the pictures for our wedding album. All done and paid for, but I just can't seem to finalize that project. I hoping to complete it before Valentine's Day or at the very least, our 2nd anniversary.

Tidbits and lessons learned to come. Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!

photos for ideas



I <3 Bloomie's!


J and I just came back from an eventful day at South Coast Plaza where we attended an "exclusive and intimate... Brainy Brunch"! According to the email invite I receieved from the nicest bridal "strategist", Daisy (whom I had met about a month ago:

"Here, you will receive great gifts and the chance to build you perfect personal registry with the help of ten product specialists. Space is very limited, and we have you rsvp'd for two people, so please contact us to confirm your reservation!"

Boy - they were NOT kidding! I had asked Daisy to also register my BFF/MOH (whose wedding is 1 1/2 mo before ours) and so glad we did. They literally had little round tabels set up in the aisles of Bloomingadale's fine china department!

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by the bridal registry manager and shown to our own table, name card encased in a shiny silver frame. As we dined on scrumptious croissants, choclate-filled pastries, fresh yogurt topped with jewel-colored berries, and delicate spinach quiches, we were treated to made-to-order espressos and mocha lattes.

At the start of the hour, with a chime on the edge of a crysal flute, we began the "vendor speed-dating" - each bearing gifts of some kind. With the vendors we weren't crazy about (product, not person), the 5 minutes seemed endless. With the vendors we couldn't get enough of, the 5 minutes seemed to finish in the blink of an eye. *clink*clink* time to change (as the vedors each moved on with their goodie bags). We were left with an arsenal of phamplets, brochures, and two bags full of house paraphanelia.

After the hour and a half of personalized attention, we were registered and set about with a "strategist" to pick items that would set us up for the rest of our lives! With all the research and planning and dreaming I had of this day, it was actually very smooth and stress-free! I had compared, cross-referenced, made lists, and concluded that Bloomie's had everything I wanted all in one location! They were definitely more helpful, personal, incentives, and great tips that Macy's, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma! Prices were pretty much the same across the board and Bloomie's also frequently has great bonus gifts on registry items as well!

Since my camera was stolen a couple of weeks ao, I'll have to list some of the freebies we receieved for attending today. If you have the chance to partake in one of these events - I HIGHLY recommend it!

* Thick canvas Bloomingdale's registry tote bag
* Victorinox (maker of Swiss Army Knives) paring knife
* Victorinox luggage tage
* 2 Villery & Boch "Wave" cafe cups
* DeLonghi cutting board
* Nespresso box of chocolates
* All-Clad kitchen towel
* Wedgewood can of Earl Grey Wildflower tea
* Denby coinpurse, pen set, and file folder
* Blinq silcone spatula
* Blinq silicone serving spoon

And for registering for some of the vendors present (minimum of certain $ amounts) we will receive in the mail:
* Victorinox tolietry travel case
* [Pair of] Kosta Boda crystal champagne flutes

I love their "The New Rules of The Registry... Rule #2 Feel like a kid in a candy store."

DIY #1 - Save the Date Cards


With a week of February already in full swing, I knew I needed to get the wheels turning on this big bus of bridal bulls--t (well - I just couldn't think of another "b" word that went).

Having felt like accomplished so much on Friday (Picked the fabric for my bridesmaids dresses, which in turn helped choose my main theme colors), I was very motivated to keep the momentum I'd gained.

Since the wedding invite suite will be designed by Cards De Luxe, I couldn't get the same exact thing. I figured for sake of saving time, I would just do the STD cards myself, and it wasn't necessary to match the invites exactly.

I took a long lunch break to stop at Paper Source, buy STD card materials, oh and VOTE! And after a very long night at the office, I still came home feeling energized enough to produce these babies!

(image) (image)

Paper Source A2 flat cards in Super Fine Soft White
Paper Source A2 envelopes in Papaya
Paper Source LP-Allium stamp
Color Box Inks (Moss Green and Orange)
Judi Kins Clear Embossing Powder (I so <3 embossing!)

I had a really difficult time coosing the stamp image I wanted. It came down to a group of ginko leaves or this new stamp they got in. I liked how airy it felt and it kind of resembles palm leaves. When I went to check out, the clerk told me they had just gotten these stamps in yesterday! Score one for the newness factor!

The above samples are the finished product. I also liked a right-justified set up, but the FI always likes things to be centered. (Note: I was testing on the envelope in the picture. Final outcome, I think the stamp will be tonal orange on orange).

