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The Contreras Family

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He is five!


The big 5!Gabriel had been counting the days until his birthday for months. He was so excited!! And I wanted to cry.5 is a big number. It is the age when you begin the 12+ years of school and leave mommy behind.*sigh*I put on a brave face for my boy and we planned his party.The weather in Washington is so unpredictable that we couldn't take the chance of rain to have a party outside. So we rented a room at our local indoor bouncy house, Charlie's Safari. But first, to begin the day he woke to find his presents on the table...He opened them all and was very excited until he opened the beloved "slushy magic". He has dreamt about owning his own slushy magic ever since he watched the first info-mercial for it last it is finally his!As parents, however, we thought that this...Would take the cake. Which, it was very exciting, but maybe drinking a homemade slushy WHILE riding it would make it more exciting.After presents, it was off to our traditional IHOP breakfast. If I would let him, Gabe would order one plate of sausages. And he would lick his plate clean.After breakfast, it was off the the party! The party was exactly what Gabe wanted (friends, jungle gym, screaming as loud as he can) and mine (hug and a kiss to my boys, then sit and watch the play out all their energy)When I asked Gabe what kind of a cake he wanted this year, I was not suprised that he wanted a truck cake... But I was a little suprised he wanted a garbage truck.Mmmmm....Yum.But before they could bring out the cake I made home, all the kids gathered to eat pizza. A childhood favorite and the only food that all 8 children will agree to eat.Ta-da! The cake! And yes, it took a while.We ate cake and ice cream, sang happy birthday, blew out the candles, and opened more presents.Then I gave into the mob and handed out the coins for the arcade games.In the end, my big boy was so happy. He had a great birthday and I am still have a hard tim with the fact that he is no longer asking for trucks and ninja costumes, and has started asking for iPads and four wheelers.Happy Birthday Gabriel!!L[...]

Splish'n and a splash'n


We have had quite a few sweltering summer days here in Washington over the last few weeks.
Some of them have even reached as high as 80 degrees.
So we took advantage of having friends in the military and joined them at the splash pad at JBLM. I am not exaggerating when I say it was like Fort Knox.
Yes, a mother with her two young children in her neighbors mini van is planning to take on your entire military base.
But I forgive you guys, and just for the record thanks for all you do:)
Once we saw the splash pad, my boys booked it across the parking lot and found us a place on the grass. 
Once the crowds got over my blindingly white legs, we got down to playing and splashing!
It was the coolest splash pad I have ever been too, hands down.
The boys thought so too!
I learned first hand how hard it is to capture your kids on camera on a splash pad. Next time I will remember to bring my poncho.





We had a glorious time! I was really nice to feel the sun hot on our skin for a while. 
And again, let me express my gratitude to our military for defending our country, and providing my children a wonderful afternoon.

A lot of hot air


The other day I decided to take the boys down the road to our local Jumping Jacks. We actually have three or four within a ten mile radius, I guess we moved into the right climate for indoor playgrounds! 
We had had only been to one of these styles of places twice before, when we were in Utah.
 Here? We have a seasons pass.
 I took a few pictures on our first adventure to one of the smaller playgrounds. Gabe had a blast going from one blow up slide to the next. Landon? He wanted to play with the broom the kept in the corner. But being the mean mother I am, I forced him down a few slides before we left.








It's a really good thing that this city has so many indoor playgrounds because the weather has removed all thoughts of 
getting a swing set! 
I am loving the idea of getting all Gabe's energy out and with the addition of a new child size broom, all members of our household are happy with our new plastic friends ;)

This 'n That


Really I have no reason to post these pictures,
Except that I thing my children are adorable.
We made pizza the other night for dinner, it has kind of become a weekly thing for us since I found my mom's recipe:) this has made me realize how deep Gabe's love for pepperoni runs, since we had some whining when I required we put sauce... And cheese before stacking the pepporoni's three thick.


