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Published: 2013-05-14T20:49:37+00:00


Alameda County lead consultation notes


Today I had a visit from the Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program who offer a free lead consultation for owners of pre-1978 homes. Mine's 1939 so mostly certainly has lead in it, and not being one to turn down...

There but for the grace of God


On the way home from a fabulous meal with some old and new friends in town I was asked if I wanted to buy a Big Issue by a young woman. She was clutching a single, ragged copy of the...

Next steps


Leaving the Google building... My last day after a little over three fabulous years at Google is Friday May 1st. I'll be off to help build a company I part-own that tracks media sentiment, providing companies with an insight into...

Eira Makepeace's Family History


Mostly of interest to my family, my mum Eira's been writing up stories about the families she's connected to, here it is: Eira Makepeace's Family History....

The Dublin Freeze


As seen in London, New York... Prepare your pose. Sunday 25th May 2008 18.33 - 18.39 Halfway along Grafton Street, near the clock outside Barratts: map The Grand Central Freeze:...

High power darlington array


What's an easy way of driving a ton of LEDs? Unfortunately the the Arduino boards can only sink or source about 40mA on each pin, which is enough to drive a few LEDs at most. Here's how to drive up...

Arduino showing multiplexed LED matrix


To control any more than 12 LEDs on an Arduino board requires a bit of trickery. The Diecimila with its Atmega168 chip has 14 digital output pins, but you somewhat lose two from the TX/RX serial pins on 0...

My first Arduino project


I've spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon playing with an Arduino microcontroller board. After a trip to Maplin I plugged together a little array of assorted LEDs from their "lucky bags" and got hacking....

Extended Durex Play (Vibrating Ring)


I got one of these little vibrating ring doodads and can concur with these reviews that's it's bloody great. There are two problems though. First of all it's €10+ in the Rip-off of Ireland. Compare that with $22 for 6...



A little while back I impulse bought a landboard and little beginner (1.4m2) kite. Took it out to Sandymount beach with almost no wind and kind of flew it; had a hard time. Then last week there were more winds...

I'm a lightweight (rower)


This time last year I was the heaviest I've ever been and now, thirteen months later, the lightest I've been as an adult. In a year I've lost at least 10kg (22lbs, 1st8lbs). The significance of today however is that...

Two years after the fall


It's coming up to my two year anniversary of ending up with a bilateral calcaneal burst fracture, that is, shattering my heels falling off a house. Prompted by an email asking how I am now, I thought it was a...



This term just occurred to me and I didn't see it in wide usage already so here goes... I'm working on an application that needs to present a graph of stock prices over a given time for a list of...

Chocolate Chai Nightcap


I discovered rather a nice warming drink a couple of nights ago, a result of running out of ingredients. In this case it started from having no simply tea....

Dublin Santacon 2006


A week after the madness that was London Santacon, Santacon arrives in Dublin! Go here for more info: Santa's on Bebo. (I've always wanted a megaphone, and jaysus, is this thing loud. That's a "tequila belt" I'm wearing, complete...