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Princess Diary

Judy's secret chamber

Updated: 2016-04-14T22:18:19.688+08:00


Counting down


Holla! After disappearing for so long, I'm back here to update my blog. I know this blog looks like an abandoned blog now. I sincerely apologise to all my readers.

So, the last blog I mentioned I'm planning to get married right? Well in fact I'm getting married real soon! 37 days to go. I just cannot believe time flies and I'm becoming someone's wife / daughter-in-law in another 37 more days!!!!

There are tons of things that need to be done in this 37 days. To be more accurate, maybe I should say 34 more days to go. My ROM will be on 12.12.12. Such a nice date right? :) I think mom did the most in the whole wedding preparation process. I can't imagine life without my super mommy queen. Wedding invitation cards are in progress. I decided to make a personalised water bottle for each of my wedding guest. So after designing what I really want, all I have to do is just send it to my super-mom, and she will "gao dim" everything for me. Besides, Ming and I actually planned to invite Chung Hua brass band to perform at our wedding dinner. I want my wedding to be special and unforgettable. As we march into the hall, they will play a wedding song escort us in. At first I was told to pay RM2000 for them to perform on my wedding dinner. Then the price reduced to RM1500. Minimum also RM1000. I don't know whether this price is too expensive or is actually standard price? Please advise!

On the other hand, I know every one had been waiting for our pre-wedding photos. I'm really excited to show to every one but mom and fiancé said "NO". We took our photos in Taiwan. The photos are really nice. We only get to choose 30 photos out of the 250 photos. TOUGH DECISION! I'm pretty sure every bridal company will encourage all couples to choose more photos. I'm not convinced by anyone of them. I wanted to, but I don't want to spend too much money on our wedding photos. 1 photo=RM180. Seriously? RM180 just to add 1 photo? No way!

I'm stressed. But I trying not to. :) Dear Lord Jesus, I need you. #innerpeace

Ok that's all for now. Will be back here to post more updates again. Xoxo~

I’m emo


(image) It’s raining cats and dogs out there. What a nice weather to have a nap on this Tuesday afternoon. BUT.. I just couldn’t sleep!! Even when I had forced myself to shut my eyes off and laid on the bed for like almost 2 hours!! Ghhoosshh… Tonight will be my second night shift and I’m pretty sure it will be a tough night. :/

I miss my family. I miss Uncle Thom and Aunty Beth. When are you coming to see me again? I wish I’m happy like Elmo right now but too bad, I’m emo…

I love my man


Dear readers, I’m just back from my holiday. It was a special home-coming holiday, because Ming was back with me too! :D  It was a short holiday. 3 days in Miri and 3 days in Kuching. We spent our quality time together with my family, including my cousins and relatives. Ming’s trip to Miri is meaningful to me. I know mother likes him. So do my father. I’m not sure whether my brothers like him or not. However he’s accepted by my family.  I love my man. Yes, I really do. I love the fact that he would do anything in the world for me.  I love how thankful he is for being my man. I love when he finishes my sentences. I love all his funny songs he sings.  I love it when he cooks for me.   I love his massage.   I love how he likes Kung-Fu I love how he prays for me. I love how he feels proud of me. We are getting married. I mean, we are planning for our marriage. Please keep us in your prayer :) Thank you! With love, Judy. [...]

三贱客 cafe



Introducing you my another colleague, Evon, who works as an assistant nurse in Columbia Asia. We are the only 2 Chinese in our ward. Good for us because no one gonna seize our CNY holiday from us :)

We had our dinner at 三贱客 which is located in Bukit Indah area.




::Our drinks in a mini jug::


 ::Evon’s chicken chop::

(image) ::Mushroom spaghetti for me::


The waitress told us this is their signature snack – spicy fries

Personally, I think it’s just so-so. McDonald’s fries taste better!




I went out with the hospital colleagues few weeks ago. Yong became our driver that night. :)

Let me introduce you my hospital mates. Tadah~!

(image)  Voon Yun, me & my ex-roomie Siaw Ting

VY is a lab technician whereas ST is a pharmacy assistant.

