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Oscars 2014


Well my loyal followers - and by that I mean of course my mother in law and sisters in law! Here is the post you've all been waiting for! I came down with the plague right after the show aired and put off this post all week while I self medicated with copious amounts of diet coke and alka seltzer. Now that Im out of the haze and can fully express myself...I present to you my deep thoughts on shallow topics:If you see this picture of Anna Kendrick and immediately start hearing her sing "the cup song" - well, you are not alone. In fact as I type these words I am doing it to the rhythm of "I bought a ticket to the long way round....". But instead of singing "cups" what I actually want to do is put a ginormous cup over her entire body. And hide this hideous beaded mesh-topped mess from my sight. It's 3 different dresses all sewed into one. And while I have a deep respect for recycling....(like, cans and cardboard and crap.) I am NOT a fan of stealing a vampire top from 2006, beading it in 1999, and finishing it off with grandmas crepe nightgown circa 1974. And her matching purse made me throw up a little. Angelina was another unfortunate victim of bad fashion. This dress is beautiful - in a sort of cliche "great gatsby" kind of way. And it gets a thumbs up for its modest-ish-ness. But why it fails, is simply because if anyone in the world is as freakishly skinny as Angelina is - and yet somehow manages to look BIG? Well then, thats a bad dress. Her makeup was gorgeous and Im pleased she didnt go all "flapper" on us and try finger wave her hair. I just cant quite solve the mystery of where her ginormous boobs end - and where her hips begin! This dress is like a sparkly tube sock - with a thread pulled tight in the middle. Somethin just aint right. Hello my name is Amy Adams, and Ill be your flight attendant today. If any of you would like to fall asleep immediately at the sight of my boring navy blue dress with its smart flap pockets, just push your call light overhead. Also, Ill be serving small snacks and beverages in a few moments, which you will need to choke down before I blind you with my pale vampire skin, which I have so kindly not spray tanned for you. We are expecting a large amount of turbulence on this route, which is why I tightly slicked my hair down into this very reasonable school teacher do. Thanks for choosing my flight, make sure to get a kiss from my coral lipstick as you de-board the plane! It looks awesome next to my homemade earrings that have absolutely nothing to do with anything else Im wearing!  Meryl Streep looks perfect! Age appropriate, modest, formal but not frilly, styled but not desperate for attention - and overall If I were Meryl Streep this is exactly what I would have worn! (Also If I were Meryl Streep I wouldnt be here blogging....Id be in my mansion playing chess with my 900 oscars)I looked out my window and what did I see???Popcorn popping on the apricot tree! Spring has brought me such a nice surprise....Cate Blanchett gouging out my innocent eyes....Ok so its not THAT bad. But the reason I am verbal vomiting all over her is because of her acceptance speech. How did I hate it? Let me count the ways..... If I ever win an Oscar and get too drunk to be in my seat before my category gets called  please check me into rehab. And if perchance I do make it to the microphone after hitting the bar and I open my mouth and the words "SUCK IT" tumble out....please know its just the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol talking. Then again, If I have to stand up and thank a pedophile for casting me in the role that won me the Oscar in the first place- Id probably have to get drunk to do it too. Ill cut you some slack this time Cate....just this once. This is Jennifer Lawrence. She is looking contemplatively into her future, wondering if her terrible wind blown dog hair will ever grow out. It will Jen. It will. But until then, please stop sticking your head out the limousine window on your way to awards shows. I know there are a limited number of ways to style hair that is only 2 inches lon[...]

Golden Globes 2014 - Saying what youre thinking


So. I know you were all thinking the same thing about these people's fashion. Im just the girl willing to say it. More than willing! Because for petes sake with a dietician, personal trainer, high end stylist, and "team" of minions dedicated to ensuring this persons success in their industry - I find it hard to believe famous people can ever look BAD. But they DO! BAD! And I guess Miley Cyrus proves that point every. single. day. But still. 1. Hayden PanettiereI dont know who is responsible for making this girl famous....or who was guilty for fixing her wax mullet. Both parties should be executed. This color-blocking nightmare of a dress with 90s halter neckline was of course only complete with granny's brooch choking her neck. In fact some poor elderly lady is crawling around the bathroom floor right now looking for her HUGE pearl bomb earrings she dropped. Dont worry Hayden has em. Her red carpet interview was also the most awkward 20 seconds of my life and everything about her screams "total desperation" to me. But thats just me. Maybe you like her she-manness. 2. Paula PattonYet another celebrity that *might* also be a man. Or an alien. Her spacesuit dress is definitely not my favorite and by that I mean I would rather be personally abducted than be food-savered into this in public. He/She obviously has a great figure - but who can tell with her security blanket stapled to her shoulder? I guess the Globes were too scary to brave without it. I hope she slept well after humiliating herself on live TV for 3 straight hours. Maybe someday hubby Robin Thicke will write her a song to dull the memory of this will probably make my ears bleed to listen to it. Like all his other music. 3. Zoe SeldanaDo not adjust your are actually seeing what Im seeing. Its a slip! Its a dress! Its a crazy geisha costume! Zoe zoe zoe. Such a mess. All night long I wanted to reach through my tv and just yank those straps up! Im baffled by her pony tale, coral lips, and hello kitty purse almost as much as her presence at this event.  4. Julia RobertsWas this her attempt at Audrey Hepburn? Epic fail. I do give her an A+ for modesty but the awkwardness that is the white shirt tucked into strapless dress coupled with weird white belt - got a big fat F. She's so uniquely gorgeous and this sad get up did her NO favors. And why WHY does she have a hair helmet??? Look at her ears! She couldn't hear a thing all night! Maybe she didn't hear her stylists when they mentioned this dress was too closely mimicking her nearly dead career....5. Sandra BullockThere are only 2 things that I hate about this dress:1. That it has baby blue AND baby pink on it simultaneously.... and2. That Sandra Bullock has it on. I LOVE Sandra. Her styling and makeup and heels are FLAWLESS! But why this awkward satin mess with too high waist and too short hem??? I dont understand the colors. Is this dress in German? Because I know Sandy speaks German! Maybe Im not European enough to "get this" dress! She does however get 3 loud cheers for not falling victim to the hollywood implants, which her plunging neckline so graciously allows us to observe. 6. Amy AdamsI call this look "when Pinterest goes whorribly wrong"For starters we have her dress that was upcycled from Farrah Fawcett's chiffon prom gown from 1979. All she did was remove the top entirely and replace it with her neck scarf, which she simply cut into 2 triangles. Clever girl! And then her hair. I know I've seen the tutorial somewhere.....Braid hair into 14 small snakes, coil into a princess leia mass on back of head. Nailed it!7. Gwyneth PaltrowWhat hippie commune did you wander away from???I don't care if Tracy Anderson DID give you amazing legs - dresses this short should be exiled to 1965. The mock neck , shapeless silhouette, drapery lampshade fabric...there are no words.8. Taylor SwiftI love everything about this dress, her hair, her makeup, and her jewelry. I feel like I can always count on Taylor to look classy and[...]

