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Tiffany's Thoughts

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DHD Gift Certificate Winner!


Congrats to Memories By You for winning the GC. Watch your email and then enjoy your shopping. Thanks everyone for your comments and for stopping by.

Design House Digital iNSD Blog Hop


Welcome to my stop on the Design House Digital iNSD Blog Hop. Since you most likely have been hopping right along in this blog hop, you have probably seen the gorgeous kit that the Designers at DHD are giving away. It is a stunning kit and I loved playing with it.  Here is a layout I created using this kit. From this layout I created a quick page for you to pick up. You can download the Quick Page I created Here Now don't go running off with just the quick page be sure to read on because you know you need to snag the letter for the code word to get the kit shown above - RIGHT?By following along on this blog hop you have also likely noticed that there is a challenge issued on each of the stops. To be entered into the drawing for a digital photo frame, you will need to complete a layout meeting all 26 of the challenges by Tuesday, May 8 at 11:59 MST. For my challenge I would like you to use a template to create your layout. The catch is that the template must be rotated or flipped before you use it. Let me show you what I mean by this.  I selected a template from Tiffany Tillman's Modern Master Template Collection for this demonstration but you can use any template you like.Here is the original version of the template with quarter turns:And here it is  with quarter turns after being flipped horizontally.  It is fun to see all the ways you can use a template to maximize your supplies. To rotate a template - at least in PSCS5, it doesn't seem to matter which layer is active, I just go to image>image rotation and all the layers rotate when I select the degree of rotation.   You are nearing the end of this lengthy post and I hope you have stuck with me. Do you want to have a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to DHD? It is easy... all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, May 8 at 11:59 MST. I will come back Wednesday to announce the lucky winner. Collect your letter for the hop..... Mine is "P"Your next stop on the blog hop is Sarah HemmertIf you happen to get lost on the hop you can go back to where it all starts at DHD[...]

DHD Gift Certificate Winner!


Congrats to Vanessa Austin for winning the GC. Watch your email and then enjoy your shopping. Thanks everyone for your comments and for stopping by.

DHD Blog Hop


Finding Time to ScrapbookI'm not even going to go off on what a bad blogger I am - Let's just get to the point of this post. You are here as part of a blog hop for Design House Digital and I am glad you stopped by. I have a goodie to share with you if you scroll to the bottom of this post you will find a link to grab a template I created for you. I don't know about you but I LOVE templates. They are one of the greatest tools to help you scrap more quickly. Lately I have not been scrapbooking very much and that makes me kind of sad. I thought I'd brainstorm for a few minutes here with you about ways to find more time to scrapbook. We all know that there are just 24 hours in a day and that we can't really create more time but what we can do is choose how we manage that time. Hopefully, we will spend our time on what matters most. Sometimes there are crises in our lives and that will completely shift how we spend our time. Let's talk about "normal" life though - the regular day in and day out life. Is scrapbooking really important to us? Do we really want to scrapbook? If we do, then we will make time for it.Schedule: It may require that we actually schedule it into our life routine. Perhaps there is a certain day of the week when we can actually plan on some quiet, down-time where we can get some scrapbooking done. Or does your family have a habit of watching a movie together at home on the weekend? If your family doesn't mind, maybe you can use your laptop to scrapbook while you are all together "watching" a movie. I know that often my family doesn't really choose a movie that appeals to me and so just being with them in the same room to "listen" to the movie rather than actually watch it can often be an option for me. So take a minute to look at your schedule and routines and see if there is a time where it would be natural to do some scrapbooking.Streamline: Perhaps you really do have a super tight schedule and feel like there is just not enough time to scrapbook. This is when you look at what things in your life are taking up all your time. Is there anything that you can let go of? Is there a way to streamline some of the things that are keeping you from scrapbooking that will then create a window of time for you? See if you can free up some time and then don't let something else claim it. You created this time for your scrapbooking so use it for that!Stay focused: How many times have you sat down to the computer with every intention of scrapbooking only to loose track of your time and not have any time left to scrapbook? You know the drill - you check your email, look at your Facebook, read a few blogs, do I even dare mention Pinterest? click one hyperlink and then another and before long you have spent all your free time. If you have scheduled this time for scrapbooking, then use it for that and then when you have completed your page or project you can allow yourself to stray from photoshop and check out the goings-on elsewhere on the computer.Motivation: Maybe what we are lacking is inspiration or creativity and that is what is keeping us from scrapping but then we just blame it on not having the time to do it. If you are like me you don't like to admit that you have lost your MOJO. Sometimes I am able to pull myself out of my funk by joining in a challenge like the ones we have at DHD. Sometimes I will just browse the gallery and find a LO that I like and use it for inspriation. Sometimes all I have to do is browse the shop and see all the great products and then I just can't wait to get started.Shortcuts: Find ways that make scrapbooking easier for you. Use quick pages or templates. I am giving you a template just for stopping by today and hopefully you will enjoy it. You can pick it up HERE and if you need a password use tiffanyqpHere is my layout I based my template off of.Collect your letter for the hop..... Mine is "E"And if you made it this far reading the post.... Want to win a $5 Gift Certificate to DHD? Leave a comment on thi[...]