I know, I know... And yes. I do just squish his chub everyday:)

We bleed blue


I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen my husband giddy. These times include our wedding day, our babies births, you know, things like that. The others? The days we have been able to attend a Dodgers game.It has only happened twice, but every time, I see a glimpse of a that little boy used to watch the game religiously with his mother. That, and the boy that screams at the TV. But if there were ever a day I could get my hubby to drive an hour to stay in a hotel, walk a mile to the light rail station, beat hoards of people being corralled like cattle into thousands of seats, all for an insanely expensive hot dog, and to sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game with thousands of our best friends...this is the day.And we all loved every minute of it.Instead of peanuts and cracker jacks, we bought frozen lemonade and cotton candy. A little unconventional I know, but our boys were in heaven!Don't lat him fool you. He was stoked to have a hot dog to himself:) After seeking Landon down behind the Dodgeres dug out twice and screaming to the players, I got no signatures and only a smile and a nod to my baby for his fist game:( the19 year old blondes in the tank tops though? They got first class photos! Have a heart guys!We tried numerous times to get our whole family in a picture... Fail! Oh well. These kinds of photos have a lot more Memories!Gabe loved the game. It was actually his second game and he really enjoys to atmosphere. This was a double treat though since we got to ride the "train" there. He has always wanted too:)What a great day! We were exhausted when we made it back to the hotel and pushed swimming off until the next day:) what a great family weekend!Go Dodgers![...]



A couple weeks ago, the sky opened up and poured sunshine over Washington.It was glorious.I woke up, and begin getting my kids ready to find an outdoor activity. Without much effort we ran across Latin Farms a few miles down the road from us. It was full of animals, homemade baked goods, and best of all it was free!Sign me up!Gabe has started posing himself lately:)I can't get enough of my sweet boys! They are polar opposites of each other though. Gabe has always been so easy going, brave, and social.And Landon, well, I think the animals traumatized him. He wanted nothing to do with them.Do you see how Landon always keeps his eyes on them? On the other hand, five minutes before this picture was taken there were no goats, the Gabe began calling for them and the all ran over. Gabe, he is the goat whisperer.And now on to the main event...The bake goods.They were so good.I may be a little obsessed with the brownie above.And of course Gabe thinks anything with sugar is wonderful!And Landon, well, he has slightly lower standards. As long as it is edible (and i use the word edible very loosely) then he is all for it!And I leave you with this last picture. This is the old couple that runs the farms back hard. This is Washington in one picture. Isn't it amazing?[...]

You are my sunshine!


There isn't much sun round these parts. Everyone knows we live in the rainiest state in the country, but those are just words until you live here and experience it. Our family loves rain, we always have. I love waking up every morning to fog, perma-mist, and deep rich colors that only rain can bring out in nature.It really is another world here. Walking on the grass(which is green year round) is like walking on a sponge. It can look like it is pouring outside because everything is soaked, but when you step outside, you just don't get wet. That's because the rain drops are so small, they are more of a think mist than rain.And the best part? It's not humid. (this is amazing for a curly haired girl)Another positive? When the sun is out... You appreciate it. And that, is exactly what we did last week.Out came the sun, up went the temperature (to a whopping 77 degrees:), so out came the water toys!Another thing the rain brings out? Frogs! They are small, Bright green, and not very friendly. But, within minutes my boys became master frog catchers:)We played, we swam, we shivered, we laughed and we layed in the sun all afternoon. And another thing about living here? 3 hours in the sun, and not a drop of color. Not even in the shade of red.Well at least my blinding white legs are the same color as everyone else's here :)[...]

A little more doing, and less getting done


Life is an adventure with two busy boys. No task is simple any more. Making dinner or dessert is no longer a woman\'s task. I always have a pair of  little boys hands ready to mix, stir, and Gabe\'s favorite, crack eggs. A freshly mopped floor is obviously a large slip \'n slide. And last but not least, laundry has taken on a whole new meaning. Laundry has turned into a big game of put and take...followed by throw and run. I put it in the basket, Landon takes it, throws it, then runs and squeals. But, through each task, the giggles and the fun melt my frustration and I give in to a little family fun. :)Bath time, which used to consist of yummy smelling salts and candles, have been traded in for bubbles, soaked floors and rugs, and toys. But, I think baths are more fun this way anyway:)See?Aren't they perfect reasons to forget all my other tasks?Besides, they're cut when they're cleaner. :) [...]