A Really Big Catch Up


Well its been over a year. What has happened in our lives? Too much to blog about thats for sure. In fact its easier if I blog the few things that DIDNT happen:1. I didnt get pregnant OR have a baby in 20132. We didnt relocate to Paris3. Nobody experienced any life altering catastrophes (Benett came the closest)4. We didnt go on any amazing vacations that required airfare5. I didnt cook anything incredible off pinterest6. No home improvements have been made7. I didnt buy any new pairs of jeans8. I didnt buy a new car9. I didnt fall in love with housekeeping10. I didnt get any sleep.So yeah. Looks like not much went on last year!Benett DID choke on peanuts, aspirate them into his lungs and require surgery to remove them. That was our medical high light of the year for sure. This kid is KILLING US! He is so crazy!Here was a lazy day this summer spent at Hart and Jorys in their hammock. Sometimes he can be quite pleasant. Benett likes violence. HE LOVES VIOLENCE. He has impulse control problems and smacks, scratches. pinches, and pulls anyone he can get his hands on. He is in fact the only child I know of that graduated junior nursery without every physically attending it. I spent this last year pacing the hallways at church wrestling him and dodging his mitts. He cant be released into the wild - he goes straight for the weak kid whos not looking. We dont go to parks or public play places. And he is a "barf when I cry" child - so he's really hard to discipline. Hence my year in hiding. He is a FULL time job. But we love his little dimples! He is super lovey to snuggle and is smart as a whip! He counts, sings abcs, and is a savant with animals! He knows all their names and sounds. And I dont mean zoo animals - Im talkin about flamingos (Mingos), hippopotamus' (hee-pos!), and tropical birds (which he says perfectly.)! He's pretty cute doing their sounds. Ive tried to tape him but he rejects that idea. This summer he also went through a hilarious "frank Sinatra" phase where he liked to wear this hat. He carried it around for a while and then all of a sudden freaked out when I put it on him one day. In one day - out the next! I loved it though and thought it was hilarious!Benett's funny phrases right now are: no no Ben-ett, spencer/brigitte HURT me, I dont like it, not a good idea, i wanna bath, I poopies, I tired, and his favorite - I want baba nilk.Last July we DID purchase a small rascal of a puppy who still likes to poop on my carpet. But I love him and he has been my small late night movie companion. He looked like a guinea pig when we got him - but has graduated to a smallish filthy mop now. We named him theodore after the fat dim witted chipmunk. But we call him Teddy. Or Teddy Scruffins. Or Teddy-poops. Whatever strikes our fancy. He goes everywhere with us and has been really really fun for the kids. He loves baths and the blow dryer and comes running when he hears it.I am shamed to admit how much I love this dog. I needed some joy in my life and he delivered! He loves me. And hes just like a cat, only more high maintenance. I wish he was a girl because then I could do his hair a little cuter - but I seriously cant imagine our life without Teddy!!!I fear Ive become a dog person - ew. ok - back to the kids. Brigitte is our dancing queen. Everyday after school she likes to do dancing and she has some *incredible* moves. We tried enrolling her and Spencer in gymnastics but she was too terrified of the teacher so we quit. She started Kindergarten and for the most part loves it! She loves her teacher but refuses to participate and is SO SO shy! Her teacher says out of all the kids shes ever taught Brigitte is the one that has taken the LONGEST to warm up! She is doing great academically - a math wiz like dad and her reading is coming along great! But she really shines in her art. Her AMAZING multimedia art projects that take HOURS and hours to complete. Shes like a crazed van gogh doing these pictures. If she cuts off her ear, Im taking her cray[...]

Stay Tuned....



Its been a nice long break. But I think Im being conjured to blog again.
Im going to shake the dust off this thing and revamp a little.

And then well, you know. Its Awards season, and there are things that need to be said. I cant live in a world where fashion like this exists and I sit back silently letting it happen:




Dear Blog,

Its not you. Its me.

Since the beginning of summer ive felt us drifting apart. I kept quiet, hoping time would heal our relationship and that somehow I would feel like spending quality time with you like the old days. But I think its time to admit we both want different things. We just arent the same as we used to be - and even though Ill remember you fondly....

its time to break up.

Maybe we'll get back together someday. Lets keep in touch and see how we feel in a few months. I want you to be happy, and I just dont think I can give you everything you deserve.


the equivalent of pinterest?


Brigitte started preschool a few weeks ago.....
Bless her heart this was traumatic for her. 

I had hopes and dreams of snapping the classic pinterest picture of her smiling from ear to ear whilst holding an adorable homemade sign in an extra fancy font that stated her name, year in school, and all her likes and dislikes. 

Something like this:

Instead....this was our shot:

Kinda sad. kinda hilarious. Brigitte HATES getting her picture taken. She just hates the attention I think, or possibly having to hold still and make eye contact for more than 2 seconds while smiling. If you recall, all the pictures we have of brigitte to date, are just a blur of her running by.

So I guess technically we are making progress!

If she were making eye contact and smiling at the camera holding a cute sign, this is what it would say:
Brigitte Sept.2012
I am obsessed with eating noodles,
function on roughly 6 hours of sleep a night
refuse to wear sleeves, pants, or anything that is NOT pink
cant be bothered to flush a toilet, although I enjoy ripping entire rolls of toilet paper into itty bitty pieces and scattering them on the floor.
I love making huge piles of blankets, stuffed animals, and other small trinkets
enjoy my brothers as long as they do as I say
have an irrational fear of pricking my finger on a spinning wheel spindle
cant tolerate hair brushing or braids or pony tails of any kind
and..... I just want to be a little girl when I grow up.

The Secret Underground


Dont you love it when you know a really cool person who actually DOES something you wish you had the talent to do???

My sister's bff Natalie Bahm just wrote and published a book called THE SECRET UNDERGROUND. (its official release is sept 28th so preorder NOW on amazon and apple!) I just bought my kindle copy for $3.99

The Secret Underground is a middle grade adventure about a girl named Ally who discovers all the boys in her neighborhood are digging a tunnel to an abandoned steel mill.

An actual real live BOOK! Its pretty impressive.
YOu can even WIN a copy of it here on goodreads!

But here is REALLY why its a good idea to buy this book. 
100% of all proceeds go to help out little baby Jayden from New Zealand who is struggling with a myriad of health problems.
100%. EVERY PENNY. You can read all about Jayden and his struggles HERE. Isnt he adorable?