Design House Digital DSD Giveaway! - Part Two


For this blog hop, the Decorators have made a quick page (in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 sizes) from the DSD - Designer Blog Hop 2011. (See my previous post to pick up the pieces of the kit.) Now is your chance to collect several fabulous pages. They are perfect to add to your own album or for a theme book. Enjoy!Here is a page I made using the kit. The darling girl is my sweet niece.Here is my quick page made from this page:To get it click HERE. If it asks for a password use tiffanyqpHere is a list of the other participating Decorators, and a link to their blogs:Allison Waken Anna Drozd Aria Andrus Carey Bridges Celeste Smith Christy Carlson Crystal Livesay Gennifer Bursett & Celeste SmithJen Papadimitriou Jennifer Hignite Jen Flaherty Jeryn Carlisi Katherine Hansen Lori Pickens Mandi Buchanan Mary Rogers Sarah Hemmert Shannon Dombkowski DHD blog (for Janell Nugent, Jennifer Valencia, Liz Jutila, and Missy Backues' quick pages)[...]

Design House Digital DSD Giveaway!


Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day everyone! I hope it's fabulous and you collect a lot of goodies today! Well DHD has a DOOZIE for you! A free amazing collection from all the awesome designers! Here is what it looks like. Amazing huh! How incredible is this! And it's ALL YOURS! All you have to do is visit each designer blog to collect each portion of the kit! Ready, Set, GO!Here are the links to each blog to make it easier on you!Audrey Neal Angie Hinksman Celeste Knight Dana Zarling Deena Rutter Gennifer Bursett Jen Allyson Karen Funk Karla Dudley Robyn Meierotto Shannon Hegarty Tiffany TillmanEnjoy! And remember, tomorrow is the DECORATOR BLOG HOP! Check back to snag a FREE quick page from me using this kit! And then I'll give you additional blog links to grab some more! Happy Scrapping! [...]

Prize List for Iron Scrapper at Scrap Orchard


Come on... have you checked out the Iron Scrapper contest at Scrap Orchard yet? Ya know ya wanna!
Here is what you have a chance to win.

Grand Prize: Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi (16 GB) + $200 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard *
1st Runner Up: Apple iPod Touch (8GB) + $100 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard*
2nd Runner Up: $50 Apple iTunes Gift Certificate + $50 Gift Certificate to Scrap Orchard*

Consolation Prizes:
Scrap Orchard T-Shirt+ & Scrap Orchard Mouse Pad*
Scrap Orchard T-Shirt+ & Scrap Orchard Mouse Pad*
$15 coupon from Ziggle Designs
$15 coupon from Scrapping with Liz
$15 coupon from Irene Alexeeva
$15 coupon from Lyndsay Riches
$15 coupon from Emily Card
$15 coupon from Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
$15 coupon from Designs by Julie Bullock
$15 coupon from Designs by Kat
$15 coupon from Captivated Visions
$15 coupon from SuzyQ Scraps

Check out this scrapping contest


So have you checked out the Iron Scrapper Contest at the Scrap Orchard yet? I think it is my only chance to get an iPad since Clayne just let me order a new laptop and I can only ask for so much LOL. One of the challenges is to make an avatar for the contest. Here is mine.(image)

Iron Scrapper Contest at Scrap Orchard


Oh what a bad blogger I am! I am just glad that Scrap Orchard gave me a reason to make a post - so here goes!

