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Tips have clean white teeth


March 12, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment
Having white teeth to be everyone's dream because it supports the appearance and increase self-confidence. Your smile will increasingly be seen as charming and brilliant white teeth that look like an artist's model of advertising.

Have a Clean White Teeth Tips
Many factors that make the teeth look dull, partly because of the factor of food and beverages that contain a solid color so the color will be stuck in my teeth. Routine dental care at least every 6 months to Dentists will help you solve the problem other than dental course diligently brushed your teeth at least 2 times a day and after meals to remove food residue on the teeth.
Some tips have white teeth is the use of chemicals form a paste or gel and natural dental care. Here I try to share tips about having white teeth naturally, namely:

Eat apples, because apples contain calcium and can be cleaned
natural teeth.

Consumption of raisins. According to the study Christine D. Wu of the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, showed that raisins contain compounds that fight bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum.

Avoid dark colored drinks such as coffee, tea, coca-cola, and others. Should use a straw when drinking beverages that are not on the teeth.
Eat foods that may contribute to whiten your teeth naturally include fruits and vegetables. For example, apples, carrots, and celery are quite effective for cleaning teeth.
Consumption of foods that can create a layer of "film" that will protect the tooth from the formation of stains. For example broccoli, celery and spinach are foods that can prevent the formation of stains on teeth.
Stop smoking because the nicotine content in cigarette main menjadimpenyebab stained teeth.
Consume lots of water to cleanse the mouth and teeth attached darim leftovers.
Eat less sugar, candy, or very sweet foods. At least drink plenty of water after eating these foods
Diligent brushing your teeth regularly using a toothbrush with soft fiber.
Those are some tips to have white teeth naturally biased you are doing. Many people are willing to pay top dollar to get dental care for the teeth they want. So, love and appreciate what you have. Thank you for reading the article Tips have clean white teeth, may be useful.

Gentle Hair Tips


March 13, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment
Tips smooth as silk smooth hair - hair is a crown for the woman who must be always kept its beauty. Now you too can have beautiful hair soft and charming. You just do simple maintenance and do not use products that can damage your hair. With so soft hair will get. Certainly not as easy as imagined. For the following tips will be discussed as smooth as silk has a soft hair that must be read.

Smooth as silk smooth hair tips:

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals commonly found in products such as smoothing rampbut care, coloring, or bleaching will damage the hair softness.
Use a conditioner. Use of this conditioner is very important, after using the shampoo for normal hair can come back and soft after using a shampoo that is alkaline and makes hair rough and not shiny.
Dry your hair in a natural way. Reduce the use of hair dyer to heat when drying your hair, because hair will become dry, wrinkled and fragile. Dikeringakn better naturally. When should quickly with a hair dryer, better use of the cold temperature or the fan.
Keep the clamp tool or curling. By using this heater hair did look beautiful in a short time, but there are bad effects that caused. Hair becomes rough and brittle. Better to let the hair naturally landscaped.
Use a mild shampoo formula. Shampoo is made from hard will make your hair lose its natural moisture. And will make the hair dry and stiff. When it can be difficult in a shampoo with a mild formula, you can use baby shampoo. That hair is always soft.
Use a hair mask regularly every month. Gives additional nutrition to the hair it mandatory. In order to maintain the beauty of her hair. Routinely do this hair mask once a month or 2 times a month. Can also be done at home, of course, with natural materials. Avocado and strawberry mask to make hair always fresh and soft. You can make hair soft tips above to get a crown that dream can enhance your appearance and increase self-confidence.
Please try this soft hair tips, and good luck. Thank you.

Tips Keeping Emotions


March 13, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment

Tips Keeping Emotions
Tips Keeping Emotions - You may have felt disappointed by what is expected does not correspond to reality and make you angry emotions. Did you know that when you are emotional and upset the relict exertion greater than in our work? This is of course not good for health because it can cause heart attack or disease.

