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My language has Its speech

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Brussels-where mussels come with fries


This is the land where my dream of craving pralines came true..The land of art of the Gastronomy.Brussels, the land of chocolates and pralines..the capital of the bilingual Belgium..where French and Dutch are the major population here.The unique heritage is expressed in lace and Belgian lace is well known for it's fine art..Fries with variety of sauces that can't b found in other part of the world...Belgian waffles (Gauffres)'s the die heart must try !People swamps for it okay!They bake the waffles with special iron that is only available there in Brussels where the waffles are crunchy-golden outside and fluffy inside...*drool*they come with different toppings...the sugar coated Gauffres is special for the burnt sugary scent...ooolaa laaa..strawberries, choc, banana toppings..u name it, they serve it..Did you know that this country produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year?The Belgian produce chocolate with their traditional way and the 1st praline was manufactured by the Belgians and that the idea of a little chocolate shell filled with delicious creams, ganaches, marzipan and other pralines is born.some choc machine display i saw ...The luxury chocolatier started selling fine chocolate in the 1880's before they gain fame through out the globe.Godiva, Neuhaus,Guylian..are not uncommon for you.The Grandplazthe Speculaas, the shortcrust biscuits in Belgium.Not cheap.They tell the story about St Nicholas..where the biscuits were stamp and tell stories.One of the past time in Belgium is beer drinking and here Belgian breweries produce about 800 standard beers.We came to the place where most beer were serve ...around 500 different kind of beers you can order here.Some sinful things we did while visiting Belgium...Last but not least..the Manneqen pis( the peeing little man)..and the squatting little woman, T___T... just outside the bar we went[...]

Pisces sailing 12 hours


For my entire life, i love the ocean. Christopher Columbus sailed across the seven seas, whose voyages led to the expeditions which created history to mankind.
Nothing great for me sailing just across the straits but it brought something called FUN. :P

quick stop before embarkment

Mum was intrigued over the little yatch

The hallway, where the star-studded carpet makes your day...lolx

Don't pay RM 150 and be Leonardo Dicaprio..

If your darling Rose has this

Woke up 0600 in the morning just to capture this baby..

Trisomy 18


A retrospective entry.
Child was born on 14th March, boy, term but small for gestational age.Birthweight 2.11kg.
Clinically suggestive of Edward's syndrome,presenting with:
Trisomy hands
Low sets ears
Rockerbottom feet
small lower jaw
imperforated anus
heart murmurs

Baby was kept nil by mouth, solely on drip and it has to be monitored strictly as he doesn't have a patent anus for bowel output.So, we had to aspirate the stomach contents before it reached the large bowel.
So, he has to get surgery for the imperforated anus, but the question was, was he operable?


We sent his chromosomal study to Bertam and off we went to get an ECHO for his heart viability.
The father was along with us, the mother was not.SHE, was ill.



Well,i would say it was soulful moment for me, the father to meet the peadiatric cardiologist.
ECHO showed Pulmonary atresia, VSD and large PDA.


In view baby's condition(imperforated anus), heart pathology and his chromosomal quiry, such perplexing uncertainties were very much a torment..
As long as the ductus arteriosus remained open under prostaglandin, he could stil undergo colostomy surgery.As for the heart, Edward's syndrome is not viable for any cardiac intervention..

I could feel the air static, humming of the air-con and ticking of the Dr A was explaining the pathology of the heart and what outcome and prognosis would he foresee.. her eyes teared.And the small one was lying in the incubator, sleeping peacefully .

we left the clinic after 3 hours.Baby shall continue his drip and KIV for surgery..

Baby was not patient enough..he couldn't stand the stress, and amount of drip given to support him but yet lethally brutal..
Took his last breath at 7.25am the next morning.='(

Roaring CNY 2010


Here are some of the pictures i took with my newly handled DSLR skill.
All pictures were taken with Canon EOS 500D.












Happy Chinese New Year!!

Little angels/Devils


Howdiee!! Has been a loooong time since i write a new entry.. Now i'm dealing with little people..who are so little and soft like cotton...who smell just like talc..and they all do smell the same..regardless different skin tones .. Every little movement they make...every primitive synergism's something that could intruige my curiosity to know what's going on in their little system..

and they are kung fu will understand when you start producing one for yourown...hik!

