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end of 2016


Yikes, what is the function of this blog anymore? Everything is basically on my Instagram, but out of habit or a need for tidiness, here's the latest...(crickets, crickets):☆ The Crucible closed, then The Cherry Orchard opened! I played Anya, and wrote a little about that show's timeliness here, which is mostly a piece about the election, and the importance of championing humility, nuance, and complexity as antidotes to how little truth or factualness seem to matter right about now.☆ Rookie turned five years old! Our theme that month was Infinity, and I published a series called The Infinity Diaries, about my move to New York, heartbreak, doing my first play, and how writing and acting are kind of like opposites but can become friends. I don't think I've ever been more scared to share anything but I'm very glad I did.☆ Other recent Editor's Letters that felt especially good to write: Awakening, Cast of Characters, Soulmates.☆ I interviewed Miuccia Prada for System, Solange for W and for Rookie, and Kenneth Lonergan for Interview--basically just secretly made them my college professors for an hour or two.☆ I was on podcasts like This Week Had Me Like, my favorite source of bizarre celebrity news/way of coping with absurdity, and Anna Faris Is Unqualified, in which we broke down all my defenses and shared tales of love and loss and people who lie about being the children of famous filmmakers, etc.☆ I wrote about the secret lives of objects, being a collector, and documenting your life like it's a picture book, for A Magazine Curated By Alessandro Michele of Gucci.☆ I did an Illustrated Interview for T Magazine.☆ I was on the cover of Teen Vogue's September issue, interviewed and styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Inez and Vinoodh, so 12 year-old me was dying. Also, here's a video we did in my apartment.☆ Petra shot me for i-D which was deeply satisfying in the way making visual dreams come true with her always is.☆ Patrick Demarchelier shot me for Glamour's rad portraits series of American women working in a range of fields and mediums.☆ In Dazed, Claire Marie Healy wrote one of the profiles of myself that I felt most understood by (a seemingly sad sentence that's more just like, hey, it's nice when someone gets it!). Ethan James Green took the all-Rodarte photos.K, see you in another 80 months![...]



Today I am 20. The Crucible, in which I play Mary Warren, opened at the Walter Kerr Theatre three weeks ago, March 31st—also the eight-year anniversary of this blog. I have a lot of trouble comprehending that writing Style Rookie led to writing for other places, then starting Rookie, then being able to audition for plays that I love and to be inside of them for long periods of time, which is an inexplicably wonderful way to live a life. But I am really really really insanely thankful for all of it, and many of you have followed for a LONG time, and that means a lot. Right now, I'm very slowly writing something that I hope will effectively articulate the strangeness of the way these all overlap—the fictions we get to try on via diary/blog-keeping, and acting, and personal style. But that's a longterm hermit project. I just wanted to mention it because in my attempt to briefly list recent stuff I've been up to, I may sound callous, but: None of this goes unexamined or unappreciated.Since my last update:I went on tour for Rookie Yearbook Four and got to meet Rookies across the U.S. It's always surreal and the very best heart-nutrition to see long-time readers and meet new ones! Here are some photos of it all.Recent Editor's Letters for Rookie about stuff like: Glory, Assembly, Potential, Truth or Dare, and Cult of Personality. In my letter for the theme On Display, I also wrote about David Bowie.Back in the fall, Bowie commissioned a series of videos set to songs from ★ by Insta Mini Series, and you will find me in some of them.I am also hanging out with the coolest/cutest girls in the world in the video for Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Boy Problems," which Petra Collins, Rookie photographer and personal partner-in-crime, directed.For the online magazine ILY, I wrote about how liking movies too much can cause one to dissociate from real-life events such as love. Shoutout to movies, love you movies!!!!Some brain-expanding interviews I have conducted—For Rookie: Adrian Tomine, Carly Rae Jepsen, Joanna Newsom, Hailee Steinfeld, and Danai Gurira.For Interview: Winona Ryder, high priestess of my DVD shelf.For Studio 360: Ben Whishaw, who plays John Proctor in The Crucible and is a magical person.I also interviewed Olivia Bee for Studio 360. She is crazy talented and has taken photos for Rookie since the very beginning, and now has a stunning book out with Aperture called Kids in Love, in which I wrote a thing or two (two).I got to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend.I was in an episode of Scream Queens, dressed in homage to Rosemary Woodhouse and having SO MUCH FUN. Here is Jamie Lee Curtis ruining my life:And while we're at it, here's Ben ruining my life in The Crucible:I gave a tour of my apartment in this video for Nowness + Apartamento.I wrote some + edited a round-up of feelings about the two-year anniversary of Beyoncé's self-titled album over at BEAT.I was featured in CR Fashion Book and beloved Rookie illustrator Mithsuca Berry did the artwork. (Photo by Sloan Laurits.)I was shot by empress/emperor Inez and Vinoodh for Vanity Fair while Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" played on a loop inside my head.I was on the cover of a zine Rookie illustrator and world wonder Kati Yewell started, called Noisy Kids. She interviewed me and took photos where I am swimming in my documented spirals I mean diaries.I was also on the cover of Polyester Zine, interviewed by the brilliant Ione Gamble and shot by Eleanor Hardwick, who I interviewed eons ago on this blog and who's also been at Rookie since day one. It was SO SPECIAL to finally meet her and work together; the internet to IRL is amazing!!!If you've read my blog or Rookie for a few years you know how much I love Seth Bogart or even that my friends and I weaseled our way into his 18+ shows in high school. I got to sing on the song "Barely Legal" from his new se[...]



