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Off to trip


Paris trip was excellent. Spending 5 days in the busy city is more than enought. Perhaps, next time if going back there again, we will go to vessaile. Paris Disneyland was worthwhile to visit also. Full of excitements.

On the other hands, Ireland trip was a different new experience. Breathtaking and superb scenery views in northern Ireland. Must go there!!!! :)



It is really common to hear people scolding the 'F' word. Sometimes, it just does not fit the situation right.

Try imagine yourself in one of the situation below and i am sure the 'F' word will comes out very naturally.

Situation 1:

Situation 2:

Situation 3:

Situation 4:

Situation 5:


Off to edinburgh


A month ago, hon fai, yi hui, hui yin and i visited edinburgh for a day trip. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city as compared to glasgow. It is so lively!!! All the buildings at the city centre cheer me up! The Royal Mile street is such a happening street, with many major attractions such as edinburgh castle, people's story musuem, children's musuem, national musuem, arthur's seat as well as cafe, bar and pubs.

Edinburgh festivals started 2 weeks ago! I will definitely pay it a visit in the coming weekend. Lets go edinburgh, anyone?

Distance learning courses


Do you hate to go to the classes accordingly but you wish to get a degree? We are clear in our mind that we need a degree in order to secure a job, in order to earn a living. Do you wish to set up your own timetable for your studies? Today i would like to share with you guys regarding distance learning courses.

So what is distance learning courses? It is a home based, open learning system that has very flexible studies timetable and with affordable fees. Uk Opening Learning is registered with Open College Network and it offers fully recognized qualifications that carry credits towards futher studies. There are huge range of course categories, namely animal care, art and photography, beauty therapist, nail technician, counselling and life coaching, forensic science, hospitality, interior design, marketing and office, mental health and many more.

A good news from UK Opening Learning is that it is open for all international students. It is always not to late to turn your dream into reality. Check it out if you are interested.

Rapidshare download - Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Full (High Definition)


Since the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic games 2008, youtube has banned almost any broadcast of olympic games highlights. You will no longer able to watch the opening ceremony of beijing olympic 2008 via youtube. However, you can view some really good quality pictures of Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony.You can choose to download the full opening ceremony video (4 hours long) or stream the 3 mins plus long Beijing Olympic Opening Countdown video. Rapidshare download : download all 11 files separately and unzip them using winzip or extract all softwares. They are free to download via The video is in very high quality and it is approximate 2 gb large. See more details at ti3n's blog - Instructions and tips to download rapidshare Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2008.[...]

Fat burner - Phenterfein


There is at least 30% of people living in the united kingdom claimed that they are overweigh. And not to forget for those who are in the normal categories, they love to eat, they enjoy themselves trying out different types of food but one concern is that they are afraid of the increasing in their body weigh.

Some people depend on exercise and healthy diets to maintain a good body figure. While some find it ineffective of doing regular exercise, plus having a balance diet. So, they will have to depend on diet pills. Nowadays, there are many diet products in the market. Phenterfein is one of the effective diet pills that many have reviewed it. There are several important ingredients that makes up phenterfein, such as glucuonolactone (used for energy enhancement), rhodiola rosea (a stimulant used to increase the resistance of variety of stress factors), Octopamine (make body fat shrink) and evodia extract (causes one to feel less hungry).

Find out more about Phenterfein online today!

Cruz beckham breakdancing again!


During the teen choice award 2008, when david beckham approaced the stage to receive the award of male choice athlete with his 3 sons, his youngest son, Cruz beckham performed breakdancing infront of 2 millions viewers once again.

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The first time he managed to draw the huge attention from the public was during spice girl live tour in february.


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Cruz beckham is a very talented child! He is definitely going to be a big star after his dad - the world famous footballer, david beckham, and her mum - victoria beckham (posh), a singer from spice girl group.

Acne treatment


Acne is most common in the age of 13 - 21 year old and usually continue during adulthood. It is a skin disease that majority of people will be getting at some time of their life time. There are many reasons that contribute to the development of acne in many people. One reason of being hormonal changes in the body. Another being the use of steroid treatment. The most common affected areas are the face and upper neck part. Hence, many are seeking for medical aids to treat acne.

SO what is the treatment for acne. Well, the first thing to do is to take care of personal hygience. Some people might take oral or topical antibiotics for treatment.

Proactiv is the top selling acne treatment product in America. It has 2 active ingredients, namely Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, where these 2 ingredients might cause some unwanted side effects, including red, dry and flaky skin. However, you will get a full money back guarantee for using the Proactiv product.

Britney Spears' latest news


Recently in july, Britney Spears was spotted near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, wearing a white bikini with George Maloof. Isnt it weird to find them hanging out together?? Maybe they are having a sweet mini-vacation?


Do you agree with the statement that 'A person will look totally different before and after make up'? Now here is the cases for Britney. Pretty and ugly faces of britney spears - You are gonna like them both, arent you?


