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The Nelson Family

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord; children a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

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Thanksgiving 2017


A lot of new things this year for Turkey Day....first, we ate our Thanksgiving dinner out at Flemings, which was, sadly, more like cafeteria food...

We knew we weren't all going to be together at Christmas, so we did a little Dirty Santa was a lot of fun and I ended up with the coveted $20 worth of lotto tickets. Sadly, as much as I fought for them, I didn't win a penny!! 

And, last but not least, we celebrated Lily turning 13!! Wow. You guys still have as much fun as you ever did when you are together! Love that you are still close as you grow older... hope it always stays that way. 

School trips....


Tanner's 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. First time away from home. First time to spend the night away from home outside of a grandparent's house...and you did amazingly well. You left on a Wednesday morning and got back on Sunday. You loved it and even survived sharing a hotel room with 2 other guys. :)

Shortly after Tanner left on a bus for DC, Evan's 6th grade class headed south to Huntsville, Al to the Space and Rocket Center. I was a of my first and last chances for this, I am sure, since it will soon be uncool to be with me in any capacity:)..but it was a very fun day. The rides were a blast with you, Evan, and you blew me (and everyone else present) away with how quickly, and correctly, you could answer all of the space questions they asked.  #homeschoolgenius

Double rainbow!!


So cool!! The ref even paused game play so that all of you guys could get a chance to see the double rainbow! 

First Soccer Game!!


There's Tanner....

There's Evan...

I could hardly contain myself! Both of you guys were starters for the first soccer game of the Fall season for Grace Christian Academy Middle School! We won, which was even more exciting!! What a way to begin your career as legit TSSAA sports players. Good job, guys!! 

Fall Break Fun!!


Crisp, beautiful Autumn day....horseback riding at Natchez Trace Stables...with horses that had minds of their own and liked to trot! It was so much fun! You guys were naturals! We finished off our afternoon with a great meal at Loveless Cafe. We were full and happy. I bet the horses were glad we pigged out AFTER we rode them!![...]

Fast and Furious Friends


This indoor go kart track was no match for the four of you....even braved the "helmet socks" that you had to wear. Yuck!

Nashville with Grandma and Pa


Bobbie's Dairy DipClassic souvenir shopping downtownTOP GOLF!! So fun!![...]



As if the meteor shower and total eclipse weren't enough this year, He goes ahead and puts Venus right up there in the pre-dawn hours of the day. And He does it all just because He loves bring us joy. Amazing. 

Total Eclipse Nashville 2017


A once in a lifetime event shared with family and friends...the total eclipse of 2017. We journeyed to Springfield, Tn to watch with the Wright family and other friends. Words cannot even describe the awesome sight! It was extraordinary and just proved what an extraordinarily powerful God we serve. It was such a blessing to get to all be together to see it...even with Mammy...who incidentally had a conjunctival hemorrhage while we were there that was not at all related to looking at the eclipse, but had a few of us worried that our eclipse glasses might be faulty!! ;)

Evan and the Coach


You and "coach"- ever since your Dad and I coached Upward basketball the one year that you and Tanner were on the same team, you nicknamed me "Coach". I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to hear you call me that. I just adore it. Almost as much as I adore you!

Tanner had a Bible study night with Dad at GCA, so you and I decided to go out for a night of bowling and frozen yogurt. I killed you in the lanes, Evan, but you ruled the air hockey table and just about everything else in the arcade!! You are so full of joy and laughter, Evan....everything is so much more fun and vibrant when you are around! Thanks for hanging out with your old mom! I loved it!

Bobbie's Dairy Dip....take 2!!


selfie much?? :)

(this is the kid's size)

After our inaugural trip to Bobbie's the night before school started back, it dawned on me that THIS WAS THE VERY place that Mammy and my Mammy (Papa's mom) took me when I was little to get the biggest ice cream cones in the world!! So, it was only fitting for your Mammy to get to go with you boys to the very same ice cream stand. It was hot and you had to be quick, but those amazing ice cream eating skills must be an inheritable trait, because we mastered those magnificent cones with few drips of waste! Thanks for the good ice cream genes, Mammy!!

Three generations of Nelsons!!


Perseid meteor shower 2017


We put our blankets and pillows on the deck and watched the meteors fly across the sky....

Well, some of us did, anyway!! ;)

First day of school!!


After 5 years of homeschooling, it's off to Grace Christian Academy!!

It is going to be a big change, but we are trusting God for a big adventure!
I loved having you boys with me during the week, and I will miss those moments intensely at times. But, I am so excited for you both...for what the future holds for you guys.
(And I am excited that I am not teaching Math anymore!! LOL)

The last day of summer....before school starts anyway!


A day at the pool with friends.....

Then the Last Summer meal at Bobbie's Dairy Dip! The summer always goes by so fast, but we crammed this one full and loved every second of it!!

FCA class of 2016 reunion


This group.

These moms.

I hope we all stay friends for life. Two years after graduation isn't a bad start!

Mammy is 78!!


The fun night started with dinner at Capitol Grille..Followed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert!!It was an extraordinary night to celebrate your extraordinary grandmother! We love you so much, Mammy!![...]

Soccer Fever!


It started with the Gold Cup with the American team....Then on to the European League with Tanner's favorite team, Manchester City vs TottenhamIt was a fun day spent with friends as a farewell to homeschool eventYou are both hoping that Nashville gets its own MLS team soon!![...]

You guys have the BEST Dad in the world!


And when you have the best Dad and best husband in the world, you take them to see Guns 'N Roses in St. Louis...

And you have a lot of fun in just 24 hours! 

Summer vacay 2017


The beach with your really, really good friends...#bestsummerever!We had barely been in town an hour and you guys HAD TO GET IN THE WATER!!we fished here a lot...this is where Helen dropped her phone in the lake:(vegging....and jamming.....I love a puzzle at the beach!Best fishing trip ever!!It was a lot of work to get everything under the tent for a 3 minute rain shower! Your dad kept us shaded and dry every single day!!!Friends + Ice cream = JoyI couldn't resist the opportunity to reflect on how much you guys are growing up and how many years we have been coming to 30A in the summer!It was a great trip! And we all stayed friends after it was over!!![...]

How many kids do I have???


I love it. Most afternoons, the house and the yard are full of neighbor kids, and the noise and craziness delight me. I didn't really have neighbor kids to hang with growing up, so at first, the concept was a bit overwhelming to me. But, I just love that you guys have access to friends right outside (or in most cases, inside!!!) the house. 

Mammy's packing heat!!


We needed something different to do for your birthday this year, Tanner, and you chose an outdoor laser tag game....right in our own front yard! It was so HOT, but it was a lot of fun. Mammy even got in on some of the action! She loves her grandkids so much, she'd do just about anything for you guys!
Happy 14th birthday, Tanner! 

Fourth of July 2017


Aunt LaLa, Me, and Aunt Sushi
You two would have been in the pic, but couldn't keep you still long enough. The older you get, the more elusive you are, but I love that you ran endlessly with cousins and friends all night long. That makes a great Fourth of July!!

Boys' night out!!


Dad took you guys on an impromptu fishing trip at a nearby a subdivision...that was private property.....:(
Oh well. What happens when I am at work gets a little adventurous and crazy, but that's what being a boy is all about, right?! I'm quite sure no one would miss that one tiny little fish that was caught by Evan!