Big baby from diabetic mother

Cute baby with presumed sepsis
she blows bubble and grunts like a piglet



I applied 2 days leave as my brother has just came back from Perth.The feeling of homesickness was tremendous and much more excruciaiting comparing my uni days in Russia. Funny huh? This might due to the nearer your heart to your home ..the greater is your agony and anguish..thus mind torturing when you could't see your loved ones and yet they are so nearby.


Some of the changes i have just found in me.

1)I could possibly reject all friends' outing and cancell all yam cha, devoting my time to my family. Family comes first now, my social life has turned zero degree.

2) I am tired of shoppings. It's so true that being a highly paid profession, one wouldn't spend money on clothes anymore. I thought i would be the happiest girl in the world with luxurious clothes and etc products..but things had changed lately...I have now yearn for body slash mind relaxation comes first over materials.

3) weight is not an issue to me anymore. Cz i would just eat what ever is available or provided in the pantry when i'm famished.


hmmm....this would be a messy basically i'm just writing what ever i feel like to..

I now realised that how little is my clerkship now cz now there were 2 new taggers who just joined us again...

Nowadays..HO would have to fight for clerking and doing procedures and stuffs so that we wouldn't be jobless and less in order to be have to be hyper- pro-active in order to grab any chance before anyone else's do.

Even in OT, we also have to fight to scrub in in order to familiarize with the operation. Why would i say so, cz this would be a good base for us when we are on calls and have to scrub in in any emergency op.

So, in order to make myself more productive, i also have to fight for typing the op notes. It's a post op notes about all the intra-op findings, op steps and procedures, post op observation and management....It's would be quite confusing when the surgeons use multiple types of sutures, from Silk 3/0 to silk 5/0, then Dafilon or Daxon with different sizes, or Prolene or monochrome...kantoi when the MO catch you documenting the wrong sutures and sizes

I'm so looking forward to December...

2 months old


Yes, the title has its say..I'm a 2 month old HO, surgical department.
I think i have just overcome my transitional period in adopting the local culture and system, able to cope with the flow and workload.There's one thing that could deflect my previous distress is I'm now gaining weight!
Ah~how ironic. HO used to skip meals and sleepless nights..but now, outpouring numbers of HO in a ward has made things the other way around.I even get to sleep when i'm on call.

I would also like to share something personal here..
What i understood is, housemanship is supposed to be a good period for training, a good time to arm yourself with knowledge and skills so that you are capable/ competent to manage a patient/ a collapsing patient when you are at the peripheries.
Things are not up to par here.I would be grateful if MO's are kind enough to show us a proper guideline or at least they give a clear instruction/ order with some humane reason whenever they command the HO to do stuffs for them, who have greater /major responsibilities to carry. They are mean at times, making stories and put blames on the HO when things get crappy so that they have someone to cover their arses....pardon my language.Unfair isn't it?

Lemme share a story .I was on call. There was no new admission. I even put effort in reading all case sheets before going to sleep on the sofa where it was the only place HO on call could be.It was a peaceful night till the next morning my collegue came asking me why i didn't clerk new admission. I was awed and was totally ignorant about that.She then exclaimed that I was notified by the PPK about the admission. "huh?" that's the only response i could give her.
MO was just aside...geez..witnessing the whole incident ler..
"why you din clerk?
" I er...didn't know about that....and i didn't get any call ...i dont get any missed calls also..." ( usually on call people will receive calls whenever they are ' wanted'.)And that's how i defended myself.The MO just kept silent.
With my flick of response..i traced ED clerking notes in the computer. Voila! The MO had already attended the patient while i was sleeping and yet no body really notified me about the admission.See..what bullshit and nonsense are created to make us look stupiat in front of the public...I have nothing to say but remain this to myself.