So you get to read Nat's awesome book (which hoestly, ive heard, really IS awesome.) and you get to help out a little family who is desperately trying to stay afloat with their chronically ill child.

Its a win win.
So excited to know a real live author! And one with a generous heart as well!!!!
Congrats Natalie!

Carter, Niles, and commitments OH MY!


Meet the little boy in Eastern Europe that has stolen my heart:   Carter 14g Click here to view his profile on Reeces RainbowAs I have rallied around the Preeces and their adoption of Arnold, my heart has been heavy for all these little souls who languish away, tucked alone in sad little rooms, never knowing the love of a family. I was prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of getting involved with these types of things, because its difficult. But I could NOT have prepared myself for the feelings of SHEER PANIC and URGENCY as I looked at this little boy's face. He looks like Spencer to me. And I cannot bear to think of him lost in an institution. This little peanut is FIVE YEARS OLD. And he is the size of an infant. Dont you just want to go and scoop him up? Hear him laugh? Rock him to sleep????It infuriates me that these babies are so deprived of every human right. Food, medical care, love, and most of all - a family. He has SO MUCH potential. He should be in kindergarten making friends, not learning how to hold a bottle and stand up.He is innocent and deserves a home. A mama. THEY ALL ARE!!!!I am committed to raising this boy's grant. I have signed up to be his orphan warrior which means I will raise $1,000 by Christmas time. I am pleading for SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE to please adopt him!!!!!! I will help you, every step of the way. If you have a second, please consider putting his button up on your sidebar for me. Maybe someone passing through will click on him and go and rescue him.The ONLY chance these kids have, is if someone will advocate for them and raise the money required to adopt them. For so many families it is literally only the money standing in their way to going and adopting one of these kids. Its pretty simple, if the money is there, they get adopted. Therefore....I am going to raise his money!!!!Carter is already 5 years 4 months old. He is lucky to still be at the baby house. He will age out and either be transferred to the terrible mental institution or maybe if he is lucky, to an older child orphanage. Its a small window of time to get him out and home where he belongs. Clearly he is in desperate need of some physical therapy and nutrition. Dont let his current state scare you!!!! He will THRIVE in a family and grow by leaps and bounds once he gets the attention he needs. This was one of the best most drastic before and after adoption photos I have come across. Look at precious Katie one year ago. Severely malnourished, completely neglected. Fragile and afraid of human touch. Look at those little legs. She was near death.And this is her today. THRIVING. Just one year later! Isnt that amazing what love and consistent care can do????Read her journey hereNiles is another little boy on Reeces Rainbow from region 14 (Carter's region). I have no idea where these boys are in Eastern Europe. They might be in the same baby house, they might be miles and miles apart. But he is an adorable loving animated little guy FUL of life, that needs to not be warehoused away! He needs buddies. And memories. A life that involves being tucked into bed at night and taken outside to play. Not ignored in a country where nobody will ever praise him or tell him "i love you!"Look at his smile! He is still so tiny for being 6 years old!!!!! He too will "age out" of the baby house and is on borrowed time. I cant even begin to tell you how I feel when I think about him losing the only "home" hes ever known and being put in an institution. Imagine putting your 6 year old in a dark, dirty, lonely, place with no toys, books, caretakers, or even consistent feeding and bathing. Its unbearable.Oh Niles. I will try my best to keep your face in the light! Somebody will love you! And cherish you!!! Dont lose hope buddy :)I know for many of you, this stuff is sad and more than you can bear. If you cant bear[...]

Brigitte turned 4!


For her birthday this year, Brigitte requested a NIGHT MARE MOON party. Yes, you heard correctly. the wicked pony from the my little pony friendship is magic series. THIS is nightmare moon, in case you havent met:She is also known as "princess Luna" but that was before she turned wicked and lost all the elements of harmony in ponyville. Its ok, I had no idea what Brigitte was talking about either.I crafted up this shockingly ridiculous invitation that rhymes:And did my very best to bedazzle a birthday party with the help of Allie from my ward who is 12 and one day aspires to be a party planner. So cute. She came and wound purple and blue crepe paper over every single piece of furniture we own. We blew up balloons and threw up a puff or two, then hung homemade pony garlands from everything.  Thank you goody bags full of candy. I was lacking creatively for this party - theres not much "nightmare moon" paraphernalia out there. And the main stuff I found on Pinterest was geared more towards cowgirls and hayrides. not so much on good ponies turned bad.The one and only activity we did was to decorate your own pony. The kids colored and glittered them, adding hair and a "cutie mark". The girls made ponies and the boys made "bronies". I know, clever.  After that they ran wild in the backyard and toy room until we ate pizza and cake. Im totally serious - this was Brigittes birthday cake. A $6 walmart special which I carefully applied giant ponies to. Its what she wanted and she picked it out herself. The annoying part was it was deceptively delicious and I might have eaten most of the spray painted frosting myself. curse you walmart bakery.Brigitte didnt really like being sung to and wouldnt blow out her candle. Lila helped her through it though and somehow she managed to not cry during the birthday song. She is SO SHY sometimes. Bless her heart, she gets it from me. No, seriously. i USED to be shy.This year was the FIRST year brigitte fully understood about PRESENTS. Instead of buying her a few junky toys I craigslisted this amazing dollhouse and FILLED it with over 100 ponies (also from craigslist).  It was a great present and has proved to be quite popular with the little boys as well! Here is the house it came fully furnished and is big enough for barbies:Brigitte LOVES my little ponies and this party was like a dream come true for her. Its so fun to indulge in their obsessions when they're little - because she REALLY believes in nightmare moon. Its pretty hilarious.Right now Brigitte:Loves noodles (ramen) morning noon and night. its all she wants to eat.Is obsessed with wolves, cougars, and bears. (thanks Gabe for filling our kids with irrational animal fears)Can tell a pretty hilarious story involving pocohontas at red fish lake swimming with mermaidsIs in LOVE with Alvin. As in the chipmunk.Is NOT in love with Pingu anymore.Sings songs word for word and quotes movies and shows perfectly (she gets this from me lol)Still RUNS everywhere she goes and has boundless energyHATES potatoes! She literally gags on them.Loves to babysit benett, wipe his face and hands, call him chubbas or little beefcake, and attempt to carry him. (hilarious, because he is SO HUGE)REALLY loves to boss spencer around. And she calls him "Pence". Pence follow me! hurry up Pence! Good thing spencer doesnt mind and just does his best to follow orders!Is a tender heart and you can crush her so easily. Sometimes just by looking at her sternlyStill has a "warmie" which is an old electric blanket (safe, I know) that she smells like an addict while she sucks her pointer finger upside down.LOVES coloring and is very creative with her art.Is a mommas girl AND a daddys girl.And finally my most favorite thing about brigitte right now is the hilarious things she thinks up to say to me. This was a recent one that lit[...]



