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This is a blog which is meant for registering my opinions and memories.

Updated: 2018-03-07T04:24:53.590+06:00




Few days ago I and @bruno had a argument on TRAI making public the Email ID s and contents of 1 million Plus Indian citizens .Here are few thoughts of mine .TL;DR : change your mail password first if you have sent mail to TRAIWhat is Net neutrality ? The Telco s and ISP s want to charge us based on sevices or OTT services eg:facebook ,whatsapp,youtube,vine etc will be charged separately or the companies which pay tot he ISP s will get their services free to customer their rival applications will be ignoredWhat is in it for us ?  Though it looks attractive We will pay more to use our favorite /necessary apps ,we will lose the choice to use ,Monopoly of few big companies and last but not least we will lose privacy (we will see in detail).Why the Telco s doing this ?   The analog is going out and digital is going more digital THE INTERNET is gaining more mileage and Traditional voice is phasing out so the telecoms are losing the grip and companies like Facebook ,google and the likes are taking over the VOICE via Internet so its the classical territory fight .What is TRAI s Role in it ?    Telecom Regulatory authority of India  is the single decisive authority for all voice and data related policies in INDIA and TRAI has to Decide on the OTT plans proposed by ISP s read Airtel,Reliance etcWhat had TRAI did to generate outrage among netizens ?    TRAI has given an option to get public opinion before April 24 2015 and many campaigns were run in support of netneutrality and over 1 million plus mails have been sent to TRAI in support of netneutrality and in April 28 TRAI has relaesed all the mails with content and mail ID in clear text .Yes clear text !!!    According to Bruno this was done for transparency or Read as fearing RTI ,TRAI has doxed millions of his countries citizens anticipating fear ? someone might ask these details through RTI     though as per my opinion they can scrub sensitive data citing personal details but Bruno differs and cites a reference which says incoming calls to a Government office is official and can be released to public ,though how an Email ID and phone number is equal is highly debatableWhat is the Impact of TRAI releasing the Mail ID s ?   EMail ID is not just used to send and recieve mails but almost everything under the sun has become dependent on mails and mail ID s are as sensitive as your ATM pin .here are few example mail ID is used for Play store /itunes login,E-commerce sites,Business/work,Cloud application logins,banking notifications and so onWhats the deal ?     In the parallel world called Darknet ,there are people who go by the name Black hats hacker collect email address and sell it for money .Why do people bother about paying money to just email IDs ?    Well there are lot of people whose profession we are not aware of identity theft is a major market now also Cyber espionage Thanks to Edward Snowden  .In good old days people used to spy on others by bribing or seducing which is called HUMINT now it is difficult also not needed as entire details of an individual can be pulled from Internet and social media .What are the potential things that can be done using mail ID ?Government:  Our government runs a CMS  which snoops on every internet packet ,If im vocal on any issues against any policies of government i will be marked snooped to get details for character assasination and arrested or assasinated example mahrashtra arrests for a FB post and like ,Few Activists whose sex life shenanigans outed to mute their public voice .Thanks to wikileaks and Jeremy hammond we now know that Mega banks Like BoFA and others spied on OWS .Corporates : Every company now snoops on its employees and its rivals employees to get confidential data ,Example -Reliance getting the budget data from ministers office before it went to parliment and Stratfor spied on activists in Bhopal.corporate companies hire private intelligence companies like Stratfor ,Palantir etcBlack hats: They u[...]

