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Life full of chaos!


C-H-A-O-S!!!! That best explains our life lately! Eric is now back at work full time, but he is having to work nights. He works 6pm to 6am and I leave with the girls at 7 so that 30 minutes or so in the morning is all we see him during the week. He has two off days during the week so we have time with him then as well! It is definitely tough because I feel like a single mom at times.

We picked up Savannah on July 1 so now it's two kiddos to take care of and everything! We have had a hard time getting used to all of these changes, but we are managing!

Makennah is trying to pull up on everything all the time. She is almost there (she has been successful several times) and we are working on it everyday. Her physical strength continues to increase everyday and we are getting so anxious for her to do things. Her vocabulary has continued to grow as well. She is saying 40+ words and will repeat just about anything so we have really been careful. My sister called my brother butthead the other day and what did Makennah say?!?! "Butthead Butthead!"

Well I am off to bed to get my MUCH NEEDED rest after working all weekend to return to work again in the morning.....ugghhhh!!!!

MANIC Monday with M&M


The things that describes today!

Makennah and I went for her MRI this morning and then were supposed to go to the neurologist and neurosurgeon. When we got there they said that her ventricle in her brain looked larger so they sent us back down to radiology to have a shunt series xray done. After that we went back up to the office and got the news that Makennah's shunt is partially clogged and we need to have it surgically fixed within the next 3 weeks. I opted to have it done as soon as possible so she wouldn't be in pain that long and wouldn't get really sick like the past and end up in ICU. So now we are going in for shunt surgery Thursday @ 7am. I just hate this for her! This will be surgery number 6 in her 17 months of life......this stinks for her!!! I am just so sad and I know that this will be an ongoing thing for the rest of her life, but I'm ready for her to go several years without needing a shunt revision done! She deserves a break!

It seems like the older she gets the harder it is to see her under was tough for me and I was very emotional so I can only imagine the surgery on Thursday!

Please pray for Miss Prisse and her Mommy & Daddy! We hope for a quick recovery for her!


My precious little miracle with so much spunk and fight for life!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


I have been wanting and needing to get on here and blog, but I don't think my life has stopped in a while - it has been hectic!

Workers comp took sooooo long to release Eric that he lost the job he had at the post office on Monday morning, well we got released on Monday afternoon - pitiful! He has had to find a completely different profession because he can't do what he used to because of his back. We are having such a hard time financially that we just fight fight fight. We have tried not to, but money seriously is EVIL!! I not only feel like our life is falling apart, but our marriage too. We are really struggling right now too!

I'm going to cut this short, because I am so tired of "thinking," "chatting," and "crying." Please just keep us in your prayers!

It's Been Soooo Long!


Our life has just seemed so chaotic lately! I got sick this week. I had been fighting a super bad yeast infection for the last week or so an had finally called my OB and she called in some prescription strength medicine for that. Well things kept getting worse and worse. I started feeling pretty crappy so I did a urinalysis at work on Tuesday and it showed I had a super nasty urinary tract infection. I called my OB back with the results and she called me in the strong stuff....Levaquin....on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't miss any work and by the time I left work on Wednesday I had the chills sooo bad and when I got home I was running 103.4 and I felt absolutely HORRIBLE!! I went straight to bed - I didn't say hi to anybody - just my pillow. HaHa! Thursday I got to work and was feeling ok, but my throat was killing me.....well I swabbed my throat and tada.....positive for strep throat. This week has not been fun for me! I have felt horrible, but my antibiotic is working an tonight was my last night and boy do I feel so much better! Makennah is still well, but Eric came up sick today, but he has an upper respiratory infection. So not fun!!Anyways....just an update on our madness in the Talley household.I have a few things that are weighing super heavy on my heart that I want to share! 1. You all know that Savannah lives with her mom and her mother's "girlfriend," yes I said girlfriend. Well Angie, the girlfriend, just had a baby. Savannah seems excited, but so confused at the same time. It seems to be tough for her and she doesn't really know what to call her or how to answer questions her little friends ask about "the lady who lives with her Mommy." This is very difficult for Eric and I to even attempt to explain to Savannah. We don't want to bad mouth anybody, but we want her to know that this lifestyle is NOT normal and is NOT right! We are trying really had to be there for her, but we just don't know what to say. Angie is super sick and is in ICU. The baby is doing great, but Angie hemmorrhaged REALLY bad during labor and lost most of her blood volume. She now has a lot of fluid on her lungs and congestive heart failure. It is not looking good for her. You can tell Savannah is worried about her, but it's hard to care. I know that sounds so harsh, but it's hard to care about two women who put a sweet little girl in situations that are so confusing and so hard to understand at any age, much less the age of 5. This is sooooo tough! Please pray for her and pray that God will put her in the right house for her. We would love for her to come live with us, but with our court systems the way they are it is so hard to get a child away from their mother, no matter the circumstances!2. I feel like Eric and I are going in slow motion and are in a de ja vu mode. We are kind of burned out on our Bible class on Sunday morning, burned out on teaching class.......just kind of burned out. I taught so many quarters in a row when I was pregnant and before that that I just haven't signed up to do it again since I had Makennah. (The last time I actually taught class was the nursery class on Wednesday when I was pregnant. I went into labor that night after church.) I feel like I need something different for a change. I usually miss most of the sermons on Sunday morning because I'm either fighting Makennah in church or taking her out of church. I don't like taking her to the nursery because there are several kids in there just playing and I think that the nursery is not for play time. I firmly believe in teaching them to sit in church while they're young. I am also worried about leaving Makennah in the middle of all of them playing because she can't even crawl yet and I don't want her to get hurt. It's hard to explain all of this. We haven't really done a whole lot with our young couples in a long time either. Everybody is so busy with kids and it makes it so tough to do things together. We have talked several times of finding a different church to have a change[...]