(image)  The guys – Woon Yaw, the marketing department trainee & Yong, our radiographer


Have a look at Roost’s menu. Guess what did I ordered that night? :P

(image)  It’s either something with banana or strawberries.

(image) That’s mine --- Banana Queen ^_^

This mini pail makes me think of my Bangkok trip. Ohhh Bangkok I miss you!

Mid Autumn Festival


Dear all, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! :) Are you nomming mooncake or sipping a cup of hot tea now?

I couldn’t celebrate my mid autumn festival with my family this year because I’ve to work. Ming drove down to JB to celebrate mid autumn festival with me despite of his hectic work and packed schedule. How sweet is he. ^_^

He brought me to Station One before our dinner because he knew I recently fell in love with banana milk shake!


Oh gawd you all should at least try once! It’s so yummylicious and healthy as well! :P

I think I should get myself a blender so that I can make my own banana milk shake at home! :D

(image)  I cherish every moment I spend with him because I know our time together is very limited. His patients are waiting for him. Hospital needs him. Clinics need him. Judy needs him too! :D

(image) I smurf you, and yes I know, you smurf me more!


Family love


I love it when they come to JB visit me. They are my relatives. Even though we had lost contact for like 15 years, they are now here for me. They care and concern about me like my own father and mother. :’) Aren’t they fantabulous?!

(image)  Uncle Thomas who is living in England purposely came to JB that day just to see his niece --- ME! Haha! When he knew I’m working in JB, he told me I can stay at his house which he bought many years ago. He came with Aunty Elizabeth ( my 姑姑) who is working in Singapore to clean the house and pass me the house key. He brought me to meet his in-law’s side relatives too in case I need any help.


Aunty Elizabeth comes to JB quite often since she’s working in Singapore. After posted to JB, she comes whenever she has day-off to accompany me. See how nice they are. :)

I realized how lucky am I. I enjoy being loved and pampered just like a little princess. ^__^  This place is no longer stranger to me in the presence of my uncle and aunty. I love them! I wish I can move all my family from Miri to JB!

We love babies


Oh dear! Can’t believe I’m back again to blog after MIA for so long. Was really busy and lazy as well. Yessh I’m honest ;) Okay, now let’s see where to start. Let me introduce you few of my housemates.  Well I don’t think you are interested with their names. One of them is extremely dirty. Spoiling image of staff nurse >:( I hate it when people use my things without my permission! I hate it when people never know how to wash their own plates/bowls after finish eating. Well, living under the same roof with so many races and religion, I already expected I’ll face these kinda problems one day. Sabar je lah~!  Have I tell you I’m working in Paediatric + Surgical ward? I’m looking after sick babies and toddlers most of the time. Small kids and adults who are going for operation will be admitted to my ward too! I’m enjoying at this new place. All my colleagues are nice, doctors are nice too! I’m facing a lot of “problematic” parents everyday. Well people brought their child / family to PRIVATE hospital, so definitely they are expecting excellent services from us. Again, SABAR je lah! :D Working in paediatric ward is quite stressful sometimes  because sick babies/kids love to cry. Once they saw nurse entered their room with blue tray or syringes, they’ll start yelling. People are allergic to seafood or peanuts but they are allergic to nurses and doctors. Haha! They are so cute! They can even cry cute-ly. ^_^   Columbia Asia’s Robot is giving away free ice-creams to the kids during my hospital’s open day.  FYI, my bf is also working in oncology paediatric ward currently. He can get along with the kids very well! There’s a Day care centre in his hospital. So the kids usually went there for chemotherapy, then will go back home after chemotherapy on  the same day as well. The kids, age 2-3 years old, will run to him every morning and pull his pants, wanting him to carry them. The kids will then take out the pacifier from the mouth and plant a kiss on his cheek. Awww so sweet~!     [...]

SRN Judy



Call me staff nurse Judy, because I’m a registered nurse now! :) After spending 3 years in University Malaya Medical Centre, I am posted to Johor Bahru by Columbia Asia Hospital.