When there is a problem should not have to respond with emotion and anger, because it could make matters worse, meyakiti and harm to others and yourself. Some Tips Keeping Emotions are:

Can control themselves and act wisely.
Learn to understand the situation and condition of the environment around you.
Try to think positively.
Do not take failure as a tragedy, but made ​​a failure as a key to success.
Do not impose what we hope can be fulfilled by others because of the ability and the intellect of every human being is different.
Do not impose its will on others but can / can accept others as they are.
Try to membengun better relations everywhere.
Do not be too quick beritindak themselves and make their own decisions.
Jagan too often use the word "usually" more often then our emotions, most likely for us to have a variety of diseases, but if we can always mengausai yourself then most likely for us to have a healthy body, a life without emotion would be even better.
Hopefully these tips Prevent Emotional benefit the readers of this blog. Thank you.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips


March 14, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment

Healthy Pregnancy Tips
When it comes to expect during pregnancy then you should maintain the pregnancy for the fetus to develop properly and the mother is also healthy. Previously I have discussed about the Quick Tips and Good Pregnancy Tips Healthy Pregnancy can assist you in maintaining your health during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips is:

Consumption of healthy foods. You must remain in a balanced and healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals, or bread, rice and pasta which is a source of carbohydrates, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, dairy foods rich in protein.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine Alk * h * l can damage the developing fetus and can bring serious problems for newborns. Coffee and cola can also have negative effects on the fetus. The influence of alcohol on the fetus is not yet clear, but some experts believe that these drinks may increase the risk of low birth weight. It is recommended to not consume alcohol or caffeine during pregnancy.
Stop Smoking Research says that nicotine can interfere with the growth of the fetus if taken during pregnancy.
Exercise or regular exercise. Exercise beneficial to increase your endurance during pregnancy. In addition, exercise can help you manage or regulate physical stress. And do not forget that if you exercise regularly while you are pregnant, it will be easier for you to get back into shape after childbirth. Pregnant women are advised to do light exercise like walking, swimming, and yoga.
Get plenty of rest. Do not delay your sleep so sleepy.
Keep your feelings and thoughts in order to stay motivated. No need to worry! Maybe you are very worried about the miscarriage, but do not make the anxiety that interfere with the happiness of your pregnancy. Just remember that miscarriages occur because of abnormalities, so often times there's almost nothing you can do to prevent it and there's no reason to blame yourself when that happens
Thank you for taking the time to read the article Tips Healthy Pregnancy and let's create the Indonesia family life healthier, stronger and smarter.

Baby Care Tips


March 14, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment

Baby Care Tips
Baby Care Tips - Infant Conditions weak and sensitive of course requires special care and thorough. Caring for infants should be routinely and regularly coupled with a sense of caring as it will provide convenient and safe for babies.

Many mothers can not care for her own baby because they have to work so they hired a baby sitter. It is advisable to choose a baby sitter who is meek and patient, yet agile in caring for your baby. Better if the baby sitter got a recommendation from friends or relatives who you know and trust for your security, because right now a lot of baby-selling syndicate or infant abduction.

The most important thing in caring for a baby, is good attention to the baby food, beverages, hygiene and clothing as well as her attention to the psychological and emotional infants. Although not yet able to speak, but the baby can also feel the stress that causes the baby is always fussy.

Still on Baby Care Tips, cradle and caress your affection is essential to calm the baby. If the baby has come of age, infants occasionally take a walk in a crowded place to introduce him to the outside world. Do not just lock the baby in the house constantly because it can cause the baby to be afraid to interact with
other people. Also introduce you to the neighbors or colleagues, as well as you can show off your baby is cute.

Give your baby toys are enough to reduce his stress level. Give space to play in the bed or in the bedroom. If possible provide ample space to play without any sharp objects in it.

Give your baby the limit to avoid falling. For a while away a wide range of your glassware collection, or if possible keep your baby's playroom where you store a collection of
your glassware.

Note also the good hygiene and cleanliness of the baby clothes are your neighborhood. Keep your baby from pets to avoid the disease is contagious because virus takso of pets. If you have an older child who
age did not differ much from the baby, have helped keep the baby brother his sister. Brother-sister relationship that fostered harmonious childhood can carry into adulthood and they will become brothers

A healthy baby will grow into a healthy child and it all depends on how you take care and pay attention to the development of your baby. Monitor your child's development of all aspects of physical
and emotional and brain development. Understand your child as an individual and do not let her stress.