Hi! I guess this is now just a place for updates. Most of my work now is on Rookie and I update my Twitter & Instagram with other stuff I've been up to.Rookie Yearbook Four, the print edition of our fourth year, comes out October 20: 352 pages of beautiful writing and art by young people, plus print-only contributions from people like Amandla Stenberg, Kiernan Shipka, Jazz Jennings, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Charli XCX, DeJ Loaf, Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, Donna Tartt, Shamir, Chloe of Kitten, Rashida Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Joy Williams, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Lorde, Tyler Ford, Ariana Grande, Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear, Solange, and Willow Smith. WHEW. See also: stickers, posters, a cut-out diorama and banner, ET CETERA FOREVER. I've never been able to choose a favorite Rookie Yearbook until now. It is our final one (senior year!) and I can't wait for Rookies THE WORLD OVER to see it. (Mr. Burns laugh, but in the name of good things like self-esteem and creativity.)I'm also doing a tour for the book, reading from the book with local Rookies and signing copies. You! should! come!More exciting Rookie news: After four years, we have our own office. We also launched a redesign of the site that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.Acting-wise: This Is Our Youth closed in January. Starting in February, I will play Mary Warren in a 20-week run of The Crucible on Broadway. I was also in an episode of Scream Queens that airs this fall.Writing: I interviewed Taylor Swift for the cover of ELLE, guest-edited a section of the July/August issue of Poetry Magazine, and guest-edited a Rookie section of the October issue of Nylon. So many talented people of all kinds are featured in both, so take a look! I also wrote the introduction to Petra Collins' book, Babe, which showcases the work of many of my favorite artists.Here are some recent Rookie editor's letters I am proud of: Acting Out, Trust, Both Sides Now, Give + Take. This is a list of some of my favorite longreads (and long-listens, and long-watches) on the internet.Podcasts: I talked about my favorite episode of Freaks and Geeks on Rerun, and discussed teenage loneliness on Dear Sugar.I'm also in a campaign for Clinique in which I talk about confidence and creativity, my two favorite things/biggest sources of anxiety ♡♡♡The 2016 Pirelli calendar is of clothed women with a variety of achievements, and I am stoked to be one of them, in intimidatingly good company. Here is a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot with Annie Leibovitz, in which I am wearing my soul in sweatshirt form: GIRLS AT NIGHT ON THE INTERNET.[...]


For the unacquainted:Hi! I'm editor-in-chief of Rookie, a website for teenage girls that I founded in 2011. Every year we put out a book that compiles the best content from that year of the site. Our most recent is Rookie Yearbook Three, published by Razorbill. It is just over 350 pages, and in addition to loads of beautiful artwork and writing are print-exclusives like stickers, valentines, a Rookie pennant, and contributions from the likes of Dakota and Elle Fanning, Shailene Woodley, Lorde, Grimes, Kelis, Sia, Broad City, Bob's Burgers, and more.They are my babies, and they can be adopted here.I'm currently acting in This is Our Youth at the Cort Theatre on Broadway until January 2015. How can you even stand the unabashed enthusiasm of the trio below?Photo by Brigitte LacombeHere's an ad that will tell you some of the nice things people have said about it: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="363" src="//" width="645">Other recent developments: I was on the cover of magnificent, ad-free The Great Discontent, as well as New York Magazine and Nylon. This is Our Youth playwright Kenneth Lonergan wrote something about me for Vanity Fair, and Annie Leibovitz took the accompanying photo in the same backyard where I used to take pictures every day after school for this blog. Here I am babbling on about all this lunacy: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="363" src="//" width="645">♡✿♡✿♡[...]

current events


LONG TIME NO TALK. Here's what's happened since last spring:Rookie Yearbook Two is out! It is the print edition of our best content from our second year as a website and I am crazy proud of it. This one was a real labor of love -- I flew to Montreal twice to work with Drawn & Quarterly in person, and what you see in these pages came from two suitcases full of my clothes, trinkets, jewelry, cut-outs, record covers, journals, et cetera times infinity. It is so hugely satisfying to have put our contributors' amazing work into a tangible form, exhaustively designed and obsessively detailed. There are also a bunch of extras you can't get on our site: letters to our readers from Judy Blume and Mindy Kaling, an interview with Mindy by Lena Dunham, pages from Grimes' sketchbook, and enough stickers to make you swoon. Here are two videos of tiny previews of my favorite spreads, and two reviews that made me feel like, cool, yes, we put this out into the world and other people feel the way we do. More important than what a buncha fancy GROWN-UPS think, though, is that our readers like it, so thank you to anyone who's come to any of the events on our book tour and shown the love. I'm rubber, you're glue, your enthusiasm bounces off me and sticks 2 u.I was asked to share my "big big world" at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Writers Festival and mostly talked about fangirling, the anxiety of influence, and being happy instead of putting pressure on yourself to be some tortured artist. I love Neil Gaiman's "make good art" speech, but I wanted to talk about what happens when you can't make good art, and about how fulfilling it can be to appreciate other people's art. If you prefer to watch the FIRST-EVER DELIVERY of this thing, the Sydney one is here, but I've embedded the slightly-updated Melbourne one above.I tackled my love for Taylor Swift in a 4000-word piece for the Believer. A nice Tumblr user scanned the whole thing. I HAVE NEVER STRUGGLED SO MUCH WITH WANTING TO GET SOMETHING RIGHT. This love is difficult but it's real.Last August/September, I filmed a supporting role in Enough Said, real live goddess Nicole Holofcener's recent movie. (Early readers of this blog will remember lame references to musical theater. In the words of KP, This is a part of me.) It's out in theaters now! I'm really proud of it and still shocked that I got to work with such funny, wonderful humans.I am on the latest cover of BULLETT, accompanied by a piece by Fiona Duncan. As you can see, my hair is also shorter. I'm not much taller.Finally, this month's theme on Rookie is Forever. My editor's letter went up tonight, and it's already been hugely validating to see the response from those of you who feel similarly about this period in one's life. I mention in it that Petra gave me a book of her documentation of our shared adolescence, and above is the cover and last page.The past few years have been dauntingly magical, with many thanks to supporters of Rookie and of the other odds and ends listed here, and I'm just at an interesting time right now in figuring out what's next. Thanks for sticking around, coming by for a first time, what have you -- I know I said last spring that I was trying to let go of my need to document, but I figured out in writing the Forever letter:"Reflecting and archiving is not the same as dwelling in the past. It is not anti-living, but a part of life, even a crucial one. We do this to highlight one thing above others, so that a special moment can take up more space in our brains than an inconsequential one; so that, by plain math, our personal worlds contain more good things and fewer bad ones. Or more interesting things and fewer blah ones, since you have to record the bad, too."Much more to come.[...]