I cant believe all that has happened in just a few short weeks. We literally have lived in a whirlwind this past month! I have about 300 blog posts needing to be written. Brigittes birthday.....the horrors of redfish lake! We have much to discuss. And finally after tonight I will be able to focus on something other than the playhouse rafffle!

If you live in Boise and want a free fun thing to do tonight, come on out and enjoy the fun. Id love to see some familiar faces. Ticket sales will of course be open right up until the Preeces draw a winner, so its not too late to enter :)

And to everyone everywhere that has helped us along, through donations, support, spreading the word, and buying tickets - THANK YOU. More than you ever will know, you have meant the world to this project.

And dont get too excited.....but last week we were given another playhouse :) People are amazing. And there is no doubt in my mind that there is a larger hand guiding these projects into completion. I have been stretched beyond my physical, mental, and emotional capacities to the EXTREME, and we are! SUCCEEDING! It just goes to show you that when you are willing....somehow things happen. We are going to have yet another opportunity to help some very deserving kids find forever families. Not sure yet HOW this will happen - but again, Im just going to put myself out there and see!

Thanks again to you all. My 2 loyal readers :) I promise Ill update personal family stuff soon. Ive just been juggling a LOT lately!
See you tonight?



Some very very exciting things have happened recently with the Playhouse raffle! Thanks to the kindness of some truly amazing people: Bill and Jan Gage, we are now raffling the playhouse from THE BOISE SPECTRUM CENTER!!!! The courtyard right in front of Edwards 21 theaters will soon house our very special Red Riding Hood Cottage!Volunteers will be there selling tickets every Thursday Friday & Saturday from 6-10pm starting TONIGHT!!!!And this is essential to note: THE OFFICIAL RAFFLE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED TO THURSDAY AUGUST 16TH AT 8PM AND WILL BE HELD AT THE SPECTRUM RIGHT IN FRONT OF EDWARDS MOVIE THEATER IN THE COURTYARD!!!We are hopefully getting the playhouse moved to its new location by this weekend, so start telling friends and family they can see it in person there! Also, I have to say it had been quite a while since I had been to Edwards, and it had totally changed! There is now a creperie there, and they do an amazing and totally FREE concert series in the summer called THURSDAY THUNDER! Bring the kids and come enjoy the atmosphere and fun!We will also soon be operating under a new website called:BOISEHOPE.COMStay Tuned![...]

Buy Raffle Tickets ONLINE!!!!


Many of you have asked how to purchase raffle tickets for The LIttle Red Riding Hood Cottage online. We have figured out a way to do this so that those of you who live outside of Boise, or who I cannot get tickets to in person can still enter to win.

Just follow these 2 easy steps"
1. Click on the heart below or on my sidebar to make a donation through paypal directly into Arnold's adoption grant.
2. Then leave a comment telling me how much you donated and the name you would like on your tickets. I will then fill out your tickets and email you a confirmation.

Thats it! Also, for any of you that arent really interested in winning the playhouse (no kids at home, live out of state, etc.) we have had a few families write Arnolds name on their tickets! What a sweet idea.

HAPPY RAFFLING!!!! Keep spreading the word guys - you are all amazing!

Its 6 am....


Do you know where your children are?

Or, more importantly - IF THEY HAVE CLOTHES ON?
Oh Spencer, your man-udity  gets me every time!

It must be in his blood - arise early - and get to work on the farm!

Sadly, a mere 10 seconds after these pictures were snapped I discovered a pile of poop on the floor suspiciously covered up by a sing-a-ma-jig. Which is now singing in the garbage can.


The Playhouse!


So a few weeks ago I decided to do a little project to help out a family that is adopting a little boy with down syndrome. Lynette Rehrer, tthe mother of one of Gabes old misison companions had this idea a year ago, to raffle off a playhouse for my friend Kecia's adoption of Kareen. We didnt get to it, but I thought it was an amazing idea! So about a month ago when I found out about the Preece's heading over to Eastern Europe to rescue Arnold....I decided to spring into action!We got a playhouse off craigslist for $50....and many miracles later......our Little Red Riding Hood Cottage was born!The house features cute gingerbread trim, shaker style shingles, pecan laminate hard wood flooring (installed by my husband in 103 degree heat :))This house is totally decked out. I may have to raffle off my children as accessories since they think they live in it! It has a cheery little flower box, play kitchen, tea set & dishes, velcro playfood tray, rocking chair, bird and cage, telephone, picnic basket (for taking to grandmas house!), and even a working chandelier! Not to mention little red's riding hood and a wolf mask for dressing up in. The little blue box with the button to push is our "doorbell" and it says "hello friends,  Im out visiting my grandmas house, but come on in and make yourself at home!"  Its just too fun and cute for words!And Its even if cuter in person if you can believe it. So. If you are reading this, and if you love me and if you have the heart to help save our little buddy Arnold from a sad institution life, PLEASE help spread the word about this raffle!Come buy a ticket for $5. Or buy 5 for $20! Better yet, write me a check for your donation amount, or ask your work to make a sizable donation! We are drawing a winner on August 10th at 8pm in Peppermint park (next to pepperidge elementary school). We have a few other prizes we will draw for as come be a part of the action!I REALLY need people who might be willing to sell tickets to friends, ward members, and family members :) Its SUCH a good cause, and REALLY REALLY the house is WORTH IT! SO COME ONE COME ALL. EMAIL ME OR LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE. ILL COME TO YOU! I HAVE SET UP A BLOG WITH THE PLAYHOUSE STORY, INFORMATION ABOUT THE PREECES, AND HELPFUL LINKS AT: BOISESRAINBOW@BLOGSPOT.COMHere is an email you can copy and paste to friends and family, coworkers, or church leaders:The Preece family of Meridian Idaho is embarking on a very special mission to rescue a little boy named Arnold! Arnold is 4 years old and currently resides in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He was placed there shortly after birth, simply because he has Down Syndrome. As many of you know, the conditions of orphanage life are difficult at best for a healthy child, let alone one with special needs! These little children with so much to offer the world, are literally hidden away in underfunded, overcrowded, and understaffed ADULT mental institutions at the tender age of 5-6. The reality of their situation is that many of them succumb to the sheer neglect they face on a daily basis in a place where nobody holds them, feeds or dresses them consistently - and they simply cannot live. They perish alone, unloved, and never being allowed the basic human right of being part of a family or having the chance to reach their full potential. I am just a 30 year old mom living here in the comforts of America. I had an awareness of the sad conditions of orphanage life around the world, but really had no idea of the reality of the situation for kids with disabilities. I am not in a position to adopt (having 3 kids under 3 already!) I cant h[...]