I want to tell you about a fantastic challenge over at Scrap Orchard - this is the first week so I'll remind you about it regularly so you can go and enter some of the challenges! It's fun, and you could win AN IPAD2!!!!! It's a non-elimination contest, you earn points for everything you complete, every point gets you an entry into the draw for the prizes. Click HERE to go check it out!


[inter]National Scrapbook Day Freebie (The Sequel)


We're back with another blog hop, and this time, it's the Design House Decorators who are sharing their goods. The Decorators are a super talented, super friendly, super helpful bunch o' ladies who comprise the creative team at Design House Digital, and we are oh-so-happy to have them. For this blog hop, the Decorators have made a quick page (in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 sizes... no discrimination here!) from the DHD Designers' iNSD collab kit. So, hop around to all the blogs, collect the goodies along the way, and you'll have 15 fabulous pages! Perfect to add into your own albums, or for a theme book of its' own. Here's my contribution:And here is my original page that my quick page was based upon.To get it, click here, or on the image above. It's a big file, so be patient! :) Be sure to stop by all of the other Decorators' blogs, to snag their pages (and get some sweet inspiration), too!Allison WakenCarey BridgesGennifer BursettJen PapadimitriouJen FlahertyJeryn CarlisiLori PickensKatherine HansenShannon DombkowskiTheresa Marie GoonTiffany Bodily (You Are Here)Wendy Bretz[...]

Been feeling Crafty!


I got into a crafty mode the past two weeks and shared 3 blog posts over on the Design House Digital Blog featuring 13 Days Of Halloween. Check it out HERE. I had seen a blog post over on The Crafting Chicks blog and it spurred me. If you have never been to their site - let me just say it will really inspire you to get crafty! I am pretty sure the ladies I visit teach don't read my blog and if they do I guess the gig will be up. But my neighbor Teresa is my VT partner and we decided to treat our ladies to 13 days of Halloween fun. We really enjoyed spending one afternoon making these BOO blocks - another idea that I found on The Crafting Chicks.

(image) So... that is what I have been up to... that and getting ready for Halloween around the house.... decorating, buying pumpkins, planning costumes, etc. Of course we will be having our Halloween dinner like I shared last year on my blog. The kids love it and I have lots of fun preparing it for them.

Balancing Act


Ummmm Long time no post. I don't even know if anyone who used to stop by even stops by anymore. I figured now was as good a time as any to get back to my blog. I am really going to try to post regularly... at least once a week. We'll see what really happens. I just read an awesome blog post at Simple Mom titled Redefining Simple Living: Choose Your Priorities This topic has been on my mind quite a lot lately. A few weeks ago I was telling a friend that I needed to either take a course in time management or get counseling. I felt overwhelmed and crazy - my "to-do" list was growing so long and I felt like I was running in circles. General Conference came just in time and the talks were all so fabulous but there was one that hit me smack dab between the eyes and it was given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf titled "Of Things That Matter Most" I think I could benefit enormously by spending some time with myself to determine what my priorities are. Anyway... that is what is on my mind today & I just thought I'd share it with you. Have a wonderful day. Hey I almost signed off and then thought of the perfect scrapbook page to share with you. I created this one just a few weeks ago and it sums up what I have been struggling with. You can click on the image to go to the gallery for credits.

P365 Week 21 - 28 Catching up!