A murder ,outrage and Few questions


Uma Maheshwari just another ordinary girl who finished college and entered into the IT stream with loads of dreams was Raped and Brutally murdered just feats away from her work place .With the usual negligence of police to take complaint the Smell from decaying corpse led to the eventual arrest of the suspects and outrage of IT and NON IT people ,Now based on News on MSM and social media I have few doubts on the issue since i also work on the same field  and spent better part of my life in the place where the incident took place .Disclaimer : This post is intended for having healthy discussion and not usual male chauvinistic and Racist comments.Few questions : 1.Whats with the mentality of when a girl is missing why the hell she should have eloped and even the parents say it is not so ,should everyone bribe for just taking a complaint .2. Uma went alone after work at 10.20 PM is that wrong  ? no but what about CAB facility I know that there is no public transport in the place at that time and it is at least a Kilometer or so from the road to have a transport  .Did the countries Largest IT firm missed out on basic things like transport  ? what about  shuttle services to next place where public transport is available3.What is the Role of SIPCOT here why they didnt have any surveillance in the place ,for people who dont know the place where murder happened is the Entrance to SIPCOT which houses major IT firms and holds at least a Lakh or so people .The distance is about two kilometers and it s  a lone road with little or no humans or buildings for safety ,what about the traditional Watch tower/watchmen or at least a outdoor surveillance camera on the pathway.4.why the SIPCOT has not  provided or made as mandate for a shuttle service from end to end of their premises ,I know it is very hard to go inside without your own personal vehicle after 8 PM ,Public transport is rare and Autos are loot even in the day time .5.What is the safety and security measures taken by TCS for employees ,Is there any harassment cell ,what about SOS numbers ,what is the training given to employees regards any emergency6.There is a unofficial report which says Uma s request for CAB was rejected because of error in cost center ,Is it true ? if it is true the guy who designed the Site should be punished immediately  why the hell should employee care about cost center .7.What is the action taken by States Labour department ,sudden flurry of migrant workers int he recent years and  what is done to regulate them ?Now the bad thing has happened  lets at least question ourselves and prevent it in future I'm sure many of them in My list is either newly married or going to marry soon and we all want a Working wife and safety of them is in our hands .Working is night shifts is not bad it has become a mandate and part of our life lets just be careful Men/women neither of them are safe in this world and we dont live in Manhattan or Europe, Few things which are simple can save our life which is pricelessWhen going home from night shift   i) book a cab and go ii) go in groups at least two it is not very difficult to find a collegue leaving premise on same timeiii)be vigilante when you are travelling alone No earphones ,keep your mobile up and running ,keep a speed dial handyiv) keep a friend /parent informed about your whereabouts I have a friend as my 911 wherever I go be it Chennai/hyderabad/mumbai or Chengalpet .v) keep your safety officer /TL/PM informed when you suspect anything inside or outside workplace .During my previous stint with a Fortune company I have lot of friends in safety department and I have known many cases of Bullying to Road safety been reported and taken care ofRelated News:[...]

Aaron Swartz -Internets Own Boy (1986-2013)


Today is the day Our Internets OWN boy died a Year ago not many of us will know Who is Aaron swartz and why he's been mourned after a year by a guy who is in a third world country and not related to him in any way .Here is a Wikipedia article :Aaron Swartz Why He is called Internets own boy ?Aaron at the Age of 15 was involve deeply in the development of Semantic web and RSS protocol ,In 2001 at that time i was also 15 and was probably pissing in pants but Aaron developed RSS .Anyone who uses Internet ,blogs knows the importance and how RSS improves their web experience .Aaron was on the board of wikipedia ,founder of PACER (online database which gave free access to US court document for free to public ),Co-owner of Reddit (hot social news site) and many more things which are not big and famous Aaron throught his life contributed to improvement of Internet and make data free to all and make Internet a free and Independent medium.Why Aaron is Different from millions of other Internet Users ?   Aaron constantly believed in transparency and openness and he loved Internet and believed Technology can bring a change .While he is a co-oener of Reddit which is a hot and happening Social media site now in the likes of Facebook ,Aaron left it and worked on PACER,Deaddrop,creative commons and involved in Digital activism and politics in Real life .He is a open supporter of wikileaks,FOSS,Transparent web and spearheaded the anti SOPA,PIPA and ensured that THE INTERNET is free and not aunder anyones control . This video is a must watch for Everyone aaron himself explains about the dangers of giving control of internet to governments width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Aaron always wanted the knowledge to be free and everyone should access the data for free ,He himself has given all his scholary articles for free with CC rights he was furious when he learnt that US judiciary documents can be downloaded for a fee he paid for the documents downloaded it and hosted it in a website for free also he was pissed off to hear that the MIT world renowned university has locked the scholary papers of Researches/students aaron went to the university and with his credentials he downloaded all the docunents with his legitimate credentials but MIT chose to Prosecute Aaron for massive download and pressed charges against CFAA . It may look like a samll case but US secret service got involved and Aaron was torched Pscyhcologically and was made to run between courts and was under surveillance from US secret service and was facing 30 + years of jail ,all these for just downloading articles which is free to all and illegally restricted to public by a university not the other way around .Aaron hanged himself the same day last year from the sheer pressure US federal government imposed on him and few of us believe that Aaron commited suicide because he dont want to get prosecuted and out his comrades ala Wikileaks & anonymous .Wikileaks has openly addimited that aaron might have been a source to them and few belive aaron might be involved in anonymous movements also .What we should do now ?Aaron has showed us the path and it is upto us to carry the torch The Internet is the only free ,transparent and open media in our time and knowledge and data should be made free to all.corporates should not be allowed to take control of Internet and Government should not be allowed to Use Internets as SPY media .I encourage everyone to share knowledge for free to all in their own fields be it a technical paper presentation or a book upload it in internet with CC and make it free .Febraury 11 is the day to Remember  all of us should unite to take back our internet and honour AaronThe day we fight back   Please donate to any of the organisations they are fighting on our behalf and the enemy is mighty governments and these are the organisations aaron was associated EFFPressfreedomFinally as I told on Facebook Aaron is al[...]