Johor is a new place for me. New hospital, new friends, new colleagues, everything is new. I’m still trying to adapt to this new environment. Pray that everything will be fine…

I miss my family, I miss my bf, I miss my former hospital, I miss my friends…




Lazy-ing on the coach, enjoying a cup of hot tea, surfing the net… Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now, trying to relax my mind, body and soul before I start my internship in Orthopaedic ward. The following weeks are going to be super hectic and tired. May God bless me~! :)

Cu Chi Tunnel


Good morning world! I’m here to continue with my Vietnam post. :) We booked a half day tour to Cu Chi tunnel on the day before we fly back home. It cost us USD 9 for the trip+tour guide who speaks English, the price is not include our entrance ticket. According to Moon (the name of the tour guide, Cu Chi Tunnel is 70km away from Ho Chi Minh City in the Northwest. You can Google search for more information about Cu Chi Tunnel if you are interested. :)  Waiting for the car to pick us up early in the morning. See my reflection in the mirror? :) Paddy fields on the way to Cu Chi tunnel. Finally arrived after 2 hours. We were given a brief introduction about Cu Chi Tunnel. I was not interested with the history of this place so I started to play with the camera. :P Look at Ming, he is focusing on the screen in front. HAHA! Then he noticed my camera. ^__^ He doesn’t look like 6 years older than me, does he? Camwhoring again ^_~ Then he started to get bored of it already.  -_-lll The Cu Chi Tunnel map. After the 15 minutes introduction, we finally can start our Cu Chi Tunnel journey! This pity old man was stuck at the hole due to his big belly. FYI Vietnamese people are all very small and skinny, that’s why the hole is so small. The staff is trying to rescue him by pulling his belly upwards. :D More people came to help to pull him up. He was so lucky because there were so many tourists there to help him get up. If he’s alone, he’ll be stuck at the hole and most probably attacked by animal. Who knows? :P This is the hole connected to the tunnel. Very small, however Ming managed to get in because he’s fit enough. :) “Baby I’m going in! See you later!” He’s down there, waiting for him to get up. I wonder what is he doing in a dark and narrow space, somemore lack of oxygen. Tadaa! He’s up again! :D Well done~! This is a ground trap. If the enemies stepped onto it… They’ll be severely injured by the sharp bamboo sticks. Ouch… The entrance of the tunnels… The air-hole. People who lives in the tunnels breathe through this hole. The tank. We were brought to the shooting range. Ming and I pay to shoot at the shooting range. It was fun! But I still prefer my game — archery! :) Different types of guns. I tried to shoot with AK47. :) The shooting range Wrappers for the spring rolls, made from tapioca. We finished our Cu Chi Tunnel trip at about 2.30pm, the driver dropped us at the city because we wanted to walk around. We went into the Remnants Museum to take some pictures as remembrance.   We went back to the same coffee house again at night before we fly back to Malaysia. I’m gonna miss Vietnam coffee so much! It was a splendid vacation! If I have the time and money to travel to Vietnam again, I’ll most probably visit Hanoi. :)             [...]