Full of A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!


My precious cute sweet loving baby girl has learned something new. We went to the neurosurgeon yesterday for Makennah's initial visit and she was being sooooo loud! I finally told her, "Sshhhh, Makennah, you need to use your inside voice." (Like she understood that - or so I thought). Then she looked at me with those big blue eyes with a ornry grin on her face and said, "ssshhhhhh!" I tried to hard not to laught, but at that point I realized that we were in for it with her! Later in the night she was throwing a fit on her changing table so I swatted her leg and said, "No ma'am." Makennah responded with a sweet, "no no no." Wow - she is going to be my problem child with the BIG ATTITUDE!! Look at how sweet she looked though - sitting on the bench with her Daddy waiting on my to check out at the doctor's office!

Her appointment went pretty well with Dr. Marks, the neurologist. He said that he was really impressed with how well she looked, especially for what all she had been through. He diagnosed her with mild mild mild cerebral palsy, which I was kind of suspecting. She has tight muscle tone in her left side, well tighter than the right side. He said that it may effect her and it may not. It's a waiting game and we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Isn't it fun being a mom? I love watching her do new things everyday. It makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside! I wish I could keep her like this forever!!! I love her cuddling and saying "aahhh" and giving me sugars! Wow!

Afterwards I took Makennah up to the Progressive side of the NICU to visit. Two of her primary nurses were actually there and we were able to surprise them. It was as if Makennah remembered them. She went right to them, smiled & talked to them, gave them sugars, etc. It was so sweet! Here is a picture of her favorite nurse, Lisa Bell!

I hope that each of you are enjoying your kiddos and counting your blessings EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!

Photo Tag


1. Go to the 4th folder where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture (NO MATTER WHAT)!
3. Describe this picture.
4. Tag 4 friends to do the same!

This was at my bridal shower with Eric's family. The first time I met half of his family was at this shower & Eric had to work so I was by myself. From left to right: Eric's Aunt, Lonna; Uncle Garth; Uncle Tony; Ryo (Tony's significant other); Uncle Clay; Aunt Becky......CRAZY FAMILY!!!

So Much Love


The last few days seem like they have been a much going on! It seems like so much has happened and I can't even remember what days what happened. It is crazy!

Things seems to be going ok poor baby has ANOTHER ear infection. I pulled her account up in the computer at work today and she has had 6 ear infections in 8 months. Poor girl! We have her checkup scheduled for February so I'm sure we will be discussing making a visit to the ENT to discuss tubes. As much as I hate to even mention surgery I am all for getting those sweet little ears fixed!

Eric is already getting on my nerves. He calls me at work and says....."what do you need me to do?" I feel like his mother who needs to leave him a list everyday so he will know what chores to do. HaHa! Men!! He had an interview, but he is going to have a really hard time because nobody wants to hire an injured guy. Know what I mean?!?