WE are just the plankton swifting among big words to be heard, but blames we have to bear.So, prep yourselves with great endurance when you meet MO like this.Now i know how to selectively listen to their words..not every words are worth listening..

i shall dot dot dot


i hereby bow in the name of KKM, serve ma people and ma country and the needy.
i, shall work with uttermost eficacy,endurance, honesty, loyalty, gratitude and responsiblity.
i, shall not abide laws for my own goodness / benefit.
dot dot dot

i, shall wake up before sunrise and leave my ward after sunset
i, shall starve myself and monitor every patient's dietary balance TDS
i shall strain my bladder and to keep patient's urine output at optimum level
i, shall sleep on the couch and to let nursing care patient to sleep on ripple mattress when i could ache my back on every on calls that coldness and mozzies are my awakening nighmares.
i, shall check on every bowel preps awaiting for OT when mine is just as adynamic as a rock.

dot dot dot..

Off tag


7 days of i'm off tag. Tagging is a period for me to familiarize with the working environment and the culture of local hospital..
When stepping in the Kenanga, i felt the gush of pressure hitting my stomach. How would the MO and JMO treat me? would they bully and scrutinize me for an oversea HO like me? I've heard a lot about this bias thing circulating the country, and this is quite a bane for this carrier..i presume.

I was proven wrong. They welcomed me with an open heart, willing to lead me and guide me when curiosity and nescienty striked me. I've made mistakes and the clerkship was a total disaster, humouring my collegues and the MO with terms that jollied them. T__T

Well, sometimes i'm a no body...with no pride and low self-esteem. Even the nurses treat you like a Hey-no..But i have to beat they are savour when we are too busy to endend rescue dose of Actrapid for diabetic and Norvasc for hypertensive patients. We are the warriors..but They are the angels..the watching eyes of god.
Working hours are crazy..the standard 8-5 is crap..HO works from 0630-0000..hectic and stressfull. When we are monitoring Patents' electrolytes and the other hand..HO are dehydrated..
Skipping meals is a norm..i lose 2 kg in just 5 days.I just sound hateful aint? no..i like this job. It's something that would bring me satisfaction when i see patients wake up from alleged motor vehicle accident with Glasgow scale rising from 5-9, an amends to sleepless nights and peer pressures when patient could manja with you after she had just recovered from GI bleeding..
some little snippets that really make my day.

Selamat Hari Raya


To all my Muslim Friends, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin

My posting, appeal approved.


Recently busy prep for my posting.

During induction conducted by KKM, i got my letter and once i unsealed it, the word " hospital Tunku Fauziah" stunned me.I got awed for awhile thinking what hospital i got posted to...then i scrolled down the sentence and saw Perlis...ZOMG! my hands and feet turned palor and shivered...i sensed the world went whirlwind and spinning around me...i got delusional..

i appealed and approved!

Currently posting at SP...not too bad!




Some of the cliche doings while backpacking in groups..Everyone wants to be at the perfect spot and angles.Multiple shoots with different portrait but same setting..Even one person stands on the street,the rest would luurrve to stand too..Advertorial pose makes the picture juicier!Everyone becomes animal lover convert.and baby/babes lovers..This little one sure has poise in him..=)When the souvenirs are jaw droppingly arse-painfully unaffordable,all we could do is to eye wash ourselves..[...]

Tips for budget travellars Part II


PartIIf you are a breaky person, the breakfast served at the hostels are convenient enough and time sparing. *tips! you can carry away some finger foods just in case for your long run at outdoors*Try to be friendly with the local people and you will get travel tips for cheap stuff everywhere. Talk with people about the country and get some cheap travel tips about the place.While flying a low cost air, usually the destination of the airport is far away from city center.Do research on the airport and if you are planning to put a night at the airport, not every airport operates 24 hours/day.This happened to me while i was in Paris, and me and my friends had to come out with a back up plan to find a place to crash.I'd blogged about sleeping in airport here. Bare in mind, it's always handy to carry along:water tumble, vacuum flask,universal socket,facial towel, eye patch, a novel(for book lovers), socks(in case during winter, airport is cold!) and gadgets and some medicines.If you are traveling during winter, don't forget to keep track on the flight info board cz flight delay and cancellation is a common scenario.[...]