Life of Pi - Review


Life of Pi என்ற படம் இந்தியாவில் எடுக்கப்பட்டதாகவும் எடுத்தவர் ஆங்  லீ  என்றும் துவிட்டரில் @sudhishkamath கூறியவுடன் ஆர்வம் தொற்றிகொண்டது ,அதுவும் சுதிஷின் பேட்டி  மற்றும் சத்யம் திரைஅரங்கிற்கு  லீ வந்தது உலகநாயகன் கமலுடன்  விஜய் தொலைக்காட்சி பேட்டி ஆகியவை மேலும் ஆர்வத்தை தூண்ட  யான் (yaan martel) மர்டேளுடைய  புத்கத்தை படித்தேன் அது இன்னும் சுவாரசியமாக இருக்க எப்படி இந்த கதையை திரைக்கு  கொண்டு வர போகிறார்கள் என்ற ஆர்வம்  தலைக்கேரிவிட்டது .  லைப் அப் பை இந்தியாவில் வெளியான முதலே வார கடைசியில் போய் விட வேண்டும் என்று புக் செய்ய முற்பட்டேன் பல அலுவல்கள் காரணமாக டிசம்பர் 9 ஆம்  தேதி தான் காண முடிந்தது ,ஹைதராபாத் ஐமேக்ஸ் அரங்கிற்குள் நுழைந்தவுடன்  தெரிந்தது பல சிறு குழந்தைகளும் நிறைய பேர் குடும்பத்துடனும் வந்திருப்பது ,குழந்தைகளின் சிரிப்பு  மற்றும் குதுகலம் என்னையும் தொற்றிக்கொள்ள விளம்பரம் முடிந்து பெயர் மற்றும் ஆரம்பக்கட்சியில் வாய்  பிளக்க ஆரம்பித்தவன்  தான் அதுவும் அந்த பின்னணி இசை வாவ் ,நாவலில் வருவது போன்றே கனடாவில் இருந்து ஆரம்பிக்கிறது, லீ மிக சாமர்த்தியமாக அறிவியல் வாத்தியாரை பையின் தந்தையாக மாற்றி விட்டார், அந்த ஆரம்ப மதம் பற்றிய காட்சிகள் கொஞ்சம் அறுவை தான் ஆனால் அதில் தான் பையுடைய ஜீவன் இருக்கிறது .என்னை பொறுத்தவரை Life of Pi மொத்த கதையுமே God Vs Science தான் அதிலும் முடிவை நம்மளிடமே  விடும் கமலஹாசதனமான ஒரு நாவல் .லீ ஒவ்வொரு சின்ன விசயத்திற்கும் (detail)எடுத்திற்கும் கவனம் பிரமிக்கதக்கது தமிழ் மற்றும் இந்திய இயக்குனர்கள் கற்றுக்கொள்ள வேண்டியது ,எங்கோ  தைவானில்  பிறந்தவர் மூனார்  மற்றும் தமிழ் இசை மற்றும் உச்சரிப்பில்  கவனம் செலுத்தும்போது இ[...]

President Obama victory speech 2012


OBAMA: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward.It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.I want to thank every American who participated in this election. Whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time.By the way, we have to fix that.Whether you pounded the pavement or picked up the phone. Whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign, you made your voice heard and you made a difference.I just spoke with Governor Romney and I congratulated him and Paul Ryan on a hard-fought campaign.We may have battled fiercely, but it's only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. From George to Lenore to their son Mitt, the Romney family has chosen to give back to America through public service and that is the legacy that we honor and applaud   tonight.In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.I want to thank my friend and partner of the last four years, America's happy warrior, the best vice president anybody could ever hope for, Joe Biden.And I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago.Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as our nation's first lady.Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you're growing up to become two strong, smart beautiful young women, just like your mom.And I'm so proud of you guys. But I will say that for now one dog's probably enough.To the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics...The best. The best ever. Some of you were new this time around, and some of you have been at my side since the very beginning.But all of you are family. No matter what you do or where you go from here, you will carry the memory of the history we made together and you will have the life-long appreciation of a grateful president. Thank you for believing all the way, through every hill, through every valley.You lifted me up the whole way and I will always be grateful for everything that you've done and all the incredible work that you put in.I know that political campaigns can sometimes seem small, even silly. And that provides plenty of fodder for the cynics that tell us that politics is nothing more than a contest of egos or the domain of special interests. But if you ever get the chance to talk to folks who turned out at our rallies and crowded along a rope line in a high school gym, or saw folks working late in a campaign office in some tiny county far away from home, you'll discover something else.You'll hear the determination in the voice of a young field organizer who's working his way through college and wants to make sure every child has that same opportunity.You'll hear the pride in the voice of a volunteer who's going door to door because her brother was finally hired when the local auto plant added another shift.You'll hear the deep patriotism in the voice of a military spouse whose working the phones late at night to make sure that no one who fights for this country ev[...]