Texas size Easter


While we were in El Paso we got to experience Easter, Texas style. I must admit... It is pretty much like Easter in Utah or Washington:) First we discovered that due to one very windy night, the Easter Bunny was forced to hide the Easter Baskets inside the house. Though, despite the change in locations, the boys were not disappointed. Treats and books for everyone!First we found all the Easter eggs. Landon quickly caught on to the game and Gabe was a great older brother, letting Landon find the easy ones. It wasn't very long before both boys had their baskets filled.Landon accidentally dropped one of the eggs and it cracked open and wow! Behold the candy! Oh so exciting!Yessss! Candy! Then it was time for church. I must say. No Sunday more is more difficult than the one where you have to pry your children away from their candy to get dressed up.Oh but it is worth it! Look how handsome! I am still working on getting that one perfect shot with those beautiful smiles...and the same time.[...]

Mommy time


Today has been one of those days. I can't decide if anything about today was really as bad as it seemed, or if I was the problem:) I am leaning towards... A bad day. It actually started off on a good spiritual note with a lovely visiting teaching message, followed by a trip to the salon to cut Gabe's hair (which he loves to do), and then home again for lunch.
After lunch was a different story. One drama after another from fighting with friends, to one grounded little boy. To two little boys too busy playing to sit and finish their dinner, and ended with Landon throwing up on me (missing my face but covering my hair) and Gabe being so hungry from missing dinner that it is PB&J at 10 pm.
Now that I am reading my troubles back to myself I am pretty sure my older sister would smack me (cause what I described is pretty much her daily routine) and tell me to take a nap (cause that usually ends the "whole world is crashing down" feeling). 
But, as I lay here, freshly showered and barf free, and watch my babies sleep I feel so happy to be a Mom. I squish their chubby toes, brush hair from their foreheads, and kiss their cheeks. Then they twitch a little and I hold my breathe while they roll and get comfy again, cause lets be real here. I love them but mom needs some alone time. 


The men in my life


So, after a week or two in El Paso I decided to take advantage of the desert landscape and get a few pictures of my boys. I am not one for the desert, I'm more of northwest landscape kind of gal:) but one thing this barren landscape does offer is beautiful sunsets. I snapped a few of my boys just playin around.

Then we got down to the actual pictures. Grandma Rosie came and helped with what could only have been a complete failure if I had attempted it alone, boy we love her! So here is one of Gabe's:

Isn't he so amazing? Oh it kills me!
And here's is Landon's:
Oh my. I love those boys. They make me laugh so hard sometimes. I am so happy I get to be their mom!


Title 1


(image)  I am trying out a new app for blogging from my iPad. Wish me luck!




I have so many pictures that I would love to blog about. I have so many family activities that I would like to write about. So many of my kids milestones, Landon's new hair cut, and more. All of these things I would love to document, but I can't. Why? Because of the 4 computers in my home, none will let me upload pictures to blogger. I really wish I had a computer geek in the family *sigh* . Happy Memorial Day!