five years


Sunday was the five-year anniversary of this here blob, which I've neglected in the past months in the interest of Rookie, high school, friends, sleep, and other things. Aside from that, I don't feel like I have much to say, or rather, I prefer now to say it in private. My most recent journal is my favorite thing I've ever made, and nobody will ever see it.I have been thinking a lot lately about what validates an emotion/event/observation, makes me feel like it really happened and I really lived it, and this seems like the right occasion to word-vomit these ideas. (Plus, I miss having time to keep this thing going, and I do feel an obligation to people who have read my blog for a long time that is not unlike the unspoken understanding you have with your first best friend, the one who watched you like stupid bands and stupid people and embarrass yourself and cry a lot, whose insight into whatever you do from now on is shaped by a unique knowledge of all the ties which bind New You to Old You, and who refrains from bringing up in front of new acquaintances that time you were on the 8th grade hip-hop team in the interest of letting you become more of yourself. In other words, we had a time, but there's so much time ahead, and it is, somehow, at the same time, quickly running out.)I. The school year begins, ending a very special summer. I begin breaking down the different kinds of memories I have:1. IMAGINED"The difference between reality and imagination wasn't ever clear to me at all." —David Lynch"Everything you can imagine is real." —Pablo PicassoI keep a list in the back of one of my journals called "Moments of Strange Magic." It contains events that were either (a) just really, really happy (jumping around to Beyoncé with friends) or (b) aesthetically cohesive and perfect and synesthetic (driving through the desert in a blue convertible to Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" past a bunch of neon-sign motels and trailer parks). Each event is marked with a symbol indicating whether it took place in real life, a movie/TV show/book, or my imagination. Examples of some imagined (b) ones would be: sweaty teens in shiny pastels dancing in unison at a wood-paneled, tinsel-covered community-center room to "Snowqueen of Texas" by the Mamas and the Papas; a view from the side of a guy walking down a school hallway to Frank Ocean's "Forrest Gump," passing lockers painted in the 1970s and a ton of muted, rowdy students; a girl submerging her head into a tub of red hair dye to the chorus of St. Vincent's "Cheerleader."Where do these episodes come from? A past life? An innate discontentment with everything life already offers, combined with a form of voluntary synesthesia developed from an adolescence of perpetual loneliness manifesting itself in movie marathons and an inconvenient impulse to pay attention to every visual and auditory detail of every situation as an escape from the social interaction at hand?An argument for the past-life theory might include this anecdote: A drawing I did in my journal of how I remembered the backyard of my boyfriend's house looking on a night that it was snowy and dark included a metal swingset. The next time I went over there, I realized I'd only imagined the swingset, though he later told me that they did have one when he was little. My mom then told me that our family almost bought that same house before I was born, meaning that, in that timeline, I would have known that metal swingset, in that backyard. References: Zoltan Torey copes with blindness by reconstructing reality in his head. Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom a "memory of a fantasy," and envisioned the whole "These Days" scene from The Royal Tenenbaums when he first heard the song, building the rest of the movie around that moment (I have no source for this, a friend told me, I'll choose to believe it's true). I also wrote a bit about this in relation to The Virgin Suicides he[...]



WELL HI.We have a lot to catch up on. I guess I've put off writing this because there is SO MUCH.It was always in the back of our minds that we* would do a yearly print edition of Rookie, and by the time May rolled around, we realized that we should probably get on that if we wanted to publish it in time for our September anniversary. After a call with Drawn & Quarterly (and years of admiring basically everything they publish), it was clear that they were the perfect publisher for magazine? of online content, edited by a minor. IT IS SO AMAZING THAT THEY BELIEVED IN US. I cannot think of better hands to have been in.In early June, I spent the summer days I had at home living out the PG version of Dazed and Confused and working on the book. In late June, the Rookie Road Trip kicked off in New York. We went record shopping and banner-making in Philadelphia, got ice cream in Columbus, played arcade games in Ann Arbor, made zines and saw Girls Rock! Chicago in Chicago (and my WORLDS COLLIDED through a viewing of Superbad with my school friends and Rookie staffers), went vintage shopping in Iowa City, saw Moonrise Kingdom and crafted at Urban Outfitters in Omaha, raced go-karts in Boulder, made banners in a sculpture park in Salt Lake City, I was sick in Boise, made crowns in Seattle, got Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, got ice cream in Eureka, got ice cream in San Francisco, hung out at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, and created an installation in Los Angeles, where we held a week of events.These diaries on Rookie and tidbits on the Rookie tumblr might begin to give you an idea of how amazing it all was.I realized recently that most of my memories are of things that never happened -- I rarely get nostalgic for actual events, just for book illustrations or scenes from movies or fantasies or unmet expectations. This summer created the kind of moments that I always thought would've only existed in my memory as fantasies. But they were real life! And they were shared with people who really wanted to be there! It's all too much for me to wrap my brain around, frankly. Last summer was when I really started transforming my room into my own world, and it became the school year's setting for feeling really happy and really sad and everything in between. Last summer I also started working on Rookie, and it became the school year's setting for a bunch of us for dealing with feeling really happy and really sad and everything in between. The installation in LA, Strange Magic, was basically a mutant teenage bedroom/gigantic shrine, with photography from The Ardorous curated by Petra on the walls, and teen bedroom arrangements by both of us everywhere else. The whole thing -- creating it, dismantling it, and all the events -- was heinously and overwhelmingly emotional in a way only silly teenagers crave and thrive off of. I'd shipped a huge box of stuff from my own room to the space for us to use, and we asked girls who came to our meet-ups to bring souvenirs from their own sanctuaries as well, and it was such a perfect manifestation of everything that's shaped how I see things these past few years that I feel like there's nothing else I can do to honor them all. Like it's time for me to get really into sports and black clothes and never watch The Virgin Suicides again. We ended up shipping home FIVE BOXES of everything accumulated, and I think I just need to put it all in a time capsule. Then I will simply lie on a mattress on my floor with nothing on my walls but a Pulp Fiction poster as a reminder to just be Mia Wallace. Then my parents will suspect I have turned to drugs, and then I will probably once again go back to all that Strange Magic stuff eventually. You can see photos of the installation here, and photos of our last event -- a prom -- here.Rookie Yearbook One is officially out[...]