I am thinking that whatever small following I did have on my blog have probably given up on me. Heck - I almost gave up on me. Summer has been real busy and I haven't been on the computer very much. We haven't been doing anything big but we have been doing lots of little things. I really wish we were going on a big trip this summer but no-go this year. Clayne has used lots of his vacation going to scout camps, girls camps, youth conferences and family reunions so there really was no time left for us to take a true vacation this year. I do hope that I can plan something for next summer cuz I do love to travel. The Bodily Family Reunion next year will be the Grand Canyon but even that isn't what I am looking for in a vacation so I will be doing some planning to see what I can come up with. We will have lots of credits built up in our condos and so we really should go do something big and fun. We'll see. Anyway... here are 8 weeks of my Project 365 layouts. All of the credits for these pages can be seen in my gallery at Design House Digital. Anyway... I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Just 5 more weeks until school starts - yes... I am counting. Maybe I'll have more time to scrap, blog and even clean when the kids get out of the house.[...]

P365 Week 17-20 & a kit I helped design


I can't believe how hard it is to find a few minutes to blog these days! I am almost caught up on my Project 365 pages with this post. Here are the last 4 weeks that I have done. You can see a list of credits in my gallery at Design House Digital. At the bottom of my post you will see a huge collaboration kit that I had the privlege of helping with. Yes... I designed a portion of the kit. Read more information about the kit below.

(image) (image) Over at the Scrap Orchard they are having a really fun month for June and you can pick up a piece of this kit every day. The important thing is that you will need to visit daily if you want the whole kit because the links will only be available for 24 hours each day. I'll post a pic of just the part I made later this week - just cuz I want to show it off - I think it turned out so cute. So anyway... to read more about this kit & the promotion going on at Scrap Orchard CLICK HERE.

Meg's 2 Year Photos & a Scrap Orchard goodie


Long time no post! I lost an entire week last week being sick. I started with a horrible cold on Mother's Day and then finished the week with the flu. No fun!!! I have so much catching up to do but a quick post will have to suffice for now. I recently took my niece, Megan's, 2 year photos. The lighting was not optimal and there are a few more shadows than I would have liked but with a 2 year old you are lucky to even be able to work in a photo shoot with nap time and catching them at a happy time of day so we just went with it. I think I captured some cute photos that really express her personality. Thanks for letting me share.

I also want to do a quick plug for Scrap Orchard. Seems that they were "sick" last week too. Actually they were moving to a new server and ended up being off line for several days. They are back up and running and as part of the celebration they are giving away the fabulous June Mega to all their newsletter subscribers. If you don't subscribe you may want to hurry and sign up HERE.


P365 Week 15 and 16 & NSD information


Well, I am pretty much on my way out the door to go to Women's Conference in Provo with some girlfriends. I am excited to get away and I always learn so much at these conferences. I thought I'd just quickly post my two most recent Project 365 pages as well as an advertisment for Design House Digital and Scrap Orchard for the upcoming International Scrapbooking Holiday this Saturday. There will be great events and sales all over the internet in scrapbooking stores. Hope you all enjoy! Oh if you want a list of supplies used on my pages the images are clickable to go to my gallery.

(image) Here is the information for Design House Digital. You can click the image to go to the site.
Here is the list of events for the Scrap Orchard and again you can click the image to go to their site. I know that they plan on having the Farmer's Market open with lots of $1 kits!(image)

A Slideshow of my Newborn Photoshoot


I wanted to show more of the photoshoot I did of Cassydi last week and so I figured out how to make a slideshow to share. Hope you enjoy it.

My First Newborn Photoshoot


So much to do and so little time! I just noticed that my blog is still wearing a winter theme! THE SHAME!!! I don't even know when I'll have time to switch it out. I just have way to many things I want to do and never enough time to do it all. My neighbor, Teresa, asked me to help her get some newborn pictures of her sweet baby and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn. I have put my kids through little photo shoots but this was my first "real" photo shoot. She was fussy and it took longer than we thought. We spent about 5 hours with set up of scenes, getting Cassy to play nice, etc. I'm sure the pros don't have to spend as much time LOL. Then today I spent a while editing and was very happy with the results. Here are just a few of my favs. Oh and.... I made the two hats. I think they are way cute so I am going to take bragging rights on them LOL.