Our six week vacation-Part 1


Okay, I am so confused. This new version of blogger is crazy! The pictures are completely out of order, sorry :)We just got back from a six, yes six week vacation! It was wonderful, lovely, and fun. But I am so glad to be home! Here is a small recap of our vacay...First stop: Las Vegas! I love Vegas. I have a lot of awesome memories from Vegas. It is always warm, there is always something to do, and always a pool nearby to relax:) Amazingly enough, Hector and I have visited Vegas probably 15 times together, and we have only been to the strip maybe 3 times.  This trip (when we had our kids with us, go figure:) we made it to Mandalay Bay! We went to see the "Shark Encounter". The ads for this attraction always show a picture of a Great White, but alas, nothing bigger than a lemon shark actually lives in the aquarium :) Regardless of the size of fish, the aquariums were beautiful! We did enjoy ourselves, but would mot recommend it to anyone visiting Las Vegas, since we may or may not had to hand over a kidney to get in.  Another lovely thing about Vegas? The hotels. No other city beats their hotels. We never stay on the strip though, but about 10 minutes away where the cigarette smoke fog clears. CAUTION: MORE NAKED BOOTY!!My boys LOVE the hotel bathtubs :) ...and the curtains:) ...and the pools!  Sorry, one, lone jelly fish from the aquarium :) This was the first time I have ever seen a jelly fish in real life before... glad that kidney didn't go to waste! [...]

Landon turns one !


There are a lot of pictures in this post :) My sweet little Landon boy turned one last week! I love him so much, and yes, I do squish his cheeks everyday. I do it so often it makes him mad now :)I took so many pictures because I wanted to kind of capture a day in the life of Landon. I didn't get everything he did on camera, but I set the timer and when it would beep, I would find him and snap a picture. First up, his gifts. Since we are in Seattle now, we don't have family near by so we had our own little family birthday party for him. Event #1 : Wake up! I brought him into the living room that was decorated in streamers and balloons we have put up the night before. He had the most troubled look on his face :) But, did not waste anymore time before he began playing with them. I love when he smile's so much that his eyes smile :) Oh my sweet boy.When he is tired for a nap, I never have to look far for him. This is what I see when I look down at my feet. (pic above) My boys! I can't believe I got them both to sit still for a picture!! I made balloon pancakes for breakfast. They didn't turn out exactly like they did in my mind, but the boys were happy. And I am pretty sure I am happy with anything drenched in butter and syrup no matter what it looks like :) Landon is happiest when he is eating. I love his little chubby, square feet that don't fit into his shoes! Oh, I could nibble his piggies all day :)Next I found him under the high chair. Maybe he is wishing it was lunch time? Not sure, but he does like to push his high chair around like a walker.Next I found him under the table. Hmmm...there is a pattern forming here. He treats my table like it is a jungle gym, climbing over and under the rails. Plus, I store the lazy susan that is supposed to go on top, underneath on a board. Landon has decided that when in doubt (of anything) always sit and spin.A little while later I found him munching a book. Everything goes into his mouth! I am sure he never even looks to see what it is first before he sucks/bites it. With 6 teeth and 2 almost in, he can do some damage!After he sucks/bite the books however, I do find him looking at the pictures. I actually find him looking through books a lot during the day. This makes me happy :) I hope he has a love of reading. Then it was bath time! WARNING! NAKED BOOTY!! Ohhhh! Don't you want to pinch it and squeeze his cheeks? (the ones on his face!! What were you thinking?! ;)Into his new birthday clothes. Isn't he handsome?? Look at his dimple on his right cheek :) Oh my hannah!! Words cannot describe how I love this kid!!PARTY TIME!! He was so intrigued by the flame on his candle. He wanted so badly to touch it. We tried to get him to blow it out, but that was a no go. So brother helped him out :) "What?! I get to touch my food?!" "This is awesome! Perhaps if I use two hands I can shovel it in faster?"Now we opened presents. He got the idea of tearing the wrapping paper off, but them decided that.............................Standing on the box would be just as fun and easier!That's my Gordo! I love you baby!! Happy Birthday sweet thing! [...]



Wow! Have we had a lot of firsts lately?

FIRST and foremost it is Landon's first birthday this week!

What a big boy, but more on that later.

Our first, first of the year


(image) Yes, that is Seattle, WA. And what a first it has been! It is SO different here it is amazing. We love it so far. The beautiful trees, the rain, the green EVERYWHERE and our ward. Life has been good to us :) If you have never been to Seattle, come and visit! You will be amazed!