I am really getting anxious about Makennah's appointment on Wednesday with the neurosurgeon. I want to see what he says about her developmental delays. I will keep you updated!

Well I can't even type anymore because I am sooooo tired.......long day at work today! Before you go to bed check out this video

This little girl is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Rough Week!


Yesterday was HORRIBLE! First off it was absolutely crazy at work, but by 10 am Eric had called me on the back line at work and informed me that he didn't have a job anymore. He said that they told him that they terminated his position. I was so sick to my stomach that I didn't know what to think or say. Luckily we had decided for me to claim insurance on our whole family with my new job and we would be double covered......thank goodness I made that decision! Eric's insurance with be terminated 1/31/09 and mine starts 2/1/09 - that's a God thing!

We are kind of up in the air about what to do since Eric is not working full time anyways. I mean, who is going to hire a guy with a hurt back out on workers comp?!? It's going to be tough! I think what is so hard for me is that I don't want to work full time permanently and it seems like there is something added everyday that is going to force me to work 40 hours a week longer and longer. It is so tough! I miss staying home with Makennah!

We have really been struggling financially with all of our bills, but things were starting to get better, then he got hurt in September. The last 3 months have been really tough, but we have managed, but now there is another check cut out of our monthly equation so I am really stressing now! The thing that REALLY bothers me is that Eric seems to be ok with it all. Today I got home and he had sat on his butt all day - what the heck?!? Not to be nagging, but if I'm going to work full time and he is going to be home then he can do laundry and clean! He needs to GO BACK TO WORK!!!! We are going to kill each other!

Please pray for our family! Especially me, I am really struggling. I asked my OB/GYN to put me back on my anti-depressant because I just feel like the world is closing in on me. I haven't been sleeping good and I am having horrible nightmares about Makennah. I am just having a really hare time right now!

January 7


Well this time last year we were starting our "rooming in" process in the NICU trying to prepare for bringing Makennah home. We were working really hard on her feeding problems and we were so excited at this point! The first day I got to room in with her - I just had to play "dress up" with her! I had a blast actually getting to be her Mommy & do "normal" Mommy things with her! Those times were so special and will be some of my favorite memories with her!

(image) She enjoyed it at first and looked oohhhh so cute in her little NEWBORN size outfit!

(image) Ok Mom, this isn't a real photo shoot!

(image) "GET THIS HAT OFF!!!"

There are so many things with your children that are just taken for granted! Holding them for the first time, hearing them cry for the first time, changing a poopy diaper for the first time, feeding them a bottle, nursing them, etc. These were all things that I didn't get to do right away and I felt robbed in some way, but today I was driving home and I thought all the prayers I used to pray for God to grant me patience. I know I know......never pray for patience, but you know what.......I have the patience now! My child has brought that to me! Everytime I see that poopy diaper I am ok and somewhat excited! Everytime I hear her cry it is sweet music to my ears! Every night when I sit and rock her. Every time I get to help her eat. I just think.....thank you for this cry, this poop, this cuddle time. Wow!

I struggle watching her want to crawl soooo bad! She is getting up now and rocking away and I want sooooo bad for her to just get up and get into my cabinets, break something valuable to me, eat the plant, etc. HaHa! I know I will eat my words, but I desire these things. I love my baby girl so much! Thank you all for being a special part of her life and most of all thank you for believing in her, having the faith and power of prayer!!