my united states of whatever


Petra visited during spring break a few months ago to take these photos for Oyster and we were way in our own world and it was so pretty and kind of like Heavenly Creatures without the murder and stuff. You can see the spread here, where I also wrote a little bit, but these are my favorites, and I happen to be looking down in almost all of them! It was just really satisfying to make a thing with someone whose brain is similar when it comes to colors/the various subcategories of suburban homes' doors' windows/points of inspiration/etc. and feel slightly less crazy for being obsessive over all those details. In general, I guess, it can be isolating to realize your world is very different from that around you and it's easy to decide whenever there's some conflict that it's because you yourself are too strange and your point-of-view is too twisted, but it makes it all the more comforting and exciting to find someone who kind of feels or sees the way you do in some way or another. Man, whoever invented friendship was really smart.And, as it goes without saying, Petra is ridiculously talented and makes everything look 2903x prettier. Normally I don't post press stuff on here (especially since I rarely post here at all anymore) but I feel that I can take credit for more than just standing there this time and I am psyched at how it turned out.Also, HAPPY ROAD TRIP KICK-OFF! If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this, and then look at this!(Here's the poster for it. Also of me by Petra from when she visited. It felt a little weird making it MY FACE but it's blurry and sunsetty and American and a pretty photo so shrug.)[...]

she had to get out


These are some photos I took a while ago for MAC's MacZine that just came out, so here I am now, posting them, online, on the internet, on my weblog!!!!! The theme of the issue was "Wanderlust," so I did a Los Angeles-inspired moodboard and outfit, which is not surprising to readers of this blog. (This is also basically the outfit form of next month's Rookie theme!)Weetzie Bat, postcards from a Peter Max paper airplane book, Joan Didion, Elle Fanning in Rodarte in A Magazine Curated by Rodarte, postcards and photos from an antique store I went to in Pasadena with Autumn and Arrow, a tapestry my mom made a long time ago, daisies from the craft store, and Joni Mitchell's Song to a Seagull, which ends with my favorite Joni song, "Cactus Tree."My top is vintage, my eyelet skirt is from the dress-up box my sisters and I used when we were little, my platforms are by D&G, my necklace was a gift from Chris Habana, and I made both my crowns from craft store flowers and joke shop houses.Every time we visit I'm particularly delighted by all of LA's pastel houses and surrounding floral life.I added the necklace for the spooky side of LA and Hollywood Babylon-type stuff, and for the weird psychics that are everywhere and other mystical things Weetzie Bat is obsessed with. I just like that something so sunny and colorful with pastel houses and flowers everywhere can also be so dark and David Lynch-y. But I should probably stop talking about it before it becomes too obvious that I'm trying to justify to myself that time that I murdered a person wait what?IN OTHER NEWS, I saw Moonrise Kingdom yesterday thanks to a screening set up by their PR for me and my friends, and it was EVERYTHING I'D HOPED IT WOULD BE AND MORE. During the school year I usually avoid watching movies that I know will make me that emotional and inspired because I'm left with all this energy that school doesn't allow for and then it has nowhere to go, but it's almost SUMMER, so soon I get to run away and read fantasy novels and play records as much as I want! (People rolling their eyes right now might like to know that I thought the movie did a good job of not being too self-indulgent on the montage-of-cute-people-doing-cute-activities part. Just enough for me to be like, "Oh Wes, that is so you! Typical Wes! Wes, you aesthetically-defined bitch! =P I heart u so effing much!!!!" before complimenting him on his shoes and throwing my yogurt spoon in the air, but not so much that it stops actually helping the story move along. Also the main kids were so absolutely perfect, and too witty and dark and confused to be cutesy, too. The other kids were also absolutely perfect. So were the grown-ups. Oh my god it was all so good. I may have liked it more than Royal Tenenbaums, which is my favorite Wes Anderson? Oh my god I don't even know I just want to go back. I plan on seeing it at least four more times once it's out in theaters.)[...]

sixteen and spring


Oy vey, I've given up on collecting all the images/playlists/collages/stickers/diary entries/etc. necessary for my usual all-encompassing VIBES posts. The task has suddenly become really daunting! And tedious! And a blog is probably not the best format for being retrospective and examining all the music/movies/outfits/etc. I was into at a certain time and looking at the colors and motifs and things they share and finding the conceptual parallel. Rookie's monthly themes are a good place for that, on a less personal level, and my tangible diaries have been good for that, but they don't want to be shared. Also, the herds of sheep I've enslaved to form tiny colonies, each one themed according to a certain vibe. That's been a great outlet for this kind of obsessive organization, too.But I still like having this outlet, and so, my spring so far:Claire and two friends both named Alex and me performed at V-Day, a good, loud celebration of vaginas. Autumn took those photos. The last one is me in the last hour of my 16th birthday a couple weekends ago. I am wearing my friend's sweater, a skirt I got to keep from the Wren shoot, and a jacket gifted to me by Risto.A car Petra and I found, a sundae Grace and I shared, a crown of real roses that Ella gave me for my birthday, and the view from my angst-gazing/Say Anything-worthy window.Apple blossoms I put in shampoo bottles from the Chelsea Hotel, where most of the initial Rookie meetings between Anaheed and me took place last summer. height="640" src="" style="border-bottom-style: none; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-style: none; border-left-width: 0px; border-right-style: none; border-right-width: 0px; border-top-style: none; border-top-width: 0px;" width="640">(Vintage collared shirt, tye dye top gifted by Proenza Schouler, necklace gifted by Pamela Love) height="640" src="" style="border: 0px none;" width="640">These photos are by Lauren Dukoff, styled by Ashley Furnival for Vogue Nippon. We shot in January, but they fit in so much with what I've been feeling for spring -- the '50s/'60s jumble, the beehive, applying the bright, pink/green/orange/sky blue colors I normally associate with Los Angeles (see: these posts) to '50s shapes I normally associate with being home in a suburb (see: fall vibes). I was really lucky to get to work with friends who understand my loyalty to my personal style (see: inconvenient pickiness over VIBES and COLORS and HOW THEY FIT PERFECTLY IN REFERENCE TO ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I LIKE) and wanted to create looks we would all love. That last picture is of Ashley and me, and it's so dusty 'cause it's been on my shelf.Petra and her boyfriend visited during my spring break and we basically lived in a bubble of our own vibes and references and color associations for days in a row and it was MAGICAL. Like Heavenly Creatures, only instead of writing and molding intricately designed fairytales, we just tried to wear relatively nice things while watching Dazed and Confused and found ways to call junk foods aesthetically pleasing.Hangouttimez, and my room's constant state for the past couple months.Claire and I saw Hunx and his Punx and it was many many kinds of amazing. Our underagedness got us seated at a counter behind the bar and it was actually really nice because we had room to dance and were elevated so we could see and people-watch. I wore my Twin Peaks best friend/rosary necklace and kept my Hunx comb in my sock like a switchblade and Claire's skirt looked like the red room floor in TP. Hunx and all of his punx were so NICE and ALIVE and then when we went home and watched Community we kept pausing it to be like, "Wait, THAT SHOW WAS SO GOOD." height="640" src="[...]