Getting to Seattle involved a first for Gabe. His first airplane ride! (technically it is number 4 for him, but he can't remember the first 3 so...) He has been wanting to ride in an airplane for so long now and we were thrilled to tell him he would finally get the chance.

He loved it, but we won't take into account the fact that he closed the window and slept for the last half of the flight :) He even got to go sit in the cockpit with the pilots and received his "wings" :)

It was Landon's actual first flight. And this is how much he enjoyed it...

Yes, our year has been eventful! Now I am off to organize my photo's on my computer, so that hopefully I can get some pictures of Landon printed :)



(image) How you doin'?

Look who's walking!


Landon is officially walking!


And our baby gates have been officially installed!


(image) (please excuse the laundry. Yep, I do laundry)

He is walking from room to room. Climbing onto his brothers bed AND JUMPING. Climbing on top of boxes to reach things. I basically find him on top of everything once a day.

Oh I love him, but oh how he exhausts me!

Quick Christmas


I know that Christmas has come and gone, but before it is out of style I thought I would document ours. We spent Christmas in a temporary apartment in Seattle while we were looking for a permanent home when we officially moved. I tried my best to keep our traditions going despite have NOTHING of my own Christmas stuff to work with. We bought a little mini tree at Wal-mart and decorated it with a few little ornaments. It looked so pathetic :) Our own little Charlie Brown tree. But when we would turn out the lights at night to watch a movie, the tree still glowed and gave us a little spirit of Christmas.One tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve. This present is ALWAYS pajama's, though, apparently Gabe is not aware of this and thought it was a toy because the moment he unwrapped it to find clothing, he almost burst into tears. But don't they look cute??!! I didn't think my boys would ever be able to wear matching clothes, since they are 3 1/2 years apart, but Landon is wearing 2T now so he shops in the same section as Gabe :) Yay!After the heartbreaking discovery of clothing, we let them give their presents they got for each other. Gabe gave Landon a walker that has lights and music and HE LOVES IT. I give this toy all the credit for giving him the desire to learn to walk.Landon gave Gabe the DS game of Wall E. Gabe played it all night! After the gift opening, we made cookies for Santa and wrote him a note letting him know that we didn't have stockings to hang so please leave our stocking stuffers on the table. AND BOY DID SANTA COME OR WHAT??!! Gabe got trucks, trucks and more trucks. More DS games and bathtub toys. He also got clothes, though once he figured out that all the clothes were in the same size/shape box, he refused to open those type of boxes :) What is the problem??! I love getting clothes! Landon got not quite as many, but he had no idea what was going on at all :) Next year he will have much more fun I am sure![...]

New year in the Contreras home


There won't be any pictures with this post because I can't figure out how to upload them from my ipad. It has been so long since my last blog post that I am not sure where to even begin! I think I will start with the boys. I will try not to brag too much about my boys (who am I kidding? This pretty much all that the upcoming updates will contain, bragging about the boys in my life).Gabriel: what a wonderful first born! He started preschool in September and loves it. He can now recognize all his alphabet and write most too. He writes his name on everything (sometimes backwards because he gets "bored" writing it the same way all the time )He randomly recites the Pledge of Allegiance, tells stories about old ladies who swallow flies (and may die, kinda gruesome for kids books right?), and loves to say family prayers. He is always watching his brother while Mommy gets something done, and loves to wrestle his brother. He still loves anything with wheels, tractors, cars, trucks, planes... You get the idea. He meticulously sets up construction sites, then Makes the workers introduce themselves until an "emergency" happens and the workers then act out what can only be described as a scene from Titanic. It is so entertaining to watch:) he is still very tall and very skinny, and I cannot keep the holes out of the knees of his jeans. I guess holes in your jeans mean your having a fun childhood right? I love my Gabie boy! He is so sweet and thoughtful! Landon: oh boy. Landon is giving us a run for our money! His current favorite things to do include: opening drawers and unloading their contents onto the floor, opening all cupboards to unload their contents, and reaching items out of his reach by standing on wipee boxes or suitcases or anything else handy. Gabe was never a trouble maker like this baby is! Oh well, his huge chubby cheeks and dimples make it all worth it for Mama:) he is 10 mths. And wearing 2T. He is saying mama and dada and pointing to what he wants. He loves to dance and will hear music when no one else did. He is the best at snuggling and giving kisses and I just wish I could sit all day and do just that with my baby!As for the whole family? Well we have been busy. Really busy. We have decided to move our little family to Seattle, WA where Hector has a job opportunity. I have always wanted to visit Seattle and have always said it would be on my top list of places to live. Well, here is my chance! And yes, we are only an hour and a half from Forks:) if any friends out there want to come and visit a while please do! I would love to see a familiar face! We have been hearer for a couple weeks now and we love it so far![...]