Xin chao dearest readers! I’m back from my vacation! Sorry for the long MIA :P FYI, the title of my blog post HCMC means Ho Chi Minh City. So obviously I went to Ho Chi Minh right after I finished my final semester exam. And the word “Xin chao” means hello in Vietnam. :) Jie and Kenneth sent us (Ming & I) off at the airport after her class. Thank God we had a safe journey all the way to the airport, and a safe vacation too! :) My late lunch at McDonald’s – Fillet O Fish After a set of FOF meal at McDonald’s, we switched to Starbucks due to the poor internet connection there. In fact I was not stuffed with just a set of FOF (Fillet O Fish) because I was seriously hungry! Had a cup of hot cocoa before our flight. :) Ladies and gentlemen, I guess this is the first time I post up his photo in my blog. He’s not hot and handsome like Zac Efron.   I’d heard people asking " Why is that stunning girl dating that ugly guy? Such a waste.” Well, I’m not saying he’s ugly, because he’s not, just that he’s not as good-looking as others do. Most guys don’t realize that a winning personality can overcome physical attraction in women’s mind. I attracted to who he is, rather than how he looks like. And most importantly, ugly guys would never cheat on you. If you date an ugly man, he will be in cloud nine and will never thought of cheating you. He will not fall for another woman because he already bagged the perfect one! Why should he cheat on you? Why should he be unsatisfied? He already got you, pretty! One of my close friend, Leonard, ever told me if he was my boyfriend, he’d be worried and pressured most of the time. Ming is a nice man. He is loyal (so am I), hardworking, hilarious, kind, friendly, honest, nerd (he admitted too), obedient, love my family, and most importantly he loves me more than I love him. He treats me like a precious princess. ^_^ I’m such a fortunate girl! In the plane :P After 1 hour and 50 minutes, we finally reached Vietnam! A Vietnamese man were holding a board with the BF’s name on it waiting for our arrival outside of the airport. We were then chauffeured to our hotel. We had our late dinner at one of the restaurants opposite the hotel. It’s not a high-class restaurant though because the other restaurants were closed when we arrived. It was almost midnight!    ::Spring Rolls with Pork and Shrimps:: VND $ 36,000 ::Seafood Fried Rice for Ming:: VND $55,000  ::Fried Rice in Grilled Claypot for me:: VND $50,000 ::Pamelo with shrimps+pork salad (recommended):: VND $55,000 The next morning, we decided to walk instead of calling taxi. We went to the Reunification Palace, also known as the Independence Palace (old name). Formerly South Vietnam’s presidential palace, the war ended on April 30, 1975 when the tank*843 crashed through the gate.   ::The tank that ended the war, outside the Reunification Palace:: ::Notre Dame Cathedral:: I ran into my coursemates in front of the post office! :O How small is Ho Chi Minh. ::Haslina, Judy, Ummu, Syuhada:: ::Darling a writing a postcard, wanted to send back to Miri for my family:: ::City Hall, or a.k.a People’s Committee Hall:: Statue of Uncle Ho is very popular place for photos. ::Resting at the garden:: Jie recommends us a dessert place called Bach Dang. We carry a map with us and try to search for that shop by ourselves, without taxi nor asking people! :D ::The signature Coconut Ice-cream cost VND $70,000:: Very nice indeed! In fact, we went to the same shop to crave for their ice-cream 3 days continuously. :) ::Their filtered black coffee:: Ming loves black and super “gao” (thick) [...]

First experience as a scrub nurse


I am lucky to have the opportunity to assist the surgeons in the operation theatre this morning. Dr. Siva and Dr. Daniel are SUPER NICE doctors! They are so friendly and willing to teach me patiently when they knew that was my first time. The patient had large hydrocele, so the surgeon did a Jaboulay procedure for him. FYI, hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle. I’m not allowed to take pictures in the OT, couldn’t share with you all what I learnt this morning. However, I found a Jaboulay surgery video clip from YouTube, the steps are more or less the same I saw this morning.


Special thanks to my OT mother, Ms. Lai, SN Mastura, and both of the surgeons. I learnt a lot from them! This is what I called a splendid team. No scolding, no shouting, no anger, no stress, no worries. We work happily. Seriously, I felt like we were in one of the ER series this morning. :D

Operation Theatre posting



I’m working in operation theatre (OT) this week. The working hours are long, and we are given less than an hour for our lunch break. DOG TIRED!!!! My OT scrub suit is too big, which created a deep ‘V’ between my breasts. Sexay right? HAHA! Don’t worry, I clipped it so that the surgeons can concentrate during their operations. :D

Okay I’m signing off. I’m exhausted. Good night lovely readers~! God loves all of you!