பிறந்த நாள்


வீட்டிலிருந்து தொலைதூரத்தில்
பெற்றோரின் அரவணைப்பின்றி
நண்பர்களின் கேளிக்கைகளின்றி
மடியில் சாய துணையுமின்றி
என்றோ சாதிக்க போகும்
வாழ்வை தேடி
அகவை கூட கவலைகளும் கூட
யாருமில்லா சிறு அறையில்
கழிகிறது இந்த பிறந்த நாள்
இந்த நாளும் இன்னொருநாளே

உபுண்டு உலவிகளில் தமிழ் எழுத்துக்கள் சரியாக தெரியவைப்பது எப்படி


நான் சில காலமாக உபுண்டு பயன்படுத்த தொடங்கினேன் எல்லாம் சரியாக இருந்தாலும் நெருப்பு நரியில் தமிழ் எழுத்துருக்கள் சரியாக தெரிய வில்லை வாசிப்பதற்கு மிக கடினமாக இருந்தது .எனவே முதலில் நான் குரோமியம் ப்ரௌசெர் நிறுவி பார்த்தேன் அதிலும் அதே பிரச்சனை தான் எனவே tamil-ttf எழுத்துருக்களை நிறுவி பார்த்தேன் அப்பொழுதும் சரியாகவில்லை .எனவே கூகுளே ஆண்டவரிடம் சரணடைந்தேன் அதில் நான் கண்டுபிடித்த தீர்வை சுலபமாக இங்கே தருகிறேன் .

தமிழ் எழுத்துக்கள் வலைபக்கத்தின் உள்பகுதியில் மட்டும் சரியாக தெரியாமல் இருக்கும் இந்த மாதிரி


இது எதனால் ஏற்படுகிறது என்றால் Lohit Tamil என்கிற எழுத்துருவை உலவி தேடும் போது அது கிடைக்காமல் freesans ,freeserif போன்ற எழுத்துருவை பயன்படுத்துவதால் .இதற்கு என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்

முதலில் ttf-tamilfonts எழுத்துருக்களை நிறுவ வேண்டும் எப்படி நிறுவுவது
1. டெர்மினல் சென்று sudo apt-get install ttf-tamil-fonts
2.synaptic package manager சென்று ttf-tamil-fonts தேடி நிறுவலாம் பின்னர்
usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont இந்த இடத்திற்கு போய் FreeSans.ttf,FreeSerif.ttf ஆகியவை இருக்கிறதா என்று சரிபார்த்துவிட்டு டெர்மினல் சென்று sudo apt-get remove ttf-freefont கொடுக்கவும் இதனால் gnome இற்கு எந்த பாதிப்பும் வராது.அதன் பிறகு எல்லா உலவிகளிலும் தெளிவாக தமிழ் எழுத்துக்கள் தெரியும்.

tamil ezhuthuru

சென்னை நகரமும் சில மனிதர்களும்


முன்னறிவிப்பு : இது எந்த தனிப்பட்ட நபரையும் தாக்கும் பதிவல்ல காலங்காலமாக இருக்கும் பொதுபுத்தி பற்றியது மட்டுமே.
height="315" src="" frameborder="0" width="420">

இந்த காணொளியை முகநூளில் காண நேர்ந்தது அதில் நண்பரொருவர் இட்ட மறுமொழி இந்த கானொளியில் இருப்பது போலா சென்னை இருக்கிறது சாலைகள் குண்டும் குழியுமாகவும் ஆட்டோ ஓட்டுனர்கள் ரௌடிகளாகவும் குண்டர்களும் பிடியில் மொத்த நகருமும் உள்ளதெனவும் மற்ற நகரங்களில் இவையாவும் உள்ளதென்றாலும் சென்னை முன்னேற விரும்புவதாகவும் அதனால் முதலில் சென்னையை சிங்காரமாக மாற்றிவிட்டு பிறகு இப்படி சலனப்படங்களை எடுக்கலாம் .