Wow - what a full week we have had! 5 Christmas' from Tuesday to Saturday. I constantly thought about how much things have changed in a year. Last year at Christmas we didn't have Savannah with us and we were at the hospital with Makennah pretty much the whole time. January 15 will be a year since the day we were FINALLY able to bring her home. It was such a happy, but scary day for us.This is a picture of Makennah a few days after she had been home. I was taking her for her first outing to Dr.Halpenny's office for a weight check and for him to meet her for the first time. It had snowed that same week and was soooo cold!I was so nervous dring with my "precious cargo" that I think I drove the slowest I have ever driven! I am Speedy Gonzalez behind the wheel too, but not this day!Eric and I never thought that we would've gone through this much in our first two years of marriage.....we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary in February and we already feel like we have conquered so much as a "team." Our Almighty Father pulled us through! Wow!Anyways......Makennah was so much fun this Christmas - it was all about eating bows & tissue paper though, but she enjoyed every bit of it. Makennah trying to figure out what to do with all these new toys!Savannah loved her new snow leopard! It came with a "care kit" with medicine, band-aids, syringes and everything you could imagine to "make this animal better!"Makennah is such a happy little girl! She LOVES bath time!They were having such a great time at Memaw's house in her "big" bath tub! They are such happy girls!Makennah will be going to the neurologist, Dr.Marks, on January 14. This will be her initial visit and he will follow her development from now on. We have been awaiting this appointment for a long time. I am anxious to see if he mentions cerebral palsy or not. Makennah seems to be getting stronger, but there are several things that she still isn't doing. Everything just seems so hard for her. Pray for her strength and that she will start catching up developmentally! It is so hard to watch her be behind all her other peers. We want her to crawl, stand, walk, etc., but she seems to have no desire to. I know that a lot of these problems could be due to her brain damage during birth, but we have no way of knowing. I pray that God will change things for her and she will not have any problems. We are praying for a healthy 2009 for her!!!I am so happy & blessed to be this little miracles Mommy! I am so thankful that God chose me! He is an awesome God! Thank you Lord so much for blessing my life with her! I am so thankful and I could never repay You for "pulling her through" so she could live her life on Earth here with us!Well I must get off to bed. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!Love,Candi[...]

A Blessed Weekend!


Friday we picked up Savannah for the weekend so we were all soooo excited! Makennah and I stood on the porch and watched as Eric & Savannah pulled up in the driveway. Makennah just clapped and clapped. By the way, that is her new thing! She just claps all the time. You say "yeah" she claps. If she goes from lying down to sitting she automatically starts clapping. It's too cute! I love it! Anways....Friday night my dad, Bambi and Carli came over for pizza. It was a good visit.

Saturday we all spent a lot of time cleaning to get ready for our big day on Sunday - The NICU Christmas party. Savannah was such a big help. Eric and I enjoyed watching the girls play so well together. It was great! Makennah doesn't like to share though. If her sister touched her toys she would scream and throw her hands. It's hard to teach a 14 month old how to share - it's a chore!

Sunday was the party, but first I must share our funny but not so funny story from church. Savannah has a magnetic doodle pad in her church bag and she was writing words on it then passing it to me then I would write a word back etc. Well I looked up after about 5 minutes of this and she was passing it down with ASS written real big on it. I was trying not to die laughing, but that is one of those things that caught me completely off guard that I couldn't help myself. Wow. The party turned out to be great. We missed Abby & Kynlee, but Makennah had a good time with Jackson, Braxton & Chazz. We had a good meal and a good time watching our little miracles go EVERYWHERE! It is so amazing to see how much they are doing, especially when we know where they started out and all the struggles they have been through. God has truly blessed us!!

Sponsor Me at March for Babies!



(image) (image)

A Lot of Changes!!!


I was reading my friends blog and she was listing off all the things she is thankful for and it really got me thinking. This time last year Makennah was about 6 weeks old and had just moved to Cooks NICU. Our life had been turned completely upside down and we held our breath every time the phone rang because we were so scared for our baby girl's life! It was a tough time that I would never want to relive and I wish we could take all that Makennah has gone through away, but I would never want to take back what I learned. After having gone through 104 days of living in the NICU, believe it or not, I am thankful for what we learned during this trial!

Eric and I weren't getting along really good and had a really rocky marriage. When Makennah came we pulled together and he was the best husband ever! He was not brought up in a Christian home, but had been learning since we had been dating. He was actually baptized the night of our rehearsal dinner before our wedding. He was still really confused on a lot of things he read in the Bible and didn't understand a lot, but we both thought we understood faith. You would think after being brought up in the church and being a part of the church for 25 years I would know what faith was, but I didn't. I had hope, but not faith! The day the doctors came in and told me that Makennah wasn't going to make it I was able to be at peace, because I KNEW that I had prayed for God to take care of her and I KNEW He would! I had faith that He would either heal her and bring her home to us or she would be free from pain and go home with Him. I never thought that I would be able to be at peace with losing my child, but I was because I knew My Father was going to do what was best for my sweet angel!

My daughter has taught me more in the 13 months she has been alive than I have learned being brought up in the church for 25 years! For that I am sooooo thankful! I am so thankful for how she brought her Daddy to know Christ! He now leads our family in prayer and teaches our girls the right things to do and explains things to them and reads Bible stories to them! Wow! What a change from the last year!

