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A few get aways


I had never spent the day at the beach before. When we went to visit some family in California we got to go a couple times and it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it and we think it needs to be a yearly tradition now! There is nothing better than listening to the waves, playing in the sand, and getting our feet wet.  Next time we will have to go at a warmer time of year and maybe I'll get to swim, too.We also got to go see the Redwood trees and Sequoia trees.  They are so amazing and beautiful! The kids had a lot of fun exploring.We made a trip to AZ to see some friends and go to the Gilbert, AZ Temple Open House.  Fun feeding ducks!We are hoping this is their future engagement photo!FRIENDSIt was a beautiful temple and so neat to be there with our kids.  Keeping busy while we waited in line.My brother came through town with his wife.  After we went out for ice cream my girls didn't want him to leave.  We snapped a picture so they could look at it after they left.[...]



Seeing my daughter be baptized was so special for me. We are so proud of her decision to be baptized.  She is such a great example to our family and her friends.  She is so kind, patient and loving.

 We had fun planning for the big day, inviting family and friends, shopping for her dress and planning and preparing food. Everything turned out great and the day was beautiful and so was Addie.  She has a vibrant personality and had been really preparing for her baptism for the past few months.  She talked about it to everyone she was around and her excitement shown through.  Her dad made a list of things for her to do to prepare and she worked hard to do them and really wanted to be ready to be baptized.  I know she was ready and loves the blessing of being baptized and having the Holy Ghost with her.  Her Grandma and Grandpa Summers drove down from Utah to be here, and some friends from school and our ward came, as well as her good school nurse.  She has such great support because of her love for those around her.  Being a missionary comes easily to her and she very willing to invite others to church.. It was such a neat experience for everyone who was there.   I had been caught up in the little details of the day and as I watched her step down into the font, time seemed to slow down and the reality of the moment really sunk in for me.  The spirit touched my heart and bore witness to me that this was part of what being a parent is and can be.  Moments when we really feel so much love and admiration for someone else. Moments when I realize she has a Heavenly Father who is also watching over her.  Moments that build our faith and keep us going.  I love those moments.  I look forward to having my other children be baptized to feel that again.

 We took most of the pictures off of our computer - to make it faster- so I can't find all the pictures from the day Adelyn was baptized but we did get this one a week before at the park. We were so proud of her decision to be baptized.



 Ben is growing up so fast! We love his sweet smile and fun giggles.  He has had so many "firsts"  in the past few months I thought I'd share a few....1st Christmas1st Haircut1st time at the Beach1st bow tie1st time in a bouncer1st time at the Grand Canyon1st time in the snow1st mustache party1st time in a temple ( Gilbert, AZ)1st time sitting up1st picnic[...]



 We love having girls and this is what happens at our house when everybody wants to do hair!

 Summer got a sty in her eye.  Trying to keep her still to put warm wash cloths on it is quite the challenge.. We discovered looking at pictures on her dad's phone would keep her still for a few minutes!  It finally got big enough that it popped and it healing up now!

 Shaun sees the craziest things at work, this month it was a tarantula, and a skunk in a garbage can at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 

 Shaun won the hair cutting kit at work for being the most creepy with his mustache.  His company had a contest for the guys to grow mustaches during November in support of prostate cancer. 



All of Shaun's family came to Las Vegas! It was so much fun to be with family. Our girls had a blast playing with cousins and running back and forth between hotel rooms. It's the first time since we've been married that all of his 8 siblings have been together.  There is really something so special about being with family and we just LOVE it! We managed to get a big family picture despite the weather turning windy and cold.  Later in the month we made a trip to my parents house and the girls helped Grandpa Summers rake up and play in all the leaves.  We blessed Ben and got to hangout with more cousins.  It was so great to be with family throughout the month.Ben managed to be a cute little dog for his first Halloween and the girls all dressed as cowgirls!  Yee-hah![...]



It rained the first day of school, so the girls got to walk to school with their umbrellas! 2nd GradeKindergartenThe girls waiting to go to school one morning.The first day of Kindergarten wiped this sweet girl out!Summer likes to wear her swimming suit everyday.  She also wear  her backpack around like her sisters!Ben at 1 monthAddie lost some teeth and had some big gaps for awhile!No front teeth!!Rachel and BenAll ready for church one Sunday morningBen still loves to be swaddled to go to sleep.  Introducing our new pet "the very hungry caterpillar"!Do you see the resemblance?? Especially the hairline:)Summer decided all the towels should be out of the cabinet! [...]

It's a BOY!!


