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By: dave

Wed, 14 May 2008 19:54:35 +0000

Yes, Google has a presentation web application (actually it is just part of google docs as you point out), but I rarely see it used, most people aren't even aware that it exists for some reason. The largest difference here though is Slide Rocket is designed more as a visual/design tool, where as Google Presentation is designed more as a text presentation tool. The former is vastly superior. The fact that the Goolge application is just part of their "Google Docs" says a lot about how they view the tool.

By: Jeff McNeill

Wed, 14 May 2008 19:47:45 +0000

Interesting that this is called "google docs for powerpoint" as google docs has a presentation app in it. Highly recommend checking that out, esp. the live sharing/chat feature, its pretty compelling. Cheers, Jeff

By: Mitch

Mon, 12 May 2008 16:56:47 +0000

Wow! Thanks for the great review. I'm assuming your issue with load times was when navigating between slides. We've got some optimization ideas that we haven't yet implemented that should help that. In the meantime, it helps to remember that this is a web application and keep your assets as small (in filesize) as possible. In the next few months, we will be releasing a version of SlideRocket that works on the desktop that will solve many of these performance issues as well as annoying limitations of the browser like keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop. But keep us on our toes, I won't be satisfied until you decide to go SlideRocket fulltime :-) Mitch SlideRocket

By: AJ Cann

Mon, 12 May 2008 15:55:20 +0000

Wow, that's an awful lot of eye candy, no wonder it's a bit on the slow side. Does it do Slidecasts synched to narrative like Slideshare?