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Preview: Pink Gadgets

Pink Gadgets

Updated: 2014-10-02T21:25:56.950-07:00




e cigarette ? An electronic cigarette lets the smoker experience the thrills of a regular gasper, but without the carcinoma dangers that come from the toxins in real cigarette smoke. The vapor that is exhaled by the smoker looks and feels like regular smoke, but it disappears really fast. Not merely will others avoid the secondary results of your smoke, you will leave no traces of odor in your environment. get starter kit bundles and e cigarette batteries at

donate for a cost


Since I was a kid, I want to help beggars on the streets. I saw them, very dirty and hungry begging for anything. I saw this beggars back in our country who are really needing help when comes to food and to survive everyday. I sometimes give them my lunch food for them to have something to eat. Actually, I don't want to tolerate this kind of things like give and give but what can I do, not all can have job or have sufficient education to have a job. Because of lack of education lot of them end in this kind of situation, begging and most of them homeless. How I wish I have a lot money to give something for them but I myself is struggling when comes to things that is why I work hard to pay everything we need. Why give them something to they need, government now is always in action when it comes to poverty, lot of organization and charity helping needy people. They have donation sites that you can give anything you want like, food, clothes, and you can also Donate Car nowadays.Car Donations gives you tax deduction in when it comes to income tax filling. You help others and at the same time you have a tax deduction. Go to to give Free DVDs for Kids



Hey guys, what do you think of these? I found these on I was going to get frames in Manila (cheap, hey!) but I saw Zenni Optical was on FOX news! and realized there was no need to wait for Manila. Zenni Optical sells Great Eyeglasses For Less as low as $8! That’s such a steal, I can’t tell you ~ I went to Costco for the frames I’m wearing now. At the time, I thought my $150 Costco frames and lenses were cheap but Zenni’s even more affordable! If you’ve ever gotten glasses from Costco, the selection isn’t all that great. But Zenni Optical? They’ve got all these cool and Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni to choose from. You’d be crazy not to get frames from Zenni Optical (check out their free add-ons!). What’re you waiting for?


Has anyone ever used I heard they were really good from a friend that got $125K with them but they charge upfront fees so I wanted to check around to see if it's worth the risk ! a reliable source told me that is really a legitimate site.. what do you think? there's no harm with trying right? Try their Business Loans too! :) c'mon and visit EZUnsecured today

pink lighter


Pink Lighter torch that costs $1.21

colored gadgets


(image) colorful and high tech gadgets around! (ipod, apple laptops and more!)

Gloomy bear


Pink Cute Gloomy bear. a cutie stuff to put on your desk

Pink ipod


its a must have. especially when you love to travel to fight boredom. go girl and have one!

Pink mobile


love this cute pink mobile haven't got the chance to know its model.. inform me if you know :) its cute really!

pink and trendy


try this cutie hp phone... now in Pink color!

pink ps2



According to Dan Hill, PS2 brand manager for Europe, "PlayStation 2 is the accessible, affordable way to enjoy new social, communal and interactive entertainment experiences, through software titles like SingStar,

Buzz and EyeToy. The Pink PlayStation 2 is funky, fresh, and fashionable, and will further broaden the console's continuing popularity and relevance with a fun new twist".

The pink PlayStation 2 will retail at €159.99 across coutries united by one glorious currency, while the UK can expect to fork out £129.99. Us Brit-types do get a copy of SingStar Pop bundled with the whole shebang, however.

News of the pink PSP comes courtesy of an apparently premature official Sony press release, since pulled from the company's website.

pink ipod



i really apple i-pods! how i wish i have the time to buy one soon. but there's a problem, The pink colour ipods are only nano's and they dont play videos. They have a maximum space of 8GB. You can go for the ipod video that has only two colours that is black and white. They have a maximum space of 80 GB. They play videos. Try

Welcome to Pink Gadgets


hello there! this is my first post! i really pink gadgets wether its celfone, ipod, pink car accessories,laptops and more. hope pink fanatic out there will support this site. God bless you all!