i sometimes move


Here are two moderately accurate representations of me in motion, save the absence of my tail, which I cleverly hid. First is this video lookbook for Wren's Fall 2012 collection:
width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">
We shot it on the one rainy L.A. day of the year, and it was cool outside, and the house we were in had wind chimes and rugs hanging everywhere, and we listened to Cat Stevens, and it was really really rad working with people I've admired for years, and I quietly wept about the realization that life cannot always be this PRETTY.

It also occurred to me at some point recently that most people don't love talking about OUR DAUGHTERS AND THE MEDIA at parties, so I took those thoughts to TEDxTeen instead:
width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" style="font-size: 100%; ">

I hope you like both of them, and that you have a good rest of your week.

small things


Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of this blog! Congratulations to me for never pressing the "delete" button. I spoke at TEDxTeen, which was a nice way to bring it all full circle or something, and that video will be up next week. I couldn't think of a good April Fool's joke for today, but I will direct you to last year's and one from three years ago, both of which I am still very proud of, so proud that I don't know why I haven't won any Nobel Prizes or presidential elections or other fancy things for them.

Here is a photo I took with help from my dad (I'm never sure how to credit someone if it's just me being like LISTEN TO ME AND STAND HERE AND PRESS THIS BUTTON AND DON'T MOVE?) in L.A. a couple weeks ago. My coat was a gift from Wren and I got the shoes at a vintage fair.

there are holes in the universe


These books I've been making lately have been a good format for aesthetically cataloging the little worlds and movies I think I see sometimes, all the images and stills and songs and clothes and passages of writing that somehow make sense together. I used to try to embody each world in an outfit, but now I just want to dress like I'm actually in the world, so my outfits lately have been more simple…like when I got into Twin Peaks, I would wear my Laura Palmer pin, now I'd rather dress like Laura Palmer, if that makes sense.Anyway, these are the spreads I'm printing for my next one. You know how you can feel totally underwhelmed by an album the first few times you hear it and then something happens, either an actual event or just in your changing person that you are, and it suddenly sounds completely different? That happened to me with Galaxie 500's On Fire when I was listening to it a couple weeks ago (in a tree house! In Chicago! In March! I don't know about this whole "global warming" thing, but I like what it's doing for my obsessive compulsive Abed-from-Community tendencies to try and live movie moments in real time!). I felt really ~*~inspired~*~ and wanted to make a little book of all the pictures it made me see or whatever but realized that I couldn't relate their music to a specific decade or place or season the way I do with all those other books because it kind of sounds like it exists outside of time or space. It makes me think of this diary entry I wrote a couple months ago in an old travel brochure:Anyway, I guess disappointment is kind of eternal ("YOU'RE WELCOME" -my prophecy), so in that way it makes sense that these images aren't specific to one time or decade. And I did mention California but I think it's because the California I've experienced (just LA, really) is such an exaggeration of the dreams that are stored everywhere else, these suburban houses that are NEON, and giant gold churches, super tacky and cheaply decorated motels and psychics with huge signs…and Salvation Mountain is a whole world of its own…Oh, and there are a lot of sources I couldn't find and Google Images got really slow for me so please email me if you know what any of the unknowns are! I'd like to be able to credit people properly and all.clockwise from top left corner: darling dindon, unknown, jesse varner, internet k-hole, vincent j. stoker, luigi ghirri, unknown, claire milbrath for the ardorous, galaxie 500, and two unknownsautumn de wilde, two unknowns, beck by spike jonze for interviewkim gordon by mark borthwick, three from internet k-holegalaxie 500, unknown, mike mills for miranda julygalaxie 500, beth hoeckel, two unknownsboth unknowndavid montes, arvida bystrom, unknown, grace denis for the ardorousjerry de wilde, fruit of paradise, unknown, shelley duvall with mystery 70s man, creatures of the wind headpiecetwo unknownsjoseph cornell film still, angelaunknown, mariam sitchinava, rodarte at yellowstone by todd cole for pop magazinerodarte at yellowstone by todd cole for pop, internet k-holeall unknown! wahhhh70s skater girl, petra collins, unknown, wim wendersluigi ghirri, galaxie 500, turned out by maya, luigi ghirriluiggi ghirri, unknown, luigi ghirri, sonic youthinternet k-hole, kurt cobain by unknown photographer, george plemper, tim walker's the lost explorer, internet k-holesonic youth and bruce davidsonunknown, galaxie 500, the pixiesunknown, galaxie 500, still from the trailer for mike mills' beginners, galaxie 500swedish hasbeens, two unknowns, dean wareham of galaxie 500Creatures of the Wind's fall 2012 collection kind of felt like the physical clothing embodiment of all of these ideas for me. Sheba described it as being from the past and future at the same time, and that's[...]



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This weather is beautiful (luv ya global warming! #yolo♥) and I'm so ready to break out the spring vibes and dress like a cult leader from the '60s (see: above photo). Also, I'm blonde now, thanks to Sheba, and it's nice going back to my ROOTS (that was a joke do you guys get it do you get my joke) after a two year adventure of blue and gray and red.