Her Name is Lola,


She's not a showgirl.....But she IS our new dog!Apparently I woke up yesterday, lost my mind, and got a dog.WHAT?Dont call the psych ward on me - let me explain! I know what you're thinking. I already have 3 animals ( my kids). I already have 2 pets (my cats). I dont exactly LIKE dogs. And well, youre right. Im not a 'dog person' per say. I would never EVER run out and buy a dog - or worse a PUPPY! So let me put your fears to rest.Shes definitely not a puppy. And shes only barely a dog.She is a 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees from a farm in Kuna. She spent a year being trained on an ostrich farm and then supposedly gave up on life completely, because instead of tending the goats as she was supposed to do, she just liked to lay around in the shade. A lot. (my kind of dog!) I emailed the owners and thought, just for fun - that we would take the kids out to visit the farm, pet the goats, and see this huge white dog. I told Gabe on the drive over - that even if we liked her and wanted her - that we would under NO circumstances bring her home tonight. We had to sleep on this impulsive decision at least ONE night! He chuckled and said OK.I actually thought my kids might be a little scared of such a big dog so I wasnt too worried. I also expected her to be a dog - you know - run up sniff, jump, bark, and get excited at little kids coming over to pet it. Which is why when we opened the goat pen I was holding Spencer, Gabe had Benett in the baby bjorn, and Brigitte was clinging to my legs under strict instruction to STAY RIGHT BY ME!We saw Lola sitting over in the shade. She didnt get up. She didnt bat an eye. And then she rolled over onto her back. I walked over to her and squatted down where she very gently turned right side up and lifted her leg onto my lap to "shake" hands. After which, she rested her giant boxy noggin in my hands and I immediately loved her.Oh crap, I thought.So we talked and talked to the owners about her. Was she ever aggressive? no, never. Does she walk on a leash? Like a champ. Does she bark? No, shes ghostly. Is she hyper? absolutely not. She prefers women to men and is timid. They think the Ostrich farm was a scary time in her little life and that the man was pretty rough with her. So why are you getting rid of her? She wont work. Shes LAZY. And sometimes she chases the horses. I was smittten.  I looked at Gabe and he knew we were taking her home. They slipped a giant goat leash around her huge neck and she slowly walked over to our car and hefted herself in. She reminded me of Eyore - the depressed donkey from Winnie the Pooh. And just like that - we became "dog people".The kids are in heaven (Brigitte calls her Whey-la dont ask me why) and Spencer likes to stand nose to nose with her like this:Shes lovely, and gentle, and lazy, and pretty. I think shes going to have a long and fruitful life of being laid upon, dressed up, and mauled by my 3 wild hooligans. Not to mention protecting me when Gabe is out of town, and hunting the ghosts in her spare time.HELP ME RHONDA! [...]

At first I was afraid...


I was Terrified.It all started with a phone call.My sister wanted to know if Brigitte could come have a sleep over. Of course, how lovely!  A night free from listening to my insomniac daughter yell at her best imaginary evil pony friend Nightmare Moon to "STOP IT" and "GET OUTTA HERE!". I of course. agreed immediately.  Normally I would worry about sending Brigitte away for the night, but at Jaynas the girly-ness abounds and there is nothing but dressups, tea parties, and big girls to fawn over for miles. she went. And then it happened.As Brigitte was hopping into Jaynas car -- she reached up and scratched her head. A simple, tiny, insignificant moment - that all mothers instinctively FEAR.Jayna stopped in her tracks.We immediately rushed over to inspect the mange of hair tangled about Brigiites head. Besides a lot of snarls and some sticky sweat...we saw nothing. Her hair was there, like a small matted dog resting atop her shoulders --nothing out of the ordinary.Phew. No lice we agreed. We laughed some nervous relieved laughter. And off they drove.Of course MY hair itched all night just thinking about it. I couldnt STOP thinking about it. So the next day when I took a bath I scrubbed my hair nice and thoroughly.So thoroughly in fact, that upon stepping out of the tub I immediately spotted some tiny black specks in the water.I FROZE.I scooped them out and studied them closely....realizing to my extreme  HORROR that yes, they were in fact: BUGS.The internal scream that followed was long. And deep. And then I called my sister. (with dread and trepidation seeing as she had just battled the lice off her own children's heads a mere few months ago.)I picked Brigitte up from Jaynas and brought her home and doused both our heads in pure tea tree oil. Even now, the memory of that smell sort of makes me ill. Anyway, as I was dumping copious amounts of this oil on our heads the bugs were literally surrounding us in the tub. It was SO DISGUSTING.I panicked and sent gabe to Walgreens to purchase every bottle of LICE MD available. He promptly delivered them to Jory and Jayna so they could treat their kids as a preemptive measure. I also MADE my sister pick through my hair strand by strand de-licing me. I bought a robi comb and made Brigitte sit down in front of me. As we sat there like a row of monkeys I was baffled. We found 1 random bug and NOTHING ELSE.  I saw no signs of lice (billions of sticky eggs). I have to admit I was relieved. We caught it early I thought! TENDER SWEET MERCY!Every morning and every night for 4 solid days I did the tea tree oil treatments on us. And EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. more bugs washed out of our hair. All day and all night I felt bugs crawling all over me. I had the kids on lockdown and my dear husband even made an announcement at Elders Quorum that our house was infested. Awesome. I was literally a CRAZY person during this time. I had my hair SOAKED in mineral oil, tea tree oil, vaseline, cocnut oil, YOU NAME IT. And then a very stylin bag placed over the mess so as to aid in the bug suffocation.Although I am shamed to admit this.....I also repeatedly subjected my daughter to these hair rituals. And everyone that knows Brigitte knows that her hair is her SACRED TREASURE. You do not touch it. comb it. or even THINK about braiding it or putting it in a pony tail. (lest you subject yourself to her wrath). Poor brigi. I raked through her mess multiple times a day. Scrubbed it with the tea tree. Did Lice Md treatments. And repeatedly explained that there were little tiny bugs running around in there that we HAD to get out! After a session she would sadly s[...]