Tips for budget travellars Part I


You can still enjoy traveling if you have a tight bank saving. Budget traveling is enjoyable provided that you make some compromise on your dreams.Target for cheap air tickets during promotions!Yes! especially winter sales!! the flight tickets are jaw-droppingly cheap! I don't have a concrete plan when comes to choosing the destination, it all depends on the offers given by the traveling agent.And why i choose winter?Because it's the season when less people travel,accommodation and F&B are also cheaper.make sure you have your international student identity card with you(ISIC) through out the journey.With this card, you can snatch some tasty deals, from ho(s)tels to F&B,from car rentals to sports,from making calls(international) to medical care, museums and parks,cinemas,and lots more! FYI,usually the traveling agent will provide you a FOC ISIC,so, don't be shy to ask about it.Do research on the countries you are going.You can google it, read about it in wikipedia, and last but not least, seek advice from friends, families or relatives who had visited the place.Find out if the place worth a visit(if you are having a short stay in the countries),how long should you stay for the visit,and also where to put a night.Yes, when comes to accomodation.....1.budget2.location(city center?outskirt?) from travelers4.cleanliness(i admit Asians are quite particular in terms of hygiene)another tips, you can register yourself with this site:, where travellers can share their thoughts and opinions on everything related to traveling, well of course you can post your questions there and friendly travelers will be happy to help out.To find some affordable accommodation, I can suggest you some useful sites: is an example of the hostel search web page,whether you can sort hostels by availability,rating or price and even names.And make sure you know about the exact location of the hostel. Print out the map which is attached on the site,so that you won't waste redundant hassle.Remember, read the reviews posted by previous visitors.Regardless of high rankings, they might also a few dissatisfaction that may catch your attention.Do not pay unwanted facilities, and pay attention to the hidden cost!If you plan to just put a night and leave the place early before breakfast is served, you can opt for a cheaper hostel without breakfast included.Read at the facilities and service provided.And not every amenities are counted in your payment.After you've done with all the bookings with the hostels,remember to print out a copy of the summary.stay tune for part II.[...]

snatch thief


Malaysia has been replete with crime and violence!!Public security is deteriorating, and measures should be taken to curb crimes and to restore distrust of the police.

This what I've learnt from a very recent incident that had caused me enough pain. I got down from the driver's seat and walked along the left side of the road with my handbag on my right,while i was about to near the pedestrian on the left, i felt a hand sliding over my handbag and the next second i was on the ground, with my lateral right landing the ground first. He attacked me from my back, on a bike.The bag was with me, I didnt let it go unintentionally, it was pulled down by gravity with my falling momentum grasping the bag away off his hand.If i have a heavier mass, i sure had pulled him off the bike. I was dragged on the road for a few seconds until he let go, causing me damages on my elbows and knees..


I was fortunate enough that the snatch thief was prowling solo, if not..i wouldn't have been this lucky...
Sigh,need to do dressing and withstand the pain on my skin that has never been damaged throughout my life..

Smena Virgin Roll


i've just developed my very 1st roll of film from the shots i took from smena.Would love to share them here..some of them edited for better visualization.








(image) (image)

