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Time To Freshen Up Stale Sites & Perform Some Niche Site Spring Cleaning


Spring is here and now is the time of year when I like to take inventory of my sites that might be lacking freshness as far outdated products and models go. Now of course if you are in the cellphone or smartphone niche, this could be a constant ongoing process, but not all niches are that fast moving.Usually I will start by going to Amazon and taking notice of any new items that might be best (image)

Cutts On Article Marketing


Matt Cutts recently commented in the video below his thoughts on article marketing. Even though he frowns on it, you can tell if done right, it can help in your back-linking process. The problem is that not everyone does the process right. They do not start with a good high quality article to spin. They then do not spin it thoroughly using The Best Spinner, do not spin and rotate their anchor (image)

Recovering From Google Farmer Panda Update


Not sure how I missed this, but the great Vanessa Fox has a fantastic post up on Search Engine Land about what to do if your traffic has gone down since the Google Farmer/Panda Update. It is quite a long post, but she covers it pretty thoroughly. I have had a handful of sites affected by the last update, but am pretty sure what changes I need to make. Not drastic mind you. Pay close attention to (image)

Video On Outreach For Linkbuilding


The latest Whiteboard Friday on SEO Moz is fantastic this week as it is done by Tom Critchlow and he covers what he calls Outreach for Linkbuilding. None of this is earth shattering and you will of course recognize that he mentions Twitter, which I have had great success with in certain niches. He gives great tips on how to reach out to other webmasters and online marketers for backlinks. Plain (image)

Awesome Twenty Ten Weaver


I have been quite busy with doing a few new builds and recently was turned on to the Twenty Ten Weaver Wordpress themes. Everyone has seen the new default Wordpress theme, Twenty Ten, well the Weaver child themes makes easier than ever to customize. The theme extends the Twenty Ten theme by offering much more functionality such as customizing design colors and inserting code into the head area of(image)

CloudFlare Free Content Delivery Network Service Review


A reader recently asked me if I have ever used CloudFlare, a free and paid Content Delivery Network service. I had never used it but recently put it to the test on a few sites without any problems. It is very easy to set up and point your nameservers in their direction. It honestly took me only 15 minutes from, start to finish. I am putting it to the test on a few moderately heavy traffic sites (image)

Site Structure By Yoast


Joost de Valk tackles Intelligent Site Structure for better SEO in his latest post and it is a great one. Yoast walks you through developing a good site structure, naming your sections and internal link structure. Such an easy to follow post with great images to illustrate the flow of the structure as well. Best thing about it it that it is nothing new as Yoast later reveals that the post was (image)

Cutts On SEO Misinformation


Stumbled across a video I missed on Matt Cutts where he covers some examples of SEO misinformation that is floating around at there. Meta keywords, links & etc. I always enjoy watching these as they are short and to the point and Cutts does a great job simplifying the subject matter.(image)

Joost de Valk Video: Making Sure Your Content Is Found


I try to keep my eyes open for so many things and stumbled across a great video by Joost de Valk below from the WordCamp in Bulgaria back in October. The audio is a bit hard to hear and it is a long video, but I think you will enjoy it just the same. Joost or Yoast as he is commonly known is one of the people I follow closely in regards to SEO and Wordpress usage. He is the master at both. Enjoy.(image)

Is It Shareable?


If you truly want to become an authority over time on an authoritative niche you might have, you need to ask yourself if the content you write is shareable or if people will share it. That is hard to explain until you see it in action and it is in action every day on Twitter and Facebook for starters. There are groups and followers of every imaginable niche out there, you just need to find them.(image)

Easiest Way To Make Money Online?


I get this question a few times a month, maybe more. It comes from both newbies and people that have been at this a while. Everyone wants to know the easiest way to make money online, but nobody likes the answer. It is funny how that works.Everyone knows something about something. We all know how to do something most others don't. We all have favorite things we like to do. It may be bird watching(image)

$20 Off Coupon Code For ReviewAZON Wordpress Plugin


I like to pass these along when I stumble over them. The ReviewAZON Wordpress Plugin is not new at all. It is a very powerful plugin I have used in conjunction with several other great plugins for some time now. The support and forum are fantastic as well. If you do not own this plugin or have not seen it in action ever before, you can watch the video below. There currently is a coupon code that (image)

Free WP Article Fetch Plugin


This may or may not be of use to you, but it is free and I like to give readers an alternative. The WP Article Fetch V2.0 is a free Wordpress plugin designed to rival ultimate content fetcher, caffeinated content and WP Robot. The power and ease of use this plugin offers will help introduce into the auto blogging arena field. Wp Article Fetch v2.0 allows you to create just a few hand full of post(image)