Goodbye Grandma


My dearest grandma passed away on the 28th February at 7.40a.m. I’m sorry I was not there when she took her last breath. I received a message from my 3QQ early in the morning when I was still in my blanket (I worked evening shift that day). Then the second message came in, which was from my mother. The ringing tone woke me up. Her death was a shock to me. The messages iced the blood in my veins. Tears rolled down my cheeks, couldn’t believe she had gone for now. My grandma was diagnosed with Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF). For months, she had been battling with her heart problems. She had 4 times heart attack, she survived from the previous 4 times ischemic heart disease because she was keen to stay with us longer. I did not know her condition worsen and deteriorated so fast, until I received MMS from my uncle 3QQ, and when I visited her during Chinese New Year. She had ascites and edema on both lower limbs due to the heart disease. Doctor said her heart was only functioning 20%. She was so weak, even when she was sitting on the chair, she couldn’t keep her head straight. My heart aches, my conscience plague. My mind was scrambling for all I can remember of her. I went to the office to look for my ward tutor to apply for emergency leave. I burst into tears in front of my tutor. When Ming came to see me after his work at the clinic, I threw myself into his arms, and broke down into wracking tears. I just can’t stop crying, because I miss grandma so much! Who will ever call me “Luly” again? My grandma is the only person who pronounced my name Judy as Luly. Dear Grandma, Your greatest gift to me was that of love, but now it’s time for you to share it up above. You always have so many stories to tell us. You love to smile and laugh too! Sometimes 2EE will tell you “Finish your sentence first before you laugh!” I miss that moment… You like family gathering. You like it when we visited you. If you knew anyone of us is picking you out for meal, you will surely get ready very early, and waited for our arrival at the door. I know I was not a perfect granddaughter when you are still alive. Most of the time, we make you wait. Death… Grief… Lost… Regrets… Tears… I lost my only grandma (外婆) I ever have, known and loved.  What can I do now? I must treat my parents well before I regret again. Grandma, now it’s time for you to rest, get your wings and fly. As tears rolled down my cheeks, and I try to say goodbye. I know your place in heaven will have a great view. Because I can hear you telling God “I need to keep my eye on a few”. Hope to see you soon in my dreams, and hopefully one day in heaven. But until then, you will always be in my heart. In my heart I hold you inside. I love you Grandma, now and forever! [...]

Hello February



Hello February~! LOL I know I’m so late because tomorrow is the last day of February!!!! :P Please forgive for my late update. You know, nurse is always busy. HAHA!

I’m currently doing my management posting in general surgery ward. Do you still remember the charcoal ward sister? Yeah she’s still there, still as fierce as before.

I deleted my blog link in my Facebook, so I guess the hospital staff wouldn’t be knowing I’m a blogger :) The staff nurses in the ward treat me extremely GOOD~! :D Because… I’m not gonna tell you here!  :P

Holiday is ending soon :(


(image) I haven’t been receiving soft toys as a present for quite some time already. The reason is: Not because I don’t like cuddlesome teddies, but I don’t have extra spaces for them.

Hmmm… I wanna eat Kolok Mee (Kolok mee is Sarawak’s well-known noodle )!! Had been stuffing my stomach with CNY food these days. :P

Can I extend my holidays? :( I haven’t enjoy till the max leh~!



(image) Hello readers~! This gonna be a short and random post. I bathed and changed, was waiting for my friends to pick me up, but then they called the party off. :(

Tomorrow is Monday, I’m still on holiday~! Wohoo~!

Happy Bunny Year


 Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate CNY! Time flies, a year had passed, and here comes the bunny year!

I came back home on the 1st of February after I finished my exam. May God bless me with a flying colours result. :)

The boyfriend bought me a purple colour cheongsam as my Chinese new year gift. Sharon Moh said he has a good taste, which made him so happy when I told him about that. Hahaha! Oh yea, I haven’t introduce my boyfriend to you all yet. #^_^# Just a quick and short introduction, he is from Alor Setar, 6 years older than me (I’ll fart out a blog later regarding “Why Older Men Are More Appealing or Better?”). Yeah that’s all, quick and short enough right? Hahaha! Mom and dad met him and they both like him, but for some reason, my sister gave me a feeling that she doesn’t like him. Don’t ask me why because I’m trying to figure it out too! :D Jie ar jie, why ar? :P

The pictures below are credited to my father, Peter Yong, who is another pro of photography. To see more of his works, please visit to his facebook or blog 


That’s my purple cheongsam. People say purple is extreme red. :)
Picture taken at my house.


My beloved sister~! Her Cheongsam is so lacey and princessey! ^_^

Okay, dad said pictures are limited. If you wanna see my family portrait, come to my house! Haha!


Drive carefully


Dear readers, If you think speeding is cool like Jay Chou, please look at the pictures below and re-consider. These are the MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) cases brought to our hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Unit few weeks ago. ::The head:: ::The foot::  ::The thigh::  ::The groin:: ::And guys, the penis::   Gross?? Think of your love ones. There is no reaction time when you drive at a high speed. Speed kills, so please drive carefully! [...]