Addresses will be on clear labels. For some reason, the envelopes will NOT work in my printer. Apparently it's smaller than the allowable dimensions. Do you think the friends and family will like?

The Kaleidoscope of my Mind


Taking to heart all the considerate advice I was given from the previous post, I have taken another stab at this color palette issue. Thanks to all the bees out there who took the time to give such thoughtful comments!

Laura and Heather's advice regarding my love of pink, orange, and green, and the images from the side of my blog as part of my inspiration board led me to this kaleidoscope of images.


(All images from The Knot , The Kahala, and Theresa Lang)

It all came together with the inspiration from the invitation from Theresa Lang. It incorporated 3 of my top fave color choices beautifully! And at this point, I think the FH is ready and willing to compromise on colors so that I can finally commit.

With the promise that neither he, nor any of his groomsmen will be coerced into wearing pink, the FH is happy to compromise on colors so that I will finally commit and stop interrogating him on choices every day!

So what do YOU think?



SO I take it back... I have 1 little stress with the wedding right now. COLORS. I know every bride seems to go through the seemingly monumental task of choosing their wedding colors. How did they all do it? And then commit? It seems so much easier to commit to my future hubbie than it is to choose what color I want our BM dresses to be or initiations.A few choices:* Bright Orange + Green; Accents of cream, brown, and pink or yellow.* Bright Orange + Aqua/Turquoise; Accents of black, white.* Yellows + Pinks; Accents of green, white.* Blush [pink], Creams, Champagne; Accents of brown, metallics [gold, pewter, or silver].* White + Green ; Accents: brown, and any other color under the sun.* Bright Pink/Fuchsia + Green; Accents of lighter pinks and white or cream, black.and the list of combinations could go on and on... to which one BM told me I could just do all the colors of the rainbow and the "tie-dye" palette may bode well with my Hippie hubbie-to-be.A few inspiration boards garnered mostly from StyleMePretty. Inspiration board #4 is from the Martha Stewart - Today Show Wedding. If you see any images that need crediting, please email me and I will add it. List most brides, I have saved many images a while back without saving the original source. In no particular order:1. The #1 front-runner according to my florist. He, like FH, like the subdued color palette. I like the simplicity and sophistication.2. I love the bright fun colors of this Alice-in-Wonderland palette. Deemed "too bright for my taste" by the florist, and "too much pink" by the FH. I guess it's out.3. My #1 choice, florist's #2. Only problem I see is that this would go best with a classy, evening affair in city. Meanwhile, I'm having a daytime, semi-casual, beach-side ceremony.4. I think this board is a nice combination of my Alice-in Wonderland brights meet the champagne/blush, city sophisticate. I may take cues from this palette to create my own. 5. This palette ties for my #1 fave. It's similar, but with a slightly more garden-in-the-country feel. My only concern is if it would we too subdued for our surroundings. Perhaps something a bit brighter for the outdoor ceremony, and this palette for the indoor reception?6. Ta-Da! This is MY 1st attempt at an inspiration board. I'm drawn to the lovely pinks and yellows. They can be subdued or brightened up endlessly! Accents with green, white or cream, and brown or black - I think it complements our event beautifully. However, FH say it and was shocked by how much PINK there is in it. I may need to tweak this a bit if I stick with this palette. I used a lot of tropical fruit, as would be found in our locale, and cocktail drinks as heavy inspiration. Which do you think would work the best?[...]

7th Heaven


Only 7 months left til our big day! It seems like just yesterday we were at Pearl & Khai's wedding (7.7.07). With 1 whole year to plan the wedding, I thought it'd be a breeze. I'd have everything done by February so we could enjoy a nice skiing/snowboarding season and not stress.

Not that I'm stressing. Actually - there's really little stress right now. I'm still on the cloud we ra rang in for the new year. My honey was so sweet and good to me - he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cooked a porterhouse steak dinner for us last night.

I guess the only thing hat brings me down to earth again is this email from reminding me of my my unchecked "To Do" boxes I have yet to complete. Still, all I have to do to float back to my 7th heaven cloud is close the little "x" box at the upper right-hand corner. And I'm floating away again....