Also also, I was interviewed by the *wonderful* Elisa and Lily for Stylelikeu, and here it is! Photos and text are at their post. I don't have much to add, it's all in the video really, other than that it was so nice to have a day of dress up like ye olden pre-high school days, and talk purely about fashion and getting inspired and all those good things. Hope ya like it.
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vomit pink


Here's a (shaky) video I took flipping through the insert I curated with Edward of Meadham Kirchhoff for the last issue of GARAGE Magazine. It's all included in the intro I wrote, scanned in below, but basically when Dasha asked me if I had any ideas for the debut issue I was feeling really inspired by blogs and zines of girls and young women who wanted to take Riot Grrrl nostalgia a little further through their writing/photography/etc., and felt very drawn to the idea of creating a space for that in a prestigious art and fashion magazine. When I sent all those links to Edward he was inspired by them too and because he basically lives in a vacuum of lace and stickers and ribbons he thought we should decorate their photos and everything ourselves, so everything throughout the insert is a little embellished.
src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="">

Unfortunately parts were edited out once we passed it on to the magazine, but thanks to everyone who contributed and let us use their work: Arvida, Beth of Girls Get Busy, Claire, Clementine of GrrrlVirus, Grace Miceli, Kaitlyn of Kerplunk-Punk, Kelley McNutt, Louise Gray, Molly Soda, Natalya Lobanova of happy2bsad, Petra Collins, Sharna, and Sophie Convey.

I also moderated an interview between Mellody Hobson and Ikram Goldman for that issue, but the magazine is too speshul to bend and scan and everything. It was a delight, however, to interview businesswomen for a fashion magazine. This is me, recommending that you buy and read it, because there are also Prada dresses made out of fruit, and that's just down right enjoyable.

hang in there!


My friend Kiwi gave me this book of motivational posters from the '70s so I made it into my diary and it turned into a physical manifestation of strange magic.(listen)(listen)(listen)(listen)(listen)(listen, watch) (the second one is kind of dumb but my point is that that song is in both of my favorite things)Once I realized it aligned so perfectly with an aesthetic I like I think I really took advantage of being able to call the melodramatic teen girl-ness of it an artistic choice. Horses! Butterflies! Hearts! Heart lyrics! Fleetwood Mac lyrics! (Or what I thought were Fleetwood Mac lyrics until I looked at the record notes and saw that it's actually "I never did believe in miracles." Oh. Depressing.) Yup, all TOOOOOTALLY ironic. *side eye, snart*[...]

look like that


More photos from Fashion Week for GARAGE Magazine's street style contest, STOPS! The names of both of those things are supposed to be in caps, I am not yelling at you.
More stylin' Rookies. It was so great to see Leeann's fashion writing genius manifested into a REAL LIVE OUTFIT. Her sweater sitchiation is very close to this month's half-Sweet Valley High-inspired theme. Ruby was wearing SEAL barrettes that you can't see but which were every bit as crazy good as they sound and more. (Also she doesn't know it but I've adopted her as my little sister even though we are only a year apart. WHATEVER I'M TECHNICALLY HER BOSS I GET TO DO WHATEVER I WANT) (That's like, ethical right?)
Alley of Stylelikeu had this long wool coat-dress that I wish I'd gotten a better picture of -- you can kind of see that the right side is scalloped to fit the shape of the buttons. If I were a cartoon character and had to have copies of the same outfit in my closet and no other options, I'd want it to be this dress. Keiko's hair-glasses combination was already impeccable, but the striped sweater with a leopard print bag realllllly got to me.
My vintage dress started out all clean and pretty and throughout the day got torn and black at the bottoms because I let it drag on the ground, but I kind of really like it this way. Autumn said it's kinda Picnic at Hanging Rock, which my jacket, a gift from Rodarte, only adds to in the best way. I made my headband. Kristina's hat killed me a little, but then her necklace was glasses and her bag scarf had horses on it and then I died completely and this is actually my ghost writing this post, right now.



Today I got to spend some time hanging out with my friends who run Stylelikeu, one of the best things to come out of the internet and one of my favoritest things ever. This you will understand when you get lost in their videos. I recommend starting with Illona and Annakim and Rachel from Supercute. And, it's the best site for procrastinating homework, because you are learning LIFE LESSONS! Getting to talk about style with them in real time was a delight.

Here are today's photos I took for GARAGE Magazine's STOPS, as explained in this Fashion Week's previous posts.
Emmaline, who is like if Penny Lane was way more of a badass, and Lei Lei, who is like that lady where you're like, HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? In a you-look-magically-fancy-and-casual-at-the-same-time kind of way, not in a Sarah Jessica Parker kind of way.
Lily made a Stella McCartney sweater seem like its story is just as unique as that of her other clothes -- the scarf is made of bedsheets. I am wearing a Vaselines tee, my Twin Peaks/rosary necklace, a vintage skirt, and shoes gifted to me by Rachel Antonoff. I had a flannel layer and lots more skull and Jesus jewelry but it got exhausting. LIFE IS HARD.

We also had a get-together for the New York Rookie staffers, involving cake and pizza and PIZZA T-SHIRTS.
Lori, acting like it's no big deal that she looks so goddamn cool, and Anaheed, clad in her PIZZA SHIRT and Comme des Garcons and PIZZA SHIRT. Sorry, wanted to make sure you got that: PIZZA SHIRT.

human league


Tonight was the bestest. I held a party with my pal Jonah for a short film he made and I voiced a character for called Cadaver, and after the screening, we danced to the music of a fantastic Jean Ralphio-esque DJ whose name was actually DJ Martial but who myself and my other fashion blog buddies and Rookie staffers referred to as DJ MRAHHHHHH. He asked us for bands to check out and we gave him awful fake band names. Then he was mad at us and apologized for not being cool enough to be in our "pin frown club," because Anaheed was wearing a brooch and I guess we were all frowning. Despite our differences, we bonded over the beauty of Dexy's Midnight Runners and the Spice Girls. MUSIC REALLY DOES BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.Here are more photos I took for STOPS, GARAGE Magazine's user-generated style catalog where you can submit your own look and enter in gifting contests for the most creative interpretation of whatever brand or style you're wearing.Jenna from Jezebel had a really great collar-necklace thing happening, and Claire's dress has faces on it, and the color of the faces' necks matched her socks perfectly, and she has red hair like the faces do, and I freaked out a little bit.Brodie did a stripes-and-floral situation, also known in all circles that matter as the BEST kind of situation, plus schoolgirl shoes. Meagan was a beautiful witch. Watching her dance was an experience.Laia solved the problem of wanting to be comfy and dance freely but still look awesome, and her event-appropriate HEART necklace was perfect and looked so good with her tattoos. I wore a vintage Wednesday Addams dress that has 20 buttons on it, tights given to me by the Rodarte sisters, shoes given to me by Rachel Antonoff, and my Twin Peaks/rosary necklace.For real though, the best decisions I have ever made were starting Rookie, doing Reading Olympics in elementary school, and being on my "Language Arts" teacher's hip hop team in the 8th grade. That footwork is probably the only thing I learned in middle school that I have found myself using often.[...]