Christmas Lunch with the Family


My family and I went up to Brunei for Japanese lunch after the church service! :) Good thing that I remember to bring my passport back with me.  Cephas promoted this scallops to us. It was superb!! The scallop is so soft and juicy. Just one bite and you’re in the heaven. Haha!  Chawan mushi is my favourite in whichever Japanese restaurant. Simply love the smooth steamed egg and the ingredients inside. I don’t need to chew them into pieces because the egg can easily slipped into my oesophagus.   This is my big and strong brother, Cephas Yong. :) See my photo-snapping is so good. He looks so slim here with the sharp chin. Faster thank me Cephas Yong!! Hahahaha!  My daddy King who looks so young with his chronological age.  And my youngest brother, Larry who had lose so many kilos after his intensive exercise.  Last but not least, my mummy Queen! :) [...]

Hello to Year of Rabbit



Happy belated Christmas, & Happy New Year~! I’ve been procrastinating to update due to my laziness. I’m packed with the college’s activities! :/

Saying goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011, I’m finally in my last semester. I’m graduating in few more months! :) I’m kinda worried which Columbia Asia will I be sent. I don’t want to work in KL, but I want to work in KL. Yeah paradox, I know. You’re not me so you won’t understand.

May God be with me. Amen. :)

Feliz navidad~


Merry Christmas everyone!!! ^_^

Christmas is one of my favourite season, partly because I love the Christmas atmosphere! It’s so powerful! It can influences many non-Christians to celebrate this lovely season.

After the Christmas church service, I went to X-Cuisine to meet up the old friends! Chong Yee Ping is back to Malaysia!!! We haven’t been seeing each other for sooo many years!

(image)  Chin Oi Lan & Judy :)


Went to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner at night :)

3 more days to go. Bangkok, I’m meeting you 3 days later!!!! Adrenaline kicks in ALL my nerve cells whenever I think of my Bangkok trip! I AM SO VERY EXCITED OMG!!!! How much money should I bring along with me? :D


Meet my cousin!


I went out with my pretty cousin, Edwina few days ago. Our hang out was quite random. Just a call, then the shopping is ON! :)

Just in case you do not know her, Edwina is an International supermodel. Her legs are much more longer then mine. Obviously she’s taller than me. :D

I had my first pedicure at Nail’s Earth that day. Thanks to the cousie who brought me here.


Girls love to be pampered. Soaking my feet in the warm bubbles is the first thing the lady did for me.


Wina went there for manicure since her toes are already very “flowery”. Can you see her? She’s sitting there~! Can’t see? Don’t worry, I’ll show you a bigger and clearer face.

(image) Do we look alike? Hahaha! She has a Angelina-Jolie-lips!! So sexy! :)

We were shopping for her boyfriend’s Christmas gift. We did share our secrets while shopping too! Girls talk always makes girls become more lively and cheerful because we laughed a lot in between our chatting. ^_^ Had a great day with her. Wish her all the best in her modelling career!

Bad news+Good news= No news


I am sick again. *Long sigh* Hopefully I’ll recover before flying to Bangkok otherwise it gonna be a real bummer! :(

I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicines after the church service. I was shocked to know that tab.Augmentin 625mg is freaking expensive! RM6 per tablet, I bought 14 tablets altogether because it’s a BD dose. I always get free medicines from the hospital or directly from the doctors and that’s why I never thought the same type of antibiotic which I can get for FREE in KL can cost so much money in Miri.

Enough for the bad news. I have a good news to share here! My result is out last week and surprisingly I maintained in the Dean’s list! God is great, all the time! :) He answered my prayer.

I went out with the girls for lunch the other day because it was Ee Wen’s birthday. I did something really embarrassed myself. I FORGOT TO PAY FOR THE FOOD! Ohmigoat! My brother came to fetch me and I was so happy, hopping into the car and “ZOOM”, the car drove away.  -_-lll


::Ying Yiing & me::

Miri indeed produced lots of pretty girls and sexay babes! HAHAHA!