So I went for a little jog. I am not lying - I am SO SORE. My neck hurts, my arms hurt, my thighs really hurt! And the saddest part of all is that I only ran ONE MILE. It just goes to show how very very out of shape I am!I even got a text from a little girl in my ward saying "I just saw you jogging". As if it was the most shocking and unnatural thing EVER.  Im telling you, I have so much respect for all you people who exercise! I just dont think I have it in me. At least not now in this life stage of never-ending baby madness. Im too tired to walk around sore.Maybe someday Ill try again. But for now the memories are too fresh.....Moving on.How about a kid update? Because this is all I have to report!Spencer is growing up so fast. He is OBSESSED with his cars, riding his scooter, and playing with his Toy Story toys.  We were heading home from the store the other night and Gabe leaned over and told me to look in the backseat. There Spencer was holding hands with Woody.He is so sweet and sensitive and loves to be snuggled. (Spencer, not Woody.) And even though he will smack you a good one or pull your hair as hard as he can if you steal his toys (or look at him wrong)....generally he is pretty happy.  He is in full on "Linus Syndrome" and carries his Dee dees (binky and fleece blankets) everywhere. He is soooo little for his age (24 pounds/9th percentile) and lives soley on bagelfuls, peanut butter and honey which he licks out of the inside of sandwiches, occasionally a cracker or two, and gallons and gallons of almond milk. He likes to look cute and will let me style his hair and even sometimes brings me the hairspray!  His favorite book is Green eggs and ham which he calls : Ah HAM! Every page you read (would you eat it with a fox? in a box? In a house? with a mouse?) He replies with a cheerful YES!  He would seriously sit and be read to for hours. A total change from the wild daughter we have that will only read books if you focus on each page for less than 2 seconds a piece. Spencer is talking up a storm lately. He pretty much says everything but you can only decipher 50% of it due to the binky in his mouth and the sheer volume of shouting as he speaks. We worry about his speech because of his severe tongue tie but wont really know if its a problem until he gets older and we can see what he really sounds like! He is turning into a brave little trampoline jumper and can now do a "bummy" which is hilarious to watch. He is also a champion scooter rider like his sister and nothing is funnier than seeing his little body swerve around the neighborhood. We love him so much and constantly worry that he is fragile and small because compared to the rest of our beefcake kids he is the tiny one! Oh Benett. Our little Blanket eater. This baby is such a little prize I cant even tell you. He just spends his days laughing and being adored by our family. Brigitte likes to play babysitter and have me lay him on the floor next to her where she then puts bibs on him and wipes his face with wipes and shows him various toys and books. Its so cute that she loves him so much. At night when I tuck in the kids I fly the baby into their rooms (llike a ginormous fairy) and Benett kicks his doughy legs and laughs and laughs. He always has either his hand or toys or a blanket in his mouth. ALWAYS. His favorite blanket is the one I sewed for Brigitte when she was a baby because it has a 5 inch satin ruffle around the edge and he likes it up by his face. Everyone thinks hes a girl when they see him all snuggled up in the yellow and hot pink. Ive started to feed Benett bananas and avo[...]

A big announcement


nope. Not pregnant.(say it with me now: phew.)But I am CONSIDERING........Going jogging. Tonight.In actual work out attire. (yes, I own some. I think. Somewhere. Oh yes - all these black stretch pants I call "pajamas"...)WISH ME LUCK!(small disclaimer - Im having a small "skinny fat" related melt down. Im going to lay on the couch with a bag of chips hoping this "need to get fit" feeling passes. If not, I may attempt to start exercising. On a regular basis. Until of course I am actually pregnant at which point I will stop working out immediately in favor of lying next to the toilet, which, in my experience has burned more calories per day than any other method.)Dang you Pinterest. Its all your fault.Let it be known that the number is irrelevant. Im around 120 and LOOK NOTHING LIKE THAT SHE MAN ON THE RIGHT.Id settle for a little less arm flab and a slightly trimmed muffin top. Im not shooting for anything extreme - just a cuter double chin! Is that so much to ask for??!!!CURSE YOU SWIMSUIT SEASON!So I may as well be REALLY honest. Since Ive already uttered the dirty word exercise on here, which is in direct violation of all my personal beliefs as a bacon lover. But the truth is....Im turning 30 in a few weeks. There. Honesty. Are you happy now?So. Im halfway to 60.  Big deal. Except....that I can get my jeans ON but they dont quite look RIGHT. Also, I was in Utah over the weekend and saw my naked self in the hotel bathroom 360 degree mirror and NEARLY CHOKED ON MY DOMINOS PIZZA SLICE.What? Dont act like you dont eat pizza for breakfast at 6 am in the shower! Thats totally normal! The hard part is keeping the water from ruining your diet coke. I digress....Anyway, Im a shopper and here I was on my annual pilgrimage to H&M and it was all I could do to not sob in the dressing rooms! what had gotten in to me?? H&M is the happiest place on earth for a girl like me. Nothing but Gay men for miles! But there I was, totally depressed. I had to eat a pretzel to recover on my way to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.Now partly this issue im having is  because of my luscious melon breasts (for you Jayna) that are the rather unfortunate side effect of nursing a 7 month old that eats like a small wildebeest. I can recognize that in order to sustain his proper nourishment, I must take in around 2500+ calories a day. However, Im taking in roughly 4000. Truthfully. And I dont think Im fat. Or even overweight. I just FEEL gross. And none of my clothes fit. And Im 30.  So yeah. Im going to go for a run. No big deal right? Ill let you know if I need meals brought in for my family this month because I cant get out of bed afterwards. Also, neighbors if you see me hobbling around the cul de sac gasping for breath dont call 911 or hurry up and bust open your food storage because now you KNOW the second coming is like, tomorrow.Its just me. Exercising.[...]