P365 Week 13 and 14


(image) (image)
We have had a busy few weeks which explains my neglect to my blog. Today I finally had time to do two pages for my Project365. As stated in my last post we were on spring break for a week - which we spent in St. George. It was so warm and relaxing I had a hard time coming home - especially when it had to go and snow like it did with school even being canceled on Tuesday last week. THAT was not NICE! We had a very nice Easter and then spent the week getting ready for Savannah's baptism. It was hard to believe that my baby turned 8. Then to feel even older I celebrated my 40th birthday on Monday this week. I had been dreading the big 4 - 0 for a whole year but now that it has come and gone I don't feel any different.

I scrapped a lot on spring break and have over 20 layouts to share. I hope to do so before the week is over so watch for my pages soon. And if you want a list of credits for the pages above they are clickable to go to my gallery at Design House Digital. Thanks for taking a peak.

P365 Week 11 and 12


Oh goodness time does go by fast. This has been a busy week getting ready for Spring Break and my two girls birthdays. Cheyenne turned 15 on Wednesday and Savannah will be 8 on Sunday. Again I say time does go by fast! Well since I have some packing to finish up before we can go on our family vacation, I will just post my week 11 and 12 of P365. Images are clickable to go to my gallery and see a full list of credits.
(image) (image)

St. Pat's Fun & P365 Week 10


I had so much fun with St. Patrick's Day this year. I don't know why I haven't done more with this holiday in the past - It only seems natural for me to celebrate my favorite color GREEN! As I posted last week, I made green shamrock rice crispy treats for my scouts. I decided to try some green popcorn for the ladies I visit teach. Not only was it super cute, but it was yummy too. You can find the recipe HERE at Skip to my Lou. Oh and take care not to burn the green sugar coating.... yes I am speaking from experience... unfortunately I burnt the first batch and had to give it another go.Walmart had so many cute St. Pat's shirts this year so I splurged and bought each of the kids a fun green shirt to wear. Savannah's says, "This is my Lucky shirt."A few weeks ago I picked up these cute lime green plates, bowls & cups at the dollar store thinking I would do a green meal for the kids for St. Pat's but then I kind of put it off and had almost decided not to do the meal after all. At about 2 this afternoon I decided that I did want to do it and so hurried to the grocery store and did a little baking and it came together wonderful. I had the table all set when they came home so they'd know that some fun was coming up later. They wanted to heat the gold coins and Hershey nuggets but I assured them I knew how many were on there and that they had better not eat any until after dinner.I made green cupcakes and LOVED these cute toppers that I found HERE at Busy Bees. The recipe for the cupcakes I am sure I have shared before - the rainbow ones - but for today I only used green food coloring. HERE (from Our Best Bites) is the recipe for that if you want to make a copy. My kids LOVE these cupcakes no mater what color!Since I didn't have much time I kept the rest pretty simple. I served green guacamole tortilla chips, green spinach fettuccine noodles with alfredo sauce (Newman's brand is actually quite good), green grapes, steamed broccoli, green kool- aid, the cupcakes & decorative chocolates. I'm pretty sure this will become a tradition because it was yummy, easy and the kids loved it!I meant to post my week 10 page earlier than this but it completely slipped my mind so here it is and you can click on it to go to my gallery and see a credit listing. I decided to photograph some of the green items I have in my house. I can't believe that tomorrow wraps up week 11. I am sure that some of the photos above will be featured in that layout.[...]

Scrapbook Layout Share


Ok I want to brag just a bit about the lovely template I created for a challenge I am hosting over at Scrap Orchard. You can read more about the challenge and pick it up for free by clicking on the image below.Here is the page I made using the template. I was absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I think it is one of my best layouts I have made in a while. Usually I don't do so much layering and rarely do I pull items from multiple kits. You can click the image to go to the gallery for a full list of credits. In fact, all of my pages shown in this post are linked to my gallery if you want more details.Here are a few pages I scrapped of my niece Megan. She is just so fun to scrap. I love to scrap babies and toddlers so I suppose I better get my own children's photos from their young lives scanned into my computer so I can scrap them too.Here are a couple of takes on the St. Patrick's theme photos I took of Carson. The second one is made using a kit that Audrey designed for Design House Digital and it is FREE so click on the image of the kit below and go pick it up... it is way cute![...]