என்னோட கேள்வி நீங்கள் முன்வைக்கும் இந்த தகுதியெல்லாம் இருந்தால் தான் ஒருவர் சென்னையை பற்றி சலன படம் எடுக்க வேண்டுமா ? நீங்க சொல்லும் இந்த எல்லா தகுதிகளும் எந்த நாட்டிலும் எந்த ஊரிலும் இருக்காது ஒவ்வொரு நகரத்திலும் ஒரு குறை இருக்கும் (உ.த) நியூ யார்க் வாசிகளை கேட்டால் பனி நிரம்பிய சாலை ,ஜன நெருக்கடி ,வாகன நிறுத்துமிடம் இல்லை வழிப்பறி போக்குவரத்து போன்றவற்றை கூறுவர் ஆனால் அவர்கள் யாரும் தம் தாய் மொழியையோ தாய் நாட்டையோ தான் வசிக்கும் நகரத்தையோ அடுத்தவரிடம் மட்டமாக சொல்வதில்லை .இந்த தமிழன் மட்டும் ஏன் தான் தமது மாநிலத்தை பற்றி மொழியை பற்றி பிறரிடம் குறைத்தே சொல்கிறானோ தெரியவில்லை ,அயல் மாநிலத்தவர் யாரும் இப்படி குறை கூறி நான் பார்த்ததில்லை ஆனால் ஒவ்வொரு தமிழனும் அடுத்த மாநிலத்தவரிடம் சென்னையை தமிழை விடாமல் குறை கூறுகின்றனர் .ஒரு சமயம் சென்னை பற்றி கூறுங்களேன் என்று ஆந்திர நண்பர் என்னை வினவினார் நானும் ஒவ்வொரு இடமாக சொல்லிக்கொண்டே வர என்னருகில் இருந்த சென்னையிலே பிறந்து வளர்ந்த அந்த நபர் மெரினா பீச் அது ஒரு குப்பை பீச்,மகாபலிபுரமா அது கள்ள காதல் ஜோடி போற எடம் மேற்கொண்டு chennai no good food ,bad road,full rush total waste என்று விளக்குகினார் .இது போன்று பல அனுபவங்கள் எனக்கு உண்டு.

மும்பை,கொச்சி,கொல்கத்தா போன்ற நகரங்களை ஒப்பிட்டு நிறை குறைகளை அடுக்கி கொண்டே போக இயலும் ஆனால் அது தேவையற்றது ஒவ்வொரு நகரமும் தனித்துவமிக்கது .நான் இங்கே கூறவிரும்புவது ஒன்று தான் முகநூல்,ட்விட்டர் போன்ற சமூக தளங்களில் இந்த மாதிரி எழுதுவதுற்கு முன்னாள் நம் நண்பர்கள் வட்டத்தில் பிற மாநிலத்தவர்/நாட்டவர் இருக்கிறார்கள் அவர்கள் நம் மாநகரை/மாநிலத்தை/மொழியை பற்றி என்னை நினைப்பர் சிறிதேனும் அவர்கள் மனதில் ஒரு கெட்ட அபிப்ராயம் வந்துவிடாதா என்று யோசியுங்கள் ,நம்மால் புகழ தான் முடியவில்லை சற்று தூற்றாமலாவது இருக்கலாமே .ஐ பி எல் கிரிக்கெட் போட்டியின்போது மட்டும் வரும் உணர்வெழுச்சி மத்த நேரங்களில் காணாமற் போவது ஏன் ? .

முல்லை பெரியார் நடப்பது என்ன


முல்லை பெரியார் பற்றி சமீப காலமாக செய்தி அடிபடுகிறது தொலைகாட்சியில் ,இணையத்தில் ,பாராளுமன்றத்தில் என்னை தான் நடக்கிறது என்று சற்று பார்ப்போம் .முல்லை பெரியார் அணைமுல்லை ஆறும் பெரியாரும் கலந்து ஓடும் தேக்கடியில் உள்ளது . 1895ஆம் ஆண்டு ஆங்கில ஆட்சியில் தமிழ் நாட்டிற்கு தண்ணீர் எடுத்து வருவதற்காக அரபி கடலில் வீணாக கலக்கும் பெரியாறு தண்ணீரை திசை திருப்பி தமிழகத்திற்கு கொண்டுவருவதற்காக செயல் படுத்தப்பட்ட திட்டம் . இதன் மூலம் தென் தமிழகத்தில் 5 மாவட்டங்கள் குடிநீர்க்காகவும் விவசாயத்திற்கும் இந்த நீர் பயன்படுகின்றது .இந்த அணை முற்றிலும் தமிழகத்திற்காக மட்டுமே கட்ட பட்ட அணை என்பது தான் வரலாறு அதனால் தான் ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் திருவிதாங்கூர் மன்னரிடம் 999 வருட குத்தகை போட்டுள்ளனர் .அணை கட்டி நூறு வருடங்கள் ஆகிவிட்டதுமுல்லை பெரியார் அணை 115 ஆண்டு தான் ஆகிறது அனால் நம் கண்ணெதிரிலேயே கல்லணை 1000 ஆண்டுகளை கடந்து கம்பீரமாக நிற்கிறது .100 ஆண்டுகளை கடந்த அணைகள் உலகம் முழுவதிலும் ஏராளம் உள்ளன கூகுளிட்டு தெரிந்துகொள்ளவும் .அணை பலவீனமடைந்துவிட்டதுமுல்லை பெரியார் அணை (gravity) புவியிர்ப்பு வகை சார்ந்தது அதாவது தன்னுடைய பலத்தால் (mass) தண்ணீரின் அழுத்தத்தை தாங்கும் அணை.1970 ற்கு பிறகு பல கட்டமாக அணை தமிழக அரசால் பலபடுத்தபட்டுள்ளது .கேரளா அரசால் திட்டமிட்டு பரப்பப்படும் பொய் இது .நிலா நடுக்கம் அதிக அளவில் வந்தாலும் தாங்கும் அளவிருக்கு அணை வலுவூட்டபட்டுள்ளது .வேறெங்கும் பதிவாகத நில நடுக்கம் கேரளா அரசிற்கு மட்டும் கிடைப்பது ஆச்சர்யம் தான் . இந்த கானொளியில் video அணை எப்படி பலப்டுத்தபட்டதென்று விளக்கமாக உள்ளது .புதிய ஆணை கட்ட கேரளா அரசு தீவிரமாக முயல்வது எ[...]