 Benjamin Bleak Powell was born August 3 at 7:29 am.  He was 8 lb 6 oz and 21 in long.  I'm still getting used to the new normal around here.  It's taken me about 2 months to get time to post this it's seems like it just takes a little bit longer to do everything.  We love having Ben at our house!  It's fun to have a little boy around and the girls love him and are such great helpers to me!  With all the pink we have had, we love seeing more blue here, too:)  We decided to have Ben at home.  I NEVER imagined I would do this but we did it and I really loved it.  I couldn't have done it without my wonderful husband, mom, friends and midwives. I expected to have him about a week early like I did with my other girls.  But he didn't have the same plan as me.  He wanted to keep me on my we just waited.  I did a lot of walking... but when it's over 100 degrees almost all day and night it had to be really early in the morning or at the mall. the day before he was due I had false labor for hours.  Luckily, 2 days later I woke up to a contraction about 3:30am.  I kept sleeping in between contractions until about 5:30am.  Then I got up with Summer, show loves to be up with the early birds!  Around 6:00 I realized my contractions were about every 10 minutes and were more uncomfortable but I wasn't sure if it was real or not since I had had false labor  I wasn't taking any regular contractions very seriously.  My mom asked if I wanted to go walking but my contractions were uncomfortable enough that realized that I wouldn't be comfortable on a walk.  I felt like I really had to considerate through my contractions.  So I went and woke up Shaun at 6:30am  to tell him I was pretty sure I was going to have the baby.  He knew I was but I still wasn't sure. He immediately calls our friends to get the girls and had me call the midwife.  I called but didn't sound very urgent.  I realized I was in labor but figured we had some time (ha ha) Luckily one of my midwives lives close to our house she got here by 7am & about that time things started  going fast.  My other midwife made it there sometime I'm not sure when but she made it there and Ben was born at 7:29am.  He is perfect and came out looking perfect!  When I first looked at him I noticed he had dimples and I was immediately in love:)  Shaun has cute dimples and I've always wanted our kids to have them and our sweet little boy got them:) When it was all over with I couldn't believe how fast he came. From the time I woke Shaun up to when Ben was born it was just under 1 hour.   Babies really are little miracles and we are so grateful for a sweet, healthy baby BOY!  Shaun is weighing Ben here.Ben and Grandma SummersOur friends the Quigley's came to meet Ben.  Excited sisters!Yay!!I love the sleeping smile... we were lucky to catch a picture of it.Craft time with Grandma.I made play dough the week before Ben was born and I was SO happy I did.  The girls played with it for weeks.  It kept them busy making all kinds of fun things!  Add captionMy sister gave Ben a cute camo outfit, so we had to take some fun pictures of Shaun's future hunting buddy.Ben's first car ride!Sweet kisses!First Bath!All dressed up!Go BSU!!I'm so happy I'm not pregnant anymore.  It's  a lot more fun having baby Ben here![...]

Summer Break


We are still in Vegas and having fun here. We typically travel during the summer and like to visit family but this summer we stayed home.  We did get cabin fever plenty of times but tried to find things to do.  We did a lot of swimming and drinking Slurpees.  We got a few great thunder storms that we loved to sit outside and watch. The girls before swimming lessons one day. The girls love to have their dad throw them in air when we are swimming!  My mom got these really great pictures of them. There is an awesome park in Boulder City that has Mountain sheep hat come down and graze in the public park in the evenings.  It's fun to be up close to them.  We got all dressed up for the 4th of July!Here we are waiting in line for Breakfast at the park!Shaun and Summer at the Boulder City FireworksDrinking slurpeesThis is a hale stone from one of the storms.  Handsome hubby with the storm clouds coming.[...]



We brought the girls to the Bellagio to see their butterfly exhibit, outside water fountains and chocolate fountain! The girls loved it!


Life with this 2 year old can be very exciting!

Rachel is 5


We had a lot of fun planning a birthday party for Rachel. She has been so anxious to be 5. Just like most kids she was convinced that she would fit in the bigger clothes and be a bit taller and like certain foods and on and on ...when she was 5! The day came and she might not have magically grown and learned lots that day but she sure has grown up so fast to me! She was thrilled to have her first friend party and had fun helping get ready for it. She really likes Hello Kitty right now so we did a Hello Kitty party and let the girls have kitty faces and play games and eat some yummy snacks. She is such a beautiful wonderful girl and we love her. Sisterly LOVE! Barbie from Gr and Gr PowellHello Kitty CD/Karoke Player from Mom & Dad and Gr & Gr SummersAll dressed up with her bestest bud!Daddy/ Daughter birthday date!All the little kitties at the party!The birthday Kitty! She came into the kitchen and asked me if she matched?!!!  If all stripes match and you are going for a rainbow of colors than YES you match sweet girl!  [...]