Revamp of a memorable moment


Yes, we graduates of VSMU organized ourselves another convocation at the Equatorial Hotel,KL on behave of our loved ones who had longed for this very moment to capture our moment of pride and joy.Itinerary of the day:9-10:arrival of graduates , frens and family.10-103: arrival of vip *1030: welcoming speech1045:Speech by Director of Russian Culture Centre1100:Speech by Malaysian Medical Association representative (Dato' Dr P Vijaya Singham)1115:Speech by graduate's representative(Theenesh)1130:Slide Show + Student to changing room for robing1150:VIP to changing room for robing12oo:scroll giving ceremony1240:Presentation of gifts to VIP and graduation committee members1250:Official photos of Graduates & RCSC Director1300:Dining start + photo slide show14oo:Free photo session1500: endI was appointed to do the presentation show again and plus the back ground music trough out the event. Since there will be a 2 sessions of presentations, I've decided to make 2 categories of presentation, one showing the scenery of Volgograd, and the other one is candid photos of all the graduates.i stayed at my uncle's at Old Klang Road. To avoid traffic, we departed really really early that day and reached the hotel at 7.20am.mum n me managed to pull a smile even before our soporness wear off.Arrived at 7.20am, i saw no one.There was only one hall manager briefing through our tables.Even the ribbons for the chairs were still dangling. My uncle had to leave for work, so we gathered to take the 1st shot of the day.(even the uni logo was not put up yet)While waiting for the person in charge of the control room to arrive, me and my family waited outside the hall..9.30amThe music i've chosen are not only sentimental ones, but also the genres from pop to RnB, from blue jazz to rock which meet the current hype.I know how to mobilize the environment so that people's mood will swing according to the setting.Here i would like to share something personal, during the slideshow presentation while i was managing the laptop linked to the projector,(yes, the event manager,Zul helped me to set up a personal working space for me to run the tech), a parent neared me:"do you have sentimental music?(shouting to overcome the music)...convocation plays only sentimental music, not music like this....i mean the orchestra should use music without lyrics"," sorry uncle, now we are showing the slideshow,the background music is set, sentimental ones are on their way..."" tell them to change, it's not the way you use music like this..."them?it was me okay?tension.The V.I.PsPap came forward to snap me at my working space,smile la...(just right beside the steps to the stage)Daddy's pride!After dining, photosession....Mdm. Natalia Goncharenko,one of our guest of honor who is so dedicated to her students.Olga Ignatenko, bubbly friendly teacher from VSMU.Pap! eerr....the wedding picture on the LED is not related..Phew...but.but's not the end of the story yet....we waited for almost 1.5hours for my uncle to fetch us..damn long and damn massive traffic at Sungai Wang..and his car showed sign of mati soon as we reached stopped right in front of the main entrance..yes!! the red wira!! that's US! died right in the middle of the most crowded area of KL...while waiting for the mechanic, me n mum escaped from the scotch and went into least we came out with a better solution rather than standing under the fireball and sweat like fat kid in the cannibal camp..P/S: It was my 1st time going to Pavilion...[...]

Lomography - Smena Symbol


Authentic, vintage piece of plastic.The word "Smena" (Cmeha) is roughly translated into "Young Generation" in English.It's manually operated, designed to be accessible to public and the price is inexpensive.*Interesting fact: among those ranks of Smena enthusiasts is included Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy. Following an FBI raid on his residence, a Smena-2 was found among his possessions. As fear of Communism and conspiracy theories abounded, this Soviet camera caused quite a controversy at the time. Is there a connection? (taken from Triplet 43 / 40mm, f/4 An excellent high-contrast glass lens. Consisting of three separate elements and an anti-glare coating, it yields exceptionally sharp images and deep, punchy colors. Created by the same Leningrad engineering team that designed our beloved Lomo LC-A Minitar lens.2. Manually Variable Shutter Speed A steel shutter ring cycles between the following speedsFull Sun - 1/250 secondPartial (striped) Sun - 1/125 secondPartial (striped) Cloud - 1/60 secondFull Cloud - 1/30 secondRain Cloud - 1/15 second(note, this is just a guide to the light condition - don't use Smena in the rain!)No icon - "B" setting(this keeps the shutter open for as long as you keep the Shutter Release pressed). For extra icing on your Smena cake, each shutter speed is matched with a charming weather icon.3. Manually Variable Aperture Manual aperture controls enable you to select the size of your lens diaphragm opening, across the possible f-stops of f/4 (greatest possible aperture, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, and f/16 (smallest possible aperture). The greater the aperture, the more light is admitted through the lens. The smaller the aperture, the greater the possible depth of field (total amount of your image in focus).4. Faux-Leather Carry Case Carried around your neck or over your shoulder, this carry case keeps Smena protected and available. A bottom screw allows you to shoot right out of the case, just flip the top down and F-I-R-E. The pebble grain exterior gives you the fine feel of leather, while keeping our cow friends alive to frolic through the pastures.5. Exposure counterkeeping track on your shoot.Enjoy Lomo~[...]

New Toy


I've longed for this Russian babe..