The latest news hit when a picture was taken showing her son, Sean preston was looking at her mum while she holding a cigarette in her hands.


Sean Preston : Mama, can i have one please?
Britney Spears : Come here my honey. It isnt good for you to smoke, yet.

p/s : Some of the pictures are taken from google images and some are from thehollywoodgossip.

Best Diet pills


"Look is the most important factor in drawing attraction of opposite sex", dont you agree with me?

People around the world are trying to keep themselves the best figure, best body that they can. Exercise might work for some people where as diet is another effective way for another small group of people.

So what is the last resort if both ways failed?

Well, diet pills are very common in the market nowadays. However, the public are aware of the side effects and safety of taking these pills. Some of them are really good but they cost you alot of money. While the others might be very cheap, but causes unwanted long term side effects. gives reviews of the best diet pills that are currently being take by certain groups of people. The best diet pills are being categorised according to safety, effectiveness, value, ingredients quality, additional benefits, company reputation, customer feedback and so on.

So what are you still waiting for? Take a look today and choose best diet pills which suit your need!

Posh smile


It is really interesting to see Victoria beckham smile. She seldom smile, perhaps, she dont. She loves the way she pouts, but no the way she smiles.

There has been news stated that there was once she smiles while promoting her 'dVb by Victoria Beckham' denim and sunglasses collections at Saks. Was that the only one time?


Anyway, i think that when she smile, she looks great actually. Dont you think so?


Another weekend


Another weekend is just around the corner. Lets see, friday, saturday and sunday. Wohhoo, 3 days of holidays. It is either spending a day out near buchanan street or to sit in and catch some hong kong series!


Anyone is free to have a cup of tea with me tomorrow or this sunday?

Waiting to strike...


I have been staying home for quite sometime since after my final exams. Been busy with my family the past 2 weeks. Busy with my graduation ball and graduation ceremony.

2 days ago, i went to Gala casino with hy, thian and wmeng. It was some different experience. The place was quiet. It is clean and not smell, not like the one in genting, full of smokes.

Anyway, when i have another change, i will go again. :)

Anwar stood up against the accusion by Dr mahathir?


Nine years ago, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the undisputed Prime Minister-in-waiting too, before he was sacked by his former boss Tun (then Datuk Seri) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who accused him of sexual misconduct and abuse of power.

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty caused by the regional currency crisis, Anwar took on the might of his mentor’s political clout and his control of the administration to stage his Reformasi street protests, accusing the then Prime Minister of political conspiracy.
source taken from thestar online

After almost a decade, today, Anwar stood up to claim that he wasnt in guilty for the past cases. With a huge supporter base, he is standing up against the government and he shines in dominating the PKA votes. There has also been news saying that Anwar Ibrahim will be the next prime minister of malaysia beginning of 16 september this year.

Lets wait for the next update to see what really happen.

Germany made it into Euro 2008 Final again


Wowww.. it was such a close match between Turkey and Germany in Euro 2008 first semi final. Turkey lead by 1-0, then it was 1-1 before half time. Then Germany lead by 2-1at 68th minutes and Turkey made a come back 84 minutes. So it was 2-2 then. In the end, Germany won by 3-2 by scoring another goal at the 92 minutes.

Congratulations to Germany! Huuuray! :)

Feeling free


I have not been update my blog alot these days as i was busy with my euro trips after the final degree exams. Now, finally they are over!! I have been travelling in spain + portugal for the past 8 days. I like portugal more than spain. Mainly because we get to eat bigger portion of food with cheaper prices. Another thing i like about portugal is about the security. At least, i feel more safe to travel in portugal at night as compared to spain (madrid/barcerona).

Britains got talents 2008 Semi final results day 1


The results for Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals day 1 were out 10 mins right after the show. 8 individuals/groups have performed and some were really outstanding.

Lets take a look at the top 2 performances who managed to enter the final -

Most public votes goes to - Signature


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They managed to perform their best once again last night. The crowds and judges love them so much - about their originality. Michael jackson's impressions + hindi dance mix! Keep it up guys - go go go Signature!

and the one won with second highest votes from public, as well as from the mojority votes from judges - Kate and her smart dog - Gin


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Piers commented that Gin is the most talented dog in the world and Simon claimed that last night's performance was one of the most talented performance in the world!

Once again, Congratulations to Signature and Kate & Gin for entering the final.

Dont miss out tonight's show at 8.30pm, stv channel 5 live!

Britain got talents 2008


Thousands of people have auditioned, hundreds of miles have been travelled, and the three judges have at last picked the final 40 acts.


Piers, Amanda and Simon Cowell in action

Britains Got Talents is all down to 40 acts now!!! There are so many exciting performances from the young talents this year.

Looking back at last year, Conni Talbot seemed to be the crowd's favourite but she didnt manage to win. She is a very sweet 6 year old kid and she has really got talents in singing.

Watch this amazing singing from Connie!