Update of our year so far


January!  We celebrated the holidays in Idaho and Utah and played in the snow as much as we could. We knew we wouldn't see it when we got back home. We also celebrated Summer's 2nd birthday and my 29th birthday.   She loves candy canes and was thrilled when our friends got her one!For my birthday my sweet husband finally let me go on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon! It was beautiful!  It was so  much fun seeing what he does everyday. I also got to share yummy dinner and dessert with my family. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family.  I also got to have a great day with friends and a girls night out.    February!Weather warms up quick in Nevada so we spend our weekends exploring in the good weather.  We had our good friends come visit for a few days and had a blast vacationing with them. We also celebrated Adelyn's 7th birthday! She requested a fun heart for her special day!Shaun always brings the girls on a daddy/daughter date for their birthday! They love it and always look forward to it!The girls are playing the new Guess Who? game Addie got for her birthday.Addie had a fun PJ party with her friends.  [...]

We are not in control


The past week has been a whirlwind at our house. I have so many thoughts and emotions I could write about, but this will just be the simplified version.  After a month or so of Addie going to the bathroom way more than normal and my "mommy alert" going off, I brought her into the doctor with a high suspicion of what I would find.  Hoping it wouldn't be but I guess I did know before I got there, just needed the proof to get her some help.  At the doctors office they checked her blood and her urine and found high sugar in both.  High blood sugar is typically around 80 and she was over 500.  They sent us to the ER.  We were blessed to go to St. Rose hospital that has an amazing pediatrics ER and Pediatrics department.  They found the high sugars as well and confirmed our suspicion that she had Type 1 Diabetes.  They got her on an IV and then she got her first insulin shot and her blood sugar started to come down.  Despite her high sugars, they said that we caught it pretty early.  Some kids have much higher sugar levels and are more sick.  Addie was a bit more mellow and tired but not really sick.  They got the IV in and she had to keep her arm straight for the next couple days we were there. That was really the only part of being at the hospital that she didn't like. The staff there never let her have a dull moment. They have play rooms and so many fun things to do. There were also random people that would stop by and give away pillow cases and other goodies. The nurses came to check in on her every few hours.    She had fun ordering her own food and moving her bed up and down.  I'm glad they were so positive.  She left the hospital thinking it was fun!Despite not living here very long we feel so blessed with the support and love we have felt from friends here.  It just made Addie light up when people came by to visit, especially her sisters that she asked about so much while we were there.  Shaun would come after work each night and let me get out for a little bit. We don't know what we would have done without our good friends who adopted Rachel and Summer while I was at the hospital with Addie.  They came to visit one night and really made Addie so happy.  We are adjusting to a new routine of checking sugar and giving insulin throughout the day.  Addie was scared of shots a week ago but you wouldn't know that today.  She has been so brave and optimistic about this change.  We just try and be as brave as she is!  I have never been so grateful for my degree, which is in Health Science, I learned about Diabetes so much and worked with Diabetes Educators for my internship.  I still have to live it now but I feel confident going forward.  It's not easy but as we are meeting and talking to others we know that life will get back to normal.  A special thank you to all our family and friends that have had us in their prayers throughout this week. We have felt lifted and blessed.  We are so happy to see our little Addie feeling better. [...]

Fun weekend!


Addie was recognized as the Mustang of the month at her school. She loves school and has really excelled. We are so proud of her.   Despite some health issues my parents made a trip down to see us!  We brought them to the Hoover Dam  and to see the new bypass bridge.   Then we were lucky enough to have Shaun take us up on a helicopter ride to tour over the Dam.  This was the first time we have got to go up with him since we have moved here.  I didn't think that the girls and I would get to go but he surprised us and we got to go, too! Here's the view of the Hoover Dam from the sky.  [...]



Shaun decided he needed a project to work on when he was off work. So over the past month he has turned this... 

into THIS!
He did take over the 3 car garage for awhile but the girls love it and have had so much fun helping him fix it up.  I'm sure he's not done working on it but from the outside it looks great!