2008 will be Gr8! / Bridal Resolutions


2008 - We rang in the New Year with 2 other '08-to-be couples and a pair of newlyweds!
The FI pointed out what a great year 2008 will be:
  1. We're getting married!
  2. We'll go to our bachelor/bachelorette parties (in Cabo & Vegas, respectively).
  3. We'll go on our honeymoon!
In following Miss Jasmine's post on weddingbee, I've decided to post some of my Bridal New Year's Resolutions as well. For many bride-to-be's, I'm sure the list quite similar. Nonetheless, as all the great planning books will advise - it's important to write down your goals. So here goes:

[1] Be mindful of the budget and be resourceful as much as possible. As I have been told more than once, "live within your means". Bargain, negotiate, and cut the unnecessary crap. Nuff said.
[2] Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. As an ongoing resolution that I try to kick up a notch each year, I will try to embrace a healthier lifestyle for the mind, body, spirit. With the wedding this year, I have even more incentive to step up my goals! More walking the dog, more yoga, more swimming, more gym, more organic foods and veggies, more water, more kisses, more compliments, more smiles, more hugs, more "I love you's". Less fat, less meat, less alcohol, less sugar, less TV, less negativity, less stress, less complaining.
[3] Remember the whys of the wedding. I will try to remember that the importance of the wedding is about me and the FH. As I have said repeatedly before, I wouldn't care if no one showed up - the wedding of my dreams should be about the FH and myself. Luckily, I have great parents and a great FI that also stand by with me on this one.
[4] Don't sweat the small stuff. So who cares if a napkin doesn't match a BM dress? At the end of the day, no one will remember the small stuff. They will only remember the feeling and the festivities.
[5] Live in the moment. Because being engaged and getting ready to be married is a time in my life that I will only have once. I want to enjoy every moment of our lives - to soak it all in. :)

Happy 2008! We're getting married this year!!!!!!!!

You know Joe?


Courtesy of a post on weddingbee, I was browsing photog sites and came across Joe Photo, who was the photographer of my dear friend M. had a beautiful and elegant wedding. 100 ppl. Guests that "genuinely care and love us" as M put it. M was the epitome of a beautiful bride. As her MOH - I remember the joy was radiating from her as she glowed, and gleefully pranced along the hallway in the moments before her big walk down the aisle. "I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" I will never forget how happy my friend was in those moments. A few of my own photos from that beautiful October day: The beautiful view behind the ceremony site at Ritz-Carlton Dana Point; getting ready, mini tea ceremony in the room.I wish I had more pictures of the ceremony to share - but M just told me they went to pick their pictures for their album a couple weeks ago, and being in the party I only have the memories of the special day.[...]

"Always, always, always a bridesmaid..."

2008-12-11T14:44:01.104-08:00 thankfully not true for me. I've only been in 3 weddings in my lifetime. 1st time as a flower girl for my uncle's wedding. Last year as a MOH. And this year as a BM.

Also I am very grateful to have never had to don anything similar to one of these monstrosities...

(image) (image) (image)

(Photos courtesy of

Yup, that's right! I went to see the sneak preview of Katherine Heigl's wedding-themed movie, "27 Dresses". Of course we laughed and laughed, empathized and rationalized the different parts of the movie. However, in effort not to spoil the whole movie for the few of you who may read this post, I will just say that there can be no way that any bridesmaid out there has had as much bad luck with BM dresses as our dear heroine of the movie. It would be fun though - to have a grown up "dress-up closet" as she does.

What would be your worst BM dress ever? I'd love to see pics!

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget


This is one of my all-time favorite sayings that I think really sums me up. I DO have expensive taste. Yet, I am very much a bargain-hunter that can rarely stomach paying "retail". Thus, this saying also easily translates to our wedding planning.

Though there are the things I can't bargain for price and won't sacrifice for quality: the venue, the photography, the food and beverages....



(Above images from Chrissy Lambert, Signature Drinks, and The Kahala).

What I CAN bargain, skimp, or cut back on is pretty much everything else!!!

To date, we have bargained for:

1. Our scarf wedding favors (for the women) purchased in bulk on our Cambodia trip!

2. My Monique Lhuillier wedding gown from her sample sale!!! Early birds definitely catch the worms!!!(image)

3. Additional Chivari chairs for our outdoor ceremony (to be included in our upgrade package).

Future plans of bargain hunting, negotiating, and other wheeling-dealing tactics include"

1. Airline tickets using mileage points.

2. Invitations hopefully through the savvy skills of FMIL.

3. BM dresses

4. Hawaiian luau for day after wedding celebrations if MOB can work her magic.

5. and everything else I can possibly manage!

I hope that as this wedding planning progresses, I can impart some of my acquired knowledge and secrets to other Brides-to Be! My mission is to make sure everyone gets champagne, even if all I can afford is beer!

Anyone else have good tips?