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Back to the top 40s, who is your favourite this year? Who has really got talents to walk away with £100,000 prize money and perform infront of the Prince of Wales at this year's Royal Variety Performance?

Watch Britains Got Talents 2008 Live semifinal at iTv 1 on monday - 26th May at 9pm!

Man U won champions league


I watched Champions League Final 2008 with a couple of friends together 2 days ago. It was definitely an exciting match!!!!! Glory glory Man United!!!! They are called the KING OF EUROPEANS after last night.MAN UNITED defeated CHELSEA in Champions League 2008 in moscow last night. Sir Alex Ferguson toasts second Champs League title after Man U succesfully beat Chealsea in a real tight penalty shootout last night.It was a really close match between the two teams. Damn gan jiong lorh."Cristiano Ronaldo gave United the lead with a first-half header before Frank Lampard equalised just before half-time.Didier Drogba was sent off in the second period of extra-time for slapping Nemanja Vidic in the face after a meaningless spat.And the drama continued in the penalty shootout when Ronaldo missed and Chelsea captain John Terry stepped up to secure the prize for his side, only to for his foot to slip and push his shot wide.Victory was finally secured when United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar saved Nicolas Anelka's spot-kick to give United a 6-5 victory on penalties."source taken from soccernetRonaldo was very upset when his penalty was saved by czeth. John terry was even more upset when he missed his. For John terry's case, he blamed himself for the one mistake to have caused Chelsea to lose the Champions League title, he just cant take it. I feel that we cant just put the blame on the one missed.Being a noob in football, i joined my friends to support Man United throughout the 2hours plus match. And i recorded their reactions during the exciting penalty shootout. Enjoy - Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Man U for being the champion in the entire EUROPE.[...]

Join model search contest online


I have came across this interesting site where you can submit your best picture to win a prize money, as well as being chosen as a new young model. Not just that, if you are dreaming of entering the modelling career, perhaps you should grab this chance by simply submitting your best photo for real surfers to vote for you. Modelling agency might pick you up to work with them. All you need to do is to sign up at Look of the Year,, and upload your best beautiful shot, and let the millions of viewers out there to vote for you in this beauty contest in order to win!



Malaysian Dreamgirl Final Results


So the official results for Malaysian Dreamgirl reality show first series was out at 9.30pm just now. As i have said earlier on, there is no fairness exist in this competition. The one who has the most potential was voted out the earliest. And when you hate someone so much, yet she managed to get herself a place in the top 3. As a result, alot of us out there are disappointed with the results though.

My first sms received stated "eh, Hanis was second runner up...".

OMG. She has ton lots of supporters out there and from the top 3, she was at the bottom.

Next up, the 1st runner up goes to Adeline.


And as predicted, the winner for this series is Cindy.


She will walk away with rm20,000 and a Nissan car worth Rm100,000. Congratulations to all winners!

Fax solutions


Are you looking for a fax server to help you take care of all the incoming and outgoing faxes? You need a server to make sure that your business runs smoothly, by ensuring that all faxes to/from customers work efficiently. You might be interested in fax software.

Fax agent works well with microsoft windows server 2003 operating system. Various email works well with fax agent which include microsoft exchange, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, MSN and many more. You will receive faxes in various format, such as Adobe PDF file, TIF file, XML file or Dynamic Barcode data file.

By adding fax solutions to your business, it could just bring many more benefits to you and your company. You will be notified in response to any send/receive faxes. Additional benefit includes the ability to support up to 480 ports per server.

day 9 of study break


It is the day 9 of study break, lets see, how much have i covered for my exams???
the answer is - Maybe 2% out of everything? OMG.
Im still struggling at my pharmcare modules, reading through infection, management of asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure.
23 more days to my finals, i shall really work hard for it.

it has been a fruitless day


Today, I have done nothing much but to stay infront of the computer to go online, play games and skype. It is 28 more days to my finals and i really need to work hard for this finals. It will be the final exams that i gonna sit for and i must really work my best for it.
Target 1 - To begin by reading pharmaceutical care module tomorrow!

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Top9


How much do you know about modelling? How do you define a model?

Well, Malaysian Dreamgirl will be the first model show to be broadcast to you online instead of on tv.

It is called Malaysia’s First Online Reality Model Search, the first episode was finally put up 2weeks ago. It is something similar to America’s Next Top Model.

There isnt much interesting to catch the latest episode since you don’t get to see the contestants doing things live. Maybe, there’s more to come over the next few episodes. You can merely see their live in the malaysian dreamgirl house. Im quite pity towards them, no calls, no sms, no online, nothing is allowed to do than to learn modelling in the dreamhouse!

Reality TV in Malaysia has finally gone online! Introducing to you - Malaysian Dreamgirl – the first reality model search in Malaysia to be fully broadcast over the internet. Follow the lives of 12 girls as they live together, compete in exciting challenges, express their beauty and try win you over to be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Stay tune and check out the latest 4th and 5th episodes at MDG online! Vote for your favourite dreamgirl too!