P365 Week 9


(image) Just a quick post to update my Project 365. I wish I could find more cute St. Pat's decorations. I was very limited! Maybe it will have to be an ongoing thing and I'll find more each year? I thought these pics of Carson turned out cute - I used them to create my March desktop for my laptop too. If you want a list of credits the image is clickable to go to my gallery at Design House Digital.

More Grocery Shopping!


Another couple of trips to Albertsons today. I know... I need to get a life! I went early this morning to get in on the fruit snack deal where I got 25 boxes of fruit snacks for $2.50 plus tax. (YES - a dime each!!) This was by using the catalina that prints out after you buy in sets of 5 and some coupons I printed off the internet. When I was there early this morning I hadn't had time to figure out what else I could get for good deals on sale so after the kids were at school I matched up my coupons and went back and got the following 63 items for $51.98 pre tax and rolling my catalinas. I was stoked because I will be turning in my receipts for the Kraft promo for the oreos with another receipt from a prior sale which will get me a $20 rebate. My 63 items are as follows: 5 downy fabric softener, 10 panteen hairspray, 1 dawn dish soap, 1 pringles chips, 1 fabreeze, 1 gallon milk, 2 cartons sour cream, 10 packages of oreos, 8 Smart Ones frozen items, 1 egg beaters, 2 peanut butter, 1 popcorn, 2 manwich, 4 diced tomatoes, 8 rotel tomatoes, 4 pork & beans, 2 steam & mash potatoes~! I think I will send in my other receipts to Proctor and Gamble to get the $100 coupon book when you send in $50 receipts in their products. Now... hopefully I can let this sale go and do something else besides hang out at Albies... but I bet I'll find more deals to cash in on and go back before the sale ends.

I had a comment on the previous post that asked how I get so many coupons... Well, I get 5 Sunday papers each week and then I have two computers so I can usually print 2 of each coupon on each computer for a total of 4 of each coupon. I send for any offers that I can find as well as sign up for any offers that I find online that work for me. The site that is my "go to" for matching the sales with the coupons is Pinching Your Pennies.

P365 Week 8, grocery deals & baby stuff


Yeah! I finally found time to get my week 8 layout done and posted. You can click on the image to go to the gallery and read the credits if you want to.So I haven't scrapped much the last few days. Instead I have been printing and clipping coupons to match up with the sales. I hit some good ones at Albertsons. My pretax price out of pocket on all 46 of these items was $16. I got 4 boxes of cereal, 8 bags of nut clusters, 3 cartons of ice cream, 2 macaroni grill dinner mixes, 1 cake mix, 1 muffin mix, 17 juice concentrate, 4 smart one frozen items, 1 box of waffles, 1 box of singles pizza, 2 boxes of garlic bread, 2 boxes of bagel bites! WHEW! Yes- I feel that I rocked the coupons!When I was shopping for fabric for my camera straps I met a darling girl, Kiama, who had beautiful fabrics in her cart. I asked what she was making and she said... bibs. I gave her my email addy and told her I wanted to see. She sells these darling bibs. They are vinyl lined so they won't stain but they are still machine washable. If you want to buy some or check them out further go to her blog Mud Puddles & Daisies I bought these three in the photo below. I gave 2 to my sister for my niece Megan and then I gave one to my neighbor Teresa at her baby shower. I love these!Since I felt good about my camera strap I decided to try making one of the bibs... well Kiama, you need not worry LOL. Your market is safe. I am sure you have a system and can make them much faster than I can. I am happy with how my bib turned out but I won't even post how much time I spent to make just one bib! For me your price is a STEAL! I will be picking up more when I have another baby shower to attend.So... As I mentioned, we had a baby shower for my neighbor. I made the invitations and a friend a few streets over hosted it at her house. We had an amazing turn out and she got so many beautiful gifts for her new baby. I can't wait for her baby girl to be here... just a few weeks to wait. So fun that I will have a baby next door to cuddle but I can sleep at night. Teresa will probably tell me that she wishes I didn't post a picture of her here but I think she looks CUTE![...]