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Updated: 2016-09-07T21:31:19.544-07:00


Dear Santa,


Hi it's me, James. Still itty bitty this year. I'm as skinny as ever but growing everyday. :)

I've been a good boy this year. Yes I've had a few tantrums but what two year old doesn't plus I am STILL getting my two year old molars. They are a PAIN! I give mommy lovin's and hugs and kisses. I make mommy smile. I'm nice to my brother we play and have fun together. I do miss him though when he's at school.

A few things I'd like to tell you about: a guitar, a train set, some CARS toys would be nice.

Well I gotta get mommy to change me.

Thanks and Blessings,
James C.

Favorite Movie!


Is Open Season with Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher. Here's some video(s) as to why it is his favorite now. LOL


I love making him laugh. I'll have to go to the website and get some apparel and stuff toys of Boog and Elliot, although he still likes McQueen and Mater so all is still good with some of his bedding.

(image) (image)

Newest Words and Phrases


Phrases first:

wha is tat?
wha ye do?
tat one.

thank you
woof woof
titty tat

I know there's more... LOL just takes me awhile to think of them or awhile for him to say them again. So this will get updated when I know more.

He loves music and his riding toys. He also loves MOVIES!! Man this boy is crazy for movies. We'll watch one all day one day and then rotate it out with something else the next day. He got Open Season for his birthday and we've been watching it like crazy this week.

Two Year Photos


We went to Sears this morning, he did alright but man when he's done he's done!! PERIOD. End of story.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image)
(image) (image)

Birthday Boy!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY!! Two years ago today at 10:30pm you had finally arrived, I know I'm writing this an hour later than I should've but I was getting it all ready.

Anyway, daddy and I were in the hospital that night going through baby name books to come up with a name. We keep spouting off names to see if they fit and nothing would fit so we decided to sleep on it and then that next morning daddy popped off with James Ryan and it just stuck. You felt like a James just looking at you for the first time.

From this bulbous nose tiny little thing,

He had A LOT of fun!! We did presents, he received a McQueen Pillow Book, Guitar just right for his size, some trucks, Dinoco McQueen Shake-n-Go racer, hot wheels, clothes and a 4-wheeler power wheel.

Here is the cake Daddy decorated.
(image) Mommy helping blow out the candle.(image)
Opening presents, although he would open then want to play with it and not bother the other gifts. LOL It was funny to watch.
(image) (image)

Birthday Party Saturday!


Story and pics will follow, and then monday he'll be TWO. WOW Really already! ARGH


Two Years Ago


James was still in my belly. I miss those little kicks and punches yanno. I feel ready for another but I know we aren't ready financially. So here's to hoping that the Eleventh, James has a nice party.

We already have bought him some clothes, hot wheel cars, and a movie. We are also getting him a power wheel but haven't quite decided on which one to get him. Either the Ford Mustang, another John Deere, or a truck. Daddy is probably at his parents house figuring that out, hopefully.

I'm really glad though that I didn't have him on Halloween. My due date was the 28th and well two early is pretty fine with me, becuase after 37wks they are able to breathe on their own.

Anyway sorry got off track. LOL He is going to be a Bite Size Count for Halloween. Pictures will come afterwards.

Crazy how time flies when you have more than one child. I swear it felt like it was going so slow with Connor, his brother and now it's just zooming by.

I just had to get that out.


Followers, Buddies, Friends


I'd like to have a few followers PREETTTTYYYY PLEASE!! :) I'm a nice boy who enjoys everyone's company. I'll return the friendship!!


Wordless Wednesday Edition 9.24



Not sure what went through his head. LOL He has always aimed to make me laugh.


My Lil Man


will be two in just a few weeks. MAN feels like yesterday I just had him. The years sure do fly by.

I will be scheduling his 2yr photos soon and his party with be the Saturday before his birthday, and two fellow Blogging Momma's gave me an idea of what to do for his party if their are any kids that show up. YAY thanks to Tiffany go here to see more pumkins and here is Mama Kat's Pumpkin.

I will be sure to go buy some ribbon and little pumkins for us to do at the party then maybe we'll do some just for us for Halloween.


Quest for the Cutest Baby Face


My momma entered me in a contest over at A Quest for the Cutest Baby Face I'm number TWO. PURRTY PEAS!! VOTE FOR ME!

Tank OOO


Day 4 of Weaning


It's hard but I check this morning and there IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THEM!! So he HAS been nursing for comfort and sleep. Well not anymore, he'll be 2 in a little over a month and it's time to stop.
I just need to be stronger and keep telling him no and either just play with him when he's not overly tired or put him to sleep.