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!


Can I just tell you that I love Christmas? I know that it is probably 90% of the inhabitants of this earth's favorite holiday also, but I kinda feel like I love it more than anyone else ;) We made gingerbread houses!! Gabe wanted to decorate it himself, so I let go of my OCD-ness and let him do whatever he wanted. Of course he loved all the candy, but even Gabe can tell the difference between brand-name candy and the off brand stuff. After popping a few into his mouth he happily left the rest for the house and asked me to break out our M&M's and Reece's. Through the first part of decorating he was showing just how OCD he can be too.But just like his Mom, when the initial excitement wears off, things start getting a little sloppy;) The roof did not come out quite as perfectly as it is on the box, but after how long it took to do the windows everyone was fine with that.NOM, NOM, NOM... NOM, NOM, NOM!!! Poor Landon! He wasn't allowed to eat the candy, or touch the house! I did squirt some frosting into his mouth a few times. It is rough only being 9 months:(NOM, NOM, NOM... NOM, NOM, NOM!!!After decorating our gingerbread house, we took a trip down to the mall to visit Santa. Gabe, as always, was great. Loves Santa, talked with him and laughed with him. Landon did well too, we even got a good picture! (I will post later) Until, that is, he turned around. Yep. It was a cruel surprise. Best part of seeing Santa? Riding the $.50 machines in the hallway.MERRY CHRISTMAS!![...]

Christmas Routine


I am currently trying to get my boys into a routine again. Landon is outgrowing his 3 naps a day schedule :( and becoming a big boy with only 2. But since it is Christmas, we are throwing in a few Christmas traditions here and there.The first one is hot chocolate. Mmmm... movies, and popcorn (so good together by the way)But first... a bath. My boys are cuter when they are clean :) This particular bath we added bubbles. It was Landons first time with bubbles and it was entrancing! Landon is the wildest bather. He can splash like no other, water ends up everywhere.But his cheeks make up for whatever he lacks in bathtub manners :) Don't you just want to slather them in kisses?? Gabe on the other hand is working on making the perfect bubble. You know, the kind that is huge and floats in the air? Yep, when I was little I was quite disappointed that the bubbles in my bath were not like the bubbles in Ariel's bath:) And of coarse boys will be boys so there is a lot of hitting and yelling to hear your echo too.After baths it's time for PJ's and usually a few extra bites of dinner. My boys can really eat:) This night, we decided to be cruel to our mini muncher, and separate him from his midnight snack with a crazy invisible force field;) Movie? Well, don't mind if we do! Gabe LOVES to make beds for everyone who is willing to lay in them. Tonight, his busy brother actually took time to lay in one with him!I remember doing this with my Dad when I was little. I still have pictures of me younger than Gabe with my Dad on the living room floor with pillows... he was a good sport :) And now for the hot chocolate! This particular night the flavor of choice was roasted marshmallow :) Mmmm... I never got a picture of the popcorn. To bad, you missing out! The movie this night? Mr. Poppers Penguins. Which we thoroughly enjoyed! Or as Gabe calls it "Mr. Hopper's Penguins"5 Days till Christmas!!![...]