I can never explain how thankful I am for all the people that prayed and encouraged us during this time! To look at Makennah's CarePage keepsake book and re-read all the comments, prayers of hope & thanksgiving and encouragement given to us during the whole NICU stay just sends chills and it was such an experience that I will always remember every detail!

I could go on forever for things I'm thankful for, but I just wanted to share this story because most of my blog followers were our CarePage followers and YOU are some of the ones that I am so thankful for! THanks for all you have done for me and my family!


Monica's Giveaway!!


Lori of I'm NO super Mom but I'm LOVING it! is hosting a giveaway of stuff from my friend's blog, Monica's Creative Corner.

Go check out her blog to find out what is being given away and how to enter and win!! Have fun!




The last year I have had to learn how to rely on my faith and put all my trust in God with all that has happened with Makennah and all, but right now I am really struggling! It just seems like we continue to get one thing after another. Eric's back is just up in the air and the doctors have mentioned the word surgery several times, but it's not definite yet, but I am super worried because I have thought surgery from the get go. His job hasn't been very nice to him and they accuse him of "dragging" this injury out. He has a feeling that they will get rid of him eventually when he comes back. That REALLY worries me because I took a paycut when I chose to go work for Fort Worth Pediatrics. I am not making quite what I used to and on top of that I have now claimed insurance on the family, as well as Eric. We decided it was probably best to have us double covered.

Then Eric went to the dentist today and they want to take his wisdom teeth out the first of the year! Come on all know how horrible men are when they're "hurt or sick!!" I am working 40 hours a week and still coming home and doing the things I did when I stayed home full time. I put Makennah to bed every night, I bathe her, I feed her, I wash her clothes, I clean her room, I buy diapers, I wash sippy cups, etc. Come on.......can't I get a break?!? Don't get me wrong he is actually getting better and I enjoy every minute I have with her, but it would be nice to just come home, take a bubble bath, paint my nails and go to bed. You know?!? I'm sure you all understand!

Then on top of all this we keep getting one bill collector call after another. We have SO MANY medical bills from Makennah that now they have all been sent to collections agencies even though I am paying on them because we can't pay them off. IT'S TOUGH!!!!!

I enjoy my new job, but I miss being with her sooooo much!! I miss sleeping late and lounging around in our pajamas together while we clean and play and then of course our afternoon walks. Boy do I miss that! They grow up so fast anyways! 13 months already!! Wow!!!

Anyways.....sorry for just dumping on you, but man I feel like I'm about to S...C...R...E...A...M!!



I am LOVING my new job (even though I miss being home with Makennah sooooo much), but I have came across some very interesting people! Sometimes these parents just have no clue! Let me give you a for instance......I had a lady call the nurse triage line about her 2 year old. She said she has had a runny nose for about 1 1/2 weeks and a cough and just started running fever. I said how high is her fever and she said "I don't know because I don't have a thermometer, but she's hot when I touch her." My number one sign is that she has had this runny nose for a week and half so she shouldn't just now be running fever. My thought was that she has a secondary infection going on. I told her to bring her in to have the doctor check her out. She brought her in and her temp was 104.3.........come on y'all INVEST IN A THERMOMETER when you have kiddos! The doctor sent her for a chest xray in our office and the poor little girl has pneumonia. She brought her back in for a check up the next day and she was in a t-shirt and a diaper.....NO SOCKS, NO HAT, NOTHING. If you don't have enough brains to take care of your kids then please dont' have them!! I love taking care of the kiddos, but sometimes it's soooo hard to keep my mouth closed!


A Nation in Need of Prayer!


During the last 24 hours I feel like I have been so frazzled and that I don't really know how I feel. I will tell you that I am so scared for our country and especially scared for what this might bring or start for our children's generation! I think this election has caused so much turmoil and it seems like it has brought back, well or flared up, racism all over again. Our country had come so far and now it seems like we have just taken several steps backward! Wow!!

Our greatest power is to have faith and keep our Almighty Father FIRST and He will take care of our country!

Just A Need!


Hey ladies! I created this blog hoping that we could share thoughts & feelings about our lives as Mommies and Wives with each other in hopes to help one another! I have wanted to set this up for a long time now and just haven't, but when a dear friend set hers up I decided I would get started too! I want to be able to share all the days of sunshine and all the cloudy days with each other! It's a tough world and we need each other!