Yanno, I'm not feeling sad about YET. We still have cuddle time but it's not like when he would just sit still on my lap and nurse. I had to lay him in his bed that is no longer a crib now, and he fell asleep on his own after crying and fussin' for a few minutes.

I think I'm doing well with the weaning. I kind of hit him with a double whammy though, Bubby going to school and weaning. NOT COOL in his book at the moment, but it's for the best. I'm ready for my boobies to be mine.

Well he's up from his nap but I don't think he's ready to be awake yet. LOL


Toddler Bed!!


OI! Not going so well. Since we painted his room and put flooring down he slept with me for about three weeks. WELL.... he's wanting to sleep with me every night now. OH BOY! What fun. Both of my boys like to snuggle up close to me at night since Hubs works the night shift I kind of like it but man it would be nice to have that bed FULLY to myself sometime.

Waking up put him back in his own bed just makes me want to sleep-in longer than I want. SO here goes another week of trying to get Boog to sleep in his own room.


Kick Ass Blogger Award


From Dette over at Mamma Dawg, I know it's been a while but here it is. Now since I already listed my nominees on my blog I'm not gonna do it here.

BY: Momma of Boog



NO MORE SLEEPING WITH MOMMY!!! Hopefully hubs will have his room finished and I'll get my bed back at night!! LOL It was great for awhile to have him sleeping next to me but SHEESH... my body can't take it anymore.

BUT,and that's a BIG but, it will take some adjusting BACK TO going to sleep in his own bed again. I just hope it doesn't take four months like it did when he was a newborn.

I'll post pictures of as soon as it's done.

BY: Momma of Boog

What is HE to do?


James my little boog, will be without his brother for at least three hours four days a week for nine months. Whatever shall he do? LOL I know SPEND lots of time Mommy and Daddy and get that one on one time he so desperately needs. Can't wait to do all the reading and playing with James, with JUST James.

He'll learn so much more and he'll start talking better. Finally getting rid of those whiny spells when he wants something.

BY: Momma of Boog

Phriday Photo Phinish Pheista: 8.8.08



He played so hard outside that he came inside after daddy made popcorn and started a movie. He grab a piece and then fell asleep with that piece still in his hand. Here's that picture:

Now head on over to Candid Carrie to join in on the phun bephor all the spots are gone.

BY: Momma of Boog

Rotation of Movies!!


WOW I started a bad habit with Boog. He rotates between three different movies maybe more each day. Man I knew I shouldn't have done that when he was little, making the tv occupy him b.c nothing I did would soothe him after diaper changes, nursing sessions, and playtime. And getting him to GO TO sleep for naps where hell.

So here are a few of his favorites:

(image) Happy Feet is really on of his favorites because of the music and dancing. Boog is my dancin fool. He's all about the music.


BY: Momma of Boog

OMG Funny Boy!!


He is too funny! When I go to change his diaper he'll say "EEEEWWWWW I POOPPYY." It is hilarious!! He facial expression is priceless. Then when I see him pushing I ask "Are you pooping?" and he tells me "NO." How more cutier can he get.

I swear almost 21months old and his vocabulary is getting so much bigger, FINALLY!! We never went for his 18month check up for one it wasn't needed b.c he wasn't getting shots, two well that's a finacial reason.

Here are some recent pictures:

Crazy things happen!!


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='374' height='322' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Yes, LOL James' first time with a lite brite and can already put the pegs in the board at 20/21months old. CRAZY UH?! Time flies especially when you're not looking. I taped this while sitting for a friend while she was out having her womanly appointment. Needless to say everytime we go over there they have a blast, she does have two girls that are about their ages plus a third that just turned 1 back in April. I just love how his mind has grown so much w.o being in daycare like his brother was for 15months. So really no matter where you put them they'll learn this stuff at their own pace period.

OH NO!! He's starting to know to much!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE


the little turd just took off his shirt, I know it's about bedtime but come on.. LOL IT'S TOO SOON FOR U TO BE GETTING THAT BIG and understanding all that. UGH.. Feels like just yesterday I had you.. stay little darn you.

I Love you James, my Lil Boog

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta: Swing Set Fun



Swinging!! Finally we got a swing set. YAY!! He does great for a 20month old on just regular swing seats. LOL :) I mean really look at that smile. LOL He's having too much fun. now head on over to Connor and My own blog for some more Friday foto finish PHUN. U go check out Candid Carrie while u are it, too.

Looking Back at his FIRST Birthday


Take a look at this Small Digi Scrapbook I made, looking back at his last year. WOW They grow up so fast makes u wonder sometimes.

Make a Smilebox scrapbook