7 in '11


I am a little early on this post, but when you have been married for 7 years, everyday is a reason to celebrate right?!On December 17, 2004 Hector and I got hitched!It may have been 7 years ago, but it only feels like maybe... 3 years?Time sure flies when you are having fun :) Everything that day was perfect! I always tell Hector that I want to have a few more weddings so I can try out different dresses, different colors and venue's :) A girl can dream right? Hector and I at the Grand America in Salt Lake.We went on our honeymoon to Cancun. It was so beautiful there, and we saw some amazing sights. But we mostly laugh about the not so great parts of the trip, like the bus breaking down and being stuck in the middle of nowhere at a restaurant that kept the lights on after they closed so we wouldn't be in the dark waiting for 6 hours for a taxi. But that was back in the day when you kept your pictures on CD's and I am too lazy to find the CD :) Hector and I in Germany, fall of 2006. Hector surprised me with airplane tickets to Europe for my birthday that year. Isn't he the best?? We went to London, Germany, and Austria. He knows I have a passion for travel, and thankfully he does too :) I love you Babe! Castle Nueschweinstien. (I have no idea if I am spelling that right:)Here we are in Hawaii, fall of 2005. Hawaii was beautiful! We definitely want to go back, but this time to a more remote island. Polynesian cultural center,a must stop for all first time Hawaii visitors:) It has been 7 great years together! There were trials along the way, but there are too many happy memories to count! We have had two beautiful boys together, built homes together, traveled together, talked on the phone till we fell asleep on the nights we were apart, and never miss a chance to say I love you. So Babe, I promise to cook Chicken Noodle for you till we are old and gray, if you promise to turn the lights off at night so nothing gets me when I am running into the bedroom.I promise to never touch or try to operate any of your electronic devices, if you promise to squish the spiders (even the microscopic ones.) I promise to give you alone time to watch your scary movies, if you promise to never be mad when you go to eat the treat you bought at the store, but find that I have already eaten it. I promise I will try and keep the house clean, if you promise not to notice the toys on the floor when you come home. You still make me laugh Babe, I still miss you when you're gone, and I still get butterflies when it is date night. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I always have and I always will. Happy Anniversary[...]

New Tricks


Landon is proving to be somewhat of a trouble maker.We sure do love him and all his chubbiness, but we usually find him being "sneaky".The first new trick Landon has learned is to pull up on furniture! I am so excited that he is getting so big and started to really play with Gabe! But when Gabe was little I thought those outlet plugs were a waste of money. Now I see. They are for boys like Landon. If it weren't for the plugs, Landon would probably have learned his lesson by now :)A recent Lesson that Gabe learned about Landon is that...if you sit too close, his new trick is to get a good hold of your hair.... Pull you closer. Pretty much control you like a puppet. Don't you love how Landon looks completely un affected by his brothers screams?But if he doesn't get your hair....A nose will do. Or maybe an ear. On a happier note... he also learned to clap when we say "YAY LANDON!":) But boy do I love this squirt!and his thunder thighs:) XOXOXOXO!!![...]



My Gabie loves playing in the snow! This is why he screams with joy every year when he wakes up to the first snow. He begged me all morning to take them out to play in it. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but it takes FOREVER to get everyone's snow suits on. but we did it anyway! I was so hot from working on boot's, coat's, and gloves I probably didn't need a coat ;) Gabe was so giddy with glee he left us all behind and headed to the white stuff.Gabe is so excited!Landon... not so much.Poor Landon. He really hates any kind of restrictive clothing. He sat still the whole time.But Gabe and I had a great snowball fight! It was the perfect texture for snowballs and snow men! If only there had been more of it, our snow man could have been epic! Right Landon? Yup. Epic. Does he remind anyone else of Eeyore?We made snow angels too, of course And our finished snow man! With one arm and no other defining characteristics. But hey, you work with what you got.Then when we are really cold we came back inside and played in our cozies :)Landon was a much happier camper. I love these two boys![...]