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Preview: Some Knitting Required

Some Knitting Required

this refers to my yarn stash. however, as I continue to learn and grow along life's path, it could easily apply to me.

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I've moved!


I'm not living here any more. I want more for myself - more space, more freedom, more.... So, I've taken matters into my own hands. My bags are packed, the stash has been sent ahead, and the movers are coming next week to pack the dishes and the furniture.My new home is If you are looking for the new feed, I've got it stored in the garage labeled http://

Travelin' Pumpkin


I am in charge of the stuffing for tomorrow's feast. I will be making a pumpkin sausage concoction. Yummmmmm! So, the pumpkins have been picked and are ready for the ride to my brother's house.I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving



Since casting off the alphabet blanket, the creative flood gates have opened. In my effort to finish by the second mother threatening self-imposed deadline, I have ignored the voices in my head. Don't pretend you don't hear voices, too. They are usually disguised as the alpaca laceweight, corriedale roving, or worsted tweed in the back of your stash.I've envisioned lace sweaters, cabled sweaters,

From A to Anticlimactic


It isn't until one has to photograph a pale beige blanket, that one discovers that one lives in a pale beige house, with pale beige carpet, pale beige couches, pale beige bed quilts and - for a little variety - a bright white bedspread.Thus, my electric piano will have to do as a posing table for the recently finished alphabet blanket. It was either that or the English style public phone booth

The Wealth of One Year


Tomorrow my blog is one year old. Yes, a whole year has passed since I wrote my first post. As I reflect on the past twelve months, there is only one thing that comes to mind. It isn't the finished objects (surprisingly few). It isn't the new techniques and gained knowledge (too many to count). It isn't how my confidence as a knitter has grown (by leaps and bounds). Nor is it the newly



Available here

Hey, Mr. Postman


I knew that my scarf was due to arrive any day now. Corrie had emailed me to let me know. I have spent most everyday rushing to the mail box as soon as he had driven past.Yesterday I did a dance all the way from my mailbox to my front door. It was here!I bet there are days that my postal carrier is scared of me.It is beautiful, soft, light, airy, and a perfect color! That is just the bonus, she

Three Borders Knit


One to go.

Another Good Idea Gone Bad


My LYS owner convinced me, way back when, that I should handpaint my peacock shawl. It took some time - me to make the swatches, the store to make the "goop". Today we tested our theory.There was soaking.There was mixing.There was painting.We didn't strive for perfect colors. Our quest was really to determine if the idea was practical. We quickly came to the conclusion - not so much. Our new plan

G'Day Mate


Some time ago I was invited to join a wonderful group of women. I have been blessed with getting to know them. Especially Donni. So, when she told me that something nice was coming my way, I knew it was going to be NICE. If you know what I mean. ;) I had mentioned that I wanted to learn how to dye my own fiber. I wanted to move past Kool-aid and into acid dyes. I have some nice silk and cashmere

How to Finish a WIP...


... own a very tolerant lap cat.As long as there is a lap to be had, Cleo will put with almost anything. She has fallen asleep with a skein of yarn slowly unwinding from her back.As you can see, the alphabet blanket and I have decided to try for deadline number two - Thanksgiving. (The fourth Thursday of November for the non-Thanksgiving celebrating folks). I have two sides done and a quarter

Duck Break


Yesterday started (and stayed) cold, windy, wet, and miserable. Rain was falling sideways the wind was so forceful. There was no way I was stepping outside for Saturday Sky. Even a well seasoned weatherman would have thought twice.Today dawned a little better. Wet and miserable have been dismissed. From the comfort of indoors, it looks downright pleasant outside. If one can ignore the howling

Not So Many Things


It is not red, chunky, wooly, or garter stitch. Nor is it finished. Also, I might as well tell you that none of these photos are the true color. Some closer than others, but not a one is spot on. Oh, and it's late for the ISE3 deadline.But I like it. A. Lot.Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color #6288, 1 skeinBeads: 4mm glass, qty 70Pattern: My own. Finished dimensions after blocking are 5" x 70"

Trick Or Treat


Considering the mid-week point was so disappointing, it would not have taken much to improve the mood around my house. So, imagine my surprise and delight at two unannounced packages landing at my doorstep. Both were full of treats, not a trick in sight.Amysue sent a wonderful note, ribbon cord, and charm with my initial. The cord is doing double duty. Not only did I use it to make a small

Agony of Defeat


Every year ABC's Wide World of Sports would change the image for Thrill of Victory. Agony of Defeat, however, was always the same image of Vinko Bogataj failing to make the ski jump. You can watch the video here. Sometimes defeat arrives so brutally that it can never be outdone from that moment forward.Such is my battle to finish the blanket. I was slow to recognize defeat. I did math. It seemed

Yeah, It's Nice. Keep Knitting.


So the trip to Mackinac Island that I planned with Jae is going well, cold, but well.Oh yeah, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm M-J, and I'm today's guest blogger. Why does Jae need a guest blogger? See previous post re: train.This is what most of the trip has looked like to me so far....Jae: "Hey, did you see that great view?"M-J: "Yeah, it's nice, keep knitting."Since I am the one that

Hit By a Train


Have you ever been blissfully knitting along on a thousand projects your project d'jour? You spy a calendar and realize with sudden dawning horror that the months weeks you thought you had left to finish a gift knit is now mere days away? I'm referring to this...Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby CashmerinoPattern: Alphabet Blanket by Debbie BlissI started it over a year ago for my brother's first child to



Not a cloud in the sky. The hickory trees have started to turn and the maple leaves are very bright red. The moment is almost here.

Cat Door


Caesar, you make a better door than a window.

Friendly Visit


Marji is in town visiting her family. She and I decided to meet up yesterday at one of the LYS in the area. I was needing some assistance on a project I'm designing. She wanted to see the store that dyes the yarn that DeeAnn and I have blogged about. Although, the truth is, those were only excuses. Spending time with Marji is always time well spent.Her arrival was a bit delayed but the owner of

Bird's Eye View


A mediator was called in to settle our differences.I set aside the shawl for a few days. That didn't stop me from going insane thinking about it. I decided the only way to truly know was to pull it from the needles and block it.However, that prompted new concerns. What if I find something new to hate?, Have I officially become a crazy obsessed person?, Will it be smaller than I am imagining?, I

Get Your Lace Here


This past Friday was a long day. I have been fighting a migraine for most of the week. Thus, Friday could not end soon enough. Being able to sleep in Saturday did a lot to relieve the tension in my neck that the headache has been causing.So given the achiness of the week, I was delighted to find a package waiting for me at home Friday afternoon. A very lightweight package with my name on it. In

Arrival of Autumn


The day is gray and overcast. Saturday Sky will be this way for awhile. Autumn has begun. There is a rhythm to Michigan's autumn that never varies. The tempo may change from year to year but never the beat. First, the beech turns a vibrant butter yellow. This is quickly followed by the red of the maple. Then there is waiting. A long pause in the sequence of color. Finally, the hickory will show

Bird Splat


The response to my previous post has been overwhelming. I have loved hearing about all the great reasons for blogging. So many of you have also encouraged me to not let one woman ruin what could be an otherwise great group of knitters. Thank you so very much!In the meantime, I have turned my ire on the bird. I am not happy with the look of the peacock eye. The top of the eye looks, well. . . ,