You can pamper your baby but you also have to provide strict limitations and restrictions when giving your baby do something that would harm himself. Expand is also information about your baby can get from various sources. Hopefully these tips useful for Caring for Your Baby

After you read the Tips Caring for Babies, would that you also read

my space


March 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm Leave a Comment
My heart is a space and just for you
A place where you can find genuine love, remedy, and no air-sore.
Sometimes too much to resist harapku you stay inside and lock it tightly! So that I can have your full and undivided.
But my love Hazy tangible universe that meets your heart.
Now a tribute to my sincerity you have, yes it's in the room! It was right side jantungku.Tempat where you can drop in and stay in the time you set yourself, without the need to knock you back.

the Eye


February 24, 2012 at 1:22 pm Leave a Comment
I am the earth
It was almost a year
Survive from every season
In millions of stories
I am the earth
Always wait for the eye rises from the east
Try spinning without ever knowing the word tired
although the evening always brings darkness at the end
and now
I saw him, his eyes
in the morning
I'm always ready to welcome him
Sometimes when the evening comes
A shadow of fear
Is the morning would bring it back
Is there time for me
I am the earth
Always turn on the line
And always hope to see you, feel you and hear you
Only you, the eye

Keindahan semesta


March 14, 2012 at 3:44 am Leave a Comment
I am exploring .....
Staring at the sun's rays,,,,,,
What a wonderful power of the divine ....
The solar creator morning ..... sprinkled with fragrant scent of flowers ....
Cradles a beautiful feeling in the heart .....
How great is the power of the divine ........
Creator of the wonderful sense of conscience,,,,,,
Changed early evening ....
Intervals during the morning,,,,,
And re-greet evening .....
Relentless greet their proxies
Beautiful cradles occupants of the universe
Betappa narrow their inner
If tangan2nya ruin the charm of the creator ...
Undermine the entire beauty .....
Throw away all the grace of god ....
Forgetting all the pleasures
Just because ..... keeadaan
work; wullland



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Natural beauty tips


March 12, 2012 By Arra a Comment

Natural beauty tips
Natural beauty tips - The face is radiant and luminous is the desire of every woman. A variety of facial and skin care offerings are offered to get a fresh face and healthy, so a huge confidence boost.

Did you know that healthy skin can be obtained naturally and not have to go to a beauty salon which require expensive? Disciplined life, waking food, clean the skin regularly, will help to get the natural beauty.

Some natural beauty tips are:

Eat healthy foods and avoid fatty foods that can cause facial acne and oily skin face. For example chocolate, fries, pizza, and sodas. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits will support to have healthy skin. Fruits that contain lots of vitamins, healthy skin.
Consumption of at least 8 glasses of water and diligently exercising every day. The water serves to remove substances that are not useful and toxins from our body while exercise can affect skin health. Blood circulation will be smooth so as to provide the brightness of the face. Drinking water and exercise will make the body more fit and energetic as well as reduce stress.
Cleaning the face of makeup before going to bed rest. Choose a suitable soap. After cleaning the face with soap, give a cream moisturizer. If time, use a face mask suitable for skin type at least 1x / week and leave for about 15 minutes. Face masks capable of absorbing old dirt stuck to the facial skin and shrink pores. Always use warm water to rinse the face, hot water can dry the skin.
Enough sleep can make a fresh face. If getting enough sleep, eight hours each night, waking up the body feels fresh. Enough sleep can add energy and automatic face will be bright free from dark circles under the eyes.
Protect from direct sun rays and heat. Use sunscreen or sunblock cream. Excessive sun causes premature wrinkles, skin cancer, skin damage, skin burns red, and dry mouth.
Do not smoke because it will make an early wrinkled skin, discolor lips and yellow teeth. Toxins contained in cigarette smoke can damage the lungs and the health of those around us.
Good luck with this natural beauty tips.

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Cara Cari Duit Di Internet


Sobat... ketika anda baca tulisan ini... tentunya sobat ingin tau cara cari uang di internet.... oke saya jelaskan...

banyak situs2 yang menawarkan bisnis di internet tapi ujung-ujungnya malah nguras kantong sobat... jadi langsung aja..

"bisnis di internet tidak perlu keluar duit... (anda hanya bayar internet dan beli komputer saja... selebihnya gratis... paham???)

nah untuk dasar silahkan sobat pelajari :

GOOGLE ADSENSE... kenapa Google Adsense... karena kekuasaan nomer 1 di dunia internet itu ya GOOGLE... jadi bohong saja kalau ada yang bisa mengalahkan cara google... paham??? SCAM PENIPU

2012-03-13T19:13:49.120+07:00 SCAM PENIPU (gue cari pake keyword malah nyambung kemari... padahal datanya ga ada)