மீள் வருகை


வணக்கம் நீண்ட இடைவெளிக்கு பிறகு வலைப்பூ எழுத வந்துள்ளேன் 2008 ஆம் ஆண்டு முதலே தமிழ் வலைபூக்கள் அறிமுகம் என்றாலும் நகைச்சுவை மொக்கை போன்றவற்றில் அண்ணன் கார்க்கியும் சினிமா சமூக கோபங்களுக்கு யூத்து கேபிள் மற்றும் ஜாக்கியும் ,தொழில்நுட்பங்களுக்கு அண்ணன் பி கே பி ,சுடுதன்னியும் இருக்கும் பொது நாம என்னத்த எழுதுறதுன்னு சோம்பேறித்தனமாக இருந்து விட்டேன் ஆனால் இப்போது நான் கற்றவற்றை ஆவன படுத்தவும் நேர விரயத்தை குறைக்கவும் துறை சார் பதிவுகள் தமிழ் மொழியில் பதியவும் பிற்காலத்தில் நான் மறந்ததை எனக்கே ஞாயபகபடுத்தவும் ஒரு டிஜிட்டல் டைரி போலவும் இருக்கட்டும் என்று தான் இந்த மீள் வருகை சினிமா,அரசியல், நெட்வொர்கிங் துறை,மீன் மற்றும் பறவை வளர்ப்பு,ஓபன் சோர்ஸ் போன்ற எனக்கு தெரிந்த களங்களில் கலந்து கட்டி அடிக்க போகிறேன் ,தமிழ் விசை பயன்படுத்த தெரியாது அதனால் கூகிள் transliterate தான் இப்போதைய ஆபத்பாந்தவன் எழுது பிழைகளை மன்னியுங்கள் .

WISE investment


Hi friends today my post is about a interesting thing which no one will ever get satisfied of yeah it’s the most valuable GOLD .for many years I was wondering why all these people are fond of gold until I bought a chain .it feels really good to flaunt gold in our body what a feel !!!A mix of pride and joy.
Gold is the most valuable metal next to platinum but gold is more frequently used because it is both malleable and ductile so it can be made into ornaments of different designs. From the ancient days itself gold is widely used .during the monarch period gold coins are used for buying other things but now due to the rapid increase in population growth gold is used only for ornamental purpose and as a mode of saving because gold can be sold anytime its value will not be diminished by age .so it is safe to invest in gold d bullion .instead of buying jewels gold coin fetches more price than jewels because Gold Bullion is valuable precious metal - namely gold. It comes in two main forms Gold bullion bars, and Gold bullion coins. What makes it gold bullion is simply that its value derives entirely from its precious metal content unlike ornamental gold.
Unlike jewelry, or numismatic coins, gold bullion has no artistic component in its value. Some people do not understand why without that artistic component a relatively useless material like gold should have such a high value so buy gold bullion. So friends if you want to invest money for the future think wise and buy gold and stock it .don’t waste your money in real estate and share market as these things don’t have steady value they often fluctuate but gold s value will never decrease.



It’s been a year since I bought my Nikon p80 and I learnt how to play with it some pictures for your view do comment your thoughts.

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Hello friends a very good morning .All of you might have known about gold it is one of the ancient and precious metals .now in the modern world it is one of the factors that determine the value of a countries currency .gold is used to make beautiful ornaments like ring, necklace etc.
From ancient day itself gold is used as coins and instead of quoting the price of gold all other commodities are measured in gold coins. Now a day’s gold is not only used for ornamental purpose but also for investment because it is a safe haven against any economic, political, social, or currency-based crises. These crises include investment market declines, inflation, war, and social unrest. Investors also buy gold during times of a bull market in an attempt to gain financially. Gold is available in different forms but safe and easiest way to invest in gold is to buy gold coins instead of buying jewelleries because gold coins fetches more price than jewels because Gold Bullion is valuable precious metal - namely gold . It comes in two main forms Gold bullion bars, and Gold bullion coins. What makes it gold bullion is simply that its value derives entirely from its precious metal content unlike ornamental gold coins .
Unlike jewelry, or numismatic coins, gold bullion has no artistic component in its value. Some people do not understand why without that artistic component a relatively useless material like gold should have such a high value so buy gold bullion. So friends if you want to invest money for the future think wise and buy gold and stock it .don’t waste your money in real estate and share market.