I wanted to get a quick update posted.   So here is our girls staring with Summer. Summer is such a  fun toddler and always making us laugh. She pushes chairs all over the house so she can get into things.  Lately she likes to find ways to get hold of pens and markers.  When we were getting ready for bed one night she found some and made a master piece on her belly!  I had to get a picture and when I got out the camera she opened her mouth to show me her teeth.  We have been taking pictures of Addie's teeth since she has been losing some and Summer figured I must want a picture of her teeth too.Rachel is growing up so fast and loves the preschool we are doing.  She always helping me in the kitchen and plays so great with her sisters.  She is still good about taking naps and asked me one day if she could take a nap in her dolls bed.  I told her she could but figured she would try and not be able to sleep but when I checked on her she had fallen asleep and took a great nap all scrunched up in the doll pack-n-play!   We  went fishing a few weeks ago and she got to use her fishing pole she got for her birthday in May. After her dad had got the line ready and explained that she needed to sit and wait she tried that then told me she didn't like fishing that way.  She just liked casting and reeling the line in not the waiting part. When she starting casting and reeling the line in she starting catching fish.  I guess we will let her do her own fishing.  She caught her first fish and was so excited about it.  This is Rachel's preschool group with the Fire Engine's they made this week!Addie loves being in first grade this year! Sometimes it's hard for me to realize my oldest is in first grade.  So far she still lets me hold her hand and I can help her with her homework, that might change one day.  We live close enough to walk to school.  We love the time to spend together and despite the hot weather enjoy the walks.  Supposedly it does cool off in the next month!   She lost her first tooth in August and lost her second tooth in September. She felt like she had been waiting for a long time to lose them.  Her permanent teeth started to grow in before she lost her baby ones so we were really encouraging her to wiggle those teeth!  The one pictured below was SO loose.  She refused to let anyone help, unlike her first one that her dad pulled out with pliers!  The tooth spent a  couple days in that horizontal position before falling out on it's own.  Since this is the first experience with losing teeth at our house it has been quite exciting.  She never had a toothless smile but we got a picture of her new big kid teeth growing in![...]

What we did this summer


We really have had a great summer seeing family, exploring our new neighborhood and spending time together.  It's always hard to see summer break end but we are excited for school, too!  So here is a quick update on our summer break.Girls already for bed:)We spend lots of time traveling.We made a visit to the local Bass Pro Shop. These girls love bubbles!Explored with cousins.Painted toe nails!Wheel barrel rides with Grandpa.Family ReunionPlayed at Bear Lake beach.Ran the Newton Dam Run (Shaun & Amber and Kelli)Cotton CandyPlayed in the Foam at the 24th CelebrationGot Face paintSchool hair cutsSummer exploring...againFacials!Big girl bed for our little Summer!Lots of SlurpiesFirst lost tooth!! Hoover DamWalked on the new bridgeFun mornings with cousinsPicnic in the backyardParades!Bellagio fountains. Chocolate FactoryRocking climbing in Prescott, AZWe also made a trip to Rexburg which I didn't get many pictures of, swam at the local pools, spent many afternoons at splash pads and parks.  We love the Summer even in Henderson where it's much hotter than we were used to.  [...]

We aren't in Idaho anymore.


After 6 years in the Boise area we had to say good-bye. We are now in Henderson Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.I miss the grass and trees already but I'm grateful for the covered patio for some shade!Here is our new kitchen.Here is the view from the front door.  We have a little more square footage in this house which we are liking. View down the hall.  As soon as I could I got the girls signed up for swimming lessons!  They are loving it and any chance to get cooled off has been great!  We live just down the street from a splash park and the elementary school.  Shaun is liking his new job and will give his first tour of the Grand Canyon tomorrow!!  [...]

Flower Party


Miss Rachel turned 4!! She wanted a spring flower/water party. We tried our best with the flowers but the cold,windy day wasn't the best for any water games.  We woke up early for some yummy crepes  for breakfast and she opened her gifts from us.  She was so excited for her special day.  After breakfast Addie was off to school and Rachel just loved having all the time to play with her new things alone!! She got some great Dad time too.   They figured out her fishing pole and kicked her soccer ball around.  We had a little party with her cousins in the afternoon.  We played pin the unicorn on the unicorn and had some cake and ice cream.  She asked for a pink flower cake!  Here are some cute flip flops she got that she got to color herself and can interchange them with 3 other designs!  Thank you to her aunt for the great gift! [...]

Spring is in the Air


The grass is green the flowers are blooming and it's warm so we get to play outside more.Ours girls love it when dad gets on the tramp with them.  We put Summer on for the first time.  She loved it but won't sit still she was cruising all over and trying to fall off constantly. I think we will wait for awhile before she gets to play on it again.  Summer fell of the couch and got a nice shiner!  Here is day 2 with more of the bruising on her eye.       We had a big rainstorm that left a HUGE puddle in our cul-de-sac.  The girls loved  it!!Summer has a blast splashing in the water.  The girls surprised me with a beautiful presentation of the dandelions they had picked.   I love their fun creativity!We have had fun doing yard work and playing at the park too.  Spring is such a fun new season and brings with it an adventurous spirit![...]