I finally finished the last episode of Dance Academy and so here I am. Off the couch. Ipad put away. My eyes.....slowly adjusting to natural light again. What a relief!  I had to watch this hideous Australian dance show medicinally, as a tactic to stay awake for the past week as our entire household fell victim to a nasty spring cold. We have all shuffled around in various states of disarray and sleep deprivation for days and days. There was literally NO sleep. Minus Gabe of course, who I feel confident could sleep through the second coming, trumpets be darned!Spencer had it the worst of course and he basically walked around crying with a fever clutching his toy story friends buzz and woody repeating the words "cloo cloos" over and over again - which is toddler speak for turn on blues clues IMMEDIATELY before I kill you with my whining. Let me tell you - death by steve has to be one of the worst ways to go. I never want to see his awkward khaki pants or comb over ever again! And as a fun little parting gift, Spencer is now fluent in jazz hands. Great. ( Spencer would say: AWKWARD!)Brigitte, bless her heart, has been a complete train wreck. A stuffy/runny nose has only one emotional response from her: extreme hyperactivity coupled with signs of a total nervous breakdown. She fought me on everything! One of our major battles with Brigitte is wardrobe. She will only wear certain colors, textures, and combinations of things. Never pants. Never sleeves. Never blue. So she basically lives in pink sleeveless dresses. And you know she wont let me touch her hair! If you try to pull it back or put it up she acts like you are trying to scalp her because she wants it long like "sleeping duty" and apparently stuck to her neck with syrup as is the going fashion these days. And when she is sick - well you better get ready to jump when she says jump - or pay the price! (dont judge me, I have two other babies who's rooms are in dangerously close proximity to hers and if she wakes them up...I CRY.) I want a warmie milk she'd say - of course this would be at 3 am. So I would go downstairs and make her one, come back to her room, hand it to her, and she would immediately start to wail like the Woman in Black.  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="200" src="" width="400">Because it was in a purple cup, not a pink one. Or the lid was the wrong color or didnt match the cup. Or maybe she screamed because it wasnt quite 'warmie' enough. By 6 am I had room serviced her wild requests no less than 50 times...and I was on the couch with a diet coke in one hand, asleep sitting up,  nursing Benett.... as she was outside jumping on the trampoline singing "be our guest" at the top of her lungs. In a small cotton t-shirt. At least she can blow her nose all by tiny square of toilet paper at a time. Although, we do find giant piles of crumpled up tissues all over the house like a squirrel has taken up residency. No, more like a badger.Benett our little prize - even with a cold - is a little gem. Just plug him in, rock, repeat. He is getting quite good at nursing and smiling simultaneously. He is way into toys right now so he spends a lot of time "working" in his exersaucer..and if you happen to catch his eye he will reward you with the cutest fattest sounding belly laugh.  He gets up to eat twice in the night, but he goes right back to sleep so its not so bad. What? What am I even saying? Of course its bad! Benett - go to sleep!!!!Gabe. Gabe Gabe Gabe. The longer we ar[...]

Spencers Birthday


Spencer is finally a REAL little boy! He has recently become OBSESSED with Toy Story so we thought it would be fun to throw him a little themed party on saturday. The extent of my decor was one sad felt banner that Aunt Kallie and I made out of felt 10 minutes before the party started, and some balloons. Gabe was running Robie creek that day so I was single parenting and cooking at the same time so it was virtually impossible to do anything except damage control all day. But I think the kids had fun and Im glad we got to indulge this fun stage in his life. He got a buzz lightyear doll, which we could not pry out of his hands even when we put him to bed. FInally after hearing all 50 phrases and sound effects Buzz had to offer I had to go in and take it away. I felt bad that the BIrthday boy cried himself to sleep, but not bad enough to go deaf listening to that dang laser.We celebrate his real birthday with the Beal side and ate ourselves silly with pulled pork sandwhiches. Since Spencer shares his birthday with my niece Lila, we had a Crandall side combo party on Easter weekend at my sister's house. We feasted on scalloped potatoes and ham and Spencer got his beloved dirt devil vacuum. My dad almost died watching Spencer's happy dance and clapping (we call him twinkle toes or prancer because he does this hilarious tiny footsteps dance). Im so sad that I havent pulled any of the pictures off the camcorder yet - so youll have to imagine it.We also took hideous family pictures on Easter and could not get brigitte to smile or sit for a single picture. A few turned out with the neices and grandparents though, so that made it worth it. My parents bought all the grandkids coordinating dresses and neckties - they were so cute!I havent blogged in so long that I have a thousand things to write about! Its hard when you get behind on posts because then you wake up and find that you havent even told the world about the new trampoline from craigslist, the new camper from Aunt Barbara, running Robie Creek, OR the new hit show from Australia I discovered on Netlflix called Dance Academy. We have much to discuss.[...]



Our little Benett is 6 months old! 

He is so blissfully easy and happy ALL the time. I'll probably pay the price later in life for having such easy boys as infants so im really soaking it up now while it lasts! My mom snapped thse pictures while she was in town lat week and im so grateful because my camera is broken and poor Benett who is by far the smiliest of all my babies so far...NEVER gets his picture taken! We all love him to bits and Im so thankful he is nothing but squishy joy. Just at dinner tonight Brigitte was talking to him saying: "you better stop growing up Benett! STOP GROWING little chubba!" This is what she hears me say to him all day long!

6 month stats: 14 lbs 8 oz (56%) and his height was 35th percentile, and head circ. was 25%

Benett's Blanket


I saw this tutorial on Aesthetic nest and had to give it a try. Benett was due for a blanket (ive made all my kids one) so I picked out this adorable peacock fabric and went to work.Oh man, Im not sure I will ever love anyone enough to make them a blanket like this! It was a nightmarish experience, and also the feeling JUST returned to my "cutting hand" that has been numb for 2 days since its completion. This blanket is INTENSE.It requires 4 pieces of fabric, one hour of prep work drawing 1/2" lines over and over again, roughly 6 hours of repetitive sewing, and then 3 hours of excruciating cutting. Then you have to bind it and wash it. Its quite the process and I feel truly VICTORIOUS now that its done!!!I LOVE IT! Its soft and big and I hope Benett will keep it forever and ever, because if not I will never recover.It photographs terribly, but you get the idea... its MUCH cuter in person.The back is "faux chenille"Im in love with this Chevron one and might just have to try it![...]



Brigitte started preschool a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post these cute pictures of her in her GIANT back pack. When we went shopping for it she knew exactly what she wanted: a purple princess one. Its hideous but she loves it! She was mad at me for putting her hair in a pony tail, hence her hands in her mouth. But I LOVE her hair pulled back out of her face and I made her wear it cute for school. Dont worry, shes back to looking totally homeless for school now that the novelty has worn off!I found this  church preschool program through my friend Lindsay and went and checked it out a few weeks ago so i could enroll Brigitte for the fall semester after she turns 4. I was really impressed with everything, and then found out they had one spot still open right now for the Monday Wednesday afternoon 3 year old class. So we went ahead and put her in. She is SO bored at home so its mostly for the socialization and art projects. It did make me laugh though, when she brought her little progress report home and it said that she was still working on counting to 10 and learning her shapes. Brigitte can count to at least 20 and knows what a crescent shape and a hexagon are. I think she is so shy at school that she wont speak. We'll have to work with her on that!In other exciting news, I have been in a sewing flurry since I got my new machine for Christmas. Mitzi came over and taught me these PInterest booties and they seriously ate my soul. I was so glad to finish one pair, and then I didnt think they were very cute so I made another pair. The really hilarious thing is that EVERYONE I know is having a BOY! So these were gifted to a friend of a friend and Im glad they finally found a home!I have also sewed about a million burp cloths for various friends. These are such a fun easy little project to get done during naptime. I bet Ive made 20 of them in the past 2 weeks. Bibs are another thing I love to sew. Ironically none of my babies have EVER needed bibs so I gave away all the ones I had when I was pregnant with Benett. They seemed to just take up tons of space in my drawer. And then I had Benett, who of course, decides to be a spitter upper.  Someday when all my presents are finished I will sew some for him!The other crafty thing I did recently was for Valentines day. My sister gave me this adorable jar paper set from Cath Kidston for Christmas so I made homemade caramel sauce and gave it to the girls I visit teach and a few friends and neighbors. They turned out pretty cute (and delicious if I do say so myself!)I have one parenting class left and I have loved implementing lots of Sister Tanner's methods and techniques. In the second class she talked about the 4 legs of the table, which are: scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, and FHE. This being the foundation of all things in the home means it needs to be EXACT and prioritized accordingly. So for the past 2 months we have done almost 100% on those 4 things as a family. Everything is pretty chaotic with our 3 screaming kiddos running circles around us as we read the scriptures every night....but Brigitte and Spencer can now say the words Jerusalem, destruction, and brethren without batting an eye. Plus listening to Brigitte's HILARIOUS prayers have been truly entertaining. "Bless mom that she will get out of bed." priceless.Here are the Kids making temples for FHE out of pantry clean out. Beans and cold cereal and glue.  Spencer mostly ate his....whic[...]