purple hair and jaguars and retirees


I am now at Fashion Week, stalking people whose style I admire to take their picture for STOPS, the street style project of GARAGE Magazine, at which I am a contributing editor. It is one of my favorite fashion magazines ever for how interestingly it incorporates all other kinds of inspiration. I am pleased to work for any fancy publication that would let Edward of Meadham Kirchhoff and I curate our own section devoted to the work of young feminist artists and zinemakers and girls making inspiration diaries from their bedrooms. (I really need to make a video flipping through it soon.) Here are today's subjects, whose pictures I plan on compiling at the end of the week into a game of Guess Who, as well as a quilt, and a giant posterboard to hang in my room that says BEST OF FRIENDS.I really appreciated MJ's rainbow pills with the black and white crazy pants print.Arabelle, who also writes for Rookie, could wear sweatpants and still I'd be like OMG YOUR OUTFIT YOUR HAIR, but she also wears vintage lace collars that correspond with her Zana Bayne harnesses and by that point I can't even handle it anymore.Kristin's very textured self understands my need to be constantly entertained and amused because I kept freaking out about each individual detail. KNEE ZIPPERS OK.Nicolette was wearing jaguars and polka dots together and it needed to be documented.And Erin said she hated her school uniform when she was in school and now she is a grown lady who wears that style by choice all the time. I recommend her coverage and lovely photos of Lauren Moffatt's presentation, which fits right in with her adorable outfit.Here I am, contributing editing. Photo by Arabelle.Sweater from Edward, skirt gift from Miu Miu, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes, and I borrowed the bag from Anaheed. The sweater has the little flying heart witch from the album art for Hole's Live Through This, my desert island album. This outfit is kinda like this combined with this.The necklace is my mom's, the barrettes are all randomly accumulated, and the ring I made by gluing a thing to another thing. Lately all I do is sit at my desk and watch stuff and find things in my room I can glue onto rings or to pipe cleaners to then shape into rings. (I do this using my muscles.) The button my dad got at a retirement party. Little did young Billy (idk) know that he would one day be immortalized on a stranger's sweater! The mints just felt appropriate to include here.[...]

a thing to look at whenever you are bummed about the world


One of my favoritest things in the world is Advanced Style, a street style blog by Ari Seth Cohen of elderly ladies with killer style. Last fashion week, we hosted a party in honor of these women together at the Ace Hotel, and it was really, really inspiring. It was really special to get to hear women with the most interesting style philosophies discuss it together, and guests seemed relieved to be at a non-gross party where people really were just interested in clothing and style and character and celebrating an unabashed enthusiasm for it; the kind of thing that, ironically, often gets lost during a time of year that's supposed to be about fashion. Ari's friend Lina Plioplyte made this video of the night, which makes me smile every time I watch it.
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And, while you're renewing your faith in humanity, I really highly suggest watching this trailer for the Advanced Style documentary (!!!!!)
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And here's Illona's Stylelikeu video, talking about her eyelashes and being generally amazing.
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Wrinkles and scars and imperfections are signs of life, not of being young and naive and sexy and nonthreatening, so if an aging woman doesn't take measures to erase indications that she's built character through experience, if she can no longer be viewed as a sex object or as recently discovered and relevant, she may as well just disappear. It's subversive to age as these women do, making themselves present, because they want to be. I know now that I'd rather keep all my life scars and be erased for doing so than have to erase them myself. Seriously, these videos are go-to save points for when you feel like the world sucks.



Now I've been combining my aesthetic catalogs with my diary, because it was too hard to carry around a million (or two) books at once and then it's like double the nostalgia and I'll feel really accomplished and complete when I look back and have these cohesive memories and maybe it'll be interesting how the aesthetics end up aligning with whatever diary stuff I am writing about at the time. Wooooo.Spencer gave me this journal for my Bat Mitzvah. The guys on it are the Young Rascals, because I got that book Five Hundred 45s but I never look at it so I cut out all the album art I want to hang on my walls or use for collaging. The hearts and back are from old wrapping paper from my pal Edward of Meadham Kirchhoff, and the words are from the Young Rascals, too.I don't have much to write because this one doesn't have a narrative or concept or anything the way some others I've talked about recently have, just a bunch of images and colors that make sense together in my brain:This is the inside of the back cover of the journal, I forget what 45 it's from.Album art for Q and Not U, and teacups at Disneyland.Elizabeth and Laia's feet.Mary Blair is probably the most important here. She worked at Disney through the '40s-'70s, developing characters and coloring movies like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, and Dumbo. She wore differently tinted glasses every day because she enjoyed the colors, and her nickname at the office was Marijuana Blair. She also designed It's a Small World at Disneyland, which is SUPER IMPORTANT:I just like Disneyland because it feels frozen in time. Everything is so specific to how it originally was, so even the Churro carts are pretty...I loved these pictures Spencer's mom let us post on Rookie of her trip there and to Universal Studios in the late '60s and early '70s. When I went a few months ago the trash can in the photo below, on the left, had the same design. See what I mean? I'd just like to force everyone who goes into dressing like Little Bo Peep and then it will finally be the creepy pastel churro utopia I've always dreamed of.And a letter her friend wrote her while she was there, with matching colors:Rodarte's Spring 2012 collection was inspired by the rich glowy coloring in old Disney movies, so there must've been a lot of Mary Blair in that inspiration, too. Which then got them to Vincent van Gogh, who used similar colors. The whole thing is a VISUAL DELIGHT.My French teacher's room, which I was weird and took pictures of during study hall, matches all this.Kelly O'Connor's collages of It's a Small World, old Disney, and Willy Wonka. The blue and orange diamond one perfectly matches the Churros cart from Disneyland above!Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, and the poster fontMunchkinland from The Wizard of OzSuzy's entire essence, Frances McDormand's '60s printed dresses, and the font from Moonrise KingdomMy red saddle shoes, a gift from Rachel Antonoff, and this vintage dress of mine mentioned on the notebook page as "my dress I wore to make churros with Emily & Siobhan." CHURROS ARE SO GOOD YOU GUYS.Mad Men width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingOld NBC peacockColors and prints and shoe/sock situation and slightly prim deal going on with Creatures of the Wind Spring 2012Colors and shapes in these photos Petra sent me for inspirationFlight attendant uniforms of the '70sAnd here's the snippet from my i[...]

a hodgepodge, if you will.