2 Left Feet With 10 Thumbs Attached


I live in a pretty perfect environment and setup for what I do and have developed a work ethic that not many can compare to. I am addicted to what I do and the lifestyle I live, but believe it or not I have un-perfect days. Thankfully they are few and far between, but they do happen. It feels like you have 2 left feet with 10 thumbs attached. Know the feeling? I am sure you do. It might be (image)

SEO Moz On Site Age & Domain Name Registration Length


If you have 10 minutes, you will not be disappointed with the latest Whiteboard Friday video from Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz. Rand touches on site age, domain registration length and age of backlinks and his answers are very encouraging for those of you that may be new or just getting back into the swing of things. Rand points to recent chatter on the forums about these very subjects as the reason (image)

SEO Checklist For The Social Media Marketer


A bit under the weather tonight as the weather pops back and forth to warm and cold. I hate this time of year down South. I wanted to make sure I passed on this absolutely great post by jennita on SEO Moz in which she gives a complete SEO checklist for the Social Media Marketer. Read it slow as it might be tough to digest if you are new, but she does a great job explaining the why and the why (image)

Affiliate Recruit Wordpress Plugin


I have not quite formulated a plan yet for this free Wordpress plugin I have stumbled upon, but I have a few ideas. The free plugin is called the Affiliate Pro Plus plugin and lets your registered users get credit for new users they recruit by sending people to any url on your wordpress site with ?affid=username appended to the end. This could be for a contest perhaps via Twitter or Facebook and (image)

Building Coke Machines


This time of year you always see people making a push to get back going in the business as the New Year has that effect on people. I would like to offer those just getting back in the groove an analogy of sorts.I was luckily raised to never 100% depend on a job. I was mowing grass and collecting soda bottles at a very early age not only for my own spending money, but to help the family as well as(image)

WP Spin Wordpress Plugin Now Available


Not going to bog you down with details here, but a few post back I told you about the new WP Spin Wordpress plugin that works in conjunction with The Best Spinner will be available for purchase soon. Well that day is here as it is now for sale for just $47 bucks. If you have used The Best Spinner, you know how awesome it is and can certainly see the benefits of this great plugin as well. Watch (image)

Critical WordPress Update


Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is hard at it already. The 2010 Christmas season was FANTASTIC. If you use Wordpress as a CMS, and I suspect many of you do, many are suggesting to update as soon as possible to version 3.04 that contains the fix that founder Matt Mullenweg calls critical. Supposedly there was a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that can be used to steal login (image)

Happy New Year 2011 - I Am Ready, Are You?


2011 is almost here as we say goodbye to 2010. I learned so much in 2010 and once again saw my business grow leaps in bounds which I am very proud of. You have to feel blessed to work in such an amazing business with so very little overhead versus return. I have learned in 2010 to outsource even more than I had in the past years and allowed myself to test several different things along the way (image)

WP Spin Wordpress Plugin Coming Soon


Have you heard? Mike Johnson is about to release a new plugin on January 4th for Wordpress that is fully integrated with The Best Spinner API. It can access the entire 1 Million Plus synonym database, plus he has also added a database of 50,000 common word and phrase variations that will enable you to literally spin your posts into perfection.But that's not all. WP Spin, as its called, can also (image)

Antivirus For Wordpress Plugin


Sorry for the late post, but I am sure you know how holiday unannounced company can be. I stumbled across a Wordpress plugin I had not tried before and it is called the AntiVirus for WordPress plugin. In a nutshell, the plugin scans your Wordpress template files for potential hazards and it does a good job as I tried it non a theme I know had an exploit from long ago and it caught it. If you are(image)

Michael Gray Updates Wordpress Plugin List


Michael Gray has updated his Wordpress plugin list and while you will find many on my Top 40 Wordpress plugin list, he has several that I do not list. You can also see he has become a fan of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast that I have talked about quit a bit recently. The WP-Print I have used before and forgot about. Also the WPtouch plugin I have used but do not think I have ever touched on. (image)

Shoemoney Crazy Affiliate Summit West 2010 Contest Now Started


Shoemoney is once again doing his Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest and here is what the winner gets:A platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West. 2 nights hotel accommodations paid for at host hotel. $500 Airfare Reimbursement. $2000 to gamble on 1 hand of blackjack (can you handle the pressure?). Roll with me at Affiliate Summit. A pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall. Go (image)