micheal jackson - A legend,performer,kid,reformer


Michael Jackson was born to a ordinary family with five siblings they all started to perform before Jackson but now none of their names comes to my mind that is Michaels first victory his first performance was at the age of 5 can one believe it .throughout his childhood he was bullied, torchered and harassed by all his family members especially his dad which made him an introvert he lost his childhood happiness which later made him to build never land.
when he came up with thriller the whole world was stunned it was a record sales of 10 million and Billie jean song was showed in MTV due to raising demand further he continued his reign in dangerous, invincible and so on .the whole world will be tied to his dance steps. His dance steps will be different and also unique remember he said” all my dance moves comes from my soul” .
later in 90 s his life was miserable many controversies were involved around him lost millions in sexual harassment cases and debts continued to raise his marital life failed ,health condition was worst which led to the down fall of this great man .
earlier from his childhood experiences he became a inferiority complexes person and he went on to search his childhood and for that he built never land where only kids were allowed and he interacted with many kids which lead to many controversies .he was very hurt by that and chose to be alone and remained inside the house for years together deep inside he was still a kid till his death.
He spent most part of his earnings for charities also his songs were mostly on upliftment of black s, love, earth, nature which makes him a modern reformer and a conscious person he really cared for the blacks that is why still he is celebrated by millions around the world.”It doesn’t matter whether you are black or white”. Jackson was known as a musician but he had many good concerns for global warming, world peace also which is reflected in earth song, we are the world etc.
He redefined music and showed the world what pop means that is why he is “KING OF POP” a rare mix of voice and dance is gifted to him. His use of morphing and graphics was extraordinary and he always innovate something new for every song .he is destined to be a legend. He made success in his own right and he is one of a kind in this century of performers.

Some of his achievements:
He is the first black to be shown in MTV
Holds patent for his dance steps
10 million record sales for single album
13 Guinness records
19 Grammy awards
Two U.S presidential awards
Millions of fans
M.J thanks for filling my teenage with your music and you will live forever in your fans heart and music. May god give you the much needed peace for you.

video :

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web hosting


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hi friends you all may think why he is writing a review about a film which was released months ago but i want to write about this film long ago but today only time permitted.
Flashback of a fool is simple story which begins with a threesome sex scene in a famous hollywood actors house this scene is just inserted to show the careless posh life of popular and rich people .joe scott is living in a big house has assistants and lot of money and facilities but he is staying alone and his mom stays in their native town.joe leads a careless life dumps his girlfriends spends a lot of money and is not afraid of future but disaster strikes his life when a director of a film dumps him and he came to know the truth that all the directors are not satisfied with his work and no one is ready to book him so he gets insulted and in order to relieve his stress he wants to go back to hi snative and see his mom and attend the funeral of his friend boots.
there starts the flashback boots and joe scott are two best friends and one day scott sees a girl in the arcade and falls in love with her ruth davies done by (felicity jones) while going for first date a sudden twist his neighbour hood aunt evelyn who is longing for sex seduces him and they both have sex in their house and scott went to see ruth with love bites in his neck on seeing it ruth gets tensed and rejects him .then scott and boots gets separated and again one day when evelyns husband goes away for work and they both have sex by sending their daughter jane outside where she dies near the sea and scott leaves the town in guilt.
now scott goes to his town and sees his mom and others and gets carried by the memories and when he sees ruth davies he felt so sorry and cannot express anything to her he simply writes a letter and leaves a blank cheque and goes back to hollywood.

there are three naked scenes in the movie and leaving that scenes it is a good movie only thing is daniel craig shows no reaction in his face and looks rough.young joe scott harry eden and young ruth felicity jones scores maximun especially felicity in old fashioned dress is still in my eyes so cute way to go a certain point of our life if we turn back and see htings we all will feel that we had done something foolish or will accept ourselves as a fool that is the jist of this movie.


slum dog brings india the oscar


It’s high time for all in India as two Indians have got the Oscar awards for the first time and the movie which is based in India has swept 8 awards .A.R.Rahman the premium music director from India has got 2 awards for best background and original score and not to forget Resul pookutty a sound mixer who also got the award with his so glad that Rahman spoke in Tamil and we all are cherishing on his victory now .Danny boyle the film’s director also got an award and all the victory is dedicated to him and he is the main responsible person to make it to the Grammys and Oscar hats off Danny .this year’s Oscar has opened many doors for Indian technicians and this ain’t going to stop much more are still to come in future .Here are some snapshots of the glorious event:A.R.rahman giving speech after getting first awardA.R.rahman getting his second awardresul pookutty giving his victory speechResul pookutty and his colleguesDanny boyle the man responsible for all this the entire film crew and cast after getting best film awardPhotos courtesy: yahoo[...]

brothers day out


hussey brothers
pathan brothers

Yesterday it was a day for the siblings in the cricketing world the hussey brothers and pathan brothers have guided their respective team to victory the resemblance is both of them came to the match in critical situations and steadied the score and was there till victory.Hussey brothers have done it for Australia against new Zealand and pathan brothers for India against Sri lanka . Both these men have made their family proud.