Oscars 2012


Goodness, I cant believe its been a week since the Oscars happened. I kept thinking about this post and the amount of uninterrupted time it would take to write it....which meant I kept putting it off. But alas, it is time. And so I say...let there be LIGHT:Maybe Billy Crystal was to blame, but this years Academy Awards felt like the good ol days to me. There weren't any dirty underhanded jokes. Nobody took awkward personal moments on stage, dropped the f-bomb in their acceptance speech, or dressed up like a swan for the red carpet. All in all, it was a pretty mellow night. In fact, this might be my most boring Oscar post yet. But because I love you, and also because it is my innate nature,  ill do my best to mock those who stand in desperate need of mocking. So without further ado, I bring you:Cameron "i forgot to fix my hair" Diaz.Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this girl does have about a kajillion dollars, yes? And yet on perhaps her most important night out of the year, Cam opted to stick her sassy little head out the limo window on her way to the party in lieu of paying a couple hundred bucks to have a professional style her hair. From the neck down she looked alright, but I couldnt get over her casual coiff that just didnt match her super girly gown. And if im going to be nit picky (which you know I am....) Id also venture to say her man arms terrified me a little. This is a girl you dont ever want to get in a fight with. If she pulls your hair, you know its gonna hurt! I know a lot of people (read: guys) who just loooove Cameron's athletic down to earth persona. But personally for me, any girl who farts in public because they think its cute (Jenny Mccarthy are you listening???) just cant be my friend. Next up: Starving Angelina. I almost couldnt believe my eyes when I saw her ghostly bones walk down the red carpet. It was like watching a daddy long leg spider - a little hypnotizing, a little terrifying. And then she ejected one emaciated thigh out of her dress and threw a jagged skeletal arm on what I assume was her bony little this ridiculous pose ALL NIGHT LONG! What did it mean? Why did she do it? I did love her dress, and her lipstick. And her hair, and her date. Emma Stone is my new obsession. I just LOVE her and her fashion style. I know this big bow is not for everybody - but it reminded me of Nicole Kidmans dress (which I loved) from a few years back. Its a little bit french, very glamourous, and she nailed it with her sparkle clutch. Now if she would just marry Ryan Gosling (and make me her maid of honor) all would be right in the world.  Glenn close. Oh man! She was a contender for my WORST dressed person this year. There really is nothing to say except Id rather be stranded on a desserted island with your character from fatal atrraction than forced to wear that jacket in public. Mrs. Rippa, as usual I love your style! I LOVE this dress. The colors, neckline, cut, structure, fabric, EVERYTHING! Well done.  He he. I really cant look at Stacy without giggling. Maybe its because she is 7 feet tall....and her last name is Keibler. Like the Elves. He he.Or maybe its because she had her ward laurel class construct her a huge sparkly flower, which she then glued to the widest part of her body. Then again, she does know her place as George Clooneys arm candy of the moment, and she stood there silently smiling towering over him as all [...]

The others


Im starting to feel like Nicole Kidman from "The Others". THERE ARE GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE!!!!

Last week I was on the phone with my sister in law Jory. I was upstairs and my kids were running around playing and Benett was asleep in the nursery. All of a sudden I see (who I thought) was Spencer run into the nursery. Im chatting away on the phone as I turn and see the door to the nursery close every so slowly. Im moving as quickly and quietly as I can to hurry up and go get Spencer out of there before he wakes up Benett - but when I open up the door and walk in there.....Spencer was nowhere to be found. I walked back out into the hallway and sure enough here comes Spencer running towards me from out of the guest room.....Apparently the ghost was hiding in the nursery!

Two days ago I was blow drying my hair downstairs. I was bent over upside down drying it from underneath when I felt and heard one of my kids RUN passed me. In our house your footsteps carry on the hard wood floors and Brigitte sounds like a herd of elephants when shes in a hurry. Assuming someone was up to no good I whip my head up and turn around to see what was going on....but of course nobody was there. Turns out both my kids were quietly sitting on the couch watching blues clues.

Last night Brigitte had one of her all night parties starting at 3 am. I heard her singing, talking, playing, and making all sorts of noise in her room. This isnt unusual so as long as its not waking up the other kids we generally try to ignore it. But then I heard her go into the bathroom around 4, and a few minutes later she called for me to come help her. I got up and went in to see what she needed. I asked her WHO on earth she was talking to and she gave me this sort of embarrassed look and said "nothing mom".  We went back in to her room to tuck her in. She laid in bed and I bent down to fix her blankets, when I see a black figure/person (actually just their legs) rush passed her room going towards Spencers room.. It startled BOTH Brigitte and I, and I called out GABE????? No answer. I told Brigitte goodnight and slowly walked to her door, looked out and down the hall....and saw nobody. I thought maybe Spencer had gotten up and Gabe was in there checking on him or something, but when I went back to my room Gabe was snoring soundly in bed. (He sleeps through EVERYTHING in this house!) Im not gonna lie, I was totally scared. I hovered in my doorway watching the hall - half expecting a person to appear. But after 2 minutes I told myself I was crazy and started to shut my door to go back to bed.....

And then I heard Brigitte say "its OK, you can come back now. She's gone."

I tell you what, it nearly put me over the edge. I literally laid in bed in fear for another hour half expecting a ghost to push open my door. The good news is i never feel an evil presence or anything other than sheer surprise when these things happen. Although I have never seen or noticed an adult ghost before, they have always been children. So that was weird. All I know is Gabe is spending most of this weekend away from home and I will have two late night alone with the kids....anyone want to come over??? Lol.