Hi! These are random photos I've taken recently. Not exactly outfit photos but I guess they go with the whole "character" thing. My face is the same always but that's because moving it would take effort and muscle and energy.I'm getting better at the beehive! My sister took this picture below. We only have a tree because my mom is Norwegian so we do JUL for tradition's sake, but I SWEAR it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Christmas and that I really am a good Jew. I want to make this clear because I'd hate to get kicked out of the meetings, where I get to see my good friend Woody, the Stiller boys, Sarah Silvs, Natalie, Nimoy (or "Nimgoy," our name for him ever since he let it slip that he laughs at Whitney), the woman from your babysitting co-op, and the whole rest of the gang.The Sound of Music is on our television set.Did you see the post on Rookie of Spencer's mom's diaries and stuff? Here are the photos I neglected to include of just how much stuff there was. Ahhhh!So pretty and cluttered!I've recently come to understand, on an inarticulate level, the perfectness of Heart.I added junk to the Twin Peaks best friend necklace I'm wearing above. A Jesus charm and a scented rosary, both from friends.I bought this vintage jacket on Etsy, which isn't the coolest back story, but oh my GOD who cares it's so cooooool. When I was walking to school in it this old guy with a really long beard gave me a peace sign.Some choice phrases: Not Cool, Are You For Real, Outlaw Underwear, Encourage Nudity in Flowers, Hippies Are More Fun Than People, Give Adam & Eve Another Chance, and Rembrandt Painted by the Numbers. Lots of them are from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. It's totally worth watching this clip of Goldie Hawn explaining time zones, if only for her crazy saucer eyes. width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">And while I have your YouTube attention span, I LOVE this video of a 13 year-old talking about slut-shaming and why it's wrong. She's so badass and smart and articulate and I'm really glad to see the video becoming popular. Of course, this means people are already calling her script plagiarized or written by her parents, discrediting and invalidating the girl's intelligence and only further proving that sexism still exists. Could people quit it with that? I don't really have to deal with it anymore now that I'm 15 and it's been a few years, but damn, I guess people are horrified by whatever they were like in their awkward phase and so they can't imagine that any 13 year-old could be well-spoken. "WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?" This girl, obviously! So do her friends, because sometimes when your friend calls someone a slut and you say that's dumb and explain how you feel, they identify with it. She and her friends all sit around and say smart things and then in the future some things will be as awful as adults say they will and some things will be better, and we'll all have her and her friends to thank for being the people who make things better. I want her to beon Ellen and stuff so more girls can be praised in our media for being smart and articulate and feminist. width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">We just watched Miss Representation in my women's history class (school is great when it doesn't suck) and I also recommend watching that. You can find it online free if you google it, and the trailer is below. I wi[...]

strange magic


It makes me sincerely sad that I can't post here as often as I used to! I miss when I recorded all the things I'm inspired by more consistently. With growing up in general there's more bad stuff, but also more good stuff, but also I better understand why the bad stuff is so bad which sucks, but I also better appreciate it when the good stuff is good which is nice, so really I just try to sleep whenever I can.Rookie has been the biggest time sucker but I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. It feels like such a natural continuation of all the ideas and aesthetics I've explored here for a few years now, and it's nice to apply those and see how people whose writing/illustrating/photography I love (or, our staffers) interpret them. At the beginning of each month I email everyone the theme for next month (since we work a month in advance) along with a few topics it entails and a moodboard. Then all the articles and photos come in and a calendar goes up once that month starts, compiled of images from the way we've all explored the theme.The inspiration moodboard I made for Girl Gang:The moodboard-calendar on the site:And for December/"Home," this:Became this:I've had this blog for a long time and now when I come back to it it's hard to avoid falling back into how I've always written and the kinds of things I used to write about, so it's nice having a change of scenery. Obviously it's my blog and I can say whatever I want on it (with the exception of certain plans I might hypothetically have to hurt the president, which I recently learned can get you in jail!) But as part of growing up and going through phases and whatnot, sometimes it's nice to come back here and be creative like I used to be, and sometimes it just feels like I'm in middle school again, which I despise.Anyway, you can see a list of links to everything I've written and styled on Rookie here. Here's a hand-picking of some that I feel readers of this blog would especially appreciate:styled and co-art directed a shoot with Petraphoto editing tutorialeditor's letter for December (long-time readers of this blog will remember my Bob Dylan phase..)How to Make Your Room Look Like a Movie (Remember when I posted a million photos of room decorating inspiration in the summer? This is the result of that.)a checklist for the ultimate care packagean ode to Joni MitchellAnd interviews I've conducted with:Joss WhedonChloe SevignyFirst Aid KitGloria SteinemDaniel Clowes (long-time readers of this blog also know how important Ghost World has been in these here FORMATIVE YEARS OF MINE) (ew)And stuff I didn't write, but which I think readers of this blog with especially enjoy (this coming from someone who has just about every post MEMORIZED):style in girl gang moviesstyle of crazy relatives in moviessexism rantHow to Look Like Clara BowSpencer wrote about angst and suchon pop culture comfort food and nostalgiastyle inspiration in marginalized groups of women in historyAnd, photo editorials, for all you visual people:film stillsa girl's rad bedroomskateboarding princessesRookie girl scoutsgirl gang in the sun'50s babesJawbreaker-type photoswinter-fairy photosPHEW. And there you go, your reading list for staying home New Year's Eve because you have no friends, haha! I don't either and I can't figure out why :((School is a big time suck, too. I'm less thrilled about that one, but I think most teenagers spend a lot of high school wishing they could get ou[...]

girls fm


This one isn't really wintery, and doesn't really feel like any season to me, and isn't really for dressing, but is just general visual delight.1, 2, 5, and 9-11 are from here. 3 is poppies from Wizard of Oz! 4 is by Autumn de Wilde, she shot it for her guest post on Rookie. 6 from it's better than bad on flickr. 7 is by Michael Pudelka. 8 is Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia.[...]