Old Friends


We made a trip to Twin Falls to visit some friends of ours. They have 3 girls like us and it's so fun to have them together. Here they are snuggling on the couch after they woke up. 
This good looking guy is sporting the Giant BSU hat.
Rachel and Ella in their matching swimming suits!! They are a couple week apart and great friends. .  We celebrated Ella's birthday while we were there and Rachel can't wait to be 4 like her ! 
Kinsie and Addie
All the GIRLS!!!



After a long, fun Easter weekend these two were pretty tired. We went to a fun egg hunt with the kids on Saturday. Then Sunday the Easter bunny surprised us with some fun goodies,  we went to church then headed to our Cousins for dinner and some more egg hunting. I didn't get all three girls in their dresses.  Before church I just didn't make it happen.  I did get Summer as she sat in her favorite corner.  These two loaded up their baskets for the 3rd time!All the kiddos after the egg hunt!Addie found the last big egg in the fort and slid down to show us. [...]

Spring Break


We decided to head south for Spring Break this year. Me and my sister-in-law loaded our kids up in our van and drove to Arizona for a week to see my other sister-in-law and her family. I don't think I could have done it with anyone else in one nonstop trip, my husband included. Things went great in the car and we had such a great time while we were there. Taking on 7 more people for a week was very kind of them but they were great hosts. The kids LOVED being with there cousins and playing outside. The wonderful 80 degree weather was just what we were looking for!When the older kids went off to school we hung out at home and I found these girls on this bed a number of times just hanging out!! Teresa found a great place that lets you try to do Trapeze. She convinced us to go!! I had butterflies every time I stood on the top and had to jump off but after I got the hang of it I loved it! I would definitely do it again. These girls watched from below and were great supporters! Here are Summer and Sam. They are 3 months apart and such best buds. They light up when they see each other and I found them sitting on the couch by each other and couldn't pass up the cute picture! They kids were in love with the pet turtles they had. Elsie is feeding them gold fish crackers, we usually fed them strawberries and just loved watching them. One day we took the kids to a fun indoor climbing jungle. We had gone the last time we visited and my girls were younger and didn't really like it. I was worried they wouldn't like it again but I was sure wrong. They disappeared when we got there and played so hard. It was fun to see them explore and have fun together. They drug me along a couple times. The babies loved climbing and running around too. We had such a blast. Thank you Dave and Teresa for such a great week. I wish we had pictures of all the other fun stuff we did. The Pools we swam at, my first taste of sushi, not my favorite thing I might add. The girls jumping roping and riding their bikes around in the back yard for hours, or kids swinging in the hammock in the garage.  Family is so great! I'm so glad we went and made the memories.[...]

Here is our Big 6 year old


in her new favorite shirt her aunt and uncle got her for her birthday!(She has a fun little guy - Flat Stanley that was sent by a friend to visit for a week)Her favorite meal is probably crepes. So bright and early we had strawberry crepes for her special day.Addie wanted a butterfly birthday cake. When I got all done with it, she told me it wasn't exactly what she wanted but she still thought it was cute. We got to have her cousins come over to help celebrate, they love to play together. They each made their own butterflies, too.My cute nephew LOVED the balloons and if you look closely you'll see his hair sticking up from rubbing his head so much with the balloons. Addie with one of her best friends Mia.The kiddos showing off their beautiful butterflies.We got Addie a bigger bike for her birthday. She tried it out this week and fell once and doesn't want anything to do with it. Hopefully she'll try again, her little sister Rachel needs her old one.I got to go visit her kindergarten class and bring a treat. Addie asked me to make Rise Crispy Treats instead of the traditional cupcakes. I think all the kids loved it.[...]

To Compare


For Fun I thought I'd share our girls eating cake on their 1st birthday's!



Summer is "1"


Like I mentioned in my last post, we can't believe how fast the last year has gone by. Seeing how fast kids grow and change in one year makes it seems faster. Summer turned one this weekend and she light's up our life! Summer is a go getter. She walked earlier than our other girls and we have to keep our eye on her. When she disappears at our house I've found her playing in the plant dirt, and the toilet, but luckily her favorite place to hang out is her older sister's room. She likes to go take their shoes off the shelf, look at books, play with the pet shop toys and just find someone to play with. She loves to smile, and laugh and her sisters can get her going. Her favorite toys are blocks, books, and a play computer. She is our best eater she'll eat most everything we offer - it's funny to see her older sisters try foods because she does!She started shaking her head yes and no. She'll shake back and forth over and over.We are so grateful for her and love her!(Newborn)(1 month)(2 month)(7 months)(9 Months)Happy Birthday to our big 1 year old![...]