The 16 hour-home-coming trail


The farewell





take a trip down memory lane

MU noob


I joined the world's richest English football club at Bukit Jalil indoor stadium, where the fans shed their sweats and cheered like roaring lions, where the magnificent Mexican dance created waves which brought umpteenth awe.My uncle works in China press, and he got 2 free tickets to watch the MU versus Malaysia match at the Bukit Jalil indoor stadium on 18th July 2009.Plus, he also got the pass for the training session too on the day before the real match. The initial plan was like this, he planned to bring my brother to the match but because he had to leave Malaysia to Perth on 18th,so i had the triumphant time to witness the event! whoots!Didn't go to the training session, cz nobody wanted to..My aunt drove me and uncle to Bukit Jalil and she dropped us somewhere nearby the stadium to avoid the crowds.On the nieces must be glad that their Jiejie would be squeezed and squashed.My roman sandals brought me to the (gladiator) arena.330pm and the trafficin front of the red gate, where my entrance was100,000 capacity all-seater Malaysia!Manchester United! Got a free MU merchandise!!yipieee!!i may say the red devil's fans composed almost 90% of the audience, but the Harimau Muda team fans' spirit also captured our heart.Sea of red.First goal scored by Rooney.During half time, we got free refreshment!How generous was the sponsor,but i guess it was counted in the of the most featured player, Giggs.Football is a family event and also bonds people regardless of races and sexes.One fan would like to be featured as the center of attention.After MU has won 3-2, they strolled around the field and waved to the audience.Alex Ferguson receiving souvenir from the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah.The atmosphere and the noise of the stadium came to a lower decibel when both teams entered the tunnel.Then my uncle received an sms from his colleague telling him that the Reds aren't visiting Jakarta due to the bombing incident in the city, and a re-match was called out on Monday against the Harimau Muda team.left at 830pm[...]

I'm here..stil here..just away for awhile


sorry for the long silence. I'm currently in KL and the only internet access is my iphone and i dont think is wise to log on the web by using Maxis.Will post more pictures and entries once i go back on Monday..Toodle!



Finally, 20:55, 4th July 2009, I touched Malaysian ground, i tasted Penang food.So long Russia.My 2 brothers reached home 2 hours earlier than me, one from Singapore, the other one from Perth.They met at LCCT and took the same flight to Penang. Well, i may say that this is my first time having family reunion ever since i left for Russia. My Pa and Ma were remarkably happy when they saw 3 of us, their grins just mingled with their wrinkles, which was awfully sweet. And Pa has a cool hair cut, whilst Ma's is so hip-hop.i had a small trouble at the airport.I came home without my belongings. They are now at God-knows-where. I made a report to the lost and found counter and the pakcik ensures me that according to his experience, my lugggage is most probably in Bangkok where i made my transit bcz there were 2 unclaimed luggages at the arrival hall.I just hope noone switched luggage with there are Ruski reference books which money cannot replace with. I would just wait for their call, prolly tomorrow they can give me a respond.Pa drove us to taste Penang delights, but i just lose the appetite to crave. Might be due to my 53 hours long run...and practically i was exhausted from travelling almost half of the globe just to reach home.The 20 mins home-coming ride was joyous, blithe, lighthearted with teasing and jokes.3 of us dumped all our luggages and bags at one corner, ravaging ma's dining room.Internet.internet.internet.The ever 1st come priority.Souvenir from Russia.Souvenir from Brussels.They were gone in 15mins.[...]

good bye WWW


i have only 5 hours of internet hours....wont' be here till 4th july. *sad*
I guess i will bury myself in the books i bought in London,
which are still new and fresh.


we just can't stay away from the internet, can we?

countdown day3


Still got 3 more days to catch my home coming flight back to Malaysia. Packed my stuffs, put them accordingly, put names on them who are helping we to carry back home cz i'm not sending cargo.And, i got back 3500 rubles deposit..wheeeee!!i have been posting past entries as i'm busy and have no internet access now at home. Just sold out the computer.So, practically i'm a parasite now, sucking Ben's wifi to the max..fully utilising the internet.Most of you might think that after grad, we'll be very free ,no it is not.Yesterday,took my cert transcript and passed it to Ben (aka peanut).Then, dropped by his house and helped him to arrange all 66 Malaysian MD's transcripts.Now i realise how hard is the job for an office lady or the office boy..still need brain to think to figure out the easiest and most efficient way for the most productive result.stacked up the certificates (hard covered), arranged the translated certs in alphabetical orders, sliped them into the hard covered cert. Then the transcripts were put in the same fashion like just now.*phew*snapshots while waiting for PeanutNotory where Peanut collected the translated certs fromSendirian berhad Wi-Ben[...]