Hi friends a very good morning to you all today I’m going to share my experiences with the digital television sets .we are constructing a new house and for that we planned to buy a TV as we have only a 10 year old 21” analog TV .so I went to the local shops to enquire about it they had some digital TVs but they didn’t have a clear idea on the technical details so I decided to do some reading on the internet about the digital TV and browsed many sites to know about it. Being an electronics student I did a thorough reading on the basics of digital TVs and recent development called HD TV or high definition ones where in I found that the types available in digital TV s are plasma, LCD, OLED .First I’ll explain what is a HD TV to keep it simple if a analog TV uses 50 pixels for one frame HD has 200 pixels for that same frame so to view the picture it will be more fine and clear than analogs. So we decided to buy a big LCD TV of about 36” and a LCD type as plasma is more a failure model and OLED still didn’t hit the market .so friends if you want to know more about TVs go here and see the comparisons and features of various models and have a good time.

Happy retirement hayden


Today Matthew Hayden Australia’s finest batsman and terrible opener has announced retirement from international cricket .a sad news for Australian cricket fans and good news for opening bowlers of other nations . He along with Justin Langer has created many records and has been the best opening players in the test cricket. His records will never be forgotten and someone needs a big feet to fit in his shoes. a hardcore catholic and a culinary expert he has been versatile and best in whatever he did may we all wish him for a prosperous life and we always remember you mate have a happy retired life.



Some of the rarest moments caught on camera ,A squirrel s attempt to save its baby from a dog this pictures shows that parenting nature is same for all the species and to what extent the parents will go to save the child .some irresponsible humans should see this photograph and should think about them .

SQUBA-the revolutinary car


I got this information from my friend javed through mail and thought of sharing it with all the car in the above pictures is a unique one it can move in land as well as water, Three decades ago James Bond wowed the world with a car that could 'fly' under water in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. Only, it was animation and not an actual scene.But Frank M Rinderknecht, the 52-year-old automobile visionary and boss of Swiss automaker Rinspeed, has turned a dream into reality with his 'sQuba.'Rinspeed sQuba is the most exciting thing at this year's Geneva Motor Show and is creating many a ripple.SQuba is the world's first real submersible car that can 'move like a fish underwater'.It can dive up to 32.8 feet (10 MT) below the surface of the water and can move at a sedate 1.8 miles per hour.The sQuba has an open cockpit for 'safety reasons' (so that people can get out easily anytime in case of an emergency). The occupants of the car have to breathe compressed air through built-in scuba masks.SQuba is an electric car that uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and 3 electric motors for propulsion. It is a zero-emission car as documented by the rotating license plate in the rear. It produces no exhaust emissions.The 'sQuba's' filling station is the water reservoir. It is no surprise that the vehicle features powerful yet energy-saving LED lighting technology.The first car that could drive underwater was Quandt's Amphibicar, built in 1968. Only 3,878 were produced but many are still being driven on roads.Then Gibbs Technologies came up with Gibbs Aquada in 2004 which Virgin boss Richard Branson used to break the speed record for crossing the English Channel.However, the sQuba seems to be the most exciting of them all.To drive on the roads, the sQuba 'relies on a stainless coil-over suspension from KW automotive and large Pirelli tires mounted on custom-made forged light-weight wheels from AEZ with 17- and 18-inch diameters.'[...]



Hi friends today I’m going to write about social networking sites, the reason why I’m writing this is I read one article in a periodical which says these social networking sites should be banned as it causes many bad effects like terrorists communication ,hatred speech against individual etc .I did some research on this and found that some networking sites are misused by some group of people like promoting pornography, attacking a individual or a religion ,country etc these things are not permitted but they are still there because no one can monitor such a vast site .But on the other side it gives a lot of positives like new friends and most importantly connection with old friends and lot of information’s about various things .I’m personally using orkut and hi5 for more than 3 years and which makes me to say in touch with my school and college friends .but every technology has its advantage and disadvantage it is in our hand to use it in a right way.



All of us want to live happy and never think about death but we never asked this question what is going to happen to me after death and how will be our first night in the grave. We don’t even prepare for our death we simply enjoy the life on earth and do all sort of bad things and sins and we don’t even know who all will cry for us and how long will they remember us after our death. So friends the only way to reach the so called heaven and to last for long is do good things have your heart clean and live every moment truly. Don’t cheat yourself and others. The only one thing we will get after